2 Richmond Road, E11 4BA

Near the railway bridge over Grove Green Road

Contact: Samir Chiedde (Sam)

Bicycle services and repairs. Can collect and return bikes, using a bike trailer. Book a slot online.

They reduce water use by using a spray instead of a hose to clean bikes. "Green Oil" products are used to clean and lubricate bikes, and customers can bring their own small containers to fill when purchasing chain oil, bike cleaner and de-greasers. Rags from old clothes are used to clean bikes and parts. Secondhand parts are sold.

All packaging is recycled where possible, and some tyres and inner tubes sold are made from recycled materials.

All staff are local.

"I have used Cycleways for the last two years for all of my major bike repairs and servicing; in my experience they are friendly, very knowledgeable and willing to be flexible. Their online booking system works well, but they are equally open to telephone bookings. Cycleways have a very reliable pick up and delivery service to large area at modest prices. I have found that their early evening opening hours suit those of us who commute to work by bike; I would recommend Cycleways to anyone." (Robert S)

Phone: 07525 182878

Email: sam@thecycleway.co.uk

Website: www.thecycleway.co.uk