For the important role of Day Centre Hubs within the NSNO standard read HERE

The No Second Night Out (NSNO) was first launched on 1 April 2011 as a pilot project aimed at ensuring those who find themselves sleeping rough in central London for the first time need not spend a second night on the streets. Read about NSNO HERE.

The County Council and Districts have adopted the governments NSNO Standard which includes the following:-. 

The NSNO Standard and Guidance.

Extract: 'What is No Second Night Out?  No Second Night Out (NSNO) is a pledge made to people new to the streets and is part of a commitment to ending rough sleeping. At Homeless Link we believe that, in order to tackle rough sleeping once and for all, society needs to focus its energy on meeting four simple pledges: 

1. No one new to the streets should spend a second night out

2. No one should make their home on the streets

3. No one should return to the streets once they have been helped off of them, and 

4. Ultimately no one should arrive on the streets. 

This guidance focuses predominantly on the first pledge, but some aspects of NSNO service delivery will address the other pledges as well'. 

Reconnection Guidance

Typical Reconnection Form

Effective Action:  NSNO, the appraoch for areas with low numbers

The important Role of Day Centres.

Extracts from 'The Role of Day Centres' as follows:  'Achieving NSNO will only happen if all agencies work together. Local authorities and other agencies working in homelessness need to understand the role of day centres and ensure these services are included in NSNO planning. Day centres are often remarkably resourceful and creative in their models of working and willingness to implement new projects, and their contribution should not be underestimated'....

'Day centres will be the first point of contact for many people arriving on the streets, but are not always part of coordinated multi-agency approaches to ending homelessness in their local area. This may be because of non-statutory funding streams or a difference in ethos between day centre and local authority (e.g. open door rather than targeted).'....

'To achieve the NSNO pledge day centres need to understand the strategic context in which they operate and where their service fits in, and local authorities need to engage with day centres, finding common ground to support clients even while differences in ethos remain. The day centre’s role should at least be complementary and, at best, integral to the new model of service delivery'......