Literacy class

Image of Jacqueline Wilson with LEAH client Hinna

LEAH patron Dame Jacqueline Wilson MBE, recently visited our functional literacy class. 

"I was very impressed by my visit to the literacy class in the peaceful airy environment of the new Quaker Meeting Rooms.  Although the LEAH tutors are gentle and friendly it must take a lot of courage for the students to come to class initially.  Some can't read or write in their own languages because they never had the opportunity to go to school in their countries of origin.  But they've clearly quickly blossomed since coming to classes, and can learn in a relaxed atmosphere, their children at their sides if needs be.

The class is divided into two.  One group is still at an elementary stage but learning fast.  This week they were studying numbers, and the ladies had fun guessing my age and we all shared how many children we each have.  The second group are now competent English speakers and asked me various questions about my working day, my books - and my flamboyant jewellery!  I was touched when they said that their children read my books and that they hoped to be able to read them too one day.  

It was heart-warming to make friends with such a diverse and determined group of women, and to realise how much we all have in common in spite of coming from different countries and cultures."

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