You may have read in a Sunday newspaper recently about a quiet revolution that is taking place across Scotland in forgotten corners of our urban areas and countryside. The fast growing number of people in our towns and cities who want to get their hands dirty and turn their fingers green has resulted in many successful projects starting to bear fruit. Many of us imagine it would be nice to have a little plot of land where we can go and be at one with nature, grow our own vegetables, and of course a flower or two to brighten things up, but then- well, there's going to be a huge waiting list, so there's no point. In Glasgow the most recent survey showed more than 600 on the list, while Edinburgh has an all-time high of 2152 with a 3 year wait. BUT there's no need to be discouraged get out your garden spade and gloves, bring your friends and family, and come and join us at the recently formed Garnock Valley Allotments Association (GVAA).

The GVAA has been granted a 2 acre site in Kilbirnie which will eventually have around 75 plots. Already some of our members have had a successful growing season with beautiful produce. Others of us are at the early stages of clearing, rotavating and generally feeling pleased with the small amounts of progress made each time we visit. The GVAA are doing a brilliant job of turning this site from "waste land" into a thriving wee space. Every day someone from our group is up on site digging, planting and now harvesting - enjoying the healthy lifestyle that goes with growing your own food.

So if you're POTTY about growing your own healthy products.

Or you have green fingers

We would love to have more members come along and join our community. Membership is open to all residents of the Garnock Valley (Kilbirnie, Beith, Glengarnock, Dalry, Longbar, Gateside and Barrmill) for a small annual membership fee.

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