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Here are a few ideas, do you have more?


Would you be willing to pay a small sum for each article to have large items taken away rather than dumping them in dark corners or down snickleways, and in the end we all have to pay for their disposal from our rates?


Would you be willing to pay a small sum for a regular collection of plastics, if we could organise it?


Would you like to take care of a compost bin, or food waste bin for your area? Or have more garden waste collections?


Would you willing to help fund a regular run to the Council waste tip?


Would you like more fabric recycling bins?




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Office Address: 1 Helmsley House, Penleys Groves Street, YO31 7PP




Here in the Groves we are starting a campaign to encourage recycling, re-use and reduction of waste.  With the continuing restrictions in spending in the City of York Council it seems obvious that we all need to rethink the way we dispose of our rubbish.


There are fines to City of York Council every time they exceed the allowance to landfill, which eventually will have to be met from our council tax. But there is the potential for them to make money from recycled rubbish, especially if it is cleaned and sorted, so that loads aren’t spoiled. If we do help CYC meet its targets, then that is money saved that can be spent elsewhere!


If you want to check your waste collection dates the information can be found on the City of York Council website under waste and recycling. They even provide a printable version of your dates.  


At the moment kerbside recycle collections can take glass bottles, plastic bottles and cans, cardboard and paper. Lots of other items can be disposed of at the council ’tips’ at Hazel Court or Towthorpe/Strensall HWRC


If you check the City of York Council website, it is amazing how much stuff can be recycled.  If you are one of the few without IT access the Groves Association has a tablet with its own wi-fi connection, so we could come and show you all the potential. There is even an A-toZ guide to recycling and re-use where you can look up to check how disposable your item/s might be and a recycling bank locator! 

·        Did you know that used cooking fat can be recycled in a compost bin, if it is poured onto torn paper or cardboard?

·        Plastic bags can be recycled at Sainsbury’s at Foss Bank or Monks Cross

·        Batteries can be recycled at most electrical shops that sell them

·        Food and drink cartons can be recycled at the ‘tip’

·        The Charity Retail Association is interested in all sorts of goods for re-use and sale

·        You can also check the Freecycle website and the recycle now website for information on all sorts of goods that can be re-used or recycled.


The purpose of this leaflet is to ask you to think about ways in which we as a community might be able to help each other to be more efficient in our recycling, and to alert you to the fact that we will soon be coming through the area and knocking on your door to talk about ways that you think can be effective in resolving the problem of waste disposal.  We hope you will have time to talk to us and share ideas on how we can improve our recycling record.



For anyone who wants to know more, there is a brilliant website at which has loads of helpful books, including Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, an easy household guide, by Nicky Scott at £4.99




Groves Recycling Initiative 2017

Leaflet no 2


We called on you today to talk about our initiative.  If we missed you we would still like to hear your views


Did you know


  • City of York Council website has an A-Z list of articles for recycling and where to take them
  • CYC now has recycling waste trucks that keep items separated.  They can make a lot more money from unmixed waste than from spoiled bundles
  • If waste is not collected for any reason please report it to 01904 551550 or email: 

You will have received our first leaflet about reducing, re-using and recycling waste, and had time to think about some of our suggestions.


If we organise pick-ups of larger items how frequently would you like them?

To support this service would you pay:

£5.00 / £6.00 / £7.00 per item? This would be payable on collection in cash


If we organise a pick up of tetrapacks and recyclable items not currently collected in kerbside recycling, eg cardboard drink cartons, yogurt pots, marg tubs etc., how frequently would you like it?


Would you pay £1.00 / £2.00 / £5.00


Would you like more garden waste/ compost/fabric recycling bins in your area?  Where would you put them?: ________________________________________


Name: __________________________________


Contact details: ___________________________



Please reply by post, telephone Fb or email

Tel: 07824 154312

1 Helmsley House, Penleys Groves Street, YO31 7PP







An Oscars style ceremony



When:Friday 13th October

Where:at the Student Union Building (with full access)at York St John University

Time: From 6.00 pm to 9.30 pm with prizes and awards

Who:YOU (and all the great community-spirited people of the Groves!) 

with Barrie Stephenson (from Radio Leeds) as our Master of Ceremonies

We need your nominations for the outstanding people who live, work or volunteer alongside you in the Groves.


You and the people you nominate will have pride of place at the celebration, where you will be met with a free glass of Prosecco or orange juice and select nibbles.  Later there will be a free buffet and a paying bar to add to the festivities


Nominations need to be received by 15th August 2017 so that the happy nominees can be videoed


On the evening we will be videoing and photographing the revelries.  If you do not wish to be included in any publicity, please let us know


I will/will not be attending the ceremony


Tel: 07824 154312

Twitter: @Groves_York

Facebook page:

Office Address: 1 Helmsley House, Penleys Groves Street, YO31 7PP


15:39, 27 Jul 2017 by Chair Committee

Can you sing in tune? Have you always wanted the chance to sing with others?


Then why not come along to Room1@41Monkgate (behind Trinity Methodist Church) and join our Coffee Club Singers Every Tuesday from 21 February 11.00—12.30.


Grab a coffee and then have an informal sing under the expert guidance of Don Pears, well know local Musical Director, pianist and arranger.

Further information from Jim Welsman, 01904 704520 or email:

14:39, 06 Feb 2017 by Chair Committee

Wednesday 8th Feb, Sycamore house is having a book and Craft sale to raise funds to trainees and the craft to calm. 

Everyone Welcome from 11-2

14:39, 06 Feb 2017 by Chair Committee


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