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"Most days now I eat once a day. If there is not enough, I will have cereal or a slice of toast as my growing children are a priority. Last month they needed new coats that had to come first."

Faye – Trussell Trust




Sireena + Ethan


Angel + Sybil + Fikile + Roman + Melta +

Oh how we love our cheap strawberries – all year round ? Do they taste sweet ? - Wendy










The right to Land is a human right!


The garden as refuge: The restorative power of green spaces and nature


There’s this misconception that anarchism means chaos

But the term means ‘without rulers.’

We don’t expect people to organize for us

We organize for ourselves.”

Jen Angel




We have made a petition – it has five supporters


The wording was not approved – so we have agreed amended wording – the UK petition is now published


Electro convulsive treatment appears to be banned in some parts of Australia


There is an international petition which has got over 131 000 signatures

Our petition –
original wording

Ban Electro convulsive treatment which is a sexist practice + causes great harm


Electro convulsive treatment is a human rights abuse + must stop now


Campaign Against ECT Gains Traction in UK


MPs call for ban on electric shocks as mental health treatment


Am I invisible ?

Why are we stuck in hospital ?

Nobody listened to me


Number of autistic people in mental health hospitals: latest data

'Barbaric': Hundreds with learning disabilities kept locked up for years

Problem linked to local councils + housing? - Wendy


Have your say – Barnes Hospital site


Dispatches : hospital undercover Are they safe?



We have published the latest data set showing human rights abuse within the Mental Health system – please see below + the website for further details


Revealed: Housing associations urged ministers to let them increase rents

Tax Haven Money in London Real Estate

community land trust – housing affordable


Healthy foundations: integrating housing as part of the mental health pathway


community powered NHS – animation

Insane trade


The real Tragedy of the Commons

We can reset the paradigm

We can move away from hyper-individualised accounts of people 'out for themselves' and work on creating the societal conditions for a community led approach

including Tolworth

The story of broke

First they came for…

Thank you EHRC

A community-powered NHS: making prevention a reality


time for Community power act

LBRUT should follow Hartlepool’s lead?


Camden Health + care citizen’s assembly

LBRUT should follow Camden’s lead?


Achieving food security through land reform


A future for all of us …


People power – love not hate


Human rights


Learning from other countries – energy


NHS paying £2bn a year to private hospitals for mental health patients

We could do so much with that money – Wendy


open dialogue


Inquiry investigates deaths of 1,500 NHS mental health patients in Essex

Not just Essex? - Wendy




Where we are born into privilege, we are charged with dismantling any myth of supremacy.

Where we are born into struggle, we are charged with reclaiming our dignity, joy and liberation.”


Adrienne Maree Brown


Why solidarity matters


Solidarity does not assume that our struggles are the same struggles, or that our pain is the same pain, or that our hope is for the same future.

Solidarity requires commitment, and work, as well as the recognition that even if we do not have the same feelings, or the same lives, or the same bodies, we do live on common ground”


Sara Ahmed


5 steps to a Green New Deal


Can randomly selected citizens govern better than elected officials


The law in 60 seconds – legal aid for inquests video


Hillsborough law – duty of candour - would this help with our Freedom of information requests


Cannabis, ketamine and speed to be decriminalised in London by Sadiq Khan


Sadiq Khan’s call to introduce rent freezes in London is growing after the mayor called for the bold policy proposal once more to help Londoners


A shorter working week for Europe


Children imprisoned on remand – the stark reality of racial bias


Combatting Structural Racism and Classism in Psychiatry: An Interview with Helena Hansen


Suman Fernando’s book Institutional racism in psychiatry + clinical psychology


Mental Health Act reform: race and ethnic inequalities


How Western Psychology Can Rip Indigenous Families Apart: An Interview with Elisa Lacerda-Vandenborn


People deprived of liberty due to misapplication of Mental Health + Capacity Acts


As a result of the Bournewood case the Mental capacity act came into being

The mental capacity act

Assume capacity

Best interest

Least restrictive

People can make what others would consider unwise decisions

Supported decision making

Capacity can easily be assessed

Can someone make a decision

Can they communicate the decision (not necessarily verbally)

Can they remember the decision



Restraint, segregation and seclusion review: progress report

Out of sight- who cares

Half of people with a learning disability and autistic people reluctant to provide feedback on care


The authority gap: why women still aren’t taken seriously

Women disproportionately affected by soaring Mental Health Act detentions

Pathologized Since Eve: Jessica Taylor on Women, Trauma, and “Sexy but Psycho”


Report Finds Monitoring of Electroshock Treatment Unsafe

New Study Finds ECT Ineffective for Reducing Suicide Risk

We can STOP ECT with lasting power of attorney


A straight-talking introduction to Psychiatric drugs – the truth about how they work + how to come off them – Joanna Moncrieff

Provide Tapering Strips for People Who Want to Withdraw Safely from Psychotropic Drugs

Petition by James Moore

Tapering strips

NICE Guideline Update Acknowledges Severe Antidepressant Withdrawal

Withdraw antidepressants gradually, says NICE draft guidance


NHS statistics show continuing rise in antidepressant prescribing

Lost Connections: Uncovering the Real Causes of Depression – and the Unexpected Solutions

How universal basic income can tackle anxiety + depression

Long-term antipsychotic use linked to breast cancer

Government review finds 10% of drugs dispensed in England are pointless

Sedated, How Modern Capitalism Created our Mental Health Crisis - James Davies +

CRACKED – why psychiatry is doing more harm than good

Coronavirus and depression in adults, Great Britain: January to March 2021


Almost 4 in 10 adults earning less than £10,000 a year experienced depressive symptom compared with around 1 in 10 earning £50,000 or more”

The data shows what we know to be true: struggling with your mental health doesn’t happen in a vacuum.


Why not Diagnose Social Conditions Instead of Individual Symptoms

Council of Europe Releases Report to Promote Voluntary Mental Health Treatment

The WHO Calls for Radical Change in Global Mental Health


Strength based approach

Emotional CPR: Heart-Centered Peer Support

Website – Emotional CPR


How do we pay for a basic income


Welsh basic income pilot has been published

In a statement from Jane Hutt, Minister for Social Justice

The pilot will be targeted at care leavers

All young people leaving care that turn 18 over a 12-month period starting this summer will be invited to participate

That is expected to be about 500 people

Participants will receive the payments for 24 months starting from the month after their 18th birthday

A £1,600 a month basic income will be paid each month


Extending Welsh Universal basic income pilot to heavy industrial workers




A friend – walking for health

Thrive gardening charity

Castelnau Community Centre

Oliver Sacks

Suicide + co

Twickenham repair cafe – 3rd Saturday of each month 10:30 to 13:30

Together as one

Battersea Befriending Network

Ways to save money on bills

A life more wild

Ricky Reel

Disability student allowance

Pat Deegan

BBC radio 4 Is psychiatry working?

well-being courses at Kingston Adult Education

Lost souls poetry

A disorder 4 everyone

bipolar UK – Twickenham group

The power of now

Join Us | Crossroads Care Richmond & Kingston (

Senior Peer Support Worker | Age UK Richmond | | CharityJob


Peer Support Worker | Age UK Richmond | | CharityJob


Charity Peer support worker jobs near Richmond, Greater London |



£1 Concession Tickets for Kew Gardens

As part of their new 10-year strategy, Kew Gardens is committed to ensuring that cost is not a barrier to accessing their gardens in both Kew and Wakehurst.

They have introduced a new admission price of £1 for anyone on Universal Credit, Pension Credit or Employment and Support Allowance (ESA).

Visitors just need to present proof of their benefit on arrival to be eligible for the new concessionary ticket

Marble Hill House – FREE



SPEAR – St.Mungo – CDARS – We are with you – MIND – CAB - DWP

every Thursday 11am-1pm

Richmond library annex

quadrant road





Wild Mind Project

NEW LGBTQ+🌈 programme available for 11-15 year olds

How to connect with your community

Bird ID help: tits, finches and winter raptors

Will 2023 be the year of community-led repair?

How to ID Garden Birds by Sight and Sound

Spain and the Hispanic World' is now open

royal academy of art

Your gardening update from the RHS

Epic wetlands, an avian superhighway and beak quiz

Have you seen these six signs of spring?

Soak up Spanish culture in our landmark exhibition

Your gardening update from the RHS

Your ultimate guide to nest boxes

Join the RHS Big Seed Sow

Discover art from the American South

It’s here! Watch the Wild Isles trailer

New Deep Dive / Take Part in Totally Thames 2023 🌊🎉

Growing confidence through art and science

Discover our free collections

Souls Grown Deep like the Rivers

Entries are invited for the Arts Richmond Radio Plays Competition 2023 by 1 June

What's coming up in the Royal Parks

See 270,000 tulips bloom at RHS Garden Wisley

Water butts, wild lawns and working together

Your gardening update from the RHS

A Look Back At Our News & Content From 2016-2017 | Our Next Deep Dive

Update 🌍

How to sow, grow and plant for nature

What's new for May

Coming soon: London Design Biennale

South Downs News - May 2023 👑

Celebrate birdsong this Dawn Chorus Day

Your Grow Your Own news for May

How to switch to a broadband social tariff

Get ready for the Summer Exhibition 2023


Community based organisations + community recommended organisations


Listen to act





Create, Debate and Imagine a different local democracy

CITIZENS: Why the key to fixing everything is all of us

Bring your ideas to Notwestminster 2023


F.E.E.L. - Friends of East End Loonies




Surviving Antidepressants


A Caring Mind | A blog for carers of mental health


ADOODLE- community mapping


Poverty eradication organisations + self-expression


Tell Government Benefit sanctions do not work


Project 16:15


Right here

Community power act

Join our campaign team

The Community Power Act in full

Why Mayors aren't enough


Frame works UK


Joseph Rowntree foundation (JRF)


Talking about homes: the foundation for a decent life

23 May


UK Poverty 2023: The essential guide to understanding poverty in the UK


A bleak winter for struggling households and more

including events

Stark rise in people living in very deep poverty

From disability to destitution

Social justice in a digital age

The Invidious Hand: Social justice in the age of control


Making a house a home: Why policy must focus on the ownership and distribution of housing

New project launch: Talking about housing

NICE Guideline Update Acknowledges Severe Antidepressant Withdrawal


Why the Chancellor shouldn't cut Universal Credit

Including Economic (in)justice explainer video – A redesigned economy


Why we need a new conversation about social security

A Minimum Income Standard for the United Kingdom in 2021

Why we must #MakeJobsWork

The biggest overnight cut to the basic rate of social security since the Second World War

People living in social housing claiming Universal Credit are struggling to afford the essentials

Why we must #KeepTheLifeline and what you can do to help

House prices see their biggest annual rise in decades, and rents are up too

New analysis exposes impact of planned Universal Credit cut

Rashford targets a win on Universal Credit

what's causing structural racism in housing

it's going to be a “very difficult winter” for low-income families

less than a week for the Government to #KeepTheLifeline

Biggest ever overnight cut to social security makes a mockery of levelling up

Invest in social housing for almost 1 million families paying private rents they can't afford

Millions of low-income households pulled under by arrears while living costs rise

A tale of two Budgets for low-income families

A just transition to net zero is necessary, and key for maintaining public support

Paving the way for good jobs through participatory co-design

Including Navigating power dynamics within participatory projects + Where next for social security after recent Universal Credit announcements

Winning hearts and minds for decent, affordable housing

Families furthest below the minimum income standard excluded from social security gains

Inflation is pushing people deeper into poverty

Including housing ideas


Elections Bill could disenfranchise millions of voters


600,000 people pulled into poverty by Spring Statement


Benefits uprating analysis

JRF welcomes Chancellor's cost of living measures


Anxiety nation Economic insecurity and mental distress in 2020s Britain

Autumn Statement won't keep low-income households afloat as anxiety rises

Join JRF to support and grow economic and social futures that work for everyone

Going under and without: JRF's cost of living tracker, winter 2022/23

A framing toolkit: How to talk about homes

Guarantee our Essentials

Reboot: building a housing market that works for all

JRF's Budget response, the importance of ill health to the UK's labour market and more

talking about homes:the foundation for a decent life


designing out the most severe forms of hardship in local areas

Register your interest for Next Frontiers in Funding for a priority invitation – 11 July

Deepening poverty in Scotland, Essentials campaign and more in this months edition of the JRF Newsletter

including events – Wendy


Journey to justice project


addressing poverty with lived experience (APLE)


Allow all people to work flexibly if they want to – PETITION


Sign the petition: We need an emergency budget that boosts Universal Credit now


Trussell trust


People are calling for change


Why the design of Universal Credit is driving the need for food banks


What drove Steve to use a food bank

We are receiving an increasing number of referrals from people who are struggling after the unexpected happens, for example if someone’s car breaks down.

Living in a rural area such a Rutland means having a car is not a luxury, it's a necessity; so, you must pay out for the car to be fixed otherwise you can’t take the kids to school, or drive yourself to work, however this can mean there is just no money left for the food.

People are having to make very, very difficult decisions day in, day out – just to survive.

When people who are working full-time jobs still can't feed their families, it really highlights that income levels are not matching the rising cost of living.

It's not just price rises on fuel, or electricity and food but every which way you turn prices are going up, but if wages or benefits don’t increase accordingly how can people possibly be expected to cope”

Dee Burton – volunteer Rutland Foodbank

everyone should be able to afford the essentials – EMAIL MP

a letter to the Prime Minister

Food banks see busiest ever April to September

Autumn Statement: Benefits will increase, but April is too long to wait

Government debt drives people to food banks

Guarantee our Essentials


Universal Credit doesn't add up



"Most days now I eat once a day. If there is not enough, I will have cereal or a slice of toast as my growing children are a priority. Last month they needed new coats that had to come first."

Faye – Trussell Trust


Paying your energy bills: help is at hand


A Marshall Plan for People and Planet Starts with Africa’s Green Recovery

Communities in Africa trek for weeks to survive drought


National Survivors User Network (NSUN)


NSUN is a great organisation with a great newsletter …


You can sign up to it here.


NSUN's strategic direction: redistributing power and resource in mental health


This week’s newsletter


NSUN also has a directory page here


Extracts from the newsletters …

16 May

17 May


Listening space at Burton library 3rd + 5th Wednesday of the month


queer crip of colour critique reading group


Solidarity knows no border March – June


15 May

18 May – 16 November

22 May

25 May

31 May


NSUN authors chapter in new report on alternative solutions to serious youth violence


NSUN statement on NHSE's failure to publish joint policy with StopSIM


we call on NHS England to publish the joint StopSIM policy in full immediately


Open letter on self-harm and the Online Safety Bill: A call for caution, nuance, and care


Justice Won't Be Found In The Coroner's Court

An article by Wren Aves via Psychiatry Is Driving Me Mad


Secret DWP reports link more deaths with systemic flaws

An article by John Pring via the Disability News Service

It’s not my sense of self that's unstable, it’s the world’s sense of me: the harms of the construct of ‘personality disorders’ towards transgender communities
An article b
y Hattie Porter PsyArXic Preprints


Inequality and suicide
A report via Samaritans and the Suicide Prevention Consortium


Red Therapy collective – may day rooms


trans + non-binary peer support group – 2-4 pm third Monday


Single sex spaces: trans and non-binary service users’ experiences of single sex wards in mental health settings in England


peer support group for Punjabi women in Leeds age 55+ - 11 am forth Monday of each month in person



Approaching the question "What was madness before psychiatry?"

An article by Sasha Durakov Warren via Of Unsound Mind


We Are Not Weird “Others”: Lived-Experience Perspectives of Genital and Breast Self-Harm

An article by Wren Aves via Psychiatry is Driving Me Mad


Epistemic injustice and co-production
An article by Maddie via Co-Production Collective

Your Right to Protest As A Disabled Person
An article via Liberty.

Healing Imaginations
A new digital library of healing imaginations


Book Review – The Muslim, State and Mind

A book review by Leila via the NSUN blog


health is capitalism’s vulnerability”

An article by Megan Linton via briarpatch Magazine


mental health act

A podcast by Voices Heard, Lives Empowered via Soundcloud


are women really more mentally ill than men? As a psychologist , I’m not so sure

An article by Sanah Ahsan via the Guardian


full-time feminist, part time madwoman ….and striker – when + how ?

An article by Marta Plaza via Pikara Magazine


how I should be cared for in a mental health hospital
Resources by the Restraint Reduction Network


we call on NHS England to publish the joint StopSIM policy in full immediately

Too Much


Does my body count? Exploring the disordered eating experiences of the trans community



Lesbian and gay adults’ experiences of completing Dialectical Behavioural Therapy



UKTC & Peer Power


Sounddelivery media

amplify – understand – influence




London Friend

T - on – Tuesday


Reach out

surviving suicide peer to peer support art group


hand in hand peer travel buddy – mind Islington


Empire of Light – Sam Mendes exposes the links between psychiatric abuse and Britain’s colonialist legacy

A review by Colin Hambrook via Disability Arts Online


DWP’s link to suicide ‘should be examined by second inquest’, Court of Appeal is told
An article by John Pring via Disability News Service


advocacy academy


Galop launches the UK’s first ever LGBT+ Rape and Sexual Abuse Helpline



Lothlorien Therapeutic Community



The Muslim, State and Mind


If you would like to review the book for NSUN just let NSUN know


Suicide & Self-Harm Research North-West's Annual Conference

16 June



Stronger Things 2023 – Community Power: Making it happen – 23 May


Awareness-Raising Workshops for Communities


Death of a Customer: Deaths by Welfare Podcast

A podcast via Healing Justice Ldn.


Do you know of any groups, networks or individuals who do hospital visits for people on mental health wards?

If you know of anyone, or have any thoughts on this as an idea, please contact Wendy at with details (including whether the people you know of are region-/hospital-specific).

Please also copy in

if you wish.

Many thanks





Hear us – Croydon


Battersea Befriending Network






higher effect


Inclusion north


NHS trusts are still using harmful mental health practices, secret reviews show

report – funding grassroots mental health work

well-being workshops + events


Hold The Huntercombe Group/Active Care Group accountable for the harm of patients - PETITION

Call for a Statutory Public Inquiry into Psychiatric Units Throughout the Whole of the UK - PETITION

Fighting for Justice - Families calling for a Statutory Public Inquiry into MH Services – PETITION


Disabled Peoples' Organisations


MH reform must go further : MPS + Peers are told

Article by John Pring via Disability News Service


support for user-led plan to replace universal credit .. + treat all claimants with respect

Article by John Pring via Disability News Service


Can stigma help to eradicate poverty?
An article by Dr China Mills via the Joseph Rowntree Foundation


My personality is not disordered, and neither is my gender. Response to: Evaluation of personality disorders in patients with Gender Identity Disorder (GID)

An article by Hattie Porter, Jay Watts and Jee Smith via PsyArXiv Preprints



free our people now new campaign + network

Simone Aspis - Free Our People Now Project Manager on

or 07749 892 843


over the Ting initiative

Please contact Chuks Agu for dates/times of meetings - or 07360149283


good mental health is an art


Decolonising Futures series

Video series by Decolonising Economics on racial hierarchies, collective healing, disability justice, and economics of queerness


Report on draft mental health bill by peers and MPs ‘is seriously flawed’

An article by John Pring via Disability News Service


state violence + distress – the false separation between migrant justice + mental health

Blog by Rose Ziaei via NSUN


why health inequalities need to be addressed for the specific community

Blog by Sukhjeen Kaur via Shaping Our Lives


trauma-informed care left me more traumatised than ever

Blog by Wren Aves via Psychiatry is Driving Me Mad


the police failed my cousin – Gaia Pope – 5 years on, others like her are still at risk

Article by Marienna Pope-Weidemann via The Guardian


DWP dismisses 300 pages of evidence linking its actions with countless deaths

Article by John Pring via Disability News Service


help us document evidence of welfare – related death


Barriers to Mental Health Support for People of Colour and Migrants

Article by Micha Frazer-Carroll via NSUN


Mental Health and the Politics of Exhaustion in the UK Asylum Process


Blog post by Tianne Haggar via University of Oxford's Border Criminologies


New podcast – lived experience work: anti-racism & mental health


E158 Rianna Walcott: The Colour of Madness

Podcast by Surviving Society


What it feels like inside the work – politicised somatics and racial justice

An article by Alex Augustin via Healing Justice Ldn


Peer Chat with Vikki Price: Developing Peer Roles

A podcast episode via Making Recovery Real

The politics of LGBT+ suicide and suicide prevention in the UK: risk, responsibility and rhetoric

An article by Hazel Marzetti,Amy Chandler,Ana Jordan and Alexander Oaten via Taylor & Francis Online


Planetary Dysregulation, Capitalism, & Healthcare

An audio series via Urban Health Council


Alternatives to mental health crisis support: are we asking the right questions?

An article by Akiko Hart via the NSUN blog.


Community accountability peer support hub (CASH)

Are you in groups that are trying to move away from punishment as a way of dealing with problems in society

Do you think that it’s important for your group to deal with harms that happen to people within the group
It can feel easier to hope for a neat solution, in the form of a person or people, who can parachute into a situation and 'fix' it for us.

While this might be understandable — this stuff is hard — this treats community accountability like a service that can be provided for us rather than community-led and community-created processes or a set of shared values and practices that we build together.

Join us to talk about the impetus to “outsource” community accountability work, why this should be resisted, and how we all can integrate community accountability into our everyday organising.


MIND should include side effects in their research surveys - PETITION


alternative support resource list – Asylum


rainbow of promise: Poetry book


Call to action – catalyst 4 change


Unpicking the complex dynamics of racism, anti-Blackness and class within mental health services

Article by Mental Health Today via LinkedIn ft. Mary Sadid from NSUN


The Communication and Restraint Reduction Study


Whiteness as a chemical restraint in statutory guidance of the Mental Health units (Use of Force) Act 2018 – a tribute to Seni’s law + Aijibola Lewis

Blog by Colin King via NSUN


Why don’t they ask us The role of communities in levelling up – Institute for Community Studies


Provide Tapering Strips for People Who Want to Withdraw Safely from Psychotropic Drugs

Petition by James Moore


Tapering strips


NICE Guideline Update Acknowledges Severe Antidepressant Withdrawal


Petition to Scrap Care Charges Inclusion London


StopSIM Coalition Petition


Coronavirus and depression in adults, Great Britain: January to March 2021


Almost 4 in 10 adults earning less than £10,000 a year experienced depressive symptom compared with around 1 in 10 earning £50,000 or more”

The data shows what we know to be true: struggling with your mental health doesn’t happen in a vacuum.


New website – For Women


Benefits Calculator – Turn2us


entitled to


The state of disability benefit assessments and the urgent need for reform - #peoplebefore process


Write to your MP


The Public Law Project


The Good Lobby


Social Change Initiative


Guidance on community mental health services: Promoting person-centred and rights-based approaches


World Health Organisation (WHO) – NSUN’s response


Lived Experience Practioners Revolution - New Website


universal credit: what needs to change to make it fit for children and families


Mental Health Act: Call for "unequivocal commitment " to improve access to advocacy

Disability Benefits Research 2021 – Survey


Update on FOI Requests: Who's Ballin' & Who's Stallin


To Solve Britain’s Mental Health Crisis, We Must Fundamentally Change Society

Article by Mark Brown via Novara Media – Listen to the piece here


I am not your critical friend

Blog by Akiko hart via Charity so White


Charity so white




Graceful resolve: Attitudes for navigating a psychological crisis

Article by Amy Pollard via Centre for Mental Health


How can I speak up when you can hold me down Restrictive practice on an acute ward – an inpatient perspective

Blog by MiserySquid via Mad Covid


A Little Raw Around the Edges

Podcast with Rai Waddingham via Mad Tunes Podcast


Disability strategy is unlawful, court confirms… and denies DWP permission to appeal

Article by John Pring via Disability News Service


Sometimes I want to be unreasonable

Blog via Mad Covid


Free advice – for upholding adults' Health and Care Act rights




+ Jobs + Funding + MUCH MUCH MORE


Build Back Fairer in Greater Manchester: Health Equity and Dignified Lives


Survivor Researcher Network (SRN)


Inclusion London

Tell your MP to restore Disabled people’s rights

Protect Everyone Bill – EMAIL MP

Take Action and abolish the tax on disability – EMAIL MP

Government rule changes on social care cap hits poorest hardest – EMAIL MP

UNCRDP Westminster Government civil society shadow report sign up

URGENT – Email your MP to help avoid catastrophic care costs

Help Disabled people survive the cost of living crisis – write to your MP

Disability Justice Project

Take action to stop energy companies from imposing prepayment meters on disabled people – EMAIL MP


Shaping our lives

latest including why participatory budgeting works

Could you write for Disney or the BBC?

Campaigns, conferences, co-production, and more

Conference speaker notes, copro resources and more

Including EMAIL MP

Diverse City guest blog, Disability History Month, + more

Tips for organising inclusive events

New poetry, film reviews, funding for artists

We are not hard to reach - new articles from our conference, and more

Read our guest author blog by Lorna Collins

All things involvement, co-production, and inclusion

Fantastic opportunities for creatives

Culture clash or the perfect match?


Free online workshops for writers - 5 June + 3 July


National Voices

A briefing for Integrated Care System Leaders


Elect her community

Welcome to our world

Don't get angry, get politically active

Apply for funding



including events


24 June


Black Thrive


Black minds


Z2K – fighting poverty – EMAIL MP

Z2K has caseworker to help people



We need your help

Nearly half of all people in poverty in the UK are either disabled themselves or live with someone who is disabled

EDM 19 disability benefits assessments – CONTACT MP


Homelessness + renter organisations


Awaab’s law - to prevent any more children dying from damp and mouldy social housing - PETITION


Action on empty homes


Housing first England

New guidance for housing management teams

Housing First England Newsletter – New Survey Alert

Housing First England Newsletter – Minister responds to funding request

Housing First England Newsletter – Join our call for a national Housing First programme

Housing First England Newsletter – Commissioning Housing First through RSI budgets

Michelle – housing first



including setting out core milestones along someone’s Housing First journey


Jade is a writer

Housing First 2022 year-end update: A year of progress


Guidance on transferring Housing First providers

Housing First for Women: valuable lessons

Scotland's Housing First Pathfinder evaluation

Suicide Prevention and Postvention


HF4 Youth

Housing First for Youth (HF4Y) is a rights-based intervention for young people who are experiencing, or at risk of homelessness, adapted from the Housing First approach


It is already popular in Canada, Wales, Ireland and Scotland – where the Rock Trust is a good example

It has the potential to be extremely effective in England

We have published a
new web page that collates important resources on this unique intervention, to support services or commissioners interested in or providing HF4Y





Pavement magazine






1 in 4 households were homeless or at risk of becoming homeless because of the loss of a private tenancy

3,405 households in the private rented sector were evicted by bailiffs between April and June – up 39% on the previous quarter


End homelessness – PETITION


Here’s the statistics:

24% of private renters have had to borrow money to pay their rentpossible

18% have cut back on food or skipped meals to pay their rent

12% have cut back on heating their home to pay their rent


Our research shows the true scale of the problem.

That 3.2 million people from across the country have been forced to live in dangerous or unhealthy privately rented homes because they fear complaining will trigger a retaliatory eviction.

That's 39% of all private renters.

Too scared to complain for fear of losing their home, the effects of insecure tenancies and 'no-fault' Section 21 evictions hang over every renter's head


100,000 households in temporary homes



The council moved Amanda and her children between 11 different temporary accommodations in the space of two months Many weren’t safe

Some didn’t have indoor locks or kitchens


And one was a 7 hour round trip just to get her son to school

Amanda was told if she didn’t move again and again then her and her family would lose their duty of care

It was an impossible situation

Amanda got in touch with Shelter and I saw first-hand how bad her family’s living conditions were

I offered practical advice and supported Amanda in launching a legal challenge against the council


Standing side by side with Amanda, we stood up for her family and won

The council finally offered her a permanent social home


ENOUGH IS ENOUGH: Demand better from renting – PETITION


Meet Krystalrose – she's fighting for change


Today, 1 in every 52 Londoners is living in temporary accommodation.

This is costing huge amounts of money and doesn’t provide the stability or security families need to thrive.

Let’s build a better future: Call on the government to build social housing - PETITION</