Picture of volunteer Julie

 “I went out shopping one day and saw the LEAH advert on the neighbourhood noticeboard and thought I’ve got more or less all the time in the world, I can do that. 

I was a bit embarrassed about my age but the people on the course were very helpful. It was my birthday on the last day and they made me a wonderful cake. It was so thoughtful.

Since then we’ve met up to share how we are getting on in a café in Richmond. It’s lovely to make new friends. 

When I had to do a lesson on my own I was very nervous. I chose the Royal Family as my subject. At the end the students said we don’t just like you, we love you. That gave me the confidence to help out at the MILAAP group (a day centre for elderly people from ethnic minority backgrounds) as well as taking on a 1 to 1 client. I’m into culture and I’m enjoying getting to meet people and to know about other countries.

LEAH has also got me on the internet. I’m having lessons from my Grandson. He’s taught me how to use email and next he’s going to show me how to take photos.