Due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, there may be changes to your usual recycling and waste collections in Essex. Precautions are being put in place to ensure Coronavirus is not spread via your waste and recycling.

How to get rid of your waste if you are either self-isolating or confirmed to have Coronavirus

Any individuals asked to self-isolate, either as a precaution or because they are confirmed to have Coronavirus, should follow this advice to get rid of their household waste to ensure the virus is not spread via personal waste.

  • Individuals should place all personal waste such as used tissues and disposable cleaning cloths, securely in a plastic bag or bin liner.
  • This plastic bag should then be placed in another plastic bag and securely tied.
  • These bags must be stored separately to other waste for at least 72 hours before being placed in the general rubbish collection.

After 72 hours outside the body the virus is no longer viable and the double bagged waste can be put in the general rubbish collection as normal. Only waste that is heavily contaminated, such as tissues that have been coughed in and disposable cleaning cloths need to be treated in this way. Regular household recycling and waste should be treated as normal.

Please note, individuals who are self-isolating should not visit any recycling centre.

Changes to recycling and waste services in Essex

Following careful consideration and Government guidance on Coronavirus (COVID-19), we have taken the difficult decision to close all Essex recycling centres until further notice.

The decision to close sites has not been taken lightly but it is essential to encourage residents to stay at home and limit the spread of Coronavirus.

If you were planning to visit a recycling centre, please hold on to the items you were planning to take until they are reopened. Do not place items such as DIY waste or recycling into your kerbside general rubbish collection. This will take up space in the collection vehicles needed for general household rubbish.

If you have garden waste to get rid of, you can always try home composting. It’s a great alternative and there are many ways to get started.  

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Braintree District Council


Garden waste collections suspended

Due to the impact of Coronavirus (COVID-19) Braintree District Council has made the decision to suspend garden waste collections for the foreseeable future.  It has taken this decision so it can focus resources on collecting essential grey bins, food waste bins and recycling sacks from households, as well as glass bottles and jars from bring bank sites.  Coronavirus (COVID-19) has led to reduced resource within the service as well as an increase in the amount of rubbish and recycling households are putting out for collection as they spend more time at home.  Whilst the service is suspended people will be unable to report missed garden waste collections.  Whilst these collections are on hold, we are encouraging residents to consider home composting as much of their garden waste as possible. The Love Essex website provides information on how to create your own home compost.

All other collections are currently unaffected. The collection of all other recycling and rubbish materials including flats and assisted collections are currently unaffected.