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Exploring Discipleship Course 2022

In 2022 we be running some interactive small groups exploring what it means to follow Jesus. We’ll be looking at how our relationship with God is life-long and ever changing. We will be starting off with two upcoming information events. You can book a free spot via the link:


Tuesday 22nd February 1930 - 2100 @ Dunfermline Abbey Church Halls


Thursday 24th February 1100 - 1230 @ Cupar Old Parish Church


Please note this is the same event being run twice, you do not need to attend both.


After the information session those who are interested can come along to 3 introductory small group sessions across March. At that point people can sign up for six sessions over May and early June looking at the Characteristics of Discipleship. You can learn more about the session content on the main Church of Scotland website.


These sessions will be delivered by Hannah Sanderson, Congregational Learning Officer. Hannah has a passion for equipping everyday folk. These small groups are open to anyone because it’s about how we are disciples together: A culture of discipleship! We want to affirm people in their faith and encourage supportive and stretching relationships with one another. 


Please advertise this opportunity in your community. For more information contact Hannah . If you would like to take forward a closed group from your congregation or cluster please discuss with Hannah.


With Every Blessing,




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 Letter to all Ministers and Congregations in Fife Presbytery

Please find attached a letter that has been written with the intention of being shared widely with congregations and church members. 

We hope it will help you raise awareness about the Presbytery Mission Plan.


We would be grateful if you could share this letter by whatever means is most appropriate to your context. 

This could include: as a hand-out at church, reading as a notice at Sunday services, including in your newsletter, circulating via email, or posting on your website.


The letter will also be made available on the Presbytery website: , and shared via our social media from Sunday 6th February.


With all good wishes and every blessing,


Jane, Neil and David


Letter to all Ministers and Congregations in Fife Presbytery

Fife Presbytery Mission Plan Update – 31st January 2022

In the King James Version of the Bible, Proverbs 29:18 says: “Where there is no vision, the people perish….” In the RSV it is translated: “Where there is no prophecy…” while in the NIV it reads: “Where there is no revelation, the people cast off restraint.” By the 31st December 2022 we as a Presbytery are mandated to deliver an approved Presbytery Mission Plan that will reduce our number of ministries by approx. 25% and determine the future of our buildings. To do so, we all need to seek God’s guidance and to pray for revelation, prophecy and vision.

For several months we have been in consultation and now, given the time constraints, we need to begin to forge a vision for the future. There is an ancient proverb that says: Blessed is he who plants trees under whose shade he will never sit.” It is understandable that some ministers, ministry staff and congregations are apprehensive about the future and what will happen to their church and ministry. Many have continued to work hard to maintain the church for generations to come. Our people are devoted, committed, hardworking and faithful but now we are asking too much from too few. As a new Presbytery we have come together but we don’t really know one another and what we can become. We have yet to discover that we can be greater than the sum of our parts. In some places congregations are dwindling; ageing and fearful about where the Kirk is going.

Elsewhere there are new shoots beginning to appear and new ways of being and doing church beginning to emerge and evolve. Many of our ministers are weary and Kirk Sessions are working hard to support them, sustain the faithful, our buildings and our Presbyterian heritage. We all want the Church of Scotland to be living and active in our community and to endure; despite the fact that our resources are being stretched and our infrastructure may no longer be as fit for purpose as it once was. Deep down we know we need to change, to make decisions and plan to future proof our church, so that future generations will sit in the shade of the tree that we have had the courage and the conviction to plant.

Our people are valued and we need to retain the faithful. We as a Presbytery have come together to support one another, to help one another as followers of Jesus and to be a force for good and a catalyst for change across our communities. We need to deliver on our promise to unburden ministers, elders and congregations and to free them up for mission, vitality and growth. We need to be prayerful and open to God speaking as we listen to him and seek his will as we continue to evolve, change and deliver the plan. Our aim is to enable ministers and congregations to fulfil their calling and to realise mission that is sustainable.

Lastly, in thanking you for all that you have done and continue to do for our church, we would ask you to pray for us, as together we seek to discern God’s will for Fife Presbytery’s Mission Plan.

With all good wishes and every blessing,

Jane, Neil and David


Rev Jane Barron – Moderator

Mr Neil Campbell – Mission Director

Rev Dr David Coulter - Clerk