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The purpose of the discussion is to enquire into the nature and value of the concept of authenticity in personal life

1 30/03/14 08:39
Democracy, politics etc

Participants in our autumn 2013 season of political discussions might find the following of interest:

Julian Baggini on populism at http://counterpoint.uk.com/media-centre/europes-reluctant-radicals-uk/ - a useful defence of (vanishing) political principles 


New Zealand's Cafe Philosophy magazine on Hobbes, saved at  http://e-voice.org.uk/kingstonphilosophycafe/assets/other/cafe-philosophy-nz-hobbes

How to join and use this discussion forum

This discussion will take in the art, craft and ettiquette of our online discussions.

1 25/03/13 16:55
Hume on Reason applied to war

This discussion  arose from the subject of one of our meetings entiled "A Just war or Just a War?"

1 24/03/13 09:42
John Gray

This discussion arose from a quote given on the home page as follows:

As commonly practised, philosophy is the attempt to find good reasons for conventional beliefs. In Kant’s time the creed of conventional people was Christian, today it is humanist. … Over the past 200 years, philosophy has shaken off Christian faith. It has not given up Christianity’s cardinal error – the belief that humans are radically different from all other animals. "
John Gray - from Straw Dogs - Thoughts on Humans and other animals

Marilyn Mason toook up the challenge in her initial posting

1 27/03/13 16:11
Plato's Republic and its Guardians

To discuss the good and bad concepts associated with Plato's Guardians in relation to the process of how they mediate and decide to pass legislation on behalf of the estates, who vote for it are delineated by their professions

1 12/03/14 09:30
Social contracts?

Since Guy's April presentation on "Social contract theory and its shortcomings" which are apparently manifold, not least that there never was any such thing, I've been wondering whether in fact things like Bills of Rights, the Magna Carta, Declarations of Human Rights, constitutions, written or unwritten, are in fact types of social contract? They certainly seem to limit the powers of monarchs and states and to impose certain obligations on them. Any thoughts?

1 12/03/14 08:59
The possibiliy and probabilty of human (rather than technological) progress

At a recent meeting the speaker discussed Plato’s ideas on psychology. In the discussion following the issue of progress since Plato’s time was raised. There was general acknowledgement of scientific and technical progress but doubts were expressed as to whether, and to what extent, there might have been progress in other areas such as philosophy, psychology and cultural matters broadly.  This discussionseeks to pursue this question.

3 16/04/13 18:51