The Parish Council is required to carryout an interal audit on an Annual basis.

The findings of the Independent Internal Auditor are then sent to an External Auditor commisioned by the Governement and a report compiled to ensure that the processes undertaken by the Parish Council are accuarate , fair and transparent.  






Annual Governance Audit Return 2018/2019 (AGAR)


Internal Audit Report 2018/2019


Certificate of Exemption 2018/2019


Section 1 Governance Statement 2018/2019


Section 2 Accounting Statements 2018/2019



Annual Governance Audit Return 2017/2018 (AGAR)


Internal Audit Report 2018

Certificate of Exemption,

Section 1 Governance Statement

Section 2 Accounting Statements 2017/2018



 Annual Return  for year ending 31st March 2017




Internal Auditors Report 2016/2017 

Notice of Electors Rights 2017


Notice of conclusion of Audit 2016-2017



Annual Return  for year ending 2016  


Annual Return for year ending 2016

Part 1 Section   1&2 


Annual Return for year ending 2016

Part 2 Pages 3 & 4


Notice of Conclusion of Audit 2016