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Subject: Resource for Black & Minority Ethnic Disabled People: Not Seen Not Heard

Attachments: 2007 BHM Resource, Not Seen-Not Heard.pdf; Social Model of Disability.pdf; Medical Model of Disability.pdf; Text only 2007 BHM Resource, Not seen-not heard.doc; _AVG certification_.txt
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To: Jean Cousens
Subject: Not Seen-Not Heard, a Black History Month 2007/Disability Resource

Dear Jean - I should be grateful if you would forward this email to the IFF members on my behalf.  Many thanks.  Veronica



Dear IFF member


As many people will be aware, we are now halfway through Black History Month (BHM), which provides an opportunity for black people to celebrate and recognise the achievements and contributions that they have made to mainstream society and a chance to raise awareness about these matters in mainstream society.  However, black disabled people have found it harder to identify with BHM in the past, since their contributions to mainstream society and to the black and disabled communities have not traditionally been recognised. 


You will, hopefully, recall that last year I produced an electronic BHM/Disability Resource, called “Holding Up a Mirror”, intended to serve as a mirror, reflecting the existence and contributions of BME disabled people to mainstream society and to black and disabled communities.  Their relative ‘invisibility’ is accompanied, perhaps understandably, by a corresponding ‘silence’ so that rarely, if ever, do we hear or read first hand accounts of the lives, hopes, fears or aspirations of BME disabled people.  Therefore, we have sought to amplify BME disabled people’s voices in a second Resource, a compilation of either first hand accounts by them and/or their family members about aspects of their lives, or articles or reports written about them and their lives.


As before, in the context of the BME disability project that KCIL has been running for several years with the borough's different and varied communities, the term BME is used in the document to include people of African, Asian, Caribbean, Chinese, Irish, Jewish, Korean, Mixed Heritage, Refugee or other ethnic minority backgrounds, all of whom experience this 'invisibility' and are correspondingly ‘silent’.


Please feel free to share this resource with as many people as you wish.


NB: I am unsure of the reliability of the hyperlinks on page 6 of the Resource (the Social and Medical Models of Disability PDFs), so have also attached them to this email separately.




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