Picture of William's First Computer Lesson with his volunteer Steve

William was a farmer before he fled the war in Sri Lanka to come to Britain 18 years ago. He was living in a shelter for the homeless run by a local church. They introduced him to Learn English at Home. We arranged for him to have a male volunteer teach him English 1 to 1 at a day centre run by the church.

" I am 60 years old, remembering is a problem. Reading is good, speaking is more difficult. I liked all the lessons. I learned a lot of things. Before I didn't use the computer, now I use it all the time. We went to Kew Gardens together. The flowers were very beautiful.

I'm living in a house doing my own cooking and shopping. I go to college 4 days a week. I volunteer at the church at a lunch for the elderly. I play bingo, clear away, do table cleaning and floor hoovering.

I want to take the Citizenship Course." 

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