Great Bromley presently has a number of council houses and flats plus a development of six rented houses in Hall Road owned by the English Rural Housing Association (ERHA). Information on vacancies can be obtained from Tendring District Council (01255 686868) and the ERHA (020 7820 7930).

In co-operation with the district council, the English Rural Housing Association and local landowners the parish council continues its progress with securing a second scheme of affordable housing for the village. With this in mind the Rural Community Council of Essex (RCCE) undertook a housing needs survey for Great Bromley in March 2011. The survey report is available from the RCCE by phoning 0844 4773938 or emailing, or can be downloaded here.

A summary of the survey’s findings is as follows:

The survey form was delivered to all 400+ households in Great Bromley and the response rate was 34%, which is very good when the national average is 24%.

When asked if they were supportive of a small scheme of affordable housing for local people, if the need was identified,

  • 75% of respondents said ‘yes’
  • 19% of respondents said ‘no’
  • 6% of respondents did not complete this question.

28 respondents identified themselves as having a need for alternative accommodation. Sixteen survey forms were received and identified as having a need for affordable housing. Following general planning guidance this would lead to a recommendation of 8 housing units, with the size and tenure yet to be considered.

Having established that there is a need for affordable housing the next step is to identify suitable land. This must be outside but adjacent to areas of permitted development within the village. It should also be near to community facilities such as the school, church, village hall or post office.

If you own land in Great Bromley, which meets the above criteria, and might be interested in selling some of it for eight affordable houses then please contact the parish council.  If you would like to be considered for affordable housing then please email The Clerk.