Best Kept Village 2019

Hoar Cross Village entered the Best Kept Village competition again this year and came FIRST in their category of Small Village in Staffordshire Moorlands/East Staffordshire.  Congratulations to all those who took part in this and for all the hard work.  Can we get the Trophy next year? 


 Staffordshire Police


The following information has been received:



On Wednesday 14 August Staffordshire Police will replace its current website with Single Online Home (SOH).




SOH is a new interactive website where members of the public can report non-urgent crime, submit complaints or praise, make requests under the freedom of information act, view local crime statistics and seek advice on a range of crime types and crime prevention methods.




Along with Single Online Home, we also have the ability to allow the communities of Staffordshire to report crime via social media. Our Digital 101 team takes reports of non-urgent crime, seven days a week, 7am – midnight on Facebook and Twitter.




Should you need any further information please let me know.











ASB Coordinator
 East Staffs NPT
Tel 101 ext. 4470
Mobile 07773531678




Staffordshire Warmer Homes Initiative


The Meynell Ingram Arms

Opened on Friday 10th May at 6.00 p.m.  Details and information can be found on their website

As a response to an e-mail sent to the Meynell Ingram Arms about the state of the land behind the Bus Stop, we have received a response from the Managing Director of Berkeley Inns.  Below are some of his comments:

"We too are concerned that the grassland opposite is being messed up, especially over the last week due to the rain.....  We have spoken to and continue to liaise/negotiate with local landowners seeking alternative......  We will offer to make good any damage .........It is in all of our interests to see Hoar Cross winning competitions such as 'Best Kept Village' and please be assured we willl do our very best, as quickly as possible, to alleviate the situation."


Uttoxeter Police Station

The following e-mail has been received:

From: Richard Lymer <>
Sent: 11 June 2019 14:50
Subject: Uttoxeter Police Station

Dear All,

I just wanted to quell any rumours before they are generated about the future of Uttoxeter Police Station which is currently where your Neighbourhood Policing Staff are based and operate from.

It is likely that in the forthcoming months the station currently located on Balance Street, Uttoxeter will close. As you may or may not be aware there is no longer a public reception at the office, the cells are no longer in use and the building as a whole no longer serves the purpose for which it was originally built. Due to the size of the building, the fact it is a listed building and the costs involved to maintain and develop the building into the current modern day policing purpose it has been deemed too great an expense and so therefore plans are afoot to seek a new building or base for us to work from.


At this moment in time no replacement has been identified, however with that said although the building on Balance Street will close there is every intention to identify and locate a building within the Uttoxeter area for the staff to move to and work from. Until a replacement is found then your local Policing Team will continue to work out of the current Police Station on Balance Street, Uttoxeter.


What I must strongly emphasise is that we are relocating existing staff within the town and not closing the station and withdrawing from Uttoxeter. There will be no decrease to Officer Numbers or any cuts or change to service, it is just a change of building.


I share this information with you so that you can be appraised and also in case you receive any feedback from the Local Community about rumours, concerns or comments they may have. If you have any comments positive or negative then please pass this onto me and I will ensure that they are passed onto the relevant parties.


Kind Regards,




PC 0904 Rich Lymer

Neighbourhood Beat Manager Barton and Needwood