Report on Kimble and Ellesborough Horticultural Society Autumn Show 2019


The Kimble and Ellesborough Horticultural Society Autumn Show was held in the Stewart Hall, Little Kimble on Sunday 1st September.

There were 87 exhibits on the benches . The exhibits were of a very high standard considering what the weather has been like, provided by 9 members. The competition was very close with only a few points separating the winners from the runners-up for many trophies. David Ridgway had a very successful show winning many of the trophies for Vegetables, Fruit and Flowers including the KY Green Memorial trophy for most points in the Spring, Summer and Autumn Shows, Mick Penn got the best in show award for his Vegetable collection., Sue Towersey won the Pat Southgate and Floral Art trophies as well as being awarded the RHS Banksian medal. John Marshall won the Chrysanthemum trophy, Oliver and Kierron Shefford shared the Junior Cup. A large number of visitors viewed the Show during the afternoon, many partaking of the refreshments which did a roaring trade.

Autumn Show 2019 Chrysanthemums      Autumn Show 2019 Master Class

Autumn Show 2019 General Display      Autumn Show 2019 Fruit and Vegetables

Autumn Show 2019 Floral Art



Number of entries:   87                                                        Number of exhibitors:  9



K.Y.GREEN MEMORIAL TROPHY                                                      DAVID RIDGWAY                                             

Most points in all shows this year                                              

R.H.S. BANKSIAN MEDAL                                                                  SUE TOWERSEY                                                                                                                

Most points in Horticultural classes in all shows this year                                                                                              

THE ORCHARDS TROPHY                                                                 GRAHAM TALBOT             

Most points in Master classes in all shows this year                 

FLORAL ART TROPHY                                                                        SUE TOWERSEY                                                                          

Most points in Floral Art classes in all shows this year                                          

PAT SOUTHGATE TROPHY                                                                 SUE TOWERSEY

Most points in Petite and Miniature Floral Art classes in all shows this year                                  

CHILDREN’S CUP                                                                                OLIVER & KIERON SHEFFORD                                                                                                         

Most points in children’s classes this year                                                          

NOVIS FLOWER TROPHY                                                                   Not awarded

Most points in Novice Flower classes in all shows this year                                                         

FRUIT CUP                                                                                            DAVID RIDGWAY                                                                                                                                    

Most points in Fruit classes in Summer and Autumn shows                                 

THE WELLINGTON VEGETABLE TROPHY                                         DAVID RIDGWAY

Most points in Vegetable classes in Summer and Autumn shows                                                

THE RON MILLER POTATO CUP                                                         DAVID RIDGWAY

Most points in the Potato classes in the Summer and Autumn shows                                           

WINDWARD CUP                                                                                  DAVID RIDGWAY

Most points in Novice Vegetable classes in the Summer and Autumn shows                                

CHAMPION CHALLENGE CUP                                                            DAVID RIDGWAY                                                                                                       

Most points in the Autumn show                        

TILBURY CUP                                                                                       DAVID RIDGWAY                                                                                                                          

Most points in all Flower classes in the Autumn show                                         

GREENWAY DAHLIA CUP                                                                    DAVID RIDGWAY    


Most points in all Dahlia classes in the Autumn show                                                                                                 

CHRYSANTHEMUM TROPHY                                                             JOHN MARSHALL                                                             

Most points in all Chrysanthemum classes in the Autumn show                                                   

NATIONAL VEGETABLE SOCIETY MEDAL                                         MICK PENN

Most meritorious vegetable exhibit in the Autumn show                                                   

THE ROYAL HORTICULTERAL SOCIETY’S JUNIOR COMPETITOR’S AWARD OF MERIT                                                                                                                             

Most points in classes 171 and 172                                                      Not awarded



 FLORAL ART – First prize in class 163 : £5.00                                   MARY REDDING                     

 MASTERCLASS – First prize in class 180 : £15.00                            JOHN MARSHALL                    

 BEST EXHIBIT IN SHOW : Bottle of Champagne                               MICK PENN                                                                 



  First prize in class 1 (Dahlias) – £15.00                                              MICK PENN                               

 Second prize in class 1 (Dahlias) - £ 5.00                                            BRIAN SAUNDERS                    

 First prize in class 2 (Chrysanthemums)  -  £15.00                             JOHN MARSHALL                     

 Second prize in class 2 (Chrysanthemums) - £5.00                            Not awarded                              

 First prize in class 5 (Vegetables) - £15.00                                         MICK PENN                                

 Second prize in class 5 (vegetables) - £5.00                                      DAVID RIDGWAY                       

 First prize in class 6 (Floral Art) - £15.00                                            MARY REDDING                        

Second prize class 6 (Floral Art) - £5.00                                             SUE TOWERSEY 

Autumn Show 2019 - Prize Winners 1      Autumn Show 2019 Prize Winners 2