Picture of LEAH volunteer Steve

" I was looking to do something for charity and saw your leaflet on a noticeboard. I was really impressed by the training course and the amount of time you spend on it. My English is good but I didn't learn grammar at school. Now I am doing sentence diagramming.

I see my client once a week and we chat and do some exercise work. At first he spoke so quickly he was difficult to understand but now he is slowing down. He is a religious dissident from Pakistan and has a heart condition that affects his mobility, so he finds it difficult to get out. His wife has cooked wonderful meals for me and made me feel part of the family.

Getting involved with LEAH has given me the confidence to sign up for a CELTA course at Merton College. This is an internationally recognised qualification that you can use to teach abroad. As I don't have a degree I had to take a pre-interview test, then pass an interview which involved a five minute teaching lesson and another grammar based test.