HS2 Annual Extraordinary Meeting 6th June 2019  Miinutes


As many will be aware, HS2 will impact the residents of Hoar Cross.  As the Project develops and more information becomes available, we will update this website so that people can keep up to date with what is happening.

The following is an expansion of what Cllr Alan Fleet reported at the Annual Meeting on 13th May which brings us fully up to date:

"The power supply to the HS2 train liine was originally from the Rugeley power station.  Due to technical problems and local politics, it is proposed that a new substation is built at Parkgate on the outskirts of Newborough meaning overhead pylons are needed to feed the train line near Rugeley.

A committee was formed comprisiing of people from Newborough, Abbots Bromley and Hoar Cross chaired by Bethan Waite, the Chair of Newborough Parish Council.

The results of many meetings produced an alternative of siting the new substation at Kiings Bromley where the maid grid pylons crossed the new rail line.  Not only was it far cheaper but disruption and traffic movement would be contained in one area.  Pretty obvious to the naive public.

If this was unacceptable then we would request underground power cables.

A petition was ably presented to the parliamentary commission members by Richard Knight.

Initially it appeared that the MPs had seen merit in our petition and caught HS2 on the hop after reading our petition but, by the time we presented, HS2 had taken us seriously and came back with reasons for not doing what had been suggested.

The MPs asked questions that could have come from the public but were overwhelmed by facts and 'waffle' from HS2.

In summary, what appears to have been a better and cheaper alternative appears to have been dismissed as non praccticable.

The underegrounding of cables would appear to have been dismissed as too expensive at £20 million plus as it has a limited effect on not many people.

We await the committee's final verdict but due to money and polictics I'm afraid our only salvation would be cancelation of HS2 from Birmingham onwards."

Cllr Alan Fleet


Two petitions were submitted to the Government.  One is from the HS2 Parkgate Steering Group and can be accessed here.  The other one is from the West Midlands Bird Club and is available here.  The map that the Bird Club refers to can be viewed here.

HS2 Power Supply Proposals

HS2 has recently distributed a further Newsletter which can be accessed hereThis website also gives technical information about the ground investigation works that are being undertaken: 

Click here for the Phase 2a Power Supply Newsletter produced by HS2