"I started volunteering at LEAH in September last year when I attended a very comprehensive orientation. I do not come from a teaching background so was a little anxious about that but I felt I was given a very good grasp of the basics and was ready to go out into the teaching world at the end of the course. LEAH also has a library of resources and assigns a co-ordinator to answer any questions you may have as you go along and she can certainly inject you with new ideas as you feel necessary. As in many instances of volunteering one starts out initially to help others and then you realise how much you gain from the experience. I personally have increased my knowledge of teaching and have met many wonderful people in the LEAH tutors and staff at the LEAH office. I've now a very special friend in my student. Thank you LEAH."

Pictured below is Maggie (right) Councillor Julie Pickering, Mayor of Kingston upon Thames (centre) and Inas, Maggie's student (left).