Netphis is from Thailand and was referred to Learn English at Home for 1 to 1 support by her health visitor. She lives with her British husband, father-in-law and two autistic daughters. A volunteer tutor from LEAH has been visiting her twice a week for 7 months. Netphis recently passed her spoken English residency test and now has permanent leave to remain in the UK. She had failed on two previous occasions.

"My mother-in-law was very helpful but she died about eighteen months ago. I have a friend in Birmingham and another In London both from the same town as me in Thailand. I don't see them very often.  I talk to my family everyday over Skype.

Everything is very different in Thailand. It was very difficult. First time on the bus in England I had a problem, no one told me about the Oyster card. I gave him money but he didn't want it and he didn't let me on the bus. I had to walk home with the baby in the pushchair.

I didn't go out and I didn't talk to people because I thought everybody laughed at me. 

Now I'm reading to my children every night before they go to sleep. I'm going to the dentist on my own with the children, before I would never have gone alone. I can pick up the phone now. I can go to a restaurant and order something for myself.

I now go to Richmond college twice a week for ESOL lessons and I have made friends. Next I want to join a gym. I never used the gym but I want to do some exercise."


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