Volunteer Chris in LEAH office

“My first language is Portuguese and my English is good but I was self-conscious about my accent and lacked confidence to look for work, even though I had completed a course to become a teaching assistant. I saw your advert at the doctor’s surgery and I remembered what it was like to have a new baby and be living in a different country without family and friends and I wanted to help.

I was paired with a client from Korea with a young baby who was very ill who had to have an operation. I gave her lessons at home and we went to the park and to a café. Her English improved a lot. It was a very good experience. I learned also. I learned a lot about her culture.

When LEAH’s community class started at a local primary school, I went along to help. The EAL teacher saw me helping one of the parents and offered me a job supporting a Portuguese child on a 1 to 1 basis in the classroom. I have really enjoyed it. Now I feel confident to look for more work in other local schools.”