The story of our fire is now old news as repair work has been completed and we got back into the church building during the first week in September 2011.


Here is the history of the original discovery and reporting:


Here is a link to BBC news media

Also a link to a local newspaper

Until the church building is fit to use, our regular services and meetings will be held in the Church Room.  Please see the noticeboard for latest news on work to repair.


St Mary’s Church in Sheering was badly damaged by fire on the 11th.January. The Church leaders want to express their gratitude to everyone who helped minimise the damage and rescue furnishings from the church building. In particular we would like to thank the Fire Service and local people who were very quick to respond to our emotional trauma and sense of loss. It is early days yet but after visits from our insurers and architect we have some idea of what will be involved in restoring our beautiful building to an even better state than it was in before the fire. The good news is that the damage was contained and there is no problem about rebuilding and reinstating the damaged area.  The bad news is that the work will take both time and money. The congregation is determined that worship and all other planned activities will continue as nearly as possible “as usual”. We met in the Church Room today (Sunday 17th January, 2010) for our regular service of Holy Communion. We were joined by the Archdeacon of Harlow, the Venerable Martin Webster who took the opportunity to encourage the congregation. We are grateful for his support over the last week and are starting to move forward with plans for fundraising and all the other things we need to do in order to ensure that the St. Mary’s is once again a safe and appropriate home for the prayer and worship that have characterised the building for hundreds of years.

We are writing as minister and church wardens of St Mary’s church in Sheering which was devastated by fire on the 11th January, 2010. We want to thank all the local people who rallied round to assist us and offer support at a time when the disaster to our building caused so many people heartache and great sadness. The life of the church goes on and we will maintain all of our planned services and commitments using our Church Room or alternative venues.  Details of any changes will be publicised locally and on our website
We would especially like to thank the Fire Service personnel who took immense care with the building and its contents. Despite the icy conditions they not only extinguished the fire but helped us rescue many of the well loved and important moveable items that were at risk, but which are now in safe storage away from the sad shell of the building.
We can confirm that restoration work to the part-Norman grade one listed building is already being planned and initial inspections have taken place. We are grateful for the offers of financial support we have already received.  The continuing fund raising will be managed by the Friends group who have in the past worked tirelessly to raise money to support our very special building. Donations can be made payable to The Friends of St. Mary’s Sheering and sent to the Benefice office: The Vicarage, Broomfields, Hatfield Heath CM22 7EH. If anyone would like further information please contact the office (01279 730288).