Fact sheets are provided for your interest and comment.

We do not assume that our view is definitive. Where possible, sources are quoted, particularly where the information is specific.  Most information however is of a general nature. 

There is no shortage of information or comment surrounding many environmental issues. Our advice is always to assess the validity.

The mnemonic PROMPT is a useful tool to use in making this assessment.

P - Presentation – is the information presented in a clear and readable way?
R - Relevance – is the information appropriate and relevant to the purpose in hand?
O - Objectivity – is the content balanced or is there some bias?
M - Method – how was the information gathered together?
P - Provenance – who or what originated the information and are they reliable sources?
T - Timeliness – is the information up to date and does this matter in our context?



The information contained in our fact sheets should not be taken as constituting personal advice. Whilst we have made every effort to ensure that such information is correct and complete, we have relied on third party providers and there can be mistakes made, so we do not guarantee the correctness or completeness or appropriateness to you of any of the information provided or linked on this fact sheet or the tools (or any calculation) or tables in this fact sheet. We recommend that you seek independent advice before acting upon any information provided or linked to.