For the resident’s and owners at GMV

What do we do ? 

Sharing issues and concerns arising from living at GMV. 

Identifying issues that impact more than one home/building/area

Gaining and sharing updates from the wider community that Impact GMV residents and owners

We hold three residents meetings a year with community speakers as well as hosting the summer fayre in Southern Park and other events. 

As most people now use the Facebook Groups we have decided to close the Website

Forums on Facebook operates by and for residents of GMV 

Greenwich Millennium Village Residents' Association (GMVRA) (1400+ members)

Peartree Way Residents (500+ members)


When applying for membership of the Facebook Groups please remember to answer the group questions.

There are 3 questions to answer and if you dont answer all of them your application may be rejecected.

Contact Details


East/Peartree Way -


In addition a WhatsApp group is used to share urgent incidents and concerns for the Peartree Way area, if you wish to join please email  (130+ members)

If you have any other groups you wish to publicise please let us know?