Summer 2019 Show Results


Report on Kimble and Ellesborough Horticultural Society Summer Show 2019


A delightful fragrance and a colourful display of roses and sweet peas greeted visitors to the Summer Show at the Stewart Hall, Little Kimble on Sunday 7th July. There were 95 exhibits on the benches provided by 12 exhibitors. The Show Sub-Committee were pleased to have such quality of exhibits, many of the rose and sweet pea exhibits were of a very high standard. Visitors during the afternoon were appreciative of the exhibits and many enjoyed the cream teas which were on offer again this year.

      Summer Show 2019: Roses      Summer Show 2019: Fruit and Vegetables

Sue Towersey won the President’s Cup, for the most points in the show, the Preserves Trophy and the Nora Wier Cup for the baking classes. Graham Talbot got the Best in Show award for a bowl of sweet peas, the Sweet Pea Trophy for most points in sweet pea classes and the Don Taylor Rose Bowl . David Ridgway won the Rugosa Cup, for the most points in the rose classes. Brothers Kieron & Oliver Shefford cleared the board in the junior Classes.

Summer Show 2019: Hanging Baskets and Troughs      Summer Show 2019 - Floral Art



Number of entries:   97                                                        Number of exhibitors: 12  



   PRESIDENT’S CUP –Most points in Show                                                                                       Sue Towersey

   SWEET PEA TROPHY – Most points in Sweet Pea classes                                                            Graham Talbot

   ROGOSA TROPHY – Most points in Rose Classes                                                                          David Ridgway

   THE DON TAYLOR ROSE BOWL – Best large flowered (HT) Rose in class 3                                Graham Talbot

   THE NATIONAL SWEET PEA SOCIETY’S BRONZE MEDAL –Best Sweet Pea exhibit .               Graham Talbot

   PRESERVES CUP –Most points in Spring and Summer Shows in Domestic classes.                    Sue Towersey

   NORA WIER TROPHY – most points in Spring and Summer Show Baking Classes                      Sue Towersey

   THE RHS JUNIOR COMPETITORS AWARD OF MERIT – Winner class 110                                 --------------------

   THE RHS JUNIOR COMPETITORS AWARD OF MERIT – Winners class111                                --------------------


   FLORAL ART – Frist prize in class 93 : £5.00                                                                                 Sue Towersey

   MASTERCLASS – First prize in class 120 : £15.00                                                                        Graham Talbot

   WINDOW BOX – First prize in class 100 : Bottle of wine                                                                Sue Towersey

   BEST EXHIBIT IN SHOW – Bottle of Champagne                                                                          Graham Talbot


   First prize in class 201 (Roses) : £ 15.00                                                                                         David Ridgway

   Second prize in class 201 (Roses) : £ 5.00                                                                                     Graham Talbot

   First prize in class 202 (Sweet Peas) : £15.00                                                                                 Graham Talbot

   Second prize in class202 (Sweet Peas) : £5.00                                                                               Kathy Gray

   First prize in class 203 (Vegetables) : £ 15.00                                                                                  David Ridgway

   Second prize in class 203 (Vegetables) : £ 5.00                                                                               --------------------

   First prize in class 204 (Floral Art) : £ 15.00                                                                                      Sue Towersey

   Second prize class 204 (Floral Art) : £ 5.00                                                                                       ---------------------

Summer Show 2019 - Prize Winners


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