Gloucestershire Assertive Outreach Team.


County Street Outreach Team. It had been said recently that there were concerns that the Street Outreach Team may only have one Outreach worker for the whole of the County......on asking P3 formally we were told that this was not the case but that there had been some restructuring. We have been told that the Outreach Team is fully staffed and have 5 staff covering the county in addition to volunteers; we have asked who the Street Outreach Workers are for Gloucester (previuosly covered by the Senior Outreach Worker), Stroud and Gloucester, Cheltenham and Cotswolds, Forest and Tewkesbury. We have been informed that there is a new Senior Outreach Worker in post from 10th Sept 2018.   

GEAR provided the Outreach Team for a number of years. St Mungo's then won the contract from GEAR following a County Council competetive tendering process. The loss of the contract eventually led to the closure of GEAR and closure of The Vaughan Centre a strategically important resource for 2gether, Police, City Council, providers, etc., ....St Mungo's Broadway web site click here

St Mungo's Presentation to the Forum on 7th September 2016; to view the very interesting and helpful Power Point presentation by Kathryn Gibson, Gloucestershire Outreach Coordinator, click here and wait for download.

From 1st January 2017, P3 took over from St Mungo's who lost out in another County Council competitive tendering process.

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