About Us

Learn English at Home (LEAH) is a small charity, founded in 1982 and a CIO (Charitable Incorporated Organisation) since 2013. We help BAME adults, including refugees and migrants resident in the boroughs of Kingston, Richmond and Hounslow to improve their English language skills.

Our mission

Our services offer clients a means to overcome isolation, increase confidence and gain knowledge of local services. They empower clients to become active members of society and in doing this; we contribute to building stronger communities.

What we do

LEAH trains volunteers to offer ESOL (English for speakers of other languages) support either 1 to 1 in clients' homes or in small community classes with creche facilities. 

In particular, we support clients who are unable to access adult education provision because of, for example, their childcare responsibilities, ill health or illiteracy in their first language. 

90% of LEAH clients are women who exerience multiple barriers to learning.

The change we make

1 to 1 lessons which address practical challenges and offer targeted language support enable clients to make real improvements in all areas of language learning evidenced by these client outcomes from 2019/20.

97% are now able to hold a short conversation

84% reported improved self confidence

89% are now able to use the phone to access health services

70% reported improved wellbeing and reduced social isolation

79% have greater knowledge of local services

63% have improved participation in local activities 

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Meet our Staff.

These changes transform lives. See our client success stories to hear Netphis, Rajah, William and others explain what LEAH has helped them achieve.