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Zodoq Obatolah








Marjorie + Maureen




Alan + Tommy


Jim + Salman


art behind bars – Stephen


In diversity there is beauty and strength

Maya Angelou


poverty + health


Medical gaslighting: when conditions turn out not to be ‘all in the mind’


Social Movements and NGOs: Can They Get Along?

The garden as refuge: The restorative power of green spaces and nature


There’s this misconception that anarchism means chaos

But the term means ‘without rulers.’

We don’t expect people to organize for us

We organize for ourselves.”

Jen Angel


Lake Alice Psychiatric hospital

Can anyone defend this ?

Yet Electro Convulsive Treatment is still done worldwide + in the UK

Why do people turn a “blind” eye + say they can do nothing ?

Does that makes them complicit in the crime?



Lucy Letby: Police urged to investigate hospital bosses for corporate manslaughter




We have made a petition – it has five supporters

The wording was not approved – so we have agreed amended wording – the UK petition is now published


Electro convulsive treatment appears to be banned in some parts of Australia


There is an international petition which has got over 133 000 signatures

Our petition –
original wording

Ban Electro convulsive treatment which is a sexist practice + causes great harm


Electro convulsive treatment is a human rights abuse + must stop now


Campaign Against ECT Gains Traction in UK

MPs call for ban on electric shocks as mental health treatment

In the Courts, a Partial Win for Informed Consent and ECT Justice

Sue Cunliffe


Am I invisible ?

Why are we stuck in hospital ?

Nobody listened to me


Number of autistic people in mental health hospitals: latest data

'Barbaric': Hundreds with learning disabilities kept locked up for years

Problem linked to local councils + housing? - Wendy


Dispatches : hospital undercover Are they safe?



We have published the latest data set showing human rights abuse within the Mental Health system – please see below + the website for further details


Revealed: Housing associations urged ministers to let them increase rents

community land trust – housing affordable

Healthy foundations: integrating housing as part of the mental health pathway


community powered NHS – animation

Insane trade


The real Tragedy of the Commons

We can reset the paradigm

We can move away from hyper-individualised accounts of people 'out for themselves' and work on creating the societal conditions for a community led approach

including Tolworth


The story of broke

First they came for…

Thank you EHRC

A community-powered NHS: making prevention a reality


time for Community power act

LBRUT should follow Hartlepool’s lead?


Camden Health + care citizen’s assembly

LBRUT should follow Camden’s lead?


Achieving food security through land reform


A future for all of us …

People power – love not hate

Human rights


Learning from other countries – energy


NHS paying £2bn a year to private hospitals for mental health patients

We could do so much with that money – Wendy


open dialogue


Inquiry investigates deaths of 1,500 NHS mental health patients in Essex

Not just Essex? - Wendy




Where we are born into privilege, we are charged with dismantling any myth of supremacy.

Where we are born into struggle, we are charged with reclaiming our dignity, joy and liberation.”

Adrienne Maree Brown


Why solidarity matters

Solidarity does not assume that our struggles are the same struggles, or that our pain is the same pain, or that our hope is for the same future.

Solidarity requires commitment, and work, as well as the recognition that even if we do not have the same feelings, or the same lives, or the same bodies, we do live on common ground”

Sara Ahmed


5 steps to a Green New Deal

Can randomly selected citizens govern better than elected officials

The law in 60 seconds – legal aid for inquests video

Hillsborough law – duty of candour - would this help with our Freedom of information requests


Cannabis, ketamine and speed to be decriminalised in London by Sadiq Khan

Sadiq Khan’s call to introduce rent freezes in London is growing after the mayor called for the bold policy proposal once more to help Londoners


A shorter working week for Europe


Children imprisoned on remand – the stark reality of racial bias


Combatting Structural Racism and Classism in Psychiatry: An Interview with Helena Hansen

Suman Fernando’s book Institutional racism in psychiatry + clinical psychology

Mental Health Act reform: race and ethnic inequalities

How Western Psychology Can Rip Indigenous Families Apart: An Interview with Elisa Lacerda-Vandenborn


People deprived of liberty due to misapplication of Mental Health + Capacity Acts


As a result of the Bournewood case the Mental capacity act came into being

The mental capacity act

Assume capacity

Best interest

Least restrictive

People can make what others would consider unwise decisions

Supported decision making

Capacity can easily be assessed

Can someone make a decision

Can they communicate the decision (not necessarily verbally)

Can they remember the decision



Restraint, segregation and seclusion review: progress report

Out of sight- who cares

Half of people with a learning disability and autistic people reluctant to provide feedback on care


The authority gap: why women still aren’t taken seriously

Women disproportionately affected by soaring Mental Health Act detentions

Pathologized Since Eve: Jessica Taylor on Women, Trauma, and “Sexy but Psycho”


Report Finds Monitoring of Electroshock Treatment Unsafe

New Study Finds ECT Ineffective for Reducing Suicide Risk

We can STOP ECT with lasting power of attorney


A straight-talking introduction to Psychiatric drugs – the truth about how they work + how to come off them – Joanna Moncrieff

Provide Tapering Strips for People Who Want to Withdraw Safely from Psychotropic Drugs

Petition by James Moore

Tapering strips

NICE Guideline Update Acknowledges Severe Antidepressant Withdrawal

Withdraw antidepressants gradually, says NICE draft guidance


NHS statistics show continuing rise in antidepressant prescribing

Lost Connections: Uncovering the Real Causes of Depression – and the Unexpected Solutions

How universal basic income can tackle anxiety + depression

Long-term antipsychotic use linked to breast cancer

Government review finds 10% of drugs dispensed in England are pointless

Sedated, How Modern Capitalism Created our Mental Health Crisis - James Davies +

CRACKED – why psychiatry is doing more harm than good

Coronavirus and depression in adults, Great Britain: January to March 2021


Almost 4 in 10 adults earning less than £10,000 a year experienced depressive symptom compared with around 1 in 10 earning £50,000 or more”

The data shows what we know to be true: struggling with your mental health doesn’t happen in a vacuum.


Why not Diagnose Social Conditions Instead of Individual Symptoms

Council of Europe Releases Report to Promote Voluntary Mental Health Treatment

The WHO Calls for Radical Change in Global Mental Health


Strength based approach

Emotional CPR: Heart-Centered Peer Support

Website – Emotional CPR


How do we pay for a basic income


Welsh basic income pilot has been published

In a statement from Jane Hutt, Minister for Social Justice

The pilot will be targeted at care leavers

All young people leaving care that turn 18 over a 12-month period starting this summer will be invited to participate

That is expected to be about 500 people

Participants will receive the payments for 24 months starting from the month after their 18th birthday

A £1,600 a month basic income will be paid each month


Extending Welsh Universal basic income pilot to heavy industrial workers




A friend – walking for health

Thrive gardening charity

Castelnau Community Centre

Oliver Sacks

Suicide + co

Twickenham repair cafe – 3rd Saturday of each month 10:30 to 13:30

Together as one

Battersea Befriending Network

Ways to save money on bills

A life more wild

Ricky Reel

Disability student allowance

Pat Deegan

BBC radio 4 Is psychiatry working?

well-being courses at Kingston Adult Education

Lost souls poetry

A disorder 4 everyone

bipolar UK – Twickenham group

The power of now


£1 Concession Tickets for Kew Gardens

As part of their new 10-year strategy, Kew Gardens is committed to ensuring that cost is not a barrier to accessing their gardens in both Kew and Wakehurst.

They have introduced a new admission price of £1 for anyone on Universal Credit, Pension Credit or Employment and Support Allowance (ESA).

Visitors just need to present proof of their benefit on arrival to be eligible for the new concessionary ticket

Marble Hill House – FREE



SPEAR – St.Mungo – CDARS – We are with you – MIND – CAB - DWP

every Thursday 11am-1pm

Richmond library annex

quadrant road





Wild Mind Project

FREE wellbeing support for the young LGBTQ community (age 11 to 25) in nature 🏳️‍🌈

Wildfire alert: you can help nature recover

Think you know your art history?

Nightjars: how to see these weird, wonderful birds

Explore 'After Impressionism' with our three short films!

Bringing people together through growing

170 brilliant nature reserves waiting for you to visit

Cornish cabbages

Thames festival

Your gardening update from the RHS

Brilliant blooms for butterflies: a handy guide

Tigers, Little Terns, and a lifeline for Puffins

Good Climate News from Good Energy

Your gardening update from the RHS


Community based organisations + community recommended organisations


Listen to act


Recovery in the bin



4 October



Create, Debate and Imagine a different local democracy

CITIZENS: Why the key to fixing everything is all of us

Bring your ideas to Notwestminster 2023


F.E.E.L. - Friends of East End Loonies


Mad Pride campaign for psychiatric abolition




Surviving Antidepressants


A Caring Mind | A blog for carers of mental health


ADOODLE- community mapping


A disorder for everyone


An important opportunity to talk with Human Rights Watch


Human Rights Watch is an international group which investigates human rights issues worldwide and reports on them

A Human Rights Watch (HRW) team will be visiting England during the second half of October


Why HRW is visiting

The HRW team will be looking into human rights issues for disabled people in institutions

including both psychiatric hospitals and care homes

This will be from the perspective of rights which we hold under the UN Convention on the Rights of Disabled People (UNCRPD)

The HRW team will be putting a particular focus on people with psychosocial disabilities (people in mental distress) and on people with intellectual disabilities (people with learning difficulties)

That is because HRW has become aware of the appalling level of neglect and abuse and high death rates that have been hitting the press


HRW is also aware that both current mental health law and plans to update it through the draft Mental Health Bill fail to comply with the human rights which we hold under the UNCRPD

(For example, these remain based on a medical, not a human rights model, and, in breach of the UNCRPD, will continue to allow involuntary detention and forced treatment)

The same is true of mental capacity law


When the HRW team will be visiting

They will be in London on Oct 17th and 18th, then in Manchester on October 19th and 20th and hope to visit people in other parts of England, too, before returning home on 27th October


Who they would like to talk with

The HRW team would like to interview people with recent experience of detention in psychiatric hospitals and/or recent experience in care homes

If this fits you and/or you are the leader of a user-led organisation and have relevant information about experiences of your organisation's members, it would be great if you can provide an interview

Would you also be able to make urgent contact with people you know, ask for volunteers and then, with their agreement, send names and contact details to Dorothy Gould by Friday of next week, Oct 6th

Dorothy is collating names and contact details and will pass these on to HRW. (Her email is and her phone number is 07565 399 422.)

N.B. At this stage, HRW's visit is confidential, so that people can speak as freely as possible with them

Please can you be aware of that and make sure that people you contact are also aware of it


This is a brilliant opportunity to make public the UK government's continuing failure to end involuntary detention and forced treatment in psychiatric hospitals, the sheer level of abuse that is happening in them and the major issues in care homes, too

It will be an enormous help if you can support HRW's visit by volunteering for an interview yourself and/or finding volunteers for an interview. Participants' identities will obviously be kept confidential

Travel expenses can be covered, or, if travel is difficult, HRW will be very willing to set up Zoom interviews


Because HRW's visit will be from October 17th to 27th, please can you send names and contact details of volunteers to Dorothy Gould at Liberation by Friday October 6 so that she can pass them on to the HRW team

Dorothy’s email address is You can also text, or phone her on 07565 399 422.


Poverty eradication organisations + self-expression


Tell Government Benefit sanctions do not work


Project 16:15


Right here

Community power act

Join our campaign team

The Community Power Act in full

Why Mayors aren't enough




Frame works UK


Joseph Rowntree foundation (JRF)


UK Poverty 2023: The essential guide to understanding poverty in the UK

New analysis exposes impact of planned Universal Credit cut

Rashford targets a win on Universal Credit

what's causing structural racism in housing

A just transition to net zero is necessary, and key for maintaining public support

Paving the way for good jobs through participatory co-design

Including Navigating power dynamics within participatory projects + Where next for social security after recent Universal Credit announcements

Winning hearts and minds for decent, affordable housing

Families furthest below the minimum income standard excluded from social security gains

Inflation is pushing people deeper into poverty

Including housing ideas


Elections Bill could disenfranchise millions of voters


600,000 people pulled into poverty by Spring Statement


Benefits uprating analysis

JRF welcomes Chancellor's cost of living measures


Anxiety nation Economic insecurity and mental distress in 2020s Britain

Join JRF to support and grow economic and social futures that work for everyone

A framing toolkit: How to talk about homes


Guarantee our Essentials


Reboot: building a housing market that works for all

JRF's Budget response, the importance of ill health to the UK's labour market and more

talking about homes:the foundation for a decent life


designing out the most severe forms of hardship in local areas


Deepening poverty in Scotland, Essentials campaign and more in this months edition of the JRF Newsletter

including events – Wendy


Unpaid care and poverty: unpaid carers’ priorities for change through participatory co-design


Get insights into the cost of living in the UK with JRF's June newsletter

including participatory co-design


On the ‘frontline’ of poverty: how public services reinforce stigma

Democratic, community-led wealth building: the Boston Ujima Project and Seed Commons

the caring penalty


2 October

destitution in UK 2023 – 26 October


Long-standing inequalities mean that households with a disabled person are falling behind

What key swing voters really think about deep poverty and hardship

Why benefits must rise to stop low-income households falling even further behind


Journey to justice project


addressing poverty with lived experience (APLE)


Allow all people to work flexibly if they want to – PETITION


Sign the petition: We need an emergency budget that boosts Universal Credit now


Trussell trust


Kevin + Matt + Amanda +


Dignity - Compassion - Community


People are calling for change


Why the design of Universal Credit is driving the need for food banks


What drove Steve to use a food bank

We are receiving an increasing number of referrals from people who are struggling after the unexpected happens, for example if someone’s car breaks down.

Living in a rural area such a Rutland means having a car is not a luxury, it's a necessity; so, you must pay out for the car to be fixed otherwise you can’t take the kids to school, or drive yourself to work, however this can mean there is just no money left for the food.

People are having to make very, very difficult decisions day in, day out – just to survive.

When people who are working full-time jobs still can't feed their families, it really highlights that income levels are not matching the rising cost of living.

It's not just price rises on fuel, or electricity and food but every which way you turn prices are going up, but if wages or benefits don’t increase accordingly how can people possibly be expected to cope”

Dee Burton – volunteer Rutland Foodbank

everyone should be able to afford the essentials – EMAIL MP

a letter to the Prime Minister

Food banks see busiest ever April to September

Autumn Statement: Benefits will increase, but April is too long to wait

Government debt drives people to food banks

Guarantee our Essentials


Universal Credit doesn't add up



Hunger in the UK

it's time to Guarantee Our Essentials

Almost 700,000 people turned to food banks last month – September 2023


"Most days now I eat once a day. If there is not enough, I will have cereal or a slice of toast as my growing children are a priority. Last month they needed new coats that had to come first."

Faye – Trussell Trust


Paying your energy bills: help is at hand


Money Saving Expert - update


A Marshall Plan for People and Planet Starts with Africa’s Green Recovery

Communities in Africa trek for weeks to survive drought


National Survivors User Network (NSUN)


NSUN is a great organisation with a great newsletter …


You can sign up to it here.


NSUN's strategic direction: redistributing power and resource in mental health


NSUN is now a Charitable Incorporated Organisation

peer support charter


This week’s newsletter


NSUN also has a directory page here


Extracts from the newsletters ..


Music industry mentoring in Manchester



7 + 14 October

9 October

17 October

11 October – 11 November

29 November


Listening space at Burton library 3rd + 5th Wednesday of the month


queer crip of colour critique reading group




Section 136 project


consultation DWP by 30 October


Learning and Loving Together

Podcast episode from Surviving Society's "The Role of Love in Social Justice Work" series


MPs launch inquiry into DWP safeguarding, after decade of deaths
An article by John Pring via Disability News Service


Tackling the erosion of compassion in acute mental health services
Article by Elisa Liberati, Natalie Richards, Sahanika Ratnayake, John Gibson, and Graham Martin in the BMJ


stop oxevision – PETITION


Surveillance is not safety – an analysis of Essex Partnership’s use of Oxevision and the inconsistency of CQC’s position on the technology

Blog by and via Stop Oxevision


18 May – 16 November

Voice collective – 3 – 5 October

13 October

17 October


Disabled person’s manifesto


NHS psychiatric wards are video monitoring children and adults 24 hours a day, sparking privacy fears

An article by Patrick Strudwick via iNews


This new book examines whether capitalism really is driving us all mad

An interview with Micha Frazer-Caroll by by Adele Walton via Dazed

Calling some people a ‘burden’ provides a cover story for welfare state violence

An article by China Mills via Healing Justice Ldn

Not My Words, Not My Story

A blog by Julia Buxton via Asylum Magazine


mental health is not an individual problem

An interview by P.E Moskowitz with Micha Frazer-Carroll and via Mental Hellth


weaponising time in the war on welfare – slow violence + death of disabled people within the UK social security system

An article by China Mills and John Pring via Sage Journals


I do not want a seat at your table – co-production in mental health services

A blog by Amy Wells via the NSUN blog


Japan's Radical Alternative to Psychiatric Diagnosis

An article by Satsuki Ayaya andJunko Kitanaka via aeon


Our Family Was Forged in Fire

An article by Rai Waddingham via Tribe


Watchdog receives hundreds of complaints over Telegraph’s ‘toxic’ benefits article

An article by John Pring via Disability News Service


Alcohol and suicide: insights from LGBTQ+ communities' experiences

A report via the Samaritans


The NHS as a site of structural violence

An interview byKavian Kulasabanathan with Annabel Sowemimo via Shado mag


Police Cutting Back on Mental Health Calls Shows How Badly we Need Alternatives

An article by Jessica Pandian and Amy Wells via huck


Neoliberalism, Security and the Politics of Mental Health

An event recording by Medact via YouTube


An Epistle of Cruelty: Life in the parallel shadow penal state of the DWP

An article via Recovery in the Bin


Using participatory action research methods to address epistemic injustice within mental health research and the mental health system

An article byRoisin Mooney, Clair Dempsey, Brian J. Brown, Frank Keating, Doreen Joseph and Kamaldeep Bhui via frontiers


Realizing Human Rights and Social Justice in Mental Health

A webinar series via TCI Global


NSUN authors chapter in new report on alternative solutions to serious youth violence


NSUN statement on NHSE's failure to publish joint policy with StopSIM


we call on NHS England to publish the joint StopSIM policy in full immediately


Open letter on self-harm and the Online Safety Bill: A call for caution, nuance, and care


Justice Won't Be Found In The Coroner's Court

An article by Wren Aves via Psychiatry Is Driving Me Mad


Secret DWP reports link more deaths with systemic flaws

An article by John Pring via the Disability News Service

It’s not my sense of self that's unstable, it’s the world’s sense of me: the harms of the construct of ‘personality disorders’ towards transgender communities
An article b
y Hattie Porter PsyArXic Preprints


Inequality and suicide
A report via Samaritans and the Suicide Prevention Consortium


Whose camera is it anyway? The use of body-worn cameras in acute mental health wards

An article by Alison Faulkner via The Mental Elf


being with “ not “doing to” violence + harm + police involvement in mental health services

An article by NSUN via the NSUN blog


Psychiatric Incarceration Isn’t Treatment — It’s Violence, Survivors Say

An article By Leah Harris, Liat Ben-Moshe and Vesper Moore, via truthout


Paternalism and psychiatry

An article by Cathy Wield via Mad in the UK


Red Therapy collective – may day rooms


trans + non-binary peer support group – 2-4 pm third Monday


Single sex spaces: trans and non-binary service users’ experiences of single sex wards in mental health settings in England


peer support group for Punjabi women in Leeds age 55+ - 11 am forth Monday of each month in person



Approaching the question "What was madness before psychiatry?"

An article by Sasha Durakov Warren via Of Unsound Mind


We Are Not Weird “Others”: Lived-Experience Perspectives of Genital and Breast Self-Harm

An article by Wren Aves via Psychiatry is Driving Me Mad


Your Right to Protest As A Disabled Person
An article via Liberty


Healing Imaginations
A new digital library of healing imaginations


Book Review – The Muslim, State and Mind

A book review by Leila via the NSUN blog


health is capitalism’s vulnerability”

An article by Megan Linton via briarpatch Magazine


mental health act

A podcast by Voices Heard, Lives Empowered via Soundcloud


are women really more mentally ill than men? As a psychologist , I’m not so sure

An article by Sanah Ahsan via the Guardian


full-time feminist, part time madwoman ….and striker – when + how ?

An article by Marta Plaza via Pikara Magazine


how I should be cared for in a mental health hospital
Resources by the Restraint Reduction Network


we call on NHS England to publish the joint StopSIM policy in full immediately

Too Much


Does my body count? Exploring the disordered eating experiences of the trans community



Lesbian and gay adults’ experiences of completing Dialectical Behavioural Therapy



UKTC & Peer Power




Sounddelivery media

amplify – understand – influence




London Friend

T - on – Tuesday


Reach out

surviving suicide peer to peer support art group


hand in hand peer travel buddy – mind Islington


Empire of Light – Sam Mendes exposes the links between psychiatric abuse and Britain’s colonialist legacy

A review by Colin Hambrook via Disability Arts Online


DWP’s link to suicide ‘should be examined by second inquest’, Court of Appeal is told
An article by John Pring via Disability News Service


advocacy academy


Galop launches the UK’s first ever LGBT+ Rape and Sexual Abuse Helpline



Lothlorien Therapeutic Community



The Muslim, State and Mind


If you would like to review the book for NSUN just let NSUN know


Awareness-Raising Workshops for Communities


Death of a Customer: Deaths by Welfare Podcast

A podcast via Healing Justice Ldn.


Do you know of any groups, networks or individuals who do hospital visits for people on mental health wards?

If you know of anyone, or have any thoughts on this as an idea, please contact Wendy at with details (including whether the people you know of are region-/hospital-specific).

Please also copy in

if you wish.

Many thanks





Hear us – Croydon


Battersea Befriending Network






higher effect


Inclusion north


NHS trusts are still using harmful mental health practices, secret reviews show

report – funding grassroots mental health work

well-being workshops + events


Hold The Huntercombe Group/Active Care Group accountable for the harm of patients - PETITION

Call for a Statutory Public Inquiry into Psychiatric Units Throughout the Whole of the UK - PETITION

Fighting for Justice - Families calling for a Statutory Public Inquiry into MH Services – PETITION


Disabled Peoples' Organisations


MH reform must go further : MPS + Peers are told

Article by John Pring via Disability News Service


support for user-led plan to replace universal credit .. + treat all claimants with respect

Article by John Pring via Disability News Service


Can stigma help to eradicate poverty?
An article by Dr China Mills via the Joseph Rowntree Foundation


My personality is not disordered, and neither is my gender. Response to: Evaluation of personality disorders in patients with Gender Identity Disorder (GID)

An article by Hattie Porter, Jay Watts and Jee Smith via PsyArXiv Preprints


free our people now new campaign + network

Simone Aspis - Free Our People Now Project Manager on

or 07749 892 843


over the Ting initiative

Please contact Chuks Agu for dates/times of meetings - or 07360149283


good mental health is an art


Decolonising Futures series

Video series by Decolonising Economics on racial hierarchies, collective healing, disability justice, and economics of queerness


Report on draft mental health bill by peers and MPs ‘is seriously flawed’

An article by John Pring via Disability News Service


state violence + distress – the false separation between migrant justice + mental health

Blog by Rose Ziaei via NSUN


why health inequalities need to be addressed for the specific community

Blog by Sukhjeen Kaur via Shaping Our Lives


trauma-informed care left me more traumatised than ever

Blog by Wren Aves via Psychiatry is Driving Me Mad


the police failed my cousin – Gaia Pope – 5 years on, others like her are still at risk

Article by Marienna Pope-Weidemann via The Guardian


DWP dismisses 300 pages of evidence linking its actions with countless deaths

Article by John Pring via Disability News Service


help us document evidence of welfare – related death


Barriers to Mental Health Support for People of Colour and Migrants

Article by Micha Frazer-Carroll via NSUN


Mental Health and the Politics of Exhaustion in the UK Asylum Process


Blog post by Tianne Haggar via University of Oxford's Border Criminologies


New podcast – lived experience work: anti-racism & mental health


E158 Rianna Walcott: The Colour of Madness

Podcast by Surviving Society


What it feels like inside the work – politicised somatics and racial justice

An article by Alex Augustin via Healing Justice Ldn


Peer Chat with Vikki Price: Developing Peer Roles

A podcast episode via Making Recovery Real

The politics of LGBT+ suicide and suicide prevention in the UK: risk, responsibility and rhetoric

An article by Hazel Marzetti,Amy Chandler,Ana Jordan and Alexander Oaten via Taylor & Francis Online


Planetary Dysregulation, Capitalism, & Healthcare

An audio series via Urban Health Council


Alternatives to mental health crisis support: are we asking the right questions?

An article by Akiko Hart via the NSUN blog.


Community accountability peer support hub (CASH)

Are you in groups that are trying to move away from punishment as a way of dealing with problems in society

Do you think that it’s important for your group to deal with harms that happen to people within the group
It can feel easier to hope for a neat solution, in the form of a person or people, who can parachute into a situation and 'fix' it for us.

While this might be understandable — this stuff is hard — this treats community accountability like a service that can be provided for us rather than community-led and community-created processes or a set of shared values and practices that we build together.

Join us to talk about the impetus to “outsource” community accountability work, why this should be resisted, and how we all can integrate community accountability into our everyday organising.


MIND should include side effects in their research surveys - PETITION


alternative support resource list – Asylum


rainbow of promise: Poetry book


Call to action – catalyst 4 change


Unpicking the complex dynamics of racism, anti-Blackness and class within mental health services

Article by Mental Health Today via LinkedIn ft. Mary Sadid from NSUN


The Communication and Restraint Reduction Study


Whiteness as a chemical restraint in statutory guidance of the Mental Health units (Use of Force) Act 2018 – a tribute to Seni’s law + Aijibola Lewis

Blog by Colin King via NSUN


Why don’t they ask us The role of communities in levelling up – Institute for Community Studies


Provide Tapering Strips for People Who Want to Withdraw Safely from Psychotropic Drugs

Petition by James Moore


Tapering strips


NICE Guideline Update Acknowledges Severe Antidepressant Withdrawal


Petition to Scrap Care Charges Inclusion London


StopSIM Coalition Petition


Coronavirus and depression in adults, Great Britain: January to March 2021


Almost 4 in 10 adults earning less than £10,000 a year experienced depressive symptom compared with around 1 in 10 earning £50,000 or more”

The data shows what we know to be true: struggling with your mental health doesn’t happen in a vacuum.


New website – For Women


Benefits Calculator – Turn2us


entitled to


The state of disability benefit assessments and the urgent need for reform - #peoplebefore process


Write to your MP


The Public Law Project


The Good Lobby


Social Change Initiative


Guidance on community mental health services: Promoting person-centred and rights-based approaches


World Health Organisation (WHO) – NSUN’s response


Lived Experience Practioners Revolution - New Website


universal credit: what needs to change to make it fit for children and families


Mental Health Act: Call for "unequivocal commitment " to improve access to advocacy

Disability Benefits Research 2021 – Survey


Update on FOI Requests: Who's Ballin' & Who's Stallin


To Solve Britain’s Mental Health Crisis, We Must Fundamentally Change Society

Article by Mark Brown via Novara Media – Listen to the piece here


I am not your critical friend

Blog by Akiko hart via Charity so White


Charity so white




Graceful resolve: Attitudes for navigating a psychological crisis

Article by Amy Pollard via Centre for Mental Health


How can I speak up when you can hold me down Restrictive practice on an acute ward – an inpatient perspective

Blog by MiserySquid via Mad Covid


A Little Raw Around the Edges

Podcast with Rai Waddingham via Mad Tunes Podcast


Disability strategy is unlawful, court confirms… and denies DWP permission to appeal

Article by John Pring via Disability News Service


Sometimes I want to be unreasonable

Blog via Mad Covid


Free advice – for upholding adults' Health and Care Act rights




+ Jobs + Funding + MUCH MUCH MORE


Build Back Fairer in Greater Manchester: Health Equity and Dignified Lives


Survivor Researcher Network (SRN)


Inclusion London

Tell your MP to restore Disabled people’s rights

Protect Everyone Bill – EMAIL MP

Take Action and abolish the tax on disability – EMAIL MP

Government rule changes on social care cap hits poorest hardest – EMAIL MP

UNCRDP Westminster Government civil society shadow report sign up

URGENT – Email your MP to help avoid catastrophic care costs

Help Disabled people survive the cost of living crisis – write to your MP

Disability Justice Project

Take action to stop energy companies from imposing prepayment meters on disabled people – EMAIL MP


Shaping our lives

why participatory budgeting works

Research made simple?

Awards for 14 Disabled artists, inclusive dance, and a new Broadway musical

A quiet revolution, involving young people, and more

Meaningfully involving public contributors in research

My Voice Matters


National Voices

A briefing for Integrated Care System Leaders


Elect her community

Welcome to our world

Don't get angry, get politically active

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Black Thrive


Black minds


Z2K – fighting poverty – EMAIL MP

Z2K has caseworker to help people



We need your help

Nearly half of all people in poverty in the UK are either disabled themselves or live with someone who is disabled

EDM 19 disability benefits assessments – CONTACT MP


Homelessness + renter organisations


Awaab’s law - to prevent any more children dying from damp and mouldy social housing - PETITION


Action on empty homes


Housing first England

New guidance for housing management teams

Housing First England Newsletter – New Survey Alert

Housing First England Newsletter – Minister responds to funding request

Housing First England Newsletter – Join our call for a national Housing First programme

Housing First England Newsletter – Commissioning Housing First through RSI budgets

Michelle – housing first



including setting out core milestones along someone’s Housing First journey


Jade is a writer

Housing First 2022 year-end update: A year of progress


Guidance on transferring Housing First providers

Housing First for Women: valuable lessons

Scotland's Housing First Pathfinder evaluation

Suicide Prevention and Postvention


10 November

including Andy Burnham


HF4 Youth

Housing First for Youth (HF4Y) is a rights-based intervention for young people who are experiencing, or at risk of homelessness, adapted from the Housing First approach


It is already popular in Canada, Wales, Ireland and Scotland – where the Rock Trust is a good example

It has the potential to be extremely effective in England

We have published a
new web page that collates important resources on this unique intervention, to support services or commissioners interested in or providing HF4Y





Pavement magazine





Richmond has more homeless – August 2023

Free online advice


End homelessness – PETITION



The council moved Amanda and her children between 11 different temporary accommodations in the space of two months Many weren’t safe

Some didn’t have indoor locks or kitchens


And one was a 7 hour round trip just to get her son to school

Amanda was told if she didn’t move again and again then her and her family would lose their duty of care

It was an impossible situation

Amanda got in touch with Shelter and I saw first-hand how bad her family’s living conditions were

I offered practical advice and supported Amanda in launching a legal challenge against the council


Standing side by side with Amanda, we stood up for her family and won

The council finally offered her a permanent social home


ENOUGH IS ENOUGH: Demand better from renting – PETITION


Meet Krystalrose – she's fighting for change


Let’s build a better future: Call on the government to build social housing - PETITION


Homelessness is spiralling

There are over 290,000 households facing homelessness in England

That’s a rise of 6% compared to the year before

Data for June 2023


Are letting agents refusing you for being on benefits

Next step contact the property ombudsman (TPO)


These stats are shocking


London Assembly Unanimously Passes Motion on Affordable Housing for Care and Support Workers

A good Home is a human right


Level Up Housing

On the 2nd Feb 2022, the government released its plans to ‘level upthe country.

It included three very important announcements on housing:

Build more genuinely affordable social homes ✔

Give tenants of social homes more protection ✔

Bring forward a national landlord registry, improve standards in privately rented homes and strengthen the rights of renters ✔


Gove ‘ashamed’ of Social Housing conditions

send a letter to the press :renters stories are powerful


Cold weather advice: How to help someone sleeping rough

It isn’t always easy to know how to help if you meet someone sleeping on the streets. Here are four things you can do:


Say hello and ask if they'd like help

Sleeping rough can be a lonely experience, so a chat or a friendly 'hello' can make a real difference


Tell street link

Ask if they'd like you to contact StreetLink to connect them to local services and emergency support

If they require urgent medical attention, call 999


Ask if they would like expert advice.


to find advice on how they can get help from the council - or show them how to get in touch with our advisers


Ask if they need anything

You could offer warm clothing or some blankets, or to buy food and a hot drink

Just check they're happy to receive the items first


75,000 women and their families are homeless in England

March 2023


There are 271,000 people without a home in England. 123,000 of those are children.

March 2023


the eight biggest housebuilders in this country made over £7.7 billion in profit in 2021 and 2022 -PETITION


Renters reform bill update


131,000 children without a home in England – August 2023


Unfreeze housing benefit – VIDEO

Party leaders: stop ignoring the housing emergency - SIGN


I’m being evicted – EMAIL MINISTER


Museum of homelessness

octopi have three hearts and produce their own ink yet humans call octopi violent for throwing seashells underwater

humans also medicate confined creatures for 'zoochosis' - that antipsychotic medication first tested on animals gave us our 2 heart-attacks as 'side-effects'.

bleak humour is proven to aid survival. heartfelt is about reframing narratives & learning to grow. a game of competitive empathy will be played; psychiatry will be reduced to firewood; edible-love-poetry will be offered to all.

have a heart, & come watch this wildly inventive disability-led solo theatre show


Don't leave young people out on the streets – PETITION


London Renters Union

#RentFreezeNow campaign

If a rent freeze had been in place...I would have been able to stay in my home


We beat my landlord. Now let’s take on the system.



Be a part of challenging 'Right to Rent' in court



We're campaigning to make sure councils #SideWithRenters

increasing regulation of landlords, expanding landlord licensing and hiring more enforcement officers
reducing attempts to move people out of the borough and reducing use of “intentional homelessness” decisions
campaigning for rent controls
setting stronger targets on social housing and standing up to developers


Is your landlord trying to put your rent up You’re not alone


landlords and estate agents are using the cost of living crisis as an excuse to push up rents

members have been reporting rent rises of 30% or 40%

One member was even asked to pay 70% more rent

Some housing associations are talking about putting up service charges

It is a shameful attempt by people who already make huge profits from the housing crisis to squeeze renters and boost profits

Many of us now face eviction or being left without enough for basic essentials this winter


10 November 2022 – the average rent increase being reported by LRU members is £3300 per year

New data reveals Foxton's rent rises

We're resisting evictions in the streets and in Parliament


Evicted after 47 years – PETITION


Renters reform coalition

Safe, secure and affordable homes for all: A renters’ blueprint for reform


It’s coming up to four years since a Conservative government first announced its plans to reform the private rented sector under Theresa May, and, four Prime Ministers later, renters are still waiting


One in five

households now rent across England and Wales - more than doubling since 2001


Yet, standards and regulation have not kept up, as:


One in four

people privately renting now struggle to pay their rent each month, as rents continue to rise at the

fastest rate

since records began


One in four

private rentals in England fail to meet decent home standards, forcing people to live in homes that pose a risk to their health and/or are in disrepair


One in 12

people privately renting are currently under the threat of eviction, up 80% from last year

Such insecurity directly impacts people’s health and wellbeing, with private renters being

two times more likely

to suffer symptoms of anxiety


These shocking figures highlight why action on affordability, safety and security in the private rented sector is more important than ever

If you are affected by any of these issues, do get in touch and we can point you in the direction of where to access support.


Generation Rent



The White Paper: Generation Rent's Verdict

CAMPAIGN UPDATE: National Register of Landlords

Ask your MP to back the Renters Reform Bill

Tell your MP to join the debate on renters reform


Holiday Lets Petition


Private renters in nine London boroughs face paying half of their income or more on rent, analysis by campaign group Generation Rent has found.

Rent on the typical two-bedroom home costs 45% of a full-time salary in London.

Campaigners say this pushes families into poverty and financial stress, and makes it harder to save or to start a family.

Paying more than a third of your income in rent is considered unaffordable.

Generation Rent is calling on the next Mayor of London to lead a campaign to demand powers from the government to reduce rents.

Measures would include freezing rents within tenancies, to give tenants more certainty, a rent control system that aims to reduce rents overall, and tough penalties for landlords who break the rules, overseen by a city-wide Rent Control Board.

In March 2020, the rent on the median 2-bedroom home in London was £1450 and the median full-time salary was £38,592.

That would mean that a single-earner family with a baby would be spending 45% of their earnings on rent.

The situation is worst in inner London, Newham and Haringey where this figure is above 50% and reaches 76% in Westminster.

The most affordable borough is Bexley, with median rent worth 33% of the median full-time salary.

However, affordability has improved over the last five years, with just five boroughs – Camden, Greenwich, Havering, Redbridge, and Westminster – becoming less affordable since 2015.

Alicia Kennedy, Director of Generation Rent, said: “High rents force people into poverty and make it almost impossible to save towards the future.

No one should have to spend more than 30% of their income on rent, yet this is a reality for most Londoners who are stuck in the private rented sector.

Londoners urgently need bold action to make renting more affordable. Investment in housebuilding is needed to make renting more affordable long-term, but rent controls would offer immediate protection and relief.”

Join our Day of Action - #RentersAreWaiting - PETITION

Since March 2020, 8% of private renters who responded to a Survation survey had received a Section 21 notice from their landlord, which would represent 694,000 private renters across England.

Nearly a third of those surveyed (32%) said they were concerned about the possibility of their landlord asking them to move out this year, which would represent 2.78m private renters across England.

The survey was commissioned by Generation Rent, with results published this week.

We need a COVID Rent debt fund - PETITION

Join us in preventing a homelessness crisis – PETITION

A new report, 'A safe place to call home: Ending unfair evictions for good'.

The report sets out the changes the Government must make to ensure every renter has access to a stable home where they can put down roots and thrive.

You can read all about the report here.

We are calling for:

Open ended tenancies

More time to find a new home

Compensation for a blameless move

No excessive rent increases to force an eviction

No mandatory evictions for people in rent debt

We value your opinion

Close the holiday let tax loophole – PETITION

Renters are being forced out of their homes to make way for more lucrative holidaymakers.

We have been able to get the research done to prove it

In the last two years rental listings in Wales and South West England have halved and rents have gone up by around 25%.

That's one of our findings that have been reported in today's i newspaper

In North Devon there are 2,591 short-term holiday lets but just 21 private rental listings on Rightmove and 30 on Zoopla.

In Gwynnedd, Wales, there are 4,007 holiday lets but just 99 homes for private tenants.

The collapse in the supply of homes to rent are pricing renters out of their local communities – away from their family and friends.

Renter reform coalition – EMAIL MP

Campaign win Government to require landlords to register

tell your MP to get renting done

Are you eligible for the Warmer Homes scheme


"It was like living in a sewer" - watch Kyron's video

know your rights

Foxtons: ripping off renters with illegal fees. Help us stop them – PETITION

Private Renters Survey Summer 2023

16 – 22 October



Single Homelessness Project


peer mentoring programme


how many people are homeless near you?


Every 10 minutes one Londoner is forced into homelessness – August 2023




Helping rough sleepers – PETITION


Close the eviction loophole – PETITION

You can sign a petition without making a donation


Cardboard citizen

Advice about Evictions


Cardboard Citizens: Survey for Members


Cardboard Citizens' Inclusivity & Equality Agenda

In recent years movements such as Black Lives Matter and #metoo have prompted shifts in our society and highlighted the work that needs to be done to address social inequality.

As a result Cardboard Citizens Staff, Board of Trustees and Member Representatives have completed a course of training over the last six months with Fearless Futures

This focused on understanding and unpicking systems of inequity (the behaviours and processes which have a harmful or negative impacts on marginalised groups), reflecting on our own practices as individuals and an organisation.


Through these sessions we have explored:



where different categories overlap such as race and gender resulting in multiple forms of oppression


Racism and Anti-Racism


Calling people in’

i.e., challenge prejudices or narratives that reproduce inequities

Social justice is at the heart to Cardboard Citizens’ work in the theatre and beyond.

We continue to learn, striving to create inclusive environments and challenge oppressions in society.

This is a key area of focus for the company and we would love to involve some more Members in these conversations.

If you’re interested being part of this and for more information, please email Bonny:


Access Free Energy Bill Support



Housing Crisis Affecting LGBTQ+ Communities


Groundswell partnership | Chris speaks to Streetwise Opera | Resistance Theatre audio plays


London ticket bank

5 October

18 October


Actor call out



community check in every Friday 11am


cheap theatre tickets

WATCH: Eight brand new short films about social housing



supporting rough sleepers in cold weather – what the public can do …

In March 2023, 53% of rough sleepers in our boroughs were sleeping rough for the first time




When clients move into their own properties they can’t afford the basics like pots – pans – cutlery

The cost of living crisis is having a huge impact for all our clients

It doesn’t matter if they are working or on benefits the crisis is putting a strain on everyone

The money people are putting on their electric meter is only lasting half the time it used to and it’s not even winter yet

I also have clients who have not had credit on their phones for months as they haven’t had money to top up.”

Sarai Knight - SPEAR Resettlement Team Leader



Just say hello

Severe Weather Emergency – Glass Door update

Ella shares her story

Freddie shares his story

Read Louisa's story


The passage


Renters reform coalition


Creative + nature + advocacy


The Poetry Society

Autumn 2023

National Poetry Competition Resources for your Entry by 31 October


Dragon Café

Dragon cafe have hosted laughing therapy + wire sculpture activities in the past

this week


Garden organic



Groundwork is a federation of charities mobilising practical community action on poverty and the environment across the UK.

We’re passionate about creating a future where every neighbourhood is vibrant and green, every community is strong and able to shape its own destiny and no-one is held back by their background or circumstances.


Charities unite to urge for a green and resilient response to the gas crisis

Energy price cap announcement is deeply concerning for those already brunt of rising bills and the continuing financial effect of the pandemic

Apply for a One Stop University Scholarship

From The Ground Up – Empowering communities through environmental action



Re: CREATE psychiatry


Living with Suicide


meet me where I am


Story Futures - update


Stop gambling suicides – publish the gambling act white paper – PETITION


No more Gambling Act whitepaper delays. Write to your MPs now


Everton FC: Don’t use our shirt to advertise gambling products


Me and You and a Global Pandemic


Medicating Me: Personal Impressions of Psychiatric Medication


Speakeasy advocacy


Grace advocacy


Cambridge House


Advocacy focus



The Advocacy Project

culturally sensitive advocacy

preventing abuse

Moving personal stories

impactful video

reflections on advocacy during Covid

10 October


National Development Team for Inclusion (NDTI)

Advocacy Charter

Leeds Autism AIM: #PowerOfPartnership

NAC – Guidance regarding emotional enrichment

Staying mentally well this winter

Quality advocacy

Audit of MH services – PLEASE COMPLETE


Protect Our Human Rights

This resource helps mental health services think about how to provide a good service to autistic people and people with learning disabilities


There’s more information about it at Green Light Toolkit – NDTi


Irwin Mitchell


Small Supports – Thinking Differently About How We Support People


Protect Our Human Rights


Join the NHS Sounding Board for Ageing & Older People


Review into advocacy for people with a learning disability and or autistic people who are inpatients in mental health settings



The Training Hub has launched…

Seni’s Law – Mental Health Units (Use of Force) Act 2018

New supported internships programme


New case law – highlight for Care Act advocates

Human rights in EASY READ

Valuing Community Led Support

strength based approaches training


May – November 2023

advocacy awareness week - 6 -10 November


People organised + information

Connected Kingstonincluding providing information about Legal drop-in clinic + welfare benefits information



Wildflower Alliance


"How Big Pharma & Psychiatry Gaslight Us"

hearing voices family + friends group

The First LGBTQIA+ Peer Respite in the Country

The Hearing Voices Approach - Get Involved


Black Movement History Updates: Closing Party in New Bedford, MA & More

Advocacy Alert & Update: Peer Respite!

LEGISLATIVE ALERT: "AOT" Public Hearing Announced, Action Needed

Advocacy Alert: "AOT" Hearing Rescheduled + Family Town Hall & More



Mad in the Family Monthly Newsletter

Concern as Proportion of Children in England on Antipsychotics Doubles

Seattle Schools Sue Tech Giants Over Social Media Harm



Mad in America





Some people can not afford to “recover” ?

Community land trusts + Universal basic income – NOW ? - Wendy


Teen Arts Exhibition Now Live!

Chris Bullard—The Sound Mind Live Festival


A Revolution Wobbles: Will Norway’s “Medication-Free” Hospital Survive?


newsletter here


Changing Narratives: Reflecting on Mad in America’s Mission and Work

Ten Years of Rocking the Boat: Reflecting on Mad in America’s Mission and Work

Mad in America’s 10 Most Popular Articles in 2022


Should Everyone Be in Therapy?

A new study finds that those with mild distress are three times as likely to feel worse after therapy than to receive some benefit Even those with moderate distress are equally as likely to deteriorate as to improve in therapy


JAMA Psychiatry: Lifting Families out of Poverty May Prevent Psychosis

In Nicaragua, Trauma and Faith Shape Understanding of Psychosis

Social Determinants in Global Mental Health: Beyond Pills and Psychotherapy


Stigma: But What if I Don’t Want to Be Like Everyone Else?

Johann Hari

Cancer Risk Higher for Those on Clozapine

The Key to the Psych Unit

The Radical Politics of Madness: An Interview with Micha Frazer-Carroll


Luis + Justin


Antidepressants Have Destroyed My Sexual Function and Range of Emotions

Social Mobility Causes Distress and So Does the Neoliberal Imperative to Pursue Wealth and Status

DSM-5 Faces Global Backlash: An International Call for Culturally Affirming and Decolonizing Mental Health Practices

Why Isn’t There a Popular Hashtag for Involuntary Commitment

The Power of Light and Dark

Risks Outweigh Benefits for Antidepressants in Elderly, Study Concludes

Neoliberalism Meets Techno-Solutionism: Investigating the Dynamics of Digital Psychiatry


Martin Harrow: The Galileo of Modern Psychiatry (1933 – 2023)


Martin Harrow

In addition, global outcome for the group of patients with schizophrenia who were on antipsychotics was compared with the off- medication schizophrenia patients with similar prognostic status

Starting with the 4.5-year follow-up and extending to the 15- year follow-up

the off-medication subgroup tended to show better global outcomes at each follow up

I conclude that patients with schizophrenia not on antipsychotic medication for a long
period of time have significantly better global functioning than those on antipsychotics

Breaking Down Power Structures in Global Mental Health: A Call for Mutuality

Nut Consumption Linked to Lower Risk of Depression in New Study

Researchers Call on Psychiatry to Abandon Biomedical Framework

Psychiatry’s Control-Freak Medical Model Versus Healing and Healers

Institutional Forces Eroding Compassion in Mental Health Services


Amy + Lucy



Should “the powers that be “ ignore the ruling in Law – USA – regarding Electro convulsive “treatment”?



Critical Psychology Needed to Combat Capitalism and Climate Change

Can ChatGPT Defend the Long-term Use of Antipsychotics?


Probiotics Show Promise as Depression Treatment


Reframing Psychiatric History with Service-User Activist Accounts


Breaking Blind: Antipsychotic Drug Efficacy May Be Overestimated


Amy Biancolli interviews David Edward Walker on the devastating impact of psychiatry on Indigenous peoples throughout history


Borderline Personality Disorder “No Longer Has a Place in Clinical Practice”

No Difference in Antidepressant Effectiveness After Genetic Testing


Why Does Research Focus on Treating Depression Rather Than Preventing It?

Human Rights Education can Shift Medical Students’ Perspectives on Psychiatry

A Call for Critical Approaches to Cognitive Psychology


Involuntary Commitment for Substance Use Disorder Leads to Poor Outcomes


Tim Wilson: It's Time for Soteria: An Australian Perspective

Systemic Racism Exacerbates Psychosis Risk for People of Color in the US

What Is the Risk of Permanent Sexual Dysfunction from Antidepressants?

Lithium in Drinking Water Linked to Autism

Alzheimer’s Drugs Cause Brain Shrinkage

Lancet Psychiatry: We Are Undervaluing the Placebo Effect

A New White Paper Presents the Case Against Forced Treatment


Mad Studies Needed to Decolonize Global Mental Health


What Psychosis Researchers can Learn from the Compassionate Approach to Psychedelic Experiences


Global Push for Human Rights in Mental Healthcare Gains Momentum

Study Under Fire for Harmful Language Targeting Transgender and Non-Binary Individuals

Unpaid Labor Takes a Toll on Women’s Mental Health, Study Reveals

The Hidden Injuries of Oppression

What Is Informed Consent, and What Should I Know to Help My Child?

Listen to the Victims: Senate Holds Hearing on Guardianship

Will Mather The State Power Triangle and My Spiritual Awakening


The Hidden Risks of School Mental Health Programs

Forced Opioid Tapering Leads to Worse Outcomes for Patients

Institutional Barriers and Tokenism in Participatory Mental Health Research




Challenging Western-Centric Child Psychology: An Interview with Nandita Chaudhary

Beyond Apologies: Research Reveals How Psychological Discourse Perpetuates Racism

Campaign Against ECT Gains Traction in UK

In the Courts, a Partial Win for Informed Consent and ECT Justice


MPs call for ban on electric shocks as mental health treatment


Mental Health Awareness Campaigns May Actually Lead to Increases in Mental Distress

Alarming Overprescription Patterns for Older Adults on Antidepressants

Uncovering Radical Psychiatry and Institutional Psychotherapy in Postwar France: An Interview with Camille Robcis

LGBTQIA+ Peer Respites: The Personal Is Political

Racial Justice and Lived Experience in Mental Health Advocacy: An Interview with Pata Suyemoto

Project LETS: Building Peer-Led Mental Health Alternatives on Campus

Researchers are attempting to understand the prevalence and neurobiology behind post-SSRI sexual dysfunction (PSSD)

Physical Activity Improves Symptoms of Depression and Anxiety

Mental Health Care More System-Centered Than Person-Centered

New Guidance on Antidepressant Withdrawal for Doctors in the UK

First Do No Harm: Restraining the Restrainer


No Benefit for Adding Antidepressants to CBT in Severe Depression

Supernatural Beliefs Must be Understood to Treat Psychosis in Pakistan

Social Workers Contribute to Psychiatric Oppression Despite the Field’s Complicated Relationship with Mental Healthcare

Is Grief a Disorder? New Research Challenges the Psychiatrization of Mourning

Nature as Partner, Not Resource: A Call for Ethical Treatment of Therapeutic Environments


Threatened for Telling the Truth: Polish Journalist Speaks Out

Beyond Labels and Meds—Closer Look: HoJin Kwak

Black Movement Leaders: Lost & Found

We’re Obsessed with Labelling Suffering, But Our Power to Think about it Matters More

ECT Does Not Seem to Prevent Suicide

Declining Youth Mental Health May Be Driven by Increased Abuse and Bullying

Most Psychopharmacology Textbooks Have Financial Conflicts of Interest

Stigma and Expected Retaliation Drive Suicide Among Military Sexual Trauma Survivors

Psychology’s Reckoning with Racism and Mass Incarceration

Chemicals Have Consequences—Antidepressants and Pregnancy: An Interview With Adam Urato, MD

One Flew Over the Scientific Consensus’ Nest—The Story of Dr. Ophir and ADHD

Overcoming Social Barriers as a Writer with a Disability

A New Paradigm for Testing Psychiatric Drugs Is Needed

Antidepressants Blunt Emotions and Cause Sexual Dysfunction


Fernando de Freitas: A “Dear Friend” Who Was a Warrior for Radical Change

We Must Not Remove Legal Protections for People at Risk of Forced ECT

Researchers Question the Foundational Assumptions of Neuropsychology

Becoming a Peer Support Worker can Improve Insight and Resilience, Study Finds

Governmental Climate Action Ignores Disability—Researchers Don’t Have To

How to do Inclusive Research When ‘Legal Capacity’ for Informed Consent is Questioned

Mental Health Peer Workers Support Recovery After Inpatient Hospitalization


Disability Justice Goes Beyond the Social Model


Leading Psychiatrists Unwittingly Acknowledge Psychiatry Is a Religion, Not a Science

I Can Barely Breathe: Personal Story by Lori Daniels

The Faulty Reasoning That Turned ADHD Into a Disease

UK Suicide Prevention Policies Prioritize Surveillance Over Social Change

Seriously Misleading Network Meta-analysis in Lancet of Acceptability of Depression Pills

Problem-Solving Through Skills-Building: Motivating Kids to Change

Researchers: ECT Study in Children Methodologically Flawed, Ethically Concerning

Consumer Advisory Board Chair: NYC Mayor Adams Did Not Consult With Us on New Mental Health Policy


Antidepressants, Antipsychotics, and Benzos All Increase Suicide Attempts in New Study

Prolonged Negative Impacts of Benzodiazepine Use Revealed in New Study


The Bipolar Rollercoaster: Looking Beyond the Labels

disturbing references to ECT – Wendy


Dubious Science: Downplaying the Risks of Antidepressants in Pregnancy

Psychotherapy: Less Expensive and Better Than Pills, It’s What the Patients Want but Don’t Get

Pathologized Since Eve: Jessica Taylor on Women, Trauma, and “Sexy but Psycho”

Catherine’s Story: A Child Lost to Psychiatry


Psychiatry’s Cycle of Ignorance and Reinvention: An Interview with Owen Whooley

Author of On the Heels of Ignorance

Psychiatry and the Politics of Not Knowing


Call for Teen Art in All Media

Teen Arts Exhibition: Beyond Labels And Meds: What It Feels Like To Be Me


Living Together – With More Resilience and Less Medication

Art and Transformation: Creating Justice in Mental Health

Negatively Charged: ECT and the Truth I Could Never Forget


And Now They Are Coming for the Unhoused: The Long Push to Expand Involuntary Treatment in America

research in Manchester – UK – shows 80% of people on Mental health wards were homeless – Wendy


What Psychiatry Has Done for Me

On the Brink of Psychosis

Jim Flannery – sorry it is not funny

Is Service-User Research Possible in Mental Health An Interview with Diana Rose

David Healy – Polluting Our Internal Environments: The Perils of Polypharmacy

Lithium Use Leads to Chronic Kidney Disease

Mindfulness as Effective as Lexapro for Anxiety

Higher Psychosis Rates in Transgender Population Likely Due to Minority Stress and Clinician Bias

Voice-Hearers Unfairly Perceived as Unreliable Reporters of Their Own Experiences


A Return to Dignity from Psychiatric and Childhood Abuse

Why We Urgently Need New Approaches to Mental Health

The Spravato Controversy: A Row Over the Drug’s Efficacy Compels a Reassessment of its Approval

Breaking Academia’s Silence on Inpatient Psychiatry: An Interview with Researcher Morgan Shields

The Serotonin Zombie: Authors of New Study Try to Breathe New Life into the Dead

Laura L: A Troubled Teen With a Pocket Full of Lithium and Nowhere to Go

Racism and Coercion in First Episode Psychosis Treatment Fuels Loneliness and Mistrust

Iva Paska: Are We Witnessing the Emergence of a New Paradigm

Charlotte Beale: 6 Good Things That Happened When I Stopped Believing in ‘Mental Health’

I Had No Idea That Gabapentin Could Do This…

do not worry – you will be fine

Top 10 Myths About the Critics of Psychiatry

Mad Parenting: On Becoming an Unlikely Family Man

The Mad in the World Network: A Global Voice for Change

A Therapist Tried to Explain CBT When I Was 11 Years Old, Ineffectively

Michael Scott: The Phobic Avoidance of Attending to Real World Mental Health Outcomes

No Better Outcomes After Testing for Antidepressant Drug-Gene Interactions

Reducing Involuntary Psychiatric Admissions in Norway

Study Contradicts Diathesis-Stress Model of Psychosis

Nobody Knows What “Serious Mental Illness” Means

Neoliberal Values Connected to Increased Stigma and Suicidal Ideation

How Diagnostic Interviews Translate Situational Behavior Into Pathology

State Sponsored Biomedical Psychiatry Impedes Movements of People with Psychosocial Disabilities

Trauma Survivors Speak Out Against Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT)

Away From Psychiatrization: Towards Socio-Ecological Wellbeing in the Community

Loss, Grief, and Betrayal: Psychiatric Survivors Reflect on the Impact of New Serotonin Study

Psychiatry, Fraud, and the Case for a Class-Action Lawsuit

The One That Was Away

Inside A Forensic Psychiatry Unit: Where I’ve Come From and Where I’m Going


Exercise Associated with 25% Lower Risk for Depression, Researchers Say

The Powerful Allure of Psychedelics in Today’s Disenchanted World

suicide support survey

Books Under Review: Summer 2022

Psychiatry’s Failure Crisis: Are You Moderately or Radically Enlightened

Response to Criticism of Our Serotonin Paper

No Evidence Low Serotonin Causes Depression

Are People with Psychosocial Disabilities Welcomed in Public Spaces

Addressing Racism-Related Stress and Trauma in Psychotherapy

Treatment Pathways for Psychosis Vary by Race

How Does Spiritual Voice Hearing Compare to Psychosis

The Transformative Potential of Psychosis

a diagnosis + it’s damage – Schizophrenia

For Queer and Gender Diverse Youth, Biomedical Model of Mental Health May Reduce Stigma but Obscure Impact of Cisheterosexism

Laura Van Tosh: The Life of a Psychiatric Survivor Activist

Pollution’s Mental Toll: A Talk with Journalist Kristina Marusic

Psychology’s “Winning Streak” Is a Failure of Science, Not Success

Industry Sponsorship of “Cost Effectiveness Analyses” Produces Biased Results

Pharma’s “Evergreening” Patent Tactics Mean High Costs and Low Benefits for Consumers

Victim focus

Nothing At All: How Antidepressants Failed Me

The UK’s IAPT Service Is an Abject Failure

Less Than a Quarter of Those with Depression Respond to Treatment in Real Life

Inside A Forensic Psychiatry Unit: Rolled Ankles, RATs, and Invisible Abuse—The Final Obstacles Toward Freedom

Doctors Renew Campaign Against Overdiagnosis and Overmedication

Coercive Psychiatric Practice Goes Beyond Seclusion and Restraint

Researchers: Study of Schizophrenia Held Back by “Cult-Like” Belief System

Does Humanistic Psychology Support the Capitalist Status Quo


Point/Counterpoint: What Is the Importance of Nassir Ghaemi’s Conclusion that Psychiatric Drugs Do Not Provide a Long-term Benefit

Psychiatric Drugs Do Not Improve Disease or Reduce Mortality

Pharmaceutical Industry and FDA Use Mob Tactics to Silence Whistleblowers


Antidepressant-Induced Serotonin Syndrome a Danger for the Elderly

Social Interventions for “Serious Mental Illness” Show Promise But Face Resistance

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Open Season on Mental Patients

Cargo Cult Psychiatry

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Grief, Intense Feelings, and Pathologization: Can We Conceive a Different Approach

The Answers Are in Our Weak Spots

A Moment to Reflect

Health Risks to Babies When Antidepressants Used During Pregnancy

Long Term Antidepressant Use Associated With Increased Morbidity and Mortality

Jock McLaren – The Biopsychosocial Model is a Mirage, Time for a Biocognitive Model

Psychiatry’s Nightmarish 2022 & Its Hysterical Defense Against Criticism

The power of activism

open season on mental patients

Industry Corruption in Systematic Review for Injectable Antipsychotics

Racism, Poverty, Inequality: Social Ingredients for Psychosis, Depression & More

Inside My Suicidal Mind

Psychiatry’s Medical Model: How It Traumatizes, Retraumatizes & Perverts Healing

Behaviourists Must Confront Psychiatry’s Pseudoscience

Tara Thiagarajan: Mental Well-being Better in Venezuela than in United States: Why


Made “Mad” in America

The Shady World of Shock Treatment


The Emperor’s New Clothes: The Upcoming NICE Depression Guidelines

New Tools to Support New Moms: An Interview with Jennifer Barkin, PhD

ADHD: The money trail

Peer Support Research: Is It Time Yet


Bringing Integrative Community Therapy to Pittsburgh: An Interview with Alice and Kenneth Thompson

Study Highlights Uptake of Voice Hearing Groups in Brazil

Social Media Influencers Now Marketing Drugs to Niche Audiences for Big Pharma

Conflict of Interest Policies in Europe May Hide Pharma Influence

How Concepts Like Trauma and Resilience Reinforce Neoliberalism in the Global South

Inner Fire Is the Only Place I Would Go for Emotional Distress

Thomas Insel makes a case for abolishing psychiatry

Antidepressants Do Not Improve Quality of Life

Did Psychiatry Ever Endorse the Chemical Imbalance Theory of Depression

Capitalism and the Biomedical Model of Mental Health

Mad by design: an ancient paradigm of psychiatric thought

Trans lifeline: naming trans-specific harm in Mental Health


Council of Europe Releases Report to Promote Voluntary Mental Health Treatment

Psychology “Incompatible with Hypothesis-Driven Theoretical Science”

Psychology: Flawed as a Science and as Evidence-Based Medicine

Patient Reports Reveal SSRI Antidepressants Often Lead to Emotional Blunting

Social Security and Asylum: How States Produce Negative Affect to Stigmatize and Deter

From the Victorian workhouse to contemporary welfare reforms,

the provision of ‘welfare’ has long coexisted alongside policies and practices that mobilize negative affect to deter specific groups from claiming state support,

and to craft public affect (such as fear and disgust) about these target populations.”


The WHO Calls for Radical Change in Global Mental Health

The Transformational Qualities of Hearing Voices Groups

BMJ: 20% of Health Research Is Fraudulent

Robert Whitaker: Anatomy of an Industry: Commerce, Payments to Psychiatrists and Betrayal of the Public Good

Pharmaceutical companies are no longer attempting to hide their financial influence

The face of commerce is visible at every stage of the process: the biased design of the trials, the spinning of the results, and the subsequent touting of the drugs to prescribers

Antipsychotics Linked to Increased Breast Cancer Risk

Coercion and Dehumanization in Mental Healthcare

Combatting Structural Racism and Classism in Psychiatry: An Interview with Helena Hansen

Can Critiques of Psychiatry Help us Imagine a Post-Capitalist Future An Interview with Hans Skott-Myhre


Responsibility Without Blame in Therapeutic Communities: Interview with Philosopher Hanna Pickard

Reason and Madness: How Psychiatry Marginalizes Those Who Contradict Western Norms

Art, Music, Exercise, and More: What Are the Recommended Doses for Improving Mental Health

How Western Psychology Can Rip Indigenous Families Apart: An Interview with Elisa Lacerda-Vandenborn

Research Reveals Mental Health Professionals’ Participation in Rape Culture

Emotional CPR: Heart-Centered Peer Support

Inside A Forensic Psychiatry Unit: Here’s How to Survive

Lithium No Better Than Placebo for Preventing Suicide Attempts

Lithium, Antidepressants, Esketamine—All No Better Than Placebo

Qualitative Evidence Supports the Ban on Conversion Therapy in Canada

What Role can the United Nations Play in Rights-Based Global Mental Health

When It Comes to Mental Health Problems, The Disability Framework Fails

Mental Health Care Must Support Consent and Basic Human Rights

The Psychiatric Hospital Is an Institution of Social Control

Consumer Regret

When Tapering Antidepressants, is Going Slow Always the Best Strategy

Ketamine Withdrawal Has Severe Consequences

The Year Of Potentiality

Can Anything Good Come Out of Therapy

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De-Psychiatrization and the Promise of Open Dialogue

Redefining Mental Health Care in Portugal with Open Dialogue

SSRI Antidepressants Do Not Improve Depression After a Stroke

Why We Need a Neurodiverse Philosophy of Autistic Happiness

Navigating the meaning of psychosis important for recovery

Guardianship Destroyed My Family

The Other Side of the Cage

Fireside Project: Peer Support for Psychedelic Experiences

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No Meaningful Brain Differences in Depression

New NICE Guidelines for ECT Are Dangerously Inadequate, Say 50 Patients and Professionals

How Socioeconomic Class Affects Therapy

Clinicians and Patients Often Disagree on Mental Health Outcomes

Psychiatry and Psychology Fail in Response to Farmer Suicides in India

Online Debates on Psychiatric Diagnosis Often Rely on Rhetoric Instead of Facts

Finding Connection During the Pandemic

Why Is Child Sexual Abuse So Common in Institutions

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Study Discovers Extensive Undisclosed Conflicts of Interest in Medical Research

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Put Psyche Back Into Psychiatry and Add Psychological Intimacy

The New DSM Is Coming and That Isn’t Good News

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James Knochel: Malignant Do-Gooderism: The Tragedies of Allopathic Psychiatry

Michael Hengartner: Regulators Are Approving Drugs Without Clear Evidence That They Work

Research News: Ketamine No Better Than Placebo for Reducing Suicidal Ideation in Depression

I Made It Out Alive

Medicating Preschoolers for ADHD: How “Evidence-Based” Psychiatry Has Led to a Tragic End

Addressing Cultural Bias in the Treatment of Personality Disorders

The Censors Are Coming for Mental Health

MIA’s Suicide Hotline Transparency Project

Robert Spitzer on DSM-III: A Recently Recovered Interview

Official Guidelines on Antidepressant Discontinuation Fail Practitioners and Patients

Sexual Assault at Any Age is a Risk Factor for Psychosis

Dying to Stay Alive: A Ketamine Disaster

For the Love and Care of the People: An Interview with Vanessa Green on Call BlackLine Organizing

Pharmaceutical Industry Corruption Goes Beyond Conflicts of Interest

Racism Evident in Patient Health Records

A “Mass Possession” Event in Nicaragua Exposes Inadequacy of Western Mental Health Approaches

Desperate Remedies

UK Finds Success with Peer Supported Open Dialogue Program

Why Do We Lock People Up

Why Do People Self-Harm, and How Can We Stop It

Antipsychotics Worsen Cognitive Functioning in First-Episode Psychosis

Parenting Changed My Perspective on “ADHD”

Nature: Brain Imaging Studies Are Most Likely False

How Evidence Based Medicine Became an Illusion

Antipsychotics Often Prescribed Without Informed Consent

Police Killings and the Pseudoscience of “Excited Delirium”

The Functions of the Mental Health System Under Capitalism

Inside a Forensic Psychiatry Unit: Calling in AIR Strikes

Mental Wellbeing Poorest in English-Speaking Countries of the World


Trusting People as Experts of Themselves: Sera Davidow on the Wildflower Peer Support Line

The impact DSM has had on us all – podcast

Human rights should be central to Global Mental Health approaches

Robert Whitaker Interviewed on The Dhru Purohit Podcast
Does Long-Term Use of Psychiatric Drugs Do More Harm Than Good

Council of Europe Releases Report to Promote Voluntary Mental Health Treatment

Results of the Inpatient Alternative Soteria Model in Israel

Apples and Oranges in Peer Support Research

Beverley Thomson–Antidepressed: Antidepressant Harm and Dependence

Antidepressants No Better Than Placebo for About 85% of People

Marian Kornicki: #RestoreTheirRights: An Update on Guardianship Action

Researchers Find No Brain Differences in Depression

The Psychiatrist’s Dilemma: In Defense of Placebo Psychiatry

Thomas Szasz

How ADHD experts silence criticism

Despite More Treatments for Depression, Prevalence Doesn’t Decrease—Why

Facebook Negatively Impacted College Students’ Mental Health from the Start

Peer Interventions Show Promise for Recent Onset Psychosis

Capitalism is Destroying our Collective Mental Health

The Post-Lockdown Suicide Tsunami That Never Came

Social Belongingness Protects Against Anxiety and Depression for Ethnic Minorities

Gradual Tapering Recommended for Antidepressant Discontinuation

Anti-Discrimination Policies Reduce Binge Drinking for LGBTQ Youth

Talking With Voices” Therapeutic Approach Shows Promise

Ketamine for Depression Poses “Significant Risk to the Public”

Shedding the Limits of “Severe Mental Illness” Labels

Still Looking For Answers

The Mental Health Industry Speaks Volumes About Our Society’s Priorities


Hearing voices network (HVN)


As you may know, we're a small charity that is run by volunteers and have little funding

That means it can take some time to respond, especially at times when we get a high volume of emails

Whilst you're waiting, here's some information that you may find helpful

It includes some answers to common questions we're asked and some sources of crisis/emergency support


If you need help quickly

Unfortunately we're not in a position to offer crisis support

Understanding Voices has a good page on finding support quickly

You can access it here:


It includes calling 999, 111 or accessing supportive helplines (e.g. samaritans).

Our page on getting support also gives information on how you can get help from your GP and your rights:


If you're wanting to find out the location of a Hearing Voices Group

If you're in England, there is a list of the Hearing Voices Groups we know about here:


It is organised by area

We do not run the groups ourselves, so are reliant on people telling us about changes

We always suggest that people contact the facilitators before attending the group - so they can check out that it suits them and to make sure the day/time is correct


If you're from the US, we have a sister organisation called Hearing Voices Network USA

They list all of the groups in their network here:


You can contact them if there isn't a group in your area

They also offer online groups (that can be accessed from anywhere in the world).

If you're from another country, please see Intervoice's National Networks page


Intervoice is a charity set up to support the international Hearing Voices Movement

There are networks in many countries of the world, so it's a good place to connect with.


Useful resources:

If you, or someone you care about, is struggling to cope you may find some of the following resources useful

We will get back to you individually when we can, but until then we hope that these resources give you a starting point

If you need support to get through a crisis - please read the info on getting support (above)

You don't need to go through this alone.


For anyone

Understanding Voices: Living with Voices section:

Includes coping strategy toolkit, managing difficult voices at work/study and plenty of information written by people who hear voices for people who hear voices

The rest of the site has useful information as well


Our Multimedia section - with lots of info on voice-hearing and different ways of understanding and working with voices:


Our free downloads section - with coping strategies etc:


Rufus May’s resources (Rufus was diagnosed with schizophrenia in his youth and is now a psychologist

I really like some of his resources):


A practical guide to coping with voices:


The British Psychological Society’s ‘Understanding Psychosis’ report:


Our Getting help and support page:


Our approach to Hearing Voices:


Engaging with Voices:


A series of videos exploring ways of engaging with voices in a more compassionate way


Living with voices: 50 stories of recovery (book)


Find a Hearing Voices Group:


Hearing Voices Forum (in assoc. with Intervoice)


Samaritans: | 08457 90 90 90 | A 24-hour confidential helpline that is open 365 days a year


Rethink Advice Line: 0300 5000 927: Open Monday – Friday, 10.00am – 1.00pm, offers practical advice and information


For Young People

Voice Collective:

aimed at children and young people under the age of 25, but has a great range of strategies and ideas for all


They also run a support forum for people under 25 and their supporters - see their website for more info

For those able to get to London, they support a small network of peer support groups and can offer some individual support (email, phone and in person)


The Mix: Help, I’m Hearing Voices:


Listen Up! Youth Voice Hearing Exhibition in Durham (includes podcast and artwork from young people)


Breaking the Silence: a fresh approach to hearing voices in childhood and adolescence:


Young People Hearing Voices: What you need to know and what you can do; Dr Sandra Escher and Dr. Marius Romme (book)

Parents - don’t panic if your child is Hearing Voices, it’s actually quite common:


For family and friends

An article on how to talk with someone who is hearing voices:


We hope that these resources are useful to you


With warmth,

Rai Waddingham (Chair) on behalf of the National Hearing Voices Network


14 Annual World Hearing Voices Conference – Paris – 26-27 October


London hearing voices network – update

Art Making, Nature and Spirituality Workshop



with events


Lisa hears voices






Spiritual crisis Network (SCN)


National SCN Community Forum


London SCN



Social Prescribing Network


including beyond the pill


additional update

Rapid scoping review on older people, poverty


Self- development


Action for Happiness

happier – kinder – together


feeling gratitude

We can't change what happens, but we can choose our response

Happiness isn't about everything going well – it's about responding constructively, even in difficult times

10 keys to happier living groups

10 days of happiness

How to live mindfully, even in stressful times

How to feel part of something bigger every day

Happy Planet Index


Making time to be mindful helps us reduce stress levels

by turning our focus to the here and now, rather than dwelling on the past or future


4 October


Happy Place


Self management UK


Canopy + stars – a life more wild – podcast


Oxford Mindfulness Centre

The qualities of kindness, compassion, joy and equanimity are the attitudinal foundations and qualitative tone of mindfulness.

Cultivating these qualities plays a central role in freeing the mind from patterns that create and recreate distress”


The richest human isn’t the one who has the most, but the one who needs less.

Wealth is a mindset.

Want less and appreciate more today.


Coalition for Personalised Care


including events


turn pain into power





Angel + Marc


Our perspective on just about everything comes from the psychological cage we’ve been conditioned to live in.

A cage created by...

A difficult or disappointing experience

A privileged or sheltered life

Social influence

Pop-culture and mass-media stereotyping

And the list goes on.

Gradually, unbeknownst to us, our cage—our conditioning—drains our mental energy, leaving us vulnerable to bad decision making


When we were young, we saw the world through simple, hopeful eyes.

We knew what we wanted and we had no biases or concealed agendas.

We liked people who smiled.

We avoided people who frowned.

We ate when we were hungry, drank when we were thirsty, and slept when we were tired.
As we grew older our minds became gradually disillusioned by negative external influences

At some point we began to hesitate and question our instincts


4 More Relationship Truths for Tough Times

Resentment hurts you, not them

Sometimes walking away is the only path forward

Some relationships will be blessings, others will serve as lessons

Even the best relationships don’t last forever.


3 Hidden Behaviours that Harm Your Relationships

Using complaints and disagreements as an opportunity to condemn each other

Using hateful gestures as a substitute for honest communication

The silent treatment


Healing in Your Relationships

If you don’t allow yourself to move past what happened, what was said, what was felt, you will look at your present and future through that same dirty lens, and nothing will be able to focus your foggy judgment.

Always be kinder than necessary.

Forgive yourself for the bad decisions you made, for the times you lacked clarity, for the choices that hurt others and yourself.

Some chapters in our lives have to close without closure.

Be careful not to dehumanize people you disagree with.

Being kind to someone you dislike doesn’t mean you’re fake.

People tend to be more thoughtful and kinder when they have found a little happiness and peace of mind.


How can I respond from a place of clarity and strength, rather than continuing to react in anger and frustration to the painful experiences I've been forced to live through

Think about that question for a moment.

Read it again, and sit with it.

Every time you are tempted to react in the same old way, pause for a few seconds, take a few deep breaths, and make space for a healthy change of state—for something new to enter...

It's time to consciously redirect your focus by taking it away from something unchangeable that drags you down, and instead zero it in on something small and actionable that moves you forward in the present moment.


4 Hard Choices that Make You Happier in the Long Run

You can choose to be present when it would be easier to pick up your phone.

You can choose to do a workout when it would be more comfortable to sit around.

You can choose to create something special when it would be quicker to consume something mediocre.

You can choose to invest in yourself when it would take less effort to procrastinate.


New normal’ anxiety: A therapist’s guide


A therapist’s guide to self-care

Self-care is the practice of taking action to improve your health.

We can do this regularly or just from time to time, but it’s important to turn this abstract concept into a concrete goal.

I've written a blog on the ‘6 domains of self-care’, including my top tips on how to give yourself a little love.


Physical self-care

This is about taking care of our physical body and getting back to basics.

Eat regularly and in a way that nourishes your body

Exercise regularly

Boost your sleep


Psychological self-care

We all know it is important to take care of our mind.

This might include seeing mental health professionals or simply doing things to help us recharge.

Turn off phone notifications

Keep scheduled therapy appointments

Take time for reflection


Emotional self-care

This involves your relationship with yourself.

Check in with your feelings and see how you’re doing.

Keep a journal

Vent your frustrations

Engage in opportunities to create happiness


Physiotherapist – Working from home: 4 health hacks

Plump it up

Make your chair more ergonomic.

Add cushions and a foot rest to take care of your lower back.


Go for a raise

Try shaking up your desk design.

Raising your laptop will help to protect your posture.


Break it down

Take micro-breaks.

Regular movement helps prevent muscular pains.


Stretch yourself

That's it.


Stretching at your desk will reduce the risk of muscle strain.


3 simple techniques to help improve your breathing


Breathing control

This means just breathing easily, using the least effort.

It helps you to relax.

Place your hand on your tummy, below your ribs.

Feel your tummy rise and fall as you breathe gently through your nose.

Let go of any tension, just breathe as you need to


Deep breathing

This helps to fill the lower areas of your lungs.

Take a long, slow deep breath in.

At the end of the breath in, hold the air for 2 to 3 seconds before letting the air out gently.

Try to keep your shoulders relaxed.

Repeat for 3 or 4 deep breaths.



This is a way of clearing mucus from your lungs.

Take a breath in and then breathe it out quickly through your mouth, as if trying to mist up a mirror.

Once any mucus has moved upwards, you should find it easier to cough it out. But there is no need to try and force up mucus.

Always finish with more relaxed breathing control (exercise 1) after the huffing exercise.


A to Zzz... our top tips for a good night's sleep


Be consistent

Try to go to sleep and wake up at the same time every day – and avoid napping throughout the day, if possible.


Create the right environment

When it is time for sleep, make sure your bedroom is quiet, dark and cool

(The NHS recommends 18-24C for adults and 16-20C for children).


Have a change of scene

If you find yourself unable to fall asleep, get out of bed and do something relaxing elsewhere.
Try reading or drinking some non-caffeinated herbal tea, and stay off social media and news sites, which can often be anxiety-inducing.


Let Your Inner Child Out
Sometimes the grown up in you needs a break.

So, every now and then, release your inner child and enjoy some carefree fun.
See the world with childlike wonder.

Ask lots of questions.

Revisit one of your favourite childhood books or movies.

How will you let your inner child come out to play


All You Need Is Less
If you're wanting more love, more peace, more meaning, more focus, you'll probably find that all you need is, less.

Less expectations, less talk, less buying, less thinking, less stuff, less stress….

Are you ready for less


Involving Others in Decisions
How often do you involve others in the decision-making process

It makes sense to include those who are impacted by the decisions,

or those who will implement those decisions.

It increases their engagement and responsibility,

and having various perspectives can only lead to better outcomes
But involving others in decision-making takes time and resources

How do you figure out when to Involve others in the decision making, and when not to


Nourish with Happiness
Apparently, there is no nourishment like happiness

So are you nourishing yourself with happiness
Here are 3 ways to nourish yourself with happiness, everyday:
1) Feed yourself a dose of laughter (a good joke or a funny video clip)
2) Engage in one activity that makes you happy (gardening or cooking)
3) Create space to feel happy (a dose of gratitude or meditation)


Be Present to Prevent Stress
Whenever you find yourself stressing about getting things done or what’s going to happen

try this: be present

Firstly, become present to your emotions

your stress

and then, become present to what you’re doing and where you are

Be present and you may find that it helps you to feel less stressed

more relaxed

and be more effective and productive

Be more present and in the long term, you'll increase your stress resilience, and may even prevent feeling stressed.


Growing through Life
Are you just going through life or are you growing through life
If you feel like you’re just going through the routine of life, nothing probably seems exciting

Why not grow through what you go through

Grow through life, and you'll most likely find learning and excitement even in the routine


Turn On Your Inner Light
No matter how dark a moment it is

choose to bring light
Light emanates from the core of our being

So, turn on your inner light and let your light radiate through your presence

Be the light and illuminate the moment and the world


Your Financial Well-being

Why do we as a society allow people to live in poverty ? - Wendy
Can you be happy on a budget

It’s not about missing out on things and experiences, or reducing your happiness

But it is about making smarter choices and increasing your financial well-being

This week

clarify your financial goals, what you value most and what brings you the most joy

rethink your spending habits

be happier with what you have


Dreams Need Courage
No matter how much you’ve achieved or accomplished,

there’s always much more to explore

So have the courage to dream

Have the courage to define your dream clearly,

to go beyond any obstacles and reach for your dream,

even when you can't see what lies ahead
Dream and have the courage to make life an adventure worth exploring


Sound of the Waves
When you can’t seem to quiet your noisy mind, try this meditation:
Imagine yourself sitting on a beach….

Allowing the sound of the waves to wash over your noisy thoughts…

Your thoughts begin to quieten down…

Watching the calm ebb and flow of the waves, your mind is in a deep state of relaxation and calm


Walk in Someone's Shoes
You know the saying about walking a mile in someone else’s shoes before judging them

Next time someone's being difficult, leave your opinions, assumptions and emotions aside for just a couple of minutes

Then, figuratively walk in their shoes, that is, try to see things from their perspective to understand where they're coming from
Even if we walk a mile in someone’s shoes,

we still can't judge them because we can never really know the reasoning behind someone's actions or what it’s like to be that person

So, just try to understand others as much as you can


The Three Questions
When you're confused and unsure about a decision, ask yourself three questions:

Who am I?

What is important to me?

What is my purpose?
The answers that arise will most probably lead you to clarity


Point of Light
If you're feeling low in energy, low in mood, try this simple meditation:
Bring your attention up through your body to a point in the middle of the forehead,

just above and behind the eyes, behind the mind....
Begin to experience yourself as a point of concentrated energy,

a spark of light, full of radiance and positive energy....
Feeling good, feeling re-energised, you’re ready to move on to whatever's next


Peace of Mind

Peace of mind comes not from wanting to change others, but by simply accepting them as they are
For your peace of mind, can you let go of what you want others to do or how you want them to be?

Can you accept everyone as they are?


Peace Takeaway
Sometimes it seems as if someone or something can so easily take away our peace.

But actually, no one and nothing can take away our peace because peace is our natural state of being

Next time it feels like someone or something has taken away your peace, understand that you just got pulled away from your peace

Then, pull your attention away from everything else and return back to your natural state of peace


Explore and Embrace
We often try to make impermanent things permanent

We often expect things to last forever

But no matter how tightly we hold onto things

we cannot change the fact that everything will eventually change

This week, explore and embrace the perspective of impermanence

whether it’s in your work, relationships or yourself.

Try it, and you may find that it helps you to avoid attaching happiness to things lasting forever,

appreciate things while you have them and deal with change effectively.


Impossible Possible
Anything is possible with the power of determination

Determination won’t let anything stop you

Determination will break through fear and self-doubt

And when things get rough, tough or even boring, determination will persevere and keep you going

It’s the key to success
How are you using the power of determination in your life to make the impossible possible?


The Seed of Life

We are like a tree

the seed is the essence of who we are

our life-force

and our branches represent work, family, friends, health, dreams, ambitions.....

When the seed is vibrant, our life-force pulses through each branch to every single leaf

So, extend your branches in a joyful gesture and celebrate life

And when you feel overwhelmed by it all, concentrate on the seed and you’ll revitalise everything


What Are You Focusing On?
If you’re feeling anxious, ask yourself how much you are focusing on things that are outside your control
Every time you start focusing on what’s outside your control

gently bring your focus back to what is within your control

Do this and you'll start to feel less anxiety and more peace, and increase your capacity to deal with things.


Self-Care Forum

Pandemic: Changes in Professional's Attitudes & Practice


Including investing in relationships


Research: Consuming fruit and veg and exercising can make you happier

Too much free time may be almost as bad as too little

18 October



Culture, Health & Wellbeing Alliance



Economics of happiness – local futures

Beyond Conspiracy: Framing Meaningful Activism


Gabor Maté supports the localization movement


Why are we running harder and faster just to keep a roof over our heads

Why does our food get flown around the world and back again

Why is the gap between rich and poor widening to obscene levels

Because nation states are allowing global corporations to run the show.

There is nothing evolutionary or inevitable about our current system; it’s man-made.

And if enough of us come together, we can change it.



Values are shifting. Culture is turning

Increasingly, people are seeing through the false promises of the global consumer culture.

They are recognizing the limitations of the rat-race, and the emptiness of conventional ideas about “success” and “progress”.

Not surprisingly, there is a corresponding surge of interest in indigenous knowledge to guide the creation of healthier, more localized futures.


"But what can I do" Introducing the Localization Action Guide

The Radical Roots of Community Supported Agriculture

Interrelation -SCOOP the sustainable cooperative


Brian Eno


The economics of happiness – film

Planet local – a quiet revolution – film

Local Food = Food Security

Small Scale on a Large Scale

Dr. Gabor Maté on Mental Health and Localization

the corporation

the new corporation

Vandana – the power of people

Small, local and productive

To consume or to connect

Putting technology in its place

Dr. Gabor Maté and Helena NH

From Australia to Zimbabwe, Mexico to the UK – we are celebrating localization!

A quiet revolution




The benefits system in this country is a disgrace


get support with your living costs♿



myth busters

will you sign the open letter♿

If we were getting proper care and support, there wouldn’t be premature deaths happening

Dame Carolyn Fairbairn + Vanessa on learning disability mortality reviewfrom personal experience – on women’s hour


'Barbaric': Hundreds with learning disabilities kept locked up for years

I don’t have to worry about my brother being locked away this Christmas

Mencap – Tell councils: Count Disabled Children In




Dan – 45:46 minutes in


Social care charging has left us with little to live on – EMAIL MP


" I’m non-verbal - it doesn’t mean I don’t understand." 💬

No freedom, no dignity, no life. 🔒




No freedom, no dignity, no life - take action now ❤


Harvey + Katie

Tommy Jessop




12 years since Winterbourne View - EMAIL MP

Inside the "barbaric" mental health units holding autistic adults and children

Leo + Stephen - PETITION



What the budget means for disabled people

end sky high energy bills for disabled + older people

Lauren’s bills are too high. 📈 - OPEN LETTER

Spring Budget: What it means for disabled people. ♿

Create a fair future for disabled people. ♿

📢 Breaking: £975 price tag for disabled households – EMAIL MP

How accessible is your nearest playground?

🕵️‍♀️ The Play Investigation: Your next mission

The Play Investigation: Save the date 🗓


MIND – Cost of living crisis – PETITION





It's time to fix Access to Work


Alzeimer's society


dementia UK




"Upset and disgusted" at Travelodge – PETITION


Office for National Statistics – Outcomes for disabled people in the UK

How increases in housing costs impact households

Beyond GDP: what matters to national well-being

Down your way: working towards more localised data on public sector spending






Share community



VITAL projects



Changing our lives

hospital to home



Challenging behaviour foundation


Disability Rights UK


Disability Right UK has helplines


equal participation for all

The EHRC Outlines Nine Principles for Social Care Equality


DR UK oppose Illegal Migration Bill


New research shows huge rise in extra costs for Disabled households


Profound lack of trust in the benefit health assessment system still a constant theme, say MPs


Missing out: £19 billion of benefits support goes unclaimed each year


Local Housing Allowance legal challenge



Turn2Us seek stories from those who have successfully claimed PIP



Jodey Whiting


Scottish Government announces rent freeze

Report shows millions of Disabled people living in cold homes

Radical reform of benefits assessments for those with mental health problems essential, says Mind

Make things right: social housing campaign


Culture of othering found at Rochdale Boroughwide Housing


Customers not paying by direct debit pay vastly more for energy

Data reveals extent of the prepayment meter scandal

Improved protections against forced fitting of pre-payment meters


Government launches social housing rent cap consultation

Disability Hate Crime rises but only 1% see prosecutions

Clear majority agree that benefits must be uprated by inflation, finds JRF polling

BBC Panorama exposes alleged abuse of patients

Citizens Advice survey shows millions will be in energy bills debt

Cross Party MPs call for public inquiry into benefit related deaths


The health assessments system lets down those who rely on it


MPs launch inquiry asking if working-age benefit levels in the UK are adequate to meet need

Sanctions ineffective as a way of getting people into jobs or to work more hours, finds suppressed DWP report

DWP admits Access to Work is overwhelmed by workload but rejects meeting

Disabled people urged to check on eligibility for social tariffs on broadband


Mental Health Bill - Easy read survey


Benefit sanctions harming claimants, lawyers warn

Disabled UC claimants underpaid by over £350 per month due to DWP failure to start WCA process

Disabled woman wins legal challenge against DWP over automatic benefit deductions

7 in 10 PIP appeals won on the same evidence DWP already held

DWP makes few concessions on improving engagement with Disabled people

Secret reviews into DWP deaths have more than doubled in three years

Government plans to move Disabled people from institutions don’t go far enough

Report highlights issue of negativity towards Disabled people

Disabled people make up nearly half of the most deprived working-age adults in the country

PIP delays leave Disabled people hundreds of millions of pounds out of pocket

Tony Hickmott

590 suicides between 2010 and 2013 linked to welfare reform – Deaths by Welfare

9 in 10 of all reports about disability benefit fraud to the DWP hotline turn out to be false

100 people held more than 20 years in ‘institutions’


Police officer fired for taking photos of people being sectioned

Press coverage for autistic man in isolation prompts Council action

Severely ill inpatient died after DWP forced him to leave hospital to make benefit claim

Disabled woman left begging a bus driver to let her travel home safely

The Mayor's Entrepreneur competition & training

Because we all care – CQC

Government White Paper fails to re-build the care system

Law Commission recommends adding disability to list of hate crimes

DWP refuses to publish report that found Disabled claimants had “unmet needs”

Councils waste £253 million fighting parents at SEND tribunals since 2014

Mental health impact of leaseholder cladding scandal

All PIP claimants to be offered apply online option

End Fuel Poverty Coalition – PETITION

People deprived of liberty due to misapplication of Mental Health + Capacity Acts

Sickle cell patients ‘face racism in NHS’

Share your experiences of seeing or posting online content about suicide or self-harm

Ground-breaking inquiry questions ‘Whose social care is it anyway’

DWP failures mean dying people are being rejected for PIP

DWP ignoring concerns about Disabled benefit claimants’ deaths

The Reason I Jump

Ker Featherstone

Damning new MP report calls for end to long-term incarceration of people with autism and learning disabilities

"Sharp rise" in DWP benefit death reviews "deeply concerning"

DWP to stop ‘cold-calling’ Disabled people to make low benefit ‘offers’

Our work capability assessment factsheet

Poverty Alliance

Assisted Dying Bill

Health and Disability Green Paper – a cause for concern

Hundreds of thousands “will plunge into poverty” as Minister rejects UK-wide call to keep Universal Credit uplift

New body to tackle health disparities set to launch

Lords: Government failing to implement Equality Act

I would have closed Cawston Hall – Norfolk Council care boss – Jeesal group

A fifth of housing not fit for good health – Good Home Inquiry

Elections Bill bad news for Disabled voters

Austerity cuts killed tens of thousands from 2010 onwards

Over two thirds of Universal Credit claimants currently in arrears while living costs rise

Disabled claimant died underweight, ‘unkempt and dirty’ after ESA and PIP wrongly stopped

Disability Benefits Without the Fight – PETITION

Excluded children put in ‘unsafe’ institutions

Disability Horizons launches new online wellbeing community

Social care plans expose rich vs poor divide in terms of home loss

DWP urged to reveal algorithm that ‘targets’ Disabled people for benefit fraud

Almost £3bn to be awarded to private sector to assess disability benefits


Osbornes Law


Inquiry sought into deaths of 369 mental distress patients in Sussex Trust’s care

High Court rules loss of around £180 a month disability premiums on claiming Universal Credit is unlawful discrimination

DWP blocks publication of research on effectiveness of benefit sanctions

Disabled people’s experiences of the benefits system: Committee publishes withheld Government-commissioned research

Disability strategy ruled unlawful, DWP denied permission to appeal

Disabled people five times more likely to experience food poverty, says Food Foundation

DWP admits wrongly refusing PIP to record number of Disabled people

Two-thirds of NHS Trusts failing to support equal access to care for Disabled patients

Citizens Advice energy advice

Nearly half of people referred to Trussell Trust food banks are in debt to the DWP


Jackie Maguire

Tip of the Iceberg: Deaths and Serious Harm in the Benefit System

Pushed to the Edge: Poverty, food banks and mental health

DWP failing to make reasonable adjustments for UC claimants with mental health problems

Reasonable adjustment

Adult Disability Payment

Just Can’t Wait card

Extension of terminal illness ‘Special Rules’ for ESA and Universal Credit from April 2022

DWP work coaches “bullied” into forcing distressed claimants to attend work-related meetings

How bare bones benefits don’t add up

Under Pressure campaign

Two in five Universal Credit claimants forced into debt, finds the Trussell Trust

Pushed to the Edge: Poverty, food banks and mental health

Ofcom: telecomms and broadband providers must do more to help vulnerable customers

DWP: deaths, cover-up, and a toxic 30-year legacy

Fast-tracked access to benefits extended to those likely to be in final year of life

Benefits rise does little to ease cost of living crisis

Disabled employees paid £3.5k less than non-Disabled employees – ONS

EHRC presses DWP to improve treatment of Disabled benefit claimants

UC makes people ‘better off’ says DWP as figures show only slightly over half of switching claimants would benefit

EHRC failing Disabled people on DWP actions, claim families

Elections Bill will make it harder for Disabled people to vote

New podcast protests the deadly welfare policies enacted by the Department for Work and Pensions (the DWP)

Government must halt ‘managed migration’ to universal credit – DR UK

Report shows that smart home technology can assist independent living

People with learning disabilities in ‘mental health crisis’ – Mencap

Austerity Kills campaign – WRITE TO YOUR MP

Disability Rights UK challenges the Bill of Rights on a parliamentary panel

Call for DWP to compensate up to 50,000 claimants unlawfully short changed on moving to UC

Benefit rates remain “close to destitution levels”, says JRF

Claimant deaths still linked to systemic flaws in benefits system, DWP document shows

Get Ahead Newsletter 27

Disabled energy user forced onto meter

Housing must be accessible, safe and affordable - without compromise


nothing about us without us – 6 November – 16 October 2023


Welfare Rights Helpline for Member Organisations
Personal Budgets Helpline

Disabled Students Helpline


Disability Poverty Campaign Group update

If you are a representative of a local or national DPO group, or charity, and are interested in getting involved with the DPCG, email



More than half of Disabled adults (55 per cent) are struggling to pay their energy bills and around a third (36 per cent) are having problems paying their rent or mortgage

DWP watered down plan to prevent claimant suicides

George - DWP discrimination led claimant to suicidal thoughts

Government pledges national action following Doncaster abuse inquiry

BBC highlights unfair PIP cut for disabled people in hospital

Get yourself active

CQC concerns around autism and learning disability services in damning annual care review

Over 460% rise in PIP claims stopped due to failure to return review form

DR UK joins public call for Michael Gove to freeze rents

1.6 million children live in mouldy and damp homes

PPM ban temporary as Ofgem prepares report on energy suppliers

DWP failings linked to death of claimant whose body lay undiscovered for years

Disabled People's Manifesto – PETITION

Disabled People's Manifesto – EMAIL MP


Disability News Service


Equality Network

Sanctuary, Safety, Solidarity


New report exploring LGBTI+ Kinship in Scotland

Human rights and LGBTI+ experiences in Scotland today

Happy Bi Visibility Day!


Care and Support Alliance – An appeal for your story



MND Association


Act now for safer homes for people with MND



Neurological alliance



National autism society

sign open letter


Joint Committee publishes report on the Draft Mental Health Bill

Number of autistic people in mental health hospitals: latest data

Why campaigning is so important

Report uncovers urgent changes needed in English schools

Petition around the mental health act


action-attainment – beyond autism


Land + other views


Humanists UK

Working to ensure a fairer, kinder, and better society


2021 Census | Christianity’s decline should end its claim to institutional power


Humanists at work in the community ❤️


An attack on free expression

including Salman


protect legal abortion

Religion vs Women’s Rights – Write to your MP


2025 Strategy

French Citizens' Assembly backs assisted dying


One Life, Live It Well


The humanist approach to death and celebrating a life well lived ❤️

The Little Book of Humanist Funerals 📚💐

MPs to debate bishops in the Lords – please write

Where do we come from? ✨🌎 Our new animation with Alice Roberts

Six facts about faith schools you need to know 🚨

Copenhagen Declaration on Democracy: a humanist value

📚👀 Who’s on your #HumanistBookshelf?

Anglican priests agree – Britain is no longer a Christian country

Blasphemy laws are NEVER justifiable 🚫

Humanists UK tells Labour: Faith schools need reform, not uncritical support

Assisted dying: six reasons we need a humane law

Sandi Toksvig headlines season six of our ‘What I Believe’ podcast 🎉🎧


Land justice UK – Land and Food


New land report out on land reform in Scotland

police, crime, sentencing and courts bill

You can find a Member of the House of Lords and write to them asking them to review this dangerous bill


A win in the fight for land rights – PETITION


Land worker’s alliance


Human rights


Fawcett Society

women's rights are at risk in Parliament – EMAIL MP

Write to your MP to ask them to save the Worker Protection Bill tackling sexual harassment

A House For Everyone: A Case for Modernising Parliament

What do we do about misogyny in the police?


Sexist complaint regarding Meghan Markle successful

In my experience complaints are rarely acknowledged or acted upon - so this is good news ! - Wendy


Fabian Society

Homes For Britain: Planning for Growth Report

including Housing First + community land trusts


The next progressive government must improve housing standards for renters


The British Institute of Human Rights

Explaining laws passed end April 2022

What the Rights Removal Bill means for you

Human Rights Day: Community Mobilisation

People, Communities, Public Bodies & Policymakers

Human rights issues in plain language

Celebrating human rights

Changing public services

Covid-19 & Human Rights

Our work with Council of Europe

including idea of human rights ombudsman


Equality + human rights commission


Fly the flag for human rights



Refugee action

How to build a BÖRDER KRISÍS

anti-refugee Bill

Stop The #AntiRefugeeBill petition

Heartbreaking deaths in the Channel: tell your MP enough is enough – EMAIL MP

What exactly is the hostile environment


Thank you for seeing the human not the label

EMAIL MP: Ukrainian refugees need all the help we can give

TELL YOUR MP: vote to lift the ban

Hostile Accommodation - our new report

Send a welcome message

Pride is a Protest



You know the facts

People seeking asylum are banned from working, unable to support themselves and expected to live on just £5.84 a day

It's always been an absurd policy, and soon MPs will have the chance to reassert common sense and lift the ban

Polling from this week shows that an enormous 81% of members of the public surveyed agree that the ban should be lifted

Fight the anti-refugee laws: ask your MP to sign the pledge

The Rwanda plan: a punishment for asking for help

One year on: 9,000 Afghan refugees still stuck in hotels

Shedding the refugee label

The consequences of punishing refugees

Lift the Ban: does Jeremy Hunt want £300 million

Price rises + government hostility = asylum seeker poverty


Milo + Cathy + Hein + Alisa


What is costility?

The cost of a hostile environment

Not just “immigrants” , “low income” people too ? Costility in terms of people + money? - Wendy


The Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants

Add your name to the open letter: safety for Afghan climate activists


Windrush Heroes: Stories you need to hear



I tried this + got some answers wrong – Wendy


Do you know these refugee changemakers, tastemakers, and dream makers? Test your knowledge


The truth about the net migration numbers


just beautiful …




Migrants organised

Migrants Organise is taking the Home Office to Court

New Plan for Immigration is same old Hostile Environment

Your solidarity is working

This Refugee Week we want to share our New Dreams

Solidarity Knows No Borders

Share our message of dignity and welcome

the royal college of paediatrics + child health has published a statement calling for the abolition of all NHS charging – becoming the first royal college to call for more than a temporary suspension of these discriminatory + harmful hostile environment

NEW report: shining a spotlight on the devastating impact of Hostile Environment policies during COVID

2 minute action: The COVID inquiry must not forget migrants

What is happening with the anti-refugee Borders Bill

Dismantling the hostile environment – podcasts

Hostile – film

Solidarity is what connects us – EMAIL MP



Patients not passports – A toddler charged £70k for life saving NHS care – ACTION

Inhumane’ NHS fees left more than 900 migrants without treatment

Freedom of information act used to obtain this data – Wendy


will you call on the Government to welcome climate activists as refugees


Freedom from Torture – close the barracks

Holocaust survivor confronted Suella Braverman to say: your hateful language has consequences


UK government links to torture in Xinjiang – PETITION

Urgent: Stop the UK Decriminalising Torture

New Plan for Immigration – Consultation Guidance

URGENT: Act now to protect refugees from Priti Patel's New Plan

Dr Waheed Arian

kick out hate

URGENT: if passed into law, Priti Patel's Anti-Refugee Bill will destroy the lives of countless people seeking asylum

Write to your MP to stop it

One strong voice


Join a local group

Urgent: shocking news – EMAIL MP

The facts + figures

write to your local newspaper against the anti refugee bill


Clause 11 of the anti-refugee bill, which would punish Ukranians and other refugees for the way that they travel to safety – was removed by the Lords

A Holocaust survivor just sent this message to Boris Johnson – on the cliffs of Dover

£5 a day


22nd March

MPs voted to punish refugees who make their own way to safety in the UK as part of the Nationality and Borders Bill

The bill has now entered a stage called ‘ping pong’, where it bounces back and forth between the House of Lords & the House of Commons

People power – love not hate


Tell PM candidates: do not send refugees to Rwanda

Rwanda – action

end UK links to torture – PETITION

Paul Dacre – PETITION


Safe passage – We need your help – write to a Peer today

EMAIL MP – fix our broken asylum system

become a young leader

EMAIL MP – safe passage now

Afghan families must be reunited – EMAIL MP

Inspiring interview with Joel on Channel 5 News

📺 Watch Beth break down the devastating refugee law



Make a Difference: Support Lord Dubs' Amendment Now

The ultimate betrayal


Detention Action

This is a humanitarian disaster. Close the detention camps now

Meet with your MP

we oppose unjust deportations – PETITION

urgent: no offshore detention – EMAIL MP


Survivors of Napier Barracks beat the Home Office in court

Six men who Priti Patel detained at Napier Barracks have proved in court that she violated their human rights


Stop union busting in Morocco – PETITION


Tell Denmark: Syria is not safe for refugees to return. Reverse your shameful decision


A message from the White Helmets to Ukrainians under attack

As Ukrainians come under brutal attack by Putin, it is chilling to see Russia using the same strategy and playbook in Ukraine as they use in Syria – attacking fleeing civilians, controlling humanitarian corridors, bombing hospitals and spreading disinformation

Our volunteer first responders have saved more than 125,000 civilian lives in Syria since 2014, many from direct Russian attacks, and it’s heartbreaking to witness the same tragedies being repeated over and over again

We know the scale of horror that Russian bombings can inflict: no one and nothing is off limits

In Syria, a concerted Russian disinformation campaign spreads fabricated claims attacking White Helmets volunteers to cover up war crimes

Now Russia is using the same methods to legitimize its attack on the Ukrainian people – using social media to sow doubt about atrocities committed against civilians

When I saw the aftermath of Russian airstrikes on the maternity hospital in Mariupol last week, including Russia’s immediate disinformation efforts online, it was as if history was repeating itself

We have witnessed these same horrific scenes and lies during attacks on Syrian hospitals

It angers me to see companies such as Twitter continue to allow accounts to spread falsehoods – and

I urge you to join me in calling on Twitter to shut down all accounts, including Russian government accounts, being used to spread harmful disinformation

A few days ago I spoke to the Washington Post and shared what we have learnt from our experience in case it can be of any help to our brothers and sisters in Ukraine

I told them that the GoPro camera is the best way to fight Russian disinformation and report the reality on the ground

I also warned against sharing GPS locations of medical facilities with the United Nations

In Syria the Russians used that information to target hospitals

Ukrainians should also establish small medical and civil defense outposts in secret locations around the city to take the pressure off larger hospitals and mitigate the risk of targeting first responders

There is no doubt Putin has been emboldened by the impunity he enjoyed in Syria

If Putin is not held accountable for his invasion of Ukraine the whole story will repeat itself again

Today, we need actions not words from the international community

They must pursue justice relentlessly so no dictator can feel able to shamelessly commit such atrocities

For the last seven years, the Syrian people have stood up to Russia and have yet to be defeated – so we believe Ukrainians can do so as well

At the end of the day, it is the will of the citizens that is the strongest weapon, even against the mightiest militaries in the world

In solidarity,

Raed Al Saleh


PETITION TO UN regarding earthquake


Your right to know – PETITION


WHICH - Food prices increasing

food + mental health


Third sector + campaigning


Third Sector – Governance bulletin

Third Sector – weekly

Give communities more power over local assets and a £2bn support fund, report urges

Giving by the super-rich could be perpetuating social inequality, academics conclude

Charities lost almost £8.6m to fraud last year, latest figures show

Top earners at Wellcome Trust paid almost £8m each after investments boomed

Wellcome institutional racism

Adeela Warley: In 2022 let’s make social media a place for hope, not hate

Care charity lost more than 150 staff last year because of vaccination rules

Latest accounts for the London Clinic show that the highest earner, who is not identified, received a salary package of between £510,000 and £520,000 in 2020

This is a charity – Wendy


Fifth former Oxfam GB staffer sanctioned after DRC sexual misconduct investigation

Why aren’t more charities supporting community building initiatives

Does the voluntary sector have a class problem

Giving pains: the cost of grant-making

National Trust hits back at 'paid-for' campaign to influence its governance

Charity investigated over ‘teacher with sword’ and ‘child eating dead rat’

Reproductive healthcare charity boss paid £229,000 annual bonus

Academies trust run by major charity breached the law, review finds

Cash-for-honours: two men questioned over allegations linked to King Charles’ charity

Are charities too ‘respectable’ to achieve change

Cash-for-honours file linked to King Charles charity passed to CPS

King Charles's charity warned over working in Bahrain

Church of England announces £100m fund after slavery links

Charity 'won't be silenced' by Israel blacklisting

Damning antisemitism report urges NUS to rethink relationship with its charity arm

Regulator looking into foundation set up by UK’s richest man

Charity bosses bugged rivals and spent money for homeless on luxury gifts

Has AI solved the poverty porn dilemma?

Report reveals three in 10 large charities have all-white boards

Charity workers could lead the way as four-day week manifesto launches

Charity vows to keep expanding after mass merger boosts income from £9.6m to £222m


Charity and donor tax relief hits new high of £6bn

Is this a good thing ? Given charity bosses salaries ? - Wendy

Average CEO pay at large charities rises to £175,000, survey shows


Healthcare charity boss doubled pay package with £230,000 bonus last year

Christian charity pledges £7m in reparation payments over its past links to slavery



nine out of 10 people believe that the political system needs reforming

only one in three people trust parliament to act in the best interest of people

only two in five trust British democracy

Talking politics

✉️ The Progressive Insider


Carnegie Trust

including kindness in public services



Lots of interesting events


Creative Flow: Kingston, Art and The River to 13 April 2024



Fast minds – Kingston


Staywell - Kingston


kick it – stop smoking – kingston


Man + boy


well-being courses at Kingston Adult Education


for more information




Kingston council events


household support funding drop-in sessions



Silverfit Kingston - over 45’s Fitness Sessions



Kingston Voluntary Action (KVA)


4 in 10 children in London live in poverty


1 in 4 are living in poverty after housing costs

Source: London’s poverty profile 2021


Updated nomination link for free SIM-cards

Help tackle The Biggest Issue

Health and Inequalities - Bitesize Training- information sharing and learning

update including holistic health

Come Rhyme with Us - the video


Accessible Support and Mental Health Resources

Many of us may be feeling under increased financial pressure right now

The worry about money may impact sleep, concentration, productivity and our stress levels
If you are worried about money or need free, impartial advice, the Kingston Citizens Advice free toolkit is
here to help

To help, watch an NHS wellbeing webinar on Managing Financial Anxiety

You can access the Worrying About Money leaflet here
Find Mental Health resources on Connected Kingston
For advice on how to look after your mental health, visit the
Mental Health Foundation here
For St John Ambulance's mental health training and resources, please click
For Mind Mental Health Charity, visit their website
For Samaritans, visit their website

Their phone number is 116 123


Opening up a Kingston Town Warm Space for Community Groups
As part of our commitment to share our space, we have opened up part of the ground floor of the council office building (Guildhall 2) as a shared space from Monday - Friday, 10am to 4pm

This space will have free tea and coffee and will be offered as a general use warm space

There will be children’s toys and games available, and we are keen that our voluntary and community sector partners feel able to use this space to support residents
This space is now open

If you would like to volunteer to support this shared space one morning or afternoon a week (or more), or if your organisation would like to regularly use this shared space, please make contact with for a chat on 0771 4772559


Ask the Expert is back! Book your FREE advice session now


KVA update

Training - Autumn

3 October


Sheila McKechnie Foundation

We believe that anyone can be a force for change

Together we explore change, share knowledge and learn from change-makers

Transforming power for social change

Can get places for free email


Worried about the - Policing Bill Wondering what you can do - Find out how to get involved

The Power Project: transform power, build solidarity, make change

Why a voice inside Whitehall matters for campaigners

what can art teach us about social change

Social power – 12 habits of successful change makers

Problem Tree planning tool

100 Campaigns that Changed the World podcast




Law for change


Support + more ideas


Amnesty International

Urgent Action Network Update


Patient Safety Learning

Mental illness is a lie which causes untold damage

hospital safety for diabetes patients, institutional misogyny, climate change, and more…

Whistleblowing, patient feedback, visiting restrictions + events…


Latest hub highlights: Misogyny, crosswords, Ockenden…

Mind the implementation gap, vaccination programmes, mesh removal

Patients died after catalogue of errors by Priory mental health chain

Hundreds of thousands more women than men prescribed powerful anti-anxiety drugs ‘harder to come off than heroin’

Listening to families, safety management systems

including more events for example

Pinned down, force-fed and drugged into ‘zombie-like’ state: ‘Systemic abuse’ at children’s hospitals revealed

Huntercombe group : a mental health scandal


Systemic failures, PSIRF, surviving scrubs, and more…

including ombudsman raising concerns about human rights in Mental Health


Bed shortages, painful hysteroscopy, revised NatSSIPs, and more…

Prescribing antidepressants for chronic pain lacks evidence, experts say

Trust must pay £200k to whistleblower it subjected to ‘campaign of harassment’

Women’s healthcare in Britain ‘worse than in China and Saudi Arabia’

Three-quarters of children detained under mental health act are girls, new report warns

Trust spent £680k in failed attempt to fight whistleblower

The sinister side of medicine

Eight resources on eating disorders

Mothers and babies being put at risk due to unsafe NHS maternity services

Forgotten heroes, whistleblowing, thrombosis misdiagnosis

Leading for patient safety, ADHD diagnosis, private surgery


Misogyny’ and ‘medical patriarchy’ widespread at major trust, reports find


The elephant in the room: Patient Safety and Integrated Care Systems


NHS trust to review all suicides since 2017

Drug firms funding UK patient groups that lobby for NHS approval of medicines

Trust given warning notice over rapid tranquillisation

World Patient Safety Day, Lucy Letby verdict, Patient Safety Partners



Patient Safety Commisioner


Patient association

Loneliness – Age UK

Loneliness – MIND

Loneliness – NHS

Campaign to end loneliness

Every Mind Matters

be kind to your mind

tips from every mind matters

including anxiety

Feel less lonely


how to complain


Published guidance for Integrated Care Systems (ICSs) teams

the plan for health + care services to work with people + communities


Start engagement early

Provide clear and accessible public information

Build relationships with excluded groups

Co-produce and redesign services and tackle system priorities in partnership with people and communities


Nutrition Checklist

The NHS Constitution for England

Call for Welsh Government apology after failings at Ysbyty Gwynedd mental health unit

Vulnerable man Clive Treacey 'failed in life and death'

Why asylum seekers deserve better healthcare, and how we can give it to them

Maternity + neonatal services in East Kent report makes grim reading


the scandal that shook the NHS

HIV testing: Free DIY home kit offered in England

New tool to assess risks of taking sodium valproate


How putting people first and asking ‘What Matters to You’ can shape the future of healthcare for professionals and people

Listening, learning, responding to concerns

Upholding rights and equality in health and social care

11 October

consultation by 12 October


Welsh Community Health Councils will be replaced with a new national body, the Citizen Voice Body, and the Welsh Government wants your views on how the new organisation should work

The aims of the new body are to:


Strengthen the citizen voice in Wales in matters related to both health and social services, ensuring that citizens have an effective mechanism for ensuring that their views are heard


Ensure that individuals are supported with advice and assistance when making a complaint in relation to their care


Use the experience of people who have used services to make improvements

Do we need a pill for every ill?

Health inequalities: Improving accountability in the NHS


Six principles of patient partnership launched

Treating patients as equals

Patients who are fully informed

Shared decision making and patient partnership

Recognising inequalities

Seeking patient input

Joining services around patients


Just Treatment – Rich countries protecting pharma monopolies


A £2 medicine charged at over £2900…

put lives before pharma profits – PETITION


We found that 51% of beds in inpatient mental health services are provided by private companies like Priory Group, Cygnet, and Huntercombe Group who make the majority of their revenue from NHS funding

As laid out in

this important article by clinical psychologist Sanah Ahsan

our current approach to mental health care is centred on purely medical responses to "individual" conditions

But we know that issues such as poverty, debt and housing play a huge role – in fact, 73% of Just Treatment supporters who filled out our recent survey on mental health cited material conditions as a key cause of poor mental health

if you would like to share your story click



Pharma greed kills

letter to Vertex ✍

Close links between big pharma & government


Cheri + Alexey + Rodrigo + Vishal


While the NHS crumbles, big pharma is demanding billions more!

EMAIL MP to stop Big Pharma ripping off NHS


3 years on…

7 October


Engage Britain

Making the country work for all of us



suicide awareness training for university students

ZSA and Help for Heroes launch suicide awareness training to support veterans

more from help for heroes


autistic people your views welcome


Opportunity for free suicide prevention awareness sessions



Suicide + co


Citizen UK

Living Wage for care workers – EMAIL MP


Make every contact count - RESOURCES


Kings Fund


you called ...we came”


open wounds - online


Treating causes not symptoms: Basic Income as a public health measure

Integrated care and district councils: what underpins success?

Could a wellbeing economy approach transform the NHS?

Transformative, not tokenistic: the patient voice in integrated care systems

Beyond ‘bad admin’ exploring what great admin looks like and how it can be achieved

Understanding lived experience and intersectionality

Two-thirds of GPs refuse to register homeless patients

Life expectancy of minority ethnic learning disabled people is half that of white counterparts

Bisexual people experience worse health outcomes than other adults in England, national study finds

Building community health and care capacity: reflections from other countries

Improving integrated commissioning in health and social care

How can we move care closer to home?

Systems for Change: a whole-system approach


Improving care for people with learning disabilities and autism

Back to basics – understanding lived experience and intersectionality in health and care

Kevin Fenton: “Racism is a major public health challenge”


Reimagining the welfare state

caring in a complex world

The hidden problems behind delayed discharges and their costs

The preventative state: rebuilding our local, social and civic foundations

Tackling obesity: improving policy making on food and health

Black maternal health

Struggling to be heard: understanding the experience of disabled people in England

Not a ‘nice to have’ – the importance of working with people and communities

Acute inpatient mental health care for adults and older adults


Celebrate 75 years of the NHS with our new online course

Delivering meaningful patient involvement: the MTG's guide for integrated care systems


Better housing for better health

Supporting people with a learning disability and autistic people to live happier, healthier, longer lives: bitesize guide for local systems


Three surprising trends in adult social care

The radical reform that's been staring the NHS in the face

How does the NHS compare to international health systems?


Working with the VCSE as system partners – from warm words to actions


Gen Z mental health: The impact of tech and social media

A natural health service: improving lives and saving money


How can we reduce health inequalities for people living with sickle cell disorder?

Supporting digital inclusion in health care

New podcast: health inequalities and climate change

Has the Women’s Health Strategy listened to what women really need

Odds stacked against it: how social care struggles to compete with supermarkets on pay

New horizons: what can England learn from the professionalisation of care workers in other countries

poverty and the health and care system

There’s no such thing as a new public policy idea, just a new name

Towards a new partnership between disabled people and health and care services: getting our voices heard

Reading the signals: maternity and neonatal services in East Kent – the report of the independent investigation

Where does the buck stop

What are health inequalities

What does it take to ensure partnerships succeed

Poverty, poor-quality housing and health inequalities

The Health and Care Act 2022 – what does it mean for trusts and foundation trusts

A community-powered NHS: making prevention a reality

Working in partnership with people + communities: statutory guidance

What should partnering with disabled people look like

Women in prison + mental health + poverty + strokes +

The impact of body image + live-in care workers in London + modern slavery + strength based approach +

What is a population health approach

How should the health and care system act on poverty

NHS wants to stop ‘reinventing the wheel’ and involve public in digitisation

New podcast: Supporting refugee and migrant health care in England

Health Management and Policy Alert: 26 July 2022

including human rights concerns regarding people in care

Putting patients first: championing good practice in combatting digital health inequalities

A picture of health Bridging the gap between physical and mental healthcare in adult mental health inpatient settings

The Health and Care Act 2022: the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead

What can be done to tackle LGBTQ+ health inequalities

Acting on the evidence: ensuring the NHS meets the needs of trans people

The cost of poor housing by tenure in England


Health Management and Policy Alert: 20 July 2021

Including reforming the MHA: government response to consultation

Not listening to us – Wendy


Understanding integration: how to listen to and learn from people and communities


Health and Wellbeing Bulletin

Including poor health + housing + obesity + bad roads


Health Management and Policy Alert: 10 September 2021

Including Home for all


What is needed to reduce ethnic minority health inequalities

How much longer and further are health inequalities set to rise


How will integrated care systems work under the Health and Care Bill

Including details of a free course “an introduction to leading with kindness and compassion in health + social care


The power of those small acts of kindness

The WHO Prison Health Framework: a framework for assessment of prison health system performance

within local communities

How does the UK's health care performance compare internationally

Anchor institutions must re-imagine how public bodies immerse themselves within local communities + partnering is a verb

The cost of poor housing in England

Left behind: a decade of intergenerational unfairness

Invisible women: understanding women’s experiences of long-term imprisonment

Care Quality Commission's reply to the Joint Committee on Human Rights about protecting human rights in care settings

Listen: Tackling health inequalities head on through integrated care

Your health and care explained update

New podcast: What is the Health and Care Bill and why does it matter

Restraint, segregation and seclusion review: progress report

From harm to hope: a 10-year drugs plan to cut crime and save lives

Integrated care systems and social care: the opportunities and challenges

If integrated care cannot tackle inclusion health, we should all be worried

New explainer: How does the system hear from communities

Robot performs first laparoscopic surgery without human help

Local government public health funding: putting the jigsaw together without the picture on the box


What could provider collaboratives look like

Not really outcome-based commissioning? Certainly not people commissioning? – Wendy


Local health systems: relationships not structures

Systemic racism, not broken bodies: an inquiry into racial injustice and human rights in UK maternity care

How does the NHS in England work and how is it changing

Mental Health Act reform: race and ethnic inequalities

ADPH highlights link between gambling and suicide

Nature-based physical activity as an early intervention for teenagers

Introducing integrated care systems: joining up local services to improve health outcomes

Health and Wellbeing Bulletin

Interoperability is more than technology

housing our ageing population


New podcast: Stafford Scott on community activism

Poverty and the health and care system: The role of data and partnership in bringing change

Austerity 2.0: why it’s critical for our health that the government learns the lessons of Austerity 1.0

Challenging the mental health crisis: how Universal Basic Income can address youth anxiety and depression

Global report on health equity for persons with disabilities

What can data tell us about the health of the nation?

Making retirement living affordable: the role of shared ownership housing for older people

Home is at the heart of inclusion health – here's why

LGBTQ+ staff and patients deserve better from the NHS

Tech transformation disrupts leadership styles


Joint Committee on the Draft Mental Health Bill +

This report states the reform process needs to continue beyond the draft Bill in the direction of more rights-led legislation that respects patient choice


Standing back from The Hewitt Review: six key take-aways

suggesting more power to the people ? - Wendy


Healthy Communities Together


Those who dare: thinking differently about the health and care workforce – 4-5 October


11 – 12 October


Ask for a free place ? - our voices matter – Wendy

18 October

1-2 November

7- 8 November

From listening to action: putting the voices of people and communities at the heart of health and care – 21 – 22 November


Natasha Devon


Westminster Health Forum - WHF -policy conference – PROVIDE FREE SPACES – JUST APPLY

30 October


Who cares 4 the carers

A relaxation technique to help you


Carers UK



People’s theatre


Camden people’s theatre


Degenerate Fox Theatre

£5 tickets


Underground lights


Brixton House




Somerset House

Art. Process. Ideas.


Somerset House Studios


Watermans – events

£6 Mondays are back


Exchange – Twickenham



Marsh Farm Outreach


Common Wealth




Haldane society of socialist lawyers


Law centre Network

South West London Law centre


Leigh Day




Law for life


High pay centre


4 day working week

video explaining 4-day week




Platform London


Basic Income UK


Treating causes not symptoms

Video of launch for treating causes not symptoms: basic income as a public health measure


UBI gives people the chance to make their own choices, to make decisions for themselves, their communities, their households, their lives and their futures

UBI does everything from sharing out problems, to delivering a feminist vision to tackling the climate emergency, to stopping benefit traps

It does all those things, but ultimately UBI is democracy

Baroness Natalie Bennett


Every step we take towards a Basic Income will liberate power in the hands of the citizen

Paddy Ashdown



Andy Burnham joins call for basic income trial

Report from Manchester University

How universal basic income can tackle anxiety + depression

Extending Welsh Universal basic income pilot to heavy industrial workers


Here’s how we do it


Welsh basic income pilot have been published

In a statement from Jane Hutt, Minister for Social Justice

The pilot will be targeted at care leavers

All young people leaving care that turn 18 over a 12 month period starting this summer will be invited to participate

That is expected to be about 500 people

Participants will receive the payments for 24 months starting from the month after their 18th birthday

A £1,600 a month basic income will be paid each month


Universal basic income motion passed by Richmond Council


69% of people in Wales support basic income pilots

Stockton, California who released incredible results from the experiment there

Start your own Basic Income Conversation today – TOOLKIT

We've urged ministers to back basic income for mental health – Peace of mind project

Let's make Basic Income a reality – PETITION

The Basic Income Conversation is growing... here's how

Universal Credit cut: now is the time for basic income

Last week the £20 Universal Credit uplift was cut.

5.8 million people claim Universal Credit in England, Scotland and Wales. Overnight, their incomes fell by £1,000 a year.

If they’d had a basic income, they wouldn’t have been plunged into precarity.

Now is the time for a basic income.

There are thousands of people across the UK working to make that clear.


How do we pay for a basic income

Email mp asking them to join CPPLG

NEW REPORT: Results of our Basic Income Month

Understanding the impacts of a basic income

Can you help get candidates across the UK to support UBI trials

Tackling Poverty: The power of a universal basic income

Record low poverty at no net cost

The most common question that we get asked in the Basic Income Conversation is “How would we pay for this”

As of today we can say, “You don’t. It doesn’t have to cost the public purse anything.”

Our new paper lays out a fiscally neutral scheme that involves no additional calls on the public finances and no net increase in taxation: the cost of the extra payments would be exactly offset by the extra revenue from internal changes in tax rates and National Insurance Contributions

The gains of this modest scheme are concentrated among the poorest income groups, and the gains are incredible:


Child poverty falls by more than a half taking

it to below the historic level achieved in 1977


Working-age poverty falls by just over a quarter


Pensioner poverty falls by 54%

This takes the level of pensioner poverty to well below the lowest post-1961 rate of 14% in the early 1980s.


The Gini coefficient – a measure of inequality – falls by 12.5%, taking it back towards the peak equality achieved in the 1970s.

Despite the scale of the current crises, we keep being told that our problems are too big, too complex, there are too many obstacles, and it’s just too expensive to take care of people


The human cost of our problems is unfathomably and heartbreakingly big.

The cost of transforming people’s lives is not.

Thanks to this paper, we’re laying out exactly why and how implementing a basic income is eminently doable.

How can a modest basic income cut poverty by half

Is basic income a vote winner


Listen Now: A Basic Income Special


Winning the vote with a universal basic income: Evidence from the 'red wall


ask for universal basic income with Sadiq Khan + Andy Burnham +


Back to work” budget – March 2023

does not describe conditions to help people live fruitful, productive, and dignified lives

It describes expanding and strengthening punitive work search requirements and sanctions

This budget chooses to double down on sanctions despite the vast majority of evidence showing they do not help people find work and instead damages our health


Indeed we expect the DWP's own research shows this to be true

but ministers have blocked the release of this "sensitive" information


We know our social security system is leading people to early graves with over 300,000 excess deaths from 2012-19

largely attributable to UK Government austerity measures


Despite that harrowing truth


this government is making people more vulnerable when claiming benefits, not less


We don’t need tinkering around the edges, we need a new economic settlement


One that guarantees financial stability to all of our citizens


One that treats us fairly


One that uses evidence to build a system that makes the people that use it more secure, happier and healthier


An unconditional basic income would reverse the brutal culture of sanctions that has gripped our social security system for too long


How do we get there?


We explore the alternatives and make sure we are heard


We bring people together, convene and converse, on how different things can be


We are the experts on what our communities need and should be a key part of the decision making process about policies designed to support us


We published a report with Deputy Leader of the Green Party and London Assembly Member, Zack Polanski


This report outlines how communities can build their own basic income pilots, together


How they can design projects to produce evidence on basic income that can be used to build a social security system that's the best it can be


Involving Londoners in a basic income pilot


Our proposal for a community led basic income pilot in Jarrow and Grange, East Finchley




The world transformed

universal basic income discussion

community land trusts

Basic income + our mental health


Newsletter of the European Network for the Fair Sharing of Working Time


Invite your MP to the #FlexforAll briefing


Universal Credit



Parents against child exploitation

Watch our new film about spotting the signs of child exploitation

Safeguarding training – perhaps ask for a free space

Video – towards hope

Believe in yourself and your children: one parents story

Read Hidden In Sight, a national plan of action to help support vulnerable children succeed. Self-Care tips from a parent going through CSE

Read a mother shares her story, "PS I Love You"

Child Exploitation Awareness Day 2023



Transform Justice

Prosecuting mental health – accountability or criminalisation

A different understanding How the CJS discriminates against those with autism

When should a family dispute end up in court

Barely legal - The experience of remote tribunal hearings

The forgotten people - Prisoners on remand in the pandemic

Does L&D stop the revolving door of police custody

Does diversion from court have an image problem

Computer says yes – you will pay a fine and get a criminal record

Swipe right to plead guilty

Children imprisoned on remand – the stark reality of racial bias

Survey for magistrates

Only by radically shrinking the magistrates’ court can the Crown Court backlog be reduced

Is justice for victims always criminal justice

Does the defendant in the magistrates’ court get a fair hearing

Making child remand a last resort

Do people who get in trouble with the law deserve double punishment

Independent domestic violence advocates in specialist courts – a backfire effect

Is imprisonment before trial the result of poor risk assessment

Keeping the wheels of justice turning – magistrates’ views on justice in the pandemic

Child defendants in the pandemic – did courts make the right compromises to keep the wheels of justice turning

podcast – The single justice procedure has been used to decide Covid cases – despite evidence of at least a 10% error rate – and is now being used to decide outcomes for protestors prosecuted after attending the Sarah Everard vigil

This single justice procedure affects women more than men

Will harsher sanctions reduce assaults on police and NHS workers

out of sight, out of mind – defendant’s experience of video court hearings

Can assaults on police and NHS workers be avoided in the first place

A recipe for confused policing New drug strategy laced with problems

The Transform Justice Podcast – Episode Recap

Should lawyers pay more attention to client feedback

The myth that tough sanctions deter crime – revealed by the Sentencing Council

Judicial bias – opening pandora’s box

Tis but a scratch” – bravado, policing and assaults

False imprisonment: do we over-use police custody

Should school non-attendance be treated as a crime

Should victims prosecute crimes against them?

Should we imprison people for being a pain in the neck?

HMCTS was forewarned about the risk of digital courts

Behind close doors – is justice ‘seen to be done’?

Close to home: the case for localising criminal justice

join court watch


Court Watch


Equal Justice USA


Sign the petition and tell President Biden to fulfill his promise to clear the federal death row.

How This Minneapolis Man Is Healing Collective Trauma Through Creative Counseling and Mentoring

Trauma informed training attempts to bridge gap between Newark residents + cops

A model for police + community relations

An up-close portrait of the people doing violence intervention work

New nonprofit uses yoga to address Black men’s mental health

When You Hear Me, You Hear Us

An amazing kind video

Community-based violence prevention works, but it needs sustained support

Trauma to trust programme

Remarkable Women

Trauma to trust

The Future of Public Safety is Now

Alternatives to Police and Prisons: Activists Share How to Better Address Violence

NO Executions in Kentucky – ACTION



Truth, justice + accountability

Progress on the legal aid for inquests campaign



Leon – Nadia – Sam – Matthew -Zoe – Marshall – Jane – Sammy – Coco – Trevor – Shane – Abdul – Lamont – Andrew – Steven – Gavin – Jason – Micheal – Jack – Alex

including connection cafes


Deaths of racialised people in prison 2015 – 2022: Challenging racism and discrimination

Black men seven times more likely to die following police restraint but racism not being addressed

Family Consultation Day report on deaths of people with mental ill health, a learning disability or autism


INQUEST News ⚖️ on challenging state violence & justice campaigns

other events

NO MORE DEATHS: Join our campaign to fix the accountability gap following preventable state related deaths

INQUEST News ⚖️ on challenging state violence & justice campaigns

including petition


Justice – EVENTS


Restorative justice 4 all


The Howard League

Less crime, safer communities, fewer people in prison


Stop building women's prisons – EMAIL MP

focussed on reducing the unnecessary arrests of women reducing child arrests and ending the criminalisation of children in care


Changing outcomes for Black people in the criminal justice system


"Nobody really cares about prisons"

Arrests of children have been reduced by 74% over the last decade, in another major step forward for our successful campaign.


Since 2010, the Howard League for Penal Reform has been working with police forces across England and Wales to reduce child arrests, helping to ensure that hundreds of thousands of boys and girls do not have their lives blighted by a criminal record.


We campaign on a wide range of issues including children in the criminal justice system, change inside prisons, community sentencing + policing

We have an in-house expert legal team who represent children in custody.

We strive to minimise the human suffering and social harms that are both causes of crime and consequences of punishment.

We stand for constructive forms of justice that contribute to building a safer, fairer society.

We stand against abuse and mistreatment and all forms of discrimination in the criminal justice system.


Prisons create conflict, put a strain on the police and hospitals and thwart human potential – they simply do not work.

Sadly, the government are planning on expanding our already over-crowded prison population.

The recently published Prisons strategy white paper has dedicated £4 billion to new prions places, with the Ministry of Justice’s own projections predicting the population to reach almost 99,000 over the next five years.


International Women’s Day

A day in the community where we celebrate and empower women.

Unfortunately, for women in prison, today won’t be a day for celebrations.

There were almost 5,000 receptions of women into prison last year, and more than half of them were for women on remand.

Too many women are being swept up into the justice system when it is not necessary or appropriate.

Most women in prison have a history of childhood abuse or trauma, they need a safe space and support.


Prison life during the pandemic

International Women's Day and other news

Commission on Crime and Gambling Related Harms

Criminal justice lessons from across the globe


Vincent Schiraldi on probation, parole and the rise of mass supervision in the US - 26 October


In the last year, prisoners self-harmed at a rate of once every 10 minutes

17 August 2022


Spark Inside

report on young people's well-being in prison



User Voice



Koestler Arts

Being creative has helped me survive my prison sentence”


Announcing our UK Exhibition Dates 🎨

3 November – 17 December


art behind bars – Stephen



2023 Koestler Awards Results Announced 💫

An Exciting Autumn Ahead at Koestler Arts🎨



Businesses back criminal records reform



Abdullah al-Derazi and Youssef al-Manasif - PETITION

Abuses against children in UK-funded prisons – PETITION

women’s football v men’s football

Mohammed bin Salman in London – PETITION




Rainbow Migration





Staff were hostile towards gay people”



Stop the attack on trans rights – EMAIL MP

ban conversion therapy – EMAIL MP

history hub 🌈

stand up for the equality act – EMAIL MP

Happy Pride Month! 🏳️‍🌈

Lace Up and Keep It Up! ⚽

Flag anti-LGBTQ+ hate incidents with Zoteria!

Send a postcard to Rishi Sunak


Decolonising futures



My queer brothers and sisters need your help – PETITION


ban conversion therapy in India – PETITION

ban conversion therapy Bangladesh - PETITION

Sareh + Elham – PETITION

Take this simple step to fight FIFA's hypocrisy – PETITION

Tunisia: Trans woman Maya arrested – PETITION

Burundi – PETITION +

SIGN NOW: Call for the recognition of same-sex partnerships and marriage equality in Poland!

Sign now for same-sex partnerships in Ukraine


Gay Chechen refugee in danger – PETITION


Sign to ban "conversion therapy" in Sri Lanka

Petition: Indonesia needs your voice to ban “conversion therapies”

Tell Polish officials to stop attacking LGBT+ children

Emergency: Help Russian trans community seek asylum – PETITION

Stop Netanyahu’s anti lgbtq+ legislation – PETITION


pink washing


Equality act Japan


Liberty – know your rights

how well do you know your rights - FREE BOOKLET

why the ECHR matters – video + campaign


Demand real alternatives to policing – ACTION

speak up for human rights – PETITION

protest rights at risk – again – PETITION

The Asylum Seeker Memorial Project

New protest laws - what you need to know

You do not have to donate when signing a petition – petitions are free to sign

Email MP to protect our rights

URGENT PETITION: save the Human Rights Act

tell the government to stop the attacks on our democratic rights

facial recognition – petition


In many respects the Government’s plans laid out in the Queen’s Speech are even worse than anticipated

They include:

A so-called ‘Bill of Rights’

which would scrap the Human Rights Act and remove obligations on public bodies like local councils and government departments to treat people fairly

A Public Order Bill

which would force through the anti-protest measures that our mass public resistance defeated just a few months ago, such as criminalising ‘lock-on’ protests

A National Security Bill

handing state security services even more power and potentially threatening the work of journalists who uncover dark truths

Even after it suffered stinging defeats in the last Parliament, the Government is returning to force through unwanted and unpopular policies


"Disturbing" misconduct by immigration custody staff revealed

this is not who we are – PETITION

Breaking international law five times – PETITION

Tell the Prime Minister - not in our name

The Met's eye-watering legal bill

Our Human Rights Information Line

Secret facial recognition tech revealed




Black lives matter


Fighting NHS Charging – What can you do now


Big brother watch

email CO-OP CEO

Ban Hikvision

Why is PayPal trying to silence activists

our digital rights – EMAIL MP

Secret units SPYING on your speech

🎥 Whistleblower: 'army spied on UK citizens'


The police are after our biometric data again


Documenting the rise of facial recognition in the UK

Edward +Annie + David + Jeffrey + Thomas

🎥 Inside the post-Snowden legal challenges

The HIDDEN costs of a digital pound – EMAIL MP

Stop the Met Police using facial recognition surveillance - PETITION

Minister meddled in facial recognition probe

2 October

9 October


NETPOL – the network for police monitoring

Black Lives Matter protest – VIDEO

new report condemns "revenge policing" and calls for scrapping new police powers




Bhatt Murphy Solicitors

defending civil liberties


Public interest law centre

Spycops in CND: Request for information


Good Law project

Government’s costs

They want to silence criticism

Boris Johnson misled Parliament

Misuse of public money

They want to silence dissent

What have they got to hide

They want to block public interest

This is not the Britain we should be




REVEALED: The names of those who referred Covid testing firms into the “VIP” lane

5 billion pounds tax payers money ? - Wendy


Fair square


Other information sources


the voice

We need urgent action on Black mental health’


Mozilla – internet health 2022 – reclaiming power over AI




the tech we won’t build – podcast

including weaponisation of social media + GOOGLE involvement with military


when an algorithm is your boss – podcast

gig economy – if you are a minute late with a delivery you are banned from working for 2 days with some deliver apps



coop cycle




for workers collectives


AI from above – podcast

The truth is out there – podcast

about misinformation industry – which affects elections + dark social media


The AI medicine cabinet


Does This Button Work? Investigating YouTube's ineffective user controls



Unknown influencers

Is Instagram fueling eating disorders in teenagers

Does TikTok harm your mental health

Are Facebook groups encouraging people to take part in offline violence
The answer is… we don’t know for sure. And that’s a serious problem
Brave, independent researchers and whistleblowers are trying to study the impact and harms of social media companies on society - but they face constant threats and roadblocks

especially from the companies whose products they are trying to scrutinize

We know because Mozilla works with many of these journalists and academics to expose companies like YouTube, Twitter and TikTok

Delete Delete Can your boss read your Dms

The worst mental health apps for privacy

Discrimination lurks throughout our digital world

TRUTH Challenges, Changes Algorithmic Bias Against Black Women

AI Is Steeped in Big Tech’s ‘Digital Colonialism’

TikTok is misleading us – PETITION

Ask Microsoft if they're using our personal data to train its AI – PETITION


Full Fact

Smart meters do allow energy companies to cut you off remotely

Our democratic process is vulnerable—help strengthen and protect it


Toxic Bonds

What has India’s Adani Group now been accused of?


Declassified UK


The Democracy Collaborative

Sanders and McDonnell on community wealth

The “Preston model”

Land banks and community land trusts

Community wealth building as health building

Scotland’s guide to community wealth building

wealth supremacy – how extractive economy + the biased rules of capitalism drive today’s crises


Democracy next

How to assemble a Citizens' Assembly: a guide!

Barack Obama Discusses Citizens’ Assemblies

A Blueprint for the EU Citizens' Assembly 🇪🇺

🪜 Big questions, detailed answers: Our definitive How-To Guide to Citizens' Assemblies is here


Parkdale People’s Economy

Community wealth building comes to Scotland

How to Make a Democracy Economy

South Korea explores community wealth building

How NY can enter ‘a new era of public power’

A global beacon’ for community wealth

North Ayrshire Council in Scotland

a hunger for a new approach


Decolonising wealth project





Innovation is not designed to create happiness

It's designed a lot of the time to facilitate one's needs and desires, to stimulate desire and all of those kinds of things

It's certainly about doing all of that, but it's not about making the world better for people

And it's not about improving their lives in any way

It's about trying to actually create a world in which more profit is to be had



The one sector of government that doesn’t experience austerity is the military budget

To what degree is competition between states somehow rather related, tightly related, to the competition between capitalists


Cooperatives and socialism

cities after…

Office spaces as homes

Ask Prof Wolff: Is Nordic Socialism a Progressive Step

Swedish socialism undone

How Capitalism Shapes our Food

Ask Prof Wolff: Taxing Billionaires

Wolff Responds: Capitalism's False Defenses

All Things Co-op: Cuba's New Cooperative Legislation

Global Capitalism: The Problems with China's Economy

we learn about the psychology of control and domination

understand our personal connections to capitalism’s structure

All Things Co-op: Lessons from Venezuela’s Social Economy

Ask Prof Wolff: From Capitalism to Co-op

All Things Co-op: Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

technology under capitalism

Economic Update: Unaffordable Housing

The popular movement for peace needs to be rekindled

All Things Co-op: There Is An Alternative To Capitalism

Global Capitalism: The Socialism That Focuses Too Much on Government

Ask Prof Wolff: Capitalism Doesn’t Care About You

Coping with (and Resisting) Capitalism


Corporate watch


Tax Justice Network

The Whiteness of Wealth: podcast with Prof Dorothy Brown

Podcast: The capture of Malta and the fight for justice


"You need to be very strong

To do the job that she did you really have to be your own person

You couldn’t be the kind of person who worries what people might think of you, and you really have to say, no, I’m not going to adapt, I’m not going to fall into that mould

I’m going to break it and keep breaking.”


Paul Caruana Galizia


Pandora Papers shows transparency failure is an accountability failure

Podcast: Tax Haven Ireland

Jersey’s Pandora’s Boxes: The Tax Justice Network podcast

The Swiss banking clean-up is a mirage

Butler Britain: PODCAST

10 measures to expose sanctioned Russian oligarchs’ hidden assets

'Non Doms' unmasked: PODCAST

Podcast: Financial Secrecy Index 2022

Will you have to pay inheritance tax?

Tax Justice Network letter to King Charles III

Tax the mega rich now – PETITION

📡Podcast: monopolies and market power📡

📡PODCAST: spoiled pets and private jets📡

📡PODCAST: Who owns the climate crisis?📡

📡PODCAST: Drug War Myths, Part 1📡


Global tax rulemaker under fire after Australia pressured to delay global tax transparency breakthrough

World to lose $4.7 trillion to tax havens over next decade unless UN tax convention adopted, countries warned


24 October + 21 November + 5 December


Our tax system is broken – EMAIL MP


Tax Justice UK

Support President Biden’s proposal to stop global tax dodging – PETITION

Pandora Papers shows transparency failure is an accountability failure



In a world struggling with a cost of living crisis

recent research by

Oxfam and ActionAid

has shed light on a shocking reality


In 2021 and 2022 the world's 722 largest companies reaped windfall profits totalling a staggering $1 trillion annually


It couldn't be clearer that tackling the cost of living crisis requires a bold approach

This has to include higher taxes on both companies and the wealthy


The cost of living crisis affects ordinary individuals and families who struggle to make ends meet

as prices soar for essential goods and services

while wages struggle to keep pace


Meanwhile, wealthy corporations have seen their profits skyrocket during these challenging times

This discrepancy highlights the urgent need for systemic change

12 July 2023


6 wealth tax proposals


Tax Watch UK


Open Democracy



Eating disorder patients restrained by security guards


Women disproportionately affected by soaring Mental Health Act detentions

NHS failures contributed to death of trans activist Sophie Williams, coroner finds

The far right tried to profit off my story, says Telford sex ring survivor

Woman alleging police sexual abuse says inquiry is ‘lip service’


US surveillance firm’s charm offensive to UK councils and police forces

Exclusive: Cops share dozens of photos of dead bodies and crime scenes

information obtained using Freedom of Information act – Wendy


Forget GDP growth, it’s sustainable wellbeing we need to aim for


Who is Elly Schlein, the first woman and LGBTIQ+ leader of Italy’s left?

Hungary’s latest target: Trans people

LGBTIQ people face life in prison under Uganda’s new bill


Calls for US anti-rights groups to face action over Uganda anti-gay law

Americans are rejecting religion as the Christian right becomes more extreme



information obtained using Freedom of Information act – Wendy


Afghan refugees fear homelessness as landlords ‘refuse to rent’ to them


9 ways the NHS could be improved for trans people

Whenever capitalism gets into crisis, it's women's bodies on the line


Chilean anti-abortion groups fight to keep donors secret

Indigenous women lead battle for land rights in Argentina

It left a scar on me’: Locked up in the UK’s women-only immigration centre

Facebook’s contractor forced me to work alongside my rapist’

How the UK government is undermining the Freedom of Information Act

90% of Met officers disciplined for racism still work for force

Met Police officers kept jobs after sending racist and sexist messages

Revealed: Police began monitoring ‘social justice’ activity after BLM protests

Racism in UK maternal care: ‘Why aren’t we being listened to’

Revealed: Taxpayers fork out £8m to subsidise Lords’ food and drink

The post-Roe v Wade crisis can only end if Democrats restore our rights

The US Christian Right groups actively involved in voter suppression

Revealed: Landlords’ lobbying ahead of Sunak U-turn on green homes

Revealed: UK private tenants hit by record annual rent hikes

Landlords urged to ‘take advantage’ of soaring rents in ‘grotesque’ email