Rajah is from Morroco and has been living in the UK for nearly two years. 

"When I first came to this country I really want to work, have a nice life everything. When I started looking for a job I found a big problem. My English. Also I have a 6 month old baby and I don’t have anyone to look after my baby if I have to pay. When I went to college I asked if there is any help to look after my baby or childcare or anything. They said no. All the doors close in my face, I can’t do nothing, just crying.

My neighbour told me about LEAH.  They teach me everything. If I want to make call and they say how to say things. If writing I bring it to them and they correct it for me.

I’m confident, brave. I’m working now as nursery assistant. Zoe from LEAH encouraged me to apply and try your best and wrote me a reference because I didn’t know anyone else."

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