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The Community Sports Centre at Princes Risborough School is a modern facility with a 5 court sports hall.

 CSC sports hall

Essential Equipment:

  • Courts & nets (provided)
  • Badminton Racquet (there are some KHBC racquets available for juniors and trial sessions)
    • if you use a club racquet please treat it with care & respect and return it at the end of the session
  • Sports Shoes with Non-marking Soles (you'll have to bring your own!)
  • Shuttlecocks (provided - please take care of shuttles to make them last - see below)


Shuttle Care

We use goose feather shuttlecocks which are a significant cost to the club, so please take good care of them - follow the tips below!

save our shuttles banner

Everyone wants to play games with a decent shuttle that flies properly, so follow our guide to making your shuttle last longer.

1. Warm up with old shuttles only.

- save new shuttles for the proper game, it's only a warm-up not an Olympic final!

lnew shuttle on racquet   Looking good! I bet you could go all night if I save you for the game and treat you right.

2. Avoid hitting the feathers (especialy when passing he shuttle between points)

- hitting the feathers instead of the cork is a sure way to ruin the shuttle, so always aim for the pointy end!

broken shuttle This shuttle was heard to say: "I don't want to play any more!" - don't let this be your fault.

3. "Tidy" the feathers between points

- simply straighten the fathers and neaten them up; it's easy and makes them look nice and last longer as well as fly properly.

feather tidying Good as new again and ready for the next point.

 Thank you!