1      Only Members who have paid their registration fee are eligible to play

2      A match shall consist of 2 games, each playing 13 ends or a maximum of 1 hour 25 minutes whichever comes first

        A 5 minute alarm will sound for the last jack

3      A team shall consist of 8 players, 4 in each game

4      If a team has only 7 players, the first two players will use three bowls and the third will play with two.  After the end of the

        session 25% of the score for that game or games will be deducted

4A   Players who join the club without being a member of a team and are new to the league can register as a “New Player”

        Their names will be placed on a list with contact details and they will have to attend the sessions in which they would like to play

        They can be used by ANY TEAM WITHOUT A PENALTY BEING INCURRED even if they have played for teams in that season

        If there are “New Players” available they must be used if teams are short of players, failure to do so will result in a penalty of the

        loss of any aggregate points won

4B   If a team has less than 7 players and plays 2 or more players twice, they will automatically lose the aggregate points for that game

        irrespective of the score for the second half after deduction of 25%.  If however they chose to play 2 games with 3 players in each

        half they will be subject to deductions of 25% for each half, but no loss of aggregate point if this is still won after the 25% deductions

4C   In the event of a player having to leave the game then rule 4 will apply.  With the exception of illness or a genuine emergency

5     A player cannot play for more than one team in the same league.  Breaking this rule will result in a penalty of a 2 point deduction from his

       OWN team.  A player may play for their own team twice with a penalty of 25%

6    Each player will play with 2 indoor bowls, which cannot be changed during the game

7    Crown green bowls are not permitted, and only soft soled indoor shoes ( i.e. which have not been worn outside the Leisure Centre)

      are allowed on the mats

8    The away team shall take the jack at the commencement of play, no practice ends are allowed

9    At the commencement of a game the mat will be placed on the white T.  After the first end the mat may be moved at the first player’s

      discretion, but no further than the 23 metre mark (the white T).  Players must have a foot resting on or over the mat during delivery of

      the jack and bowls.  Movement of the mat is not permitted

10  The player to play first shall deliver the jack, it must travel at least 23 metres or be deemed short it must also stay on the mat or be

       returned at the opponent’s discretion and then delivered by the opposing number 1 player.  If the jack comes to rest less than 1 metre

       from the ditch line, but not in it or off the mat, then it will placed on the full length cross

11   A jack forced over the ditch line at the end of the lane shall be placed on the ditch line where it crossed

12   If a jack is forced off either side of the lane the end is deemed dead, and is included in the thirteen ends.  Play then commences at the end

       where the jack was forced off

13   If a wrong bowl is bowled it is replaced by the correct bowl

14   In the event of a bowl(s) being accidentally disturbed before agreement has been reached the bowl(s) shall be replaced in the nearest position

       to its original(s)

14A If a team considers a bowl(s) has been deliberately moved, the player shall be reported to the league secretary and if necessary the committee

       whose decision will be final

15   Scoring and measuring shall be done by the players involved in the game.  In the event of a dispute, it shall be resolved by the two captains or

       their nominees

16   Two points are awarded for each game won, and one point for the aggregate of the match.  In the event of the points being equal then the points

       shall be shared

16A  In the event of a draw at the end of the season then the aggregate score will decide the winner and if this is also equal matches won will decide

17    Any matters arising and not covered by the rules, shall be decided by the executive committee whose decision is final


Firing is not allowed

No food or drink to be taken into the hall with exceptions for health reasons