1st April 2009

At a meeting today of the Aylesbury Vale District Council Strategic Development Control Committee there was a unanimous rejection of the outline planning application submitted by Greenway Land LLP.

Greenway have up to 6 months to lodge an appeal and if they do so the Government will appoint a Planning Inspector who will hold a public enquiry.

1st October passed without an appeal and so the application is lost.

Update November 2009

Gladman Developments have subsequently submitted an Outline Planning  Application for 200 homes on the site that it owns between Shipton and Winslow. This application was rejected by AVDC Strategic Development Committee and Gladman Developments have subsequently appealed this decisoon. It is expected that the appeal will be heard by a Planning Inspector in Spring 2010. Report presented to the Planning Committee Meeting of 6th April

Report presented to the Planning Committee Meeting of 6th April


Greenway Land LLP had submitted an outline planning application to AVDC which has assigned the reference number 08/02944/AOP-Great Horwood.The application is for 3,300 homes and associated developments on the site of the old Little Horwood Airfield which is now agricultural land between Winslow, Great Horwood and Little Horwood.The developers are calling this proposed new town Winslow Green.

Great Horwood Parish Council organised a public meeting to seek the views of the residents of the village which took place in the village hall at 7.30pm on Thursday 5th February 2009.

The meeting was atttended by more than 170 people including John Bercow MP and David Rowlands County Councillor.

At the end of the meeting a motion was proposed which requested the Parish Council to oppose the proposed development and all developments on the site of the Little Horwood Airfield.

The motion was only voted on by residents of Great Horwood parish and there were 157 votes in favour of the motion with 1 vote against and 1 abstention.

Parish Council submission to AVDC re Planning Application 08/02944/AOP

Map of Area showing proposed developments


JB at GH Public Meeting

John Bercow MP with protesters outside the village hall before the public meeting 

Audience 1

Audience 2 

  Photos showing the Village Hall filled to over capacity for the Public Meeting


Aylesbury Vale District Council are required to make a decision on the
Planning application by 20th April 2009 and we recommend that anyone who wishes to comment on the application does so to AVDC by 27th February 2009.

If Greenway Land’s planning application is turned down they will have an opportunity to appeal against the decision.  Due to the size of the proposed development the appeal will automatically be dealt with by the Government Planning Inspectorate who will undertake a public enquiry.  This enquiry could take anything from 12-18 months before a recommendation is made to the Housing Minister who will then make the final decision on whether the development should be approved or not.