Who are GlamSci?

GlamSci is run by a group of current undergraduate and postgraduate students in their prospective fields. GlamSci was formed by Amy King in 2013, after she faced a lot of discrimination throughout her education. After being told ‘Pure Science isn’t for Girls’ repeatedly during her educational journey, Amy started writing a blog for the Royal Society of Chemistry, documenting her experiences as a disabled woman in Chemistry. After leaving college in 2013, Amy wanted to do more for science outreach, she decided to try and become a strong female science role model, and answer the response to the lack of supportin some institutes to encourage young people into the scientific field. Amy set up GlamSci during the summer of 2013, as a mad woman on a mission, self-funding all her work across the country until early 2016. After the loss of her grandmother, Amy officially set GlamSci up as a registered charity, and dedicated it to her Grandmother’s memory in June 2016, where she works with other GlamSci volunteers aligned to GlamSci’s diversity mission.

Why GlamSci?

The name GlamSci, came from the nickname given to GlamSci’s Founder, Amy King during her school days. When she applied to university to study chemistry, she found yet more discrimination, being repeatedly told she ‘didn’t look like a scientist’, and called upon as only the ‘Glamorous Scientist’ or as ‘GlamSci’. Instead of taking this as an insult, Amy owned this name, and made it into her personal brand, and used the phrase ‘Glamorous Scientist’ to as a synonym as a scientist that broke the mould, and stands out from other stereotypical STEM professionals.

Why Pink?

To most, pink means ‘for girls’ however, those at GlamSci, want to change the perception that pink is only for girls. To a chemist, pink means an over titrated basic solution in a phenolphthalein indicator. Pink to chemists, is neither gendered, nor is it a reaction only female chemists do. It is a common indicator used by thousands of chemists, male and female around the world. GlamSci wants to encourage all people to take back and embrace the color and use it to empower themselves through STEM. #thinkpink