Essex County Council elections, and the election for the Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner are planned for May 2021, although these could be delayed due to Covid restrictions. 

Now might be a good time to register to cast a postal vote and avoid the need to turn up at your local polling station in person. 

That said, registering for a postal vote doesn’t stop you turning up on the day if you haven’t already voted. 

To register for a postal vote, check out the process at:

You can post or submit the completed application online; instructions are provided on the website.


Parish Council Services:

Parish council main meetings are being held as on-line meetings using Zoom. The public can attend these but will need the Zoom application. Log on details are published as part of the agenda.

Help for the Vulnerable:

Local groups have been set up in Ford End, Great Waltham, Broads Green and Howe Street, for people who no one to do their shopping or any other errands. These have been advertised via the Parish News and are aimed at people who are unlikely to be on social media. If you are aware of anyone in need who has not been able to make use of these services, please contact the Parish Council Chairman at 01245360918