Articles on Street Drinking, Beggars, Rough Sleepers and Legal Highs.

Four Gates: Ban from City Centre for persistent begging.

The following are articles published by The Citizen appertaining to the above. It is important to recognise that story's must be collaborated with either Project Solace or Community Safety, Neighbourhood Services, Gloucester City Council, Herbert Warehouse, The Docks, Gloucester, GL1 2EQ.

Arrest's have been made in Gloucester Begging Crackdown, read more.

What would solve gloucesters homeless problem, in their own words, read more

More than 100 rough sleepers in Gloucestershire found homes, read more. St Mungo's has in one year worked with 188 people sleeping rough across the region, and helped 111 of them into long term accommodation.

Suicide Sunday: The day homeless people rue Gloucesters closed shelter, read more

Cheltenham man fears returning to drink and drugs when he has to leave supported housing, read more

Street drinkers in Gloucester targeted in major new strategy to get them help and clean up the city, read more

Homeless people in Gloucester need more support, say charities, read more

Gloucester shoud be ashamed of its record on homelessness says former night shelter volunter, read more

Don't let Gloucester become the begging destination of choice, read more. 'I dont want Gloucester to be destination of choice for beggars and homeless', says MP Richard Graham.

Master Plan Unveiled to tackle beggar gangs, street drinkers and drug users in Gloucester, read more

What can we do about beggars and rough sleepers in gloucester, read more

What is being done to solve Gloucester's rough sleeping problem, read more

Police need to tackle unruly street drinkers, read more 

Homelessness in Gloucester - how do we solve the problem, read more. Official agreement amongst city leaders that  something must be done.

Number of young sleeping in gloucester is unknown after mans death at 25, read more