Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could do only a little.

An Edmund Burke quote.

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What we do.


Pilots meet every Wednesday evening, during term time, at Brockworth from 6 pm to 7:15 pm and is a Christian organisation for all children and young people. Pilots believe that children and young people matter.  For further information please go to the 'Children' & Young People page. 


Provision of hot lunches for our friends in sheltered housing.


Hospital Service. We were on the Sunday service rota to help in the Hospital’s Christian ministry to patients. Unfortunately, the hospital chaplaincy decided to stop this outreach because of the decline in the number of patients coming down to the service due to many going home over the weekend, the need to have formal training to use wheelchairs and less support from the churches. Thank you to everyone who has supported this outreach over many years and the commitment that you have shown to hospital patients.


Christian Aid. We have supported CA for many years by undertaking street collections during CA week with over £8,000 collected to date. A big thank you to our friends at St Bartholmews, St Philips, St Marks & St Margaret’s for their loyal support and very generous contributions to CA over a number of years. We also support the local CA group by helping with carol singing outside a major supermarket for the City Centres churches hour slot.

Christian Aid Week this year was from the 11th to 17th May 2014. The grand total we collected this year was an amazing £462.41 (£335.46 in 2013). 


An Example of what we help achieve: When 7 year old Sara’s village in Northern Iraq was flattened by bombs, during Saddam Hussein’s regime, her father could not recognise where their house had once been. Now, with Support from Christian Aid, Sara is growing up in a thriving and vibrant community. Where once lay only rubble, now there are greenhouses bursting with vegetables, a reservoir teeming with fish, a house that Sara’s family feels safe in; and soon there will be electricity in the power lines.

“Your footprint is here. As much as the world, the sky, I thank you so much. (You) are doing this in charity, out of love. All the hard work you
are doing by your hand can be seen here. No on can pay you back - only God”
A message from Sara’s dad, Wahid.


Thank You all for showing your love for people like Sara and her family this CA Week. Thanks to your help CA will be able to lift more communities out of the devastaion of war - so they can thrive, free from fear.


Appeals. East Africa Crisis Appeal - Our appeal achieved a grand total of £375 which was forwarded to CA; a big thank you to all who contributed. We were all very concerned when we heard about the drought and displacement combined with rising food prices that had left the Horn of Africa, especially Kenya & Etiopia, in need of urgent humanitarian support.


Homeless. We support a City Missioner to the homeless and needy of the City. We made our premises available to the Salvation Army and Gloucester City Mission to help them carry on providing hot lunches on Mondays to the homeless and needy while the SA premises were undergoing a major refurb. Please see 'Homelessness'.


TORCH Trust. AIM: Enabling people with sight loss to discover Christian faith and lead fulfilling Christian lives. Christian resources and activities for blind and partially sighted people worldwide. 

See the latest TORCH Family News Magazine for Summer 2014.

The local Torch Fellowship Group used to meet at our church, on the second Friday of the month, untill we had major flooding. They had to move away but we still have an involvement with the Gloucester Torch Group. If you know of anyone who has a visual impairment and would like to join the local group or know more about Torch itself and the many resources available, holidays, etc., please click here to go to the Torch web site or see the flyer below. 



The following is the latest communication from TORCH TRUST. 

Successor to The Shack arrives - and for blind readers too!

Dear friends, Four years after The Shack - which courted controversy in the Christian publishing world and stimulated debate but went on to sell a staggering 18 million copies around the world - comes Cross Roads. And - for the first time - a faith book expected to be a giant blockbuster is available at launch in braille and large print for people with sight loss, a publishing coup made possible by Torch Trust.

It's always a major concern to us that so often people with visual impairment have to wait many months, even years, to get the books everyone is talking about. But this time they don't have to wait - it's available now! Working in partnership with publishers Hodder Faith, we've pulled out all the stops in our transcription department to make it happen. We've been working on an automated system which produces not only braille but various sizes of large and giant print on demand, and this has been a great book to trial our new process. It's an initiative that's totally in line with our whole ethos - to see people with sight loss fully included in all aspects of Christian life. It's a real injustice that only small numbers of the thousands of books published in the UK are put out in accessible formats. Cross Roads is available now to borrow (for free) or to buy (at £10 post free) by people with sight loss.

What of the book itself? Cross Roads by Wm. Paul Young is described as a book about choice, participation and relationships. The central character is a businessman who falls into a coma, which takes him to revisit choices he made in his past.

Young, the child of missionary parents, wrote his first book The Shack for his family, making 15 copies with no intention to publish. He was persuaded to offer it for publication - but 23 publishers turned it down. 'The secular publishers didn't want it because it had too much Jesus,' he explains. And 'it was too edgy for faith-based publishers.' Two pastors formed Windblown Media to publish the book, and a million copies later it was noticed and taken on by part of the Hachette group, which includes Hodder Faith. Christians loved it - and loathed it! Critics said it was theologically wrong in its portrayal of the Trinity of Father, Son and Holy Spirit but others found its imaginative view of the Christian gospel at work in the ups and downs of life really inspirational. Much of The Shack is autobiographical, about difficulties in Young's life, including sexual abuse at school and adultery.

Ian Metcalfe, Director of Publishing at Hodder Faith, currently preparing for the author's promotional tour of the UK in December, sent a message to Torch Trust saying, 'Congratulations on your speedy turnaround!'

Hodder Faith are launching with a hardback, an eBook and a digital audio download. Torch Trust will soon add a DAISY format audio version for blind people to their braille and large print editions. 



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