Aims & objectives of Kingston Inter Faith Forum

i) develop communication channels between different faith structures to improve the understanding between key community leaders to, for example, promote peace;

ii) provide an opportunity for dialogue between key community leaders in mutually respectful ways to reflect on difficult issues without necessarily binding any institution to another;

iii) develop friendship and peace amongst religious leaders;

iv) develop a vision for Kingston such as to make Kingston a better place by inter-faith understanding, encouraging peace and community respect;

v) develop a programme of activities, e.g. presentations by community leaders on shared values;

vi) sharing of cultural activities such as music, song, cuisine and literature;

vii) development of a newsletter and web page; and utilising existing exhibitions to provide a focus for events;

viii) develop a community understanding of religious differences in an effort to reduce prejudice and intolerance in society.

ix) to be part of the Borough's approach to community cohesion.