Learner driverProbationary members must be supervised by a full club member at all club shoots and will wear a P badge at club shoots to show that they are still Probationary members.

Probationary members are required to make a minimum of 5 visits within a rolling 12 month period to be considered for full membership – it is not automatic.  Visitor sessions do not count towards the 5 required visits, but if you join at the end of a visitor session, that visit will count as you will be considered a probationary member on that day.

Probationary members can only shoot on organised club shoot days, this includes 'members only' days - after all, you are now a member!

Probationary members should download and complete this attendance record which they should submit to the Club Secretary when they have completed their visits and wish to apply for full membership - the onus is on you to initiate this.

You will be issued with your membership card when you become a full member.


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