Over the next few weeks we will design weekly nature-based activities that can be used to help your health and well-being over this difficult time. They have been designed so that they can be done inside, in a garden or park. We'd love to hear from you if you make use of them. 


The Rose Flower: a poem set to music

The art of plants

The art of bees

Thinking about plants

National Gardening Week

Cloud Week


Cloud Week

Spend time each day investigating clouds. There are seven suggestions of how you can use your time in nature to learn about these everchanging features. Read more

Cloud front page

National Gardening Week

Come on a virtual tour of of Kew Gardens and take part in our quiz. Read more

Gardening week title

Gardening activites - thinking about plants

Get your hand dirty and do some gardening. There eight different garden related activities here. You don't need a garden to take part.

Growing ideas

 Bees and how we can help them

Learn how we can help bees and how to identify the different types of bees that you might come acoss in your garden.

Bee week

 The art of plants

Take a close look at plants investigate the structure of plants and see how artists have used them in their art. There are ideas for activities and links to some art work

Poster for plants as art


Rose Flower

We have been inspired by the roses in early blossom because of the fine weather this spring. We challenged the members of one of our projects to write a poem by each contributing a line of verse. We put it together and another member of the group set the words to music. You can hear their song and see the photos of roses that they each contributed here.

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