1. Are you an orchestra?

    No, we organise concerts where members can perform either a solo or in a part of an ensemble

  2. Are you a choir ?

    No. We occasionally perform choral pieces but mainly we organise private concerts where singers get a chance to perform solo songs/arias as well as duets, trios etc.  

  3. How can I become a member of the Hampstead Music Club? 

    If you wish to join the club please contact our membership secretary Claire Kitchin at hampsteadmusicclub@gmail.com  

  4. How do you organise rehearsals? 

    There are no official rehearsal days or venue. Members arrange to get together to rehearse informally before performing at the club events. 

  5. Is it possible to get in touch with other members just to play together if someone doesn't feel ready to perform in public.

    Yes, of course it is easy to get in touch with other members and organise any sort of practice/playing/singing together.

    Members List is available to members with contact details, voice type or instrument played. 

  6. What sort of standard does one have to be?

    No 'standard' is required. The club is informal. There are no auditions of any sort. Everyone is welcome and welcomed.

  7. What does it cost per evening?

    There is no separate cost for attending or performing at any evening. There is just the annual membership subscription,  which is currently £35 (some discounts are available).

  8. On what days and times and at what places do you meet?

    The principal venues are Burgh House in Hampstead, St Saviour's Church (close to Chalk Farm station) and Fellowship House in the Temple Fortune area. Meetings are almost always on Tuesdays, from about 7:30 to 9:30. There are usually 2-3 meetings a month.

  9. Is the public admitted to your meetings?

    Meetings are generally limited to members and their guests. There are, however, several events which are open to the public, including several professional concerts.

  10. Can one perform at a concert if one is not a member?

    Yes, we welcome guests to perform with members of the club. There is a small charge for a guest performer.

  11. Can I come to one of your concerts to see if your organisation suits me?

    Yes. Please choose an event from our calendar and then let the club's Secretary know you'd like to come at singwithpam@gmail.com (Pamela Kolirin). 

  12. Can I join just as a listener? 

    Yes, and there is a half price discount on subscription fees for the listener members who do not wish to perform. 

  13. Any other question you'd like to ask? 

    For more information about the club activities please contact Anna Slavina (Chairman) at anna.slavinahmc@gmail.com or Pamela Kolirin (Secretary) at singwithpam@gmail.com