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Shahar + Einat + Evyatar + Nave






Melissa Thermidor


Shyam Kumar




Jamie + Fernando + Miranda


Achieving food security through land reform


We have published the latest data set showing human rights abuse within the Mental Health system –

please see below + the website for further details


First they came for…


Thank you EHRC


A community-powered NHS: making prevention a reality


time for Community power act

LBRUT should follow Hartlepool’s lead?


Healthy foundations: integrating housing as part of the mental health pathway


community land trust – housing affordable


A future for all of us …


People power – love not hate


Human rights


Learning from other countries – energy


NHS paying £2bn a year to private hospitals for mental health patients

We could do so much with that money – Wendy


open dialogue


Inquiry investigates deaths of 1,500 NHS mental health patients in Essex

Not just Essex? - Wendy




Where we are born into privilege, we are charged with dismantling any myth of supremacy.

Where we are born into struggle, we are charged with reclaiming our dignity, joy and liberation.”


Adrienne Maree Brown


Why solidarity matters


Solidarity does not assume that our struggles are the same struggles, or that our pain is the same pain, or that our hope is for the same future.

Solidarity requires commitment, and work, as well as the recognition that even if we do not have the same feelings, or the same lives, or the same bodies, we do live on common ground”


Sara Ahmed


5 steps to a Green New Deal


Can randomly selected citizens govern better than elected officials?


The law in 60 seconds – legal aid for inquests video


Hillsborough law – duty of candour -would this help with our Freedom of information requests?


Cannabis, ketamine and speed to be decriminalised in London by Sadiq Khan


Sadiq Khan’s call to introduce rent freezes in London is growing after the mayor called for the bold policy proposal once more to help Londoners


A shorter working week for Europe


Children imprisoned on remand – the stark reality of racial bias


Combatting Structural Racism and Classism in Psychiatry: An Interview with Helena Hansen


Suman Fernando’s book Institutional racism in psychiatry + clinical psychology


Mental Health Act reform: race and ethnic inequalities


How Western Psychology Can Rip Indigenous Families Apart: An Interview with Elisa Lacerda-Vandenborn


People deprived of liberty due to misapplication of Mental Health + Capacity Acts


As a result of the Bournewood case the Mental capacity act came into being?

The mental capacity act

Assume capacity

Best interest

Least restrictive

People can make what others would consider unwise decisions

Supported decision making

Capacity can easily be assessed

Can someone make a decision?

Can they communicate the decision (not necessarily verbally)?

Can they remember the decision?



Restraint, segregation and seclusion review: progress report


Out of sight- who cares?


Half of people with a learning disability and autistic people reluctant to provide feedback on care


The authority gap: why women still aren’t taken seriously


Women disproportionately affected by soaring Mental Health Act detentions


Pathologized Since Eve: Jessica Taylor on Women, Trauma, and “Sexy but Psycho”


Report Finds Monitoring of Electroshock Treatment Unsafe


New Study Finds ECT Ineffective for Reducing Suicide Risk


We can STOP ECT with lasting power of attorney?


A straight-talking introduction to Psychiatric drugs – the truth about how they work + how to come off them – Joanna Moncrieff


Provide Tapering Strips for People Who Want to Withdraw Safely from Psychotropic Drugs


Petition by James Moore


Tapering strips


NICE Guideline Update Acknowledges Severe Antidepressant Withdrawal


NHS statistics show continuing rise in antidepressant prescribing


Lost Connections: Uncovering the Real Causes of Depression – and the Unexpected Solutions

How universal basic income can tackle anxiety + depression

Long-term antipsychotic use linked to breast cancer


Government review finds 10% of drugs dispensed in England are pointless


Sedated, How Modern Capitalism Created our Mental Health Crisis - James Davies +


CRACKED – why psychiatry is doing more harm than good


Coronavirus and depression in adults, Great Britain: January to March 2021



Almost 4 in 10 adults earning less than £10,000 a year experienced depressive symptom compared with around 1 in 10 earning £50,000 or more”

The data shows what we know to be true: struggling with your mental health doesn’t happen in a vacuum.


Why not Diagnose Social Conditions Instead of Individual Symptoms?


The WHO Calls for Radical Change in Global Mental Health


Strength based approach


Emotional CPR: Heart-Centered Peer Support


Website – Emotional CPR


How do we pay for a basic income?


Welsh basic income pilot has been published


In a statement from Jane Hutt, Minister for Social Justice

The pilot will be targeted at care leavers

All young people leaving care that turn 18 over a 12-month period starting this summer will be invited to participate

That is expected to be about 500 people

Participants will receive the payments for 24 months starting from the month after their 18th birthday

A £1,600 a month basic income will be paid each month


Extending Welsh Universal basic income pilot to heavy industrial workers




A friend – walking for health


Thrive gardening charity


Castelnau Community Centre


Oliver Sacks


Suicide + co


Twickenham repair cafe – 3rd Saturday of each month 10:30 to 13:30


Together as one


Battersea Befriending Network


Ways to save money on bills


A life more wild


Institute of Mental Health International conference – 21 September


£1 Concession Tickets for Kew Gardens

As part of their new 10-year strategy, Kew Gardens is committed to ensuring that cost is not a barrier to accessing their gardens in both Kew and Wakehurst.

They have introduced a new admission price of £1 for anyone on Universal Credit, Pension Credit or Employment and Support Allowance (ESA).

Visitors just need to present proof of their benefit on arrival to be eligible for the new concessionary ticket

Marble Hill House – FREE


Jim Flannery – What is torture?


Ian – Wild Mind Project

Thames festival

Your gardening update from the RHS

Foraging finds for September and available courses

Your Grow Your Own news for September

The Wild Mind Project September Newsletter – supporting the emotional & mental wellbeing of the young people

The Wild Mind Project – FREE emotional & mental wellbeing support in nature for the young people who identify as LGBTQ+

this year’s nature highlights from bitterns to bee-eaters

classic boats, exhibitions, and more mudlarking!

What's new for September


Community based organisations + community recommended organisations


Latest news from Liberation


Dear Everyone


Here is the latest news from Liberation



Developments with the Draft Mental Health Bill


As I mentioned previously, this Bill was published in late June

A major concern is that, like the Mental Health Act Review and the White Paper, it falls well short of human rights, those set out in the UN Convention on the Rights of Disabled People (UNCRPD)

Instead of recognising that the Mental Health Act 1983 is fundamentally discriminatory, the Draft Bill is based on the idea that it just needs 'improvement'

For example:

Involuntary detention in psychiatric hospitals and forced treatment will be maintained, though the stated aim is to reduce these

There will continue to be no choice about involuntary detention; it will not be possible to use the planned advance statements to turn it down


The Draft Bill continues to use capacity criteria

This means that advance statements will only carry full weight if someone is judged to 'have capacity' and, even then, clinicians will be able to overrule patients if they think they have a 'compelling reason' and a second opinion approved doctor (SOAD) agrees


It will still be possible to deny people given a mental health diagnosis the right to a fair trial on the basis that they do not have 'the capacity' to stand trial


There are major continuing loopholes even within what seem to be improvements

For instance, the tightened detention criteria are so vague that it seems unlikely they will make much difference to the rates of detention

It sounds positive that people can now choose a 'nominated person' instead of the nearest relative being involved in decisions about detention and that advocacy will be extended

However, the final decisions about admission and treatment will continue to made by mental health professionals

People with learning difficulties and/or autism will not now come under the Act purely on the basis of these, but they will come under it if they are thought also to have a mental health problem and/or they have fallen under the criminal justice system



Consultation process for the Draft Bill


The parliamentary Scrutiny Committee (Joint Committee) set up to examine the Draft Bill has launched a consultation

It's positive that there will at least be scrutiny of the Bill


However, there are also concerns about the process being used

The time period for the consultation is August and the first half of September, just when many people take holidays!

The Scrutiny Committee's questions for organisations are quite open-ended


However, the survey for individuals is concerning – it consists almost entirely of tick box questions (people are asked to give each a rating),

apart from a free text box at the end – and the free text box allows only 500 words for responses.


A further issue is that the survey questions are selective and can be loaded in nature

For example, people are asked to give a rating to the following sentence in point (b):

'The draft Mental Health Bill will ensure that admissions under the Mental Health Act happen only when strictly necessary'

That questions rests on the assumption that detention is sometimes necessary


In addition, there has again been a lack of easy read material for people who need it in order to respond

(e.g. a considerable number of people with learning difficulties and/or autism, though they will be equally affected by changed legislation.)

Apparently, easy read material is due and people who draw on easy read material will have longer to respond

That still leaves a question mark, though, over whether they will be able to respond meaningfully in the time allowed, given how long and complex both the Draft Bill and the Explanatory Notes are.


Liberation will be sending in a submission.

If you have particular points you'd like included and have not yet forwarded them to me, please send them to me not later than the middle of next week



Campaigning against the Draft Bill


As I have mentioned, I'm currently working hard on a campaign plan, with strong support from Inclusion London

(Inclusion London also picks up nationwide issues)

It will be great to have support from all of you

Further details will be coming soon



The Fair Access to Justice Hub


This Hub has been set up to call for major reform of the criminal justice system right across the world, in line with the UNCRPD.

Its focus is the huge discrimination experienced by Disabled people accused of a crime, including that encountered by people given a mental health diagnosis

In the UK, that's encouraging for us both in its own right and because of the parts of the Mental Health Act 1983 and the Draft Mental Health Bill which apply to people in the criminal justice system

I was recently taken on as a Hub Fellow, which has really thrilled me, and have now attended a week's training at an event called an Institute

It has been a great experience, not least because there was attendance from a wide range of countries across the world

If you'd like more information about the Hub, feel free to contact me



Positive developments: recent books and press articles


The following books are all really good:

The new edition (2022) of Lucy Johnstone's A Straight Talking Introduction to Psychiatric Diagnosis

This again strongly challenges an approach based on psychiatric diagnoses


The new edition (2020) of Joanna Moncrieff's A Straight Talking Introduction to Psychiatric Drugs

The Truth About How They Work and How to Come Off Them

This challenges the whole idea of a chemical imbalance in people's brains which can most effectively be 'treated' with psychiatric drugs

We Are The Change Makers, a book of poems edited by Jo Watson.

It's also encouraging to see that the following items have got into the press, despite the predominantly medical model approach mostly found in the media:

A major review from Joanna Moncrieff which concludes that there is no support for the idea that depression is caused by a chemical imbalance: by lower levels of serotonin

The Guardian has covered her research in detail and seemingly sympathetically

Needless to say, she's already receiving opposition of course, as the Guardian article also shows!

An excellent article, again in the Guardian, from the psychologist Sanah Ahsan.

She challenges the whole concept of understanding the growing number of people in acute distress through a medical model lens and puts forward a very strong case for recognising that mental distress and trauma are embedded within the traumatic conditions in society that so many of us are experiencing.


Exciting development: Links with Transforming Communities for Inclusion


Transforming Communities for Inclusion (TCI) is a user-led organisation which started in Asia, has spread to Africa and is now interested in links with Europe and the US

It stands for the full implementation of the UN CRPD for people with experience of mental distress and mental trauma and is doing tremendous work related to that

TCI approached Liberation as a user-led group taking the lead on the UNCRPD in England and there are now going to be firm links between us and TCI, a core role.

You can find further information about TCI at:

TCI Global – Transforming Communities for Inclusion (TCI) (


Encouraging news: International calls to end the use of institutions


Currently, there are three important international calls to end institutional approaches, including forced detention in psychiatric hospitals, and to invest in independent living in the community.


(1) The UNCRPD Committee


has produced some draft guidelines and these are now in process of being finalised

Liberation has sent in some suggestions about the guidelines



(2) The European Network on Independent Living (ENIL)


currently has a task force which is producing guidelines on independent living


I'm representing Liberation on this


(3) The World Health Organisation (WHO) and the UN's Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR)


have produced some draft guidance on mental health, human rights and legislation and have been consulting about this

Although there are some serious flaws in the guidance, not least the dominant role it suggests for health services, it's encouraging that the guidance is calling for an end to forced detention in psychiatric hospitals, forced treatment, including community treatment orders, and other forms of coercion


Liberation has sent in a submission which you can find on the draft guidance web page



The Human Rights Act 1998


As I've mentioned, Liberation responded to the government's consultation about replacing this Act with a Bill of Rights. We called both for the retention of the Human Rights Act (HRA) and for a further strengthening of it; even as it stands, the HRA falls well short of the UNCRPD.

As I expect you're aware, the government has been pressing ahead with its plans for a Bill of Rights, despite widespread opposition.

However, a somewhat encouraging piece of news is that Liz Truss has currently called a halt to the Bill

It is not yet clear, though, whether other routes will be used instead to achieve key parts of the Bill



The National Disability Strategy


Following an unfavourable judgement against the government when a judicial review took place, the parliamentary Women and Equalities Committee launched a consultation about the Strategy.

For your interest, I enclose a copy of Liberation's response



Major ongoing socio-economic problems


As you will know, poverty levels in the UK are now at crisis levels. Housing problems for renters are becoming ever more acute

There are serious concerns, too, that the government's climate change approach is falling well short of what is needed – and this shortfall, by definition, has the greatest impact on people who are already disadvantaged


Because we now have a new prime minister, further comments about these issues will follow in the next news email, once Liz Truss has made further statements about what she will and won't be doing to address them


With best wishes to everyone





Ron Bassman, Executive Director of MindFreedom International Addresses United Nations Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities


Shield Developments and Actions You Can Take to Help Find and #FreeDavid


Letter from Ron Bassman, Executive Director of MindFreedom International – 23 July 2022

Dear Psychiatric Survivors, Advocates & Friends

I write this letter of resignation today knowing full well that there is a great deal more work that needs to be done.

I hope that my tenure as executive director of MindFreedom International has been meaningful and has laid the groundwork for future advances of the work and vision begun by the amazing David Oaks and my good friend and Board president, the extraordinary Celia Brown.

I wish also to acknowledge the selfless dedicated work and support of our office staff, Sarah Smith, and Kelli Williamson.

During my time as E.D.

I have had the honor and privilege of meeting and making new friends, initiating new programs and addressing the many rights violations coming into our Shield program.

I am most proud that we have made substantial progress in establishing cross-disability alliances.
56 years ago, I was involuntarily hospitalized and labelled with a diagnosis of schizophrenia.

The horrendous treatments I was subjected to over the next 6 months – 40 insulin comas coupled with electroshock – resulted in the almost complete loss of my memory, along with being deprived of my personal agency.

The ensuing journey of transformation centered around a vow to myself to not only recover but to do whatever I could to prevent others from being forced to undergo similar harmful “for your own good” interventions that masquerade as treatments.

Although I will not be representing MFI, I will continue to actively engage in the programs in which I think I can make a positive contribution.

I strongly believe that those of us who have been doing this work for a long time need to inform and help mentor a diverse group of young and BIPOC people to take on leadership roles.

I have been most fortunate and grateful to collaborate with many talented, compassionate, dedicated people who bravely fight to protect our rights while ignoring the risk and personal cost of speaking truth to power.

My last day of work as Executive Director of MindFreedom International will be at our Board of Directors meeting on August 18, 2022.

I appreciate all of you and I hope that MFI continues to expand its important work in activating a Nonviolent Revolution of freedom, equality, truth and human rights that unites people affected by the mental health system with movements for justice everywhere


Podcast with Dr Ronald Bassman



Create, Debate and Imagine a different local democracy

CITIZENS: Why the key to fixing everything is all of us


F.E.E.L. - Friends of East End Loonies




A Caring Mind | A blog for carers of mental health


ADOODLE- community mapping


Poverty eradication organisations + self-expression


Project 16:15


Right here

Community power act

Join our campaign team!

The Community Power Act in full!


Joseph Rowntree foundation (JRF)


Stark rise in people living in very deep poverty


From disability to destitution


Social justice in a digital age

Making a house a home: Why policy must focus on the ownership and distribution of housing


Why the Chancellor shouldn't cut Universal Credit

Including Economic (in)justice explainer video – A redesigned economy

Why we need a new conversation about social security

A Minimum Income Standard for the United Kingdom in 2021

Why we must #MakeJobsWork

The biggest overnight cut to the basic rate of social security since the Second World War

People living in social housing claiming Universal Credit are struggling to afford the essentials

Why we must #KeepTheLifeline and what you can do to help

House prices see their biggest annual rise in decades, and rents are up too

New analysis exposes impact of planned Universal Credit cut

"The Rt Hon Boris Johnson MP, you must Keep the Lifeline"

Rashford targets a win on Universal Credit

what's causing structural racism in housing?

it's going to be a “very difficult winter” for low-income families

less than a week for the Government to #KeepTheLifeline

Biggest ever overnight cut to social security makes a mockery of levelling up

Invest in social housing for almost 1 million families paying private rents they can't afford

Millions of low-income households pulled under by arrears while living costs rise

A tale of two Budgets for low-income families

A just transition to net zero is necessary, and key for maintaining public support

Paving the way for good jobs through participatory co-design

Including Navigating power dynamics within participatory projects + Where next for social security after recent Universal Credit announcements?

Winning hearts and minds for decent, affordable housing

Families furthest below the minimum income standard excluded from social security gains

Inflation is pushing people deeper into poverty

Including housing ideas

UK Poverty 2022 out now


Elections Bill could disenfranchise millions of voters


600,000 people pulled into poverty by Spring Statement


Benefits uprating analysis

JRF welcomes Chancellor's cost of living measures



Journey to justice project


addressing poverty with lived experience (APLE)


Allow all people to work flexibly if they want to – PETITION


Sign the petition: We need an emergency budget that boosts Universal Credit now


Trussell trust

Ending the need for food banks. Can we count on you?

Record 2.5 million food bank parcels given to people in crisis in the past year

Caroline’s voice matters

95% of people referred to food banks in our network are living in destitution – CONTACT YOUR MP

Have you personally needed a food bank or experienced poverty?

Are you ready to support us to Keep the Lifeline? – EMAIL MP

Here is why we are calling on the UK government to #KeeptheLifeline!



Why the design of Universal Credit is driving the need for food banks


Urge your MP to write to the Chancellor ahead of the Spring Statement


Calling on the UK government to urgently bring benefit levels in line with the rate of inflation – EMAIL MP


Thank you for standing with us


Over 2.1m food parcels have been given to people facing hardship

Some relief for people on the lowest incomes

No one should have to roll the dice on their lives

Ask your MP to call for a stronger social security system

How can you budget when there is nothing left to cut?

What drove Steve to use a food bank?

We are receiving an increasing number of referrals from people who are struggling after the unexpected happens, for example if someone’s car breaks down.

Living in a rural area such a Rutland means having a car is not a luxury, it's a necessity; so, you must pay out for the car to be fixed otherwise you can’t take the kids to school, or drive yourself to work, however this can mean there is just no money left for the food.

People are having to make very, very difficult decisions day in, day out – just to survive.

When people who are working full-time jobs still can't feed their families, it really highlights that income levels are not matching the rising cost of living.

It's not just price rises on fuel, or electricity and food but every which way you turn prices are going up, but if wages or benefits don’t increase accordingly how can people possibly be expected to cope?”

Dee Burton – volunteer Rutland Foodbank


Paying your energy bills: help is at hand


A Marshall Plan for People and Planet Starts with Africa’s Green Recovery

Communities in Africa trek for weeks to survive drought


National Survivors User Network (NSUN)


NSUN is a great organisation with a great newsletter …

You can sign up to it here ….


NSUN's strategic direction: redistributing power and resource in mental health


This week’s newsletter


NSUN also has a directory page here


Extracts from the newsletters …


wellbeing workshops + events


community space grant by 16 September


Don't Forget The Preproduction When Carrying Out Coproduction

Blog by and via Iggy Patel



Article by Liberty Investigates


Decolonising Futures series

Video series by Decolonising Economics on racial hierarchies, collective healing, disability justice, and economics of queerness


Peer support forum – 21 September – 12.30 – 2pm – FREE


Call for papers – critical perspective on the lived experience distress + Mental Health services – by 12 September

contact or

event 16 + 17 November


how we make decisions

Blog by Akiko Hart via NSUN


resourcing user led work

Blog by Ruairi White via NSUN


state violence + distress – the false separation between migrant justice + mental health

Blog by Rose Ziaei via NSUN


beyond serotonin – I will see you there

Blog by Heather Cobb via NSUN


trauma leads to trauma that leads to trauma

Blog by Emma via Self Injury Support


episode 3 – Saartje Tack + the “where” from which suicide is read

Podcast by The Suicide Cultures Podcast


why health inequalities need to be addressed for the specific community

Blog by Sukhjeen Kaur via Shaping Our Lives


dear mental health professionals- even “good” formulations can harm

Blog by Wren Aves via Psychiatry is Driving Me Mad


trauma-informed care left me more traumatised than ever

Blog by Wren Aves via Psychiatry is Driving Me Mad


bringing together lived experience – clinical + research expertise – a commentary on May 2022 debate – should CAMH professionals be diagnosing personality disorder in adolescence?

Paper by Hartley et al., 2022 via The Association for Child and Adolescent Mental Health


the police failed my cousin – Gaia Pope – 5 years on, others like her are still at risk

Article by Marienna Pope-Weidemann via The Guardian


Secret reviews into DWP deaths more than double in three years

Article by John Pring via Disability News Service


Barriers to Mental Health Support for People of Colour and Migrants

Article by Micha Frazer-Carroll via NSUN


Disabled activists will push for changes to draft mental health bill that - breaches right


DWP dismisses 300 pages of evidence linking its actions with countless deaths

Article by John Pring via Disability News Service


help us document evidence of welfare – related death


Reimagining Safety Beyond Safeguarding

Blog by Ruairi White via NSUN


Working together against faux-production

Blog via Co-Production Collective


Barriers to Mental Health Support for People of Colour and Migrants

Article by Micha Frazer-Carroll via NSUN


What researching the benefits system has taught us about being trauma informed when people encounter traumatising systems


Psyche Drawings 4: ‘One Day

Article with illustrations by Louise Page via Disability Arts Online


Mental Health and the Politics of Exhaustion in the UK Asylum Process

Blog post by Tianne Haggar via University of Oxford's Border Criminologies


less Than 2% Episode 3: Beyond Trauma

Podcast by Chayn via Less Than 2% ft. NSUN's Ruairi White


Pink Gin in the Street - Derren Brown and the Corona Virus #10

Blog by Jennifer Reese via MadCovid


New podcast – lived experience work: anti-racism & mental health


E158 Rianna Walcott: The Colour of Madness

Podcast by Surviving Society


Community accountability peer support hub (CASH)

Are you in groups that are trying to move away from punishment as a way of dealing with problems in society?


Do you think that it’s important for your group to deal with harms that happen to people within the group?

It can feel easier to hope for a neat solution, in the form of a person or people, who can parachute into a situation and 'fix' it for us.

While this might be understandable — this stuff is hard! — this treats community accountability like a service that can be provided for us rather than community-led and community-created processes or a set of shared values and practices that we build together.

Join us to talk about the impetus to “outsource” community accountability work, why this should be resisted, and how we all can integrate community accountability into our everyday organising.


MIND should include side effects in their research surveys - PETITION


alternative support resource list – Asylum


Take part in research to improve care for women with mental health conditions



service user recruitment: PhD project on providing more holistic care



rainbow of promise: Poetry book


Call to action – catalyst 4 change


Unpicking the complex dynamics of racism, anti-Blackness and class within mental health services

Article by Mental Health Today via LinkedIn ft. Mary Sadid from NSUN


Peter Campbell obituary: Activist and campaigner who worked to help people with mental health difficulties organise and advocate for change

Obituary by Mark Brown via The Guardian


Forums June to October


17th October


Call for Papers:'Critical perspectives on the lived experience of distress and mental health services’14th Annual Critical Perspectives in Mental Health Conference16th and 17th November 2022


The Communication and Restraint Reduction Study


Whiteness as a chemical restraint in statutory guidance of the Mental Health units (Use of Force) Act 2018 – a tribute to Seni’s law + Aijibola Lewis

Blog by Colin King via NSUN


Why don’t they ask us? The role of communities in levelling up – Institute for Community Studies


Provide Tapering Strips for People Who Want to Withdraw Safely from Psychotropic Drugs

Petition by James Moore


Tapering strips


NICE Guideline Update Acknowledges Severe Antidepressant Withdrawal


Petition to Scrap Care Charges Inclusion London


NSUN side by side fund


StopSIM Coalition Petition


Coronavirus and depression in adults, Great Britain: January to March 2021


Almost 4 in 10 adults earning less than £10,000 a year experienced depressive symptom compared with around 1 in 10 earning £50,000 or more”

The data shows what we know to be true: struggling with your mental health doesn’t happen in a vacuum.


New website – For Women


Benefits Calculator – Turn2us


The state of disability benefit assessments and the urgent need for reform - #peoplebefore process


Write to your MP


The Public Law Project


The Good Lobby


Social Change Initiative


Guidance on community mental health services: Promoting person-centred and rights-based approaches


World Health Organisation (WHO) – NSUN’s response


Lived Experience Practioners Revolution - New Website




Mental Health Act: Call for "unequivocal commitment " to improve access to advocacy

Disability Benefits Research 2021 – Survey


Update on FOI Requests: Who's Ballin' & Who's Stallin?



To Solve Britain’s Mental Health Crisis, We Must Fundamentally Change Society

Article by Mark Brown via Novara Media – Listen to the piece here


I am not your critical friend

Blog by Akiko hart via Charity so White


Charity so white




Why disability justice is a mental health conversation, and mental health is a disability justice conversation

Blog by Ellie Thompson via NSUN


Refugee and Migrant Wellbeing with Benny Hunter from Da'aro Youth

Podcast with Benny Hunter via The Eriwellbeing Podcast


Against the binary: Trans people of colour shouldn’t have to neglect parts of their identity in therapy

Article by Yas Necati via gal-dem


NHS trusts criticised over system that films mental health patients in their bedrooms

Article by David Batty via The Guardian


Abolition of State Power, Regardless of the Uniform

Article by Liv Wynter & Ros B via NSUN


The impossibility of engaged research: Complicity and accountability between researchers, ‘publics’ and institutions


Seni’s Law: Long awaited guidance published on new law to protect mental health patients comes into force 31 March 2022


How I learnt of Revolutionary Love

Article by Guppi Kaur Bola via Medium


Graceful resolve: Attitudes for navigating a psychological crisis

Article by Amy Pollard via Centre for Mental Health


How can I speak up when you can hold me down? Restrictive practice on an acute ward – an inpatient perspective

Blog by MiserySquid via Mad Covid


A Little Raw Around the Edges

Podcast with Rai Waddingham via Mad Tunes Podcast


Disability strategy is unlawful, court confirms… and denies DWP permission to appeal

Article by John Pring via Disability News Service


Sometimes I want to be unreasonable

Blog via Mad Covid


My ADHD diagnosis isn’t ‘wrong’ and it isn’t an ‘identity’ for you to challenge

Blog by RoseAnnieFlo via Animated and Excitable


Free advice – for upholding adults' Health and Care Act rights


Loneliness – themed photo project on show in Wakefield

Article via Amateur Photographer


Secret DWP report reveals unmet needs of disability benefit claimants

Article by John Pring via Disability News Service


A Philosophy of Madness’ Book Forum: Part One

Book review by Jeremy Spandler via The Polyphony


tokenistic “service user” involvement must be addressed

Article by John Pring via Disability News Service


Caught in a Trap: Psychiatric Sabotage

Article by Liam Kirk via Asylum Magazine


Magical thinking and moral injury: exclusion culture in psychiatry

Follow-up blog by Dr Chloe Beale & Ellen Thomas via Cambridge Core Blog


Shout About Your Data Rights

Article by Jenni Ajderian via Recovery in the Bin


New concerns over equality watchdog as it scraps disability committee

Article by John Pring via Disability News Service


Write to your MP to fix the cost of living


Willful Subjects*: Decolonizing the Psychiatric Institution

Panel discussion viaBarnard Center for Research on Women


Government bows to pressure over accessible versions of Human Rights Act consultation

Article by John Pring via Disability News Service


Report: We're just numbers to them – The DWP failure to investigate death and serious harm


Write to your MP to fix the cost of living – turn2us


Understanding Why Using The 'Real Men..' Approach In Men's Mental Health Is Harmful


NHS trust to stop filming mental health patients in their bedrooms

Rights + well being (RAW)




What is trauma and how do we decide to disclose or not disclose?


DWP: deaths, cover ups, and a toxic 30 year legacy – an investigation
Article via Disability News Service – based on evidence compiled by John Pring and the Deaths by Welfare project


Do you know of any groups, networks or individuals who do hospital visits for people on mental health wards?

If you know of anyone, or have any thoughts on this as an idea, please contact Wendy at with details (including whether the people you know of are region-/hospital-specific).

Please also copy in if you wish.

Many thanks





Hear us – Croydon


Battersea Befriending Network






Mental Health Act young people's survey


Help disabled people survive surging energy bills – WRITE TO MP


Let’s talk about loss


A basic interpretation of the models of Disability

Blog by Dave Lupton aka Crippen via Disability Arts Online


E166 Farzana Khan: Community-led healing

Podcast by Surviving Society and Farzana Khan via Surviving Society Podcast

truly shocking figures expose disabled people’s precarious financial situation

Article by John Pring via Disability News Service


Meet the Young Changemakers who are reimagining mental health support!

Video by UK Youth


Understanding the identity of lived experience researchers and providers

Blog by Veenu Gupta via NSUN


Critical Perspectives Seminars Spring 2022 Recordings Critical Voices Network Ireland and others

"Seminar 1:
'Yes, but where do you really come from?’ ‘Race’, racism and mental health – Messages from the racialised others

Seminar 2:
‘Can you help me get out?’: Ethical, political and methodological struggles in doing survivor research in mental health

Seminar 3:
‘And the activists tell us that meds are evil’: Polarised mental health politics and the struggle for ambivalence

Seminar 4:
First Do No Harm: Iatrogenic Harm in Mental Health"


The living legacy – the Henderson Heritage Group – 21 October




+ Jobs + Funding + MUCH MUCH MORE


Build Back Fairer in Greater Manchester: Health Equity and Dignified Lives


Survivor Researcher Network (SRN)


Inclusion London

Tell your MP to restore Disabled people’s rights

Protect Everyone Bill – EMAIL MP

Take Action and abolish the tax on disability – EMAIL MP

Government rule changes on social care cap hits poorest hardest – EMAIL MP

UNCRDP Westminster Government civil society shadow report sign up

URGENT – Email your MP to help avoid catastrophic care costs

Help Disabled people survive the cost of living crisis – write to your MP


Shaping our lives

Opportunities for user-led organisations

Tickboxes and tokenism? Our new report

Hear me out



New guides for Disabled people and social workers


Seven essentials for effective involvement – new blog


Can you help us with a new project on social care?


Opportunities in film and TV, new poetry, lots of art!


Living with ME, Trans Aid Cymru raffle, funding and jobs


Art groups, a Deaf festival, and inclusivity in heavy metal


Accessibility, dementia, homelessness and playgrounds


1 November +


Want to write for the BBC? Plus…


Black Thrive


Black minds


Z2K – fighting poverty – EMAIL MP

Z2K has caseworker to help people



We need your help

Nearly half of all people in poverty in the UK are either disabled themselves or live with someone who is disabled

EDM 19 disability benefits assessments – CONTACT MP


Homelessness + renter organisations


Action on empty homes


Housing first England

New guidance for housing management teams

Housing First England Newsletter – New Survey Alert

Housing First England Newsletter – Minister responds to funding request

Housing First England Newsletter – Join our call for a national Housing First programme

Housing First England Newsletter – Commissioning Housing First through RSI budgets

Michelle – housing first


including setting out core milestones along someone’s Housing First journey

Jade is a writer



Michelle – housing first


Pavement magazine






Costs up = homelessness up


1 in 4 households were homeless or at risk of becoming homeless because of the loss of a private tenancy

3,405 households in the private rented sector were evicted by bailiffs between April and June – up 39% on the previous quarter


End homelessness – PETITION

Here’s the statistics:

24% of private renters have had to borrow money to pay their rent

18% have cut back on food or skipped meals to pay their rent

12% have cut back on heating their home to pay their rent


Our research shows the true scale of the problem.

That 3.2 million people from across the country have been forced to live in dangerous or unhealthy privately rented homes because they fear complaining will trigger a retaliatory eviction.

That's 39% of all private renters.

Too scared to complain for fear of losing their home, the effects of insecure tenancies and 'no-fault' Section 21 evictions hang over every renter's head.

Contact your MP today asking for their support

Social Housing – CONTACT YOUR MP


Time to open up, OpenRent! – EMAIL

2,688 sleeping rough during the pandemic

Sign to protect renters’ rights – PETITION


Do you have a renting horror story?

Want to challenge DSS Discrimination?

Eviction ban lifted – INFORMATION

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH: Demand better from renting - PETITION

Meet Krystalrose – she's fighting for change

Shelter’s new campaigns and organising training programme – YOUR IDEAS NEEDED

Today, 1 in every 52 Londoners is living in temporary accommodation.

This is costing huge amounts of money and doesn’t provide the stability or security families need to thrive.

I'm done with renting because…

Let’s build a better future: Call on the government to build social housing - PETITION

What happened to ‘Everyone In’?

23% left without any move on accommodation and may be at risk of returning to the streets or forced to turn to insecure arrangements like sofa surfing 22% remain in emergency accommodation

23% of those still in emergency accommodation have No Recourse to Public Funds and are stuck without access to homelessness assistance or housing benefit, meaning it is hard for them to move on to a secure home

45% of England’s private renting adults – that's 3.7 million people – have been the victim of illegal behaviour from a landlord or letting agent.

Michael Gove: New Housing Secretary of State – SIGN OPEN LETTER

Fix renting

Build social housing

Help people at risk of sleeping rough


Are letting agents refusing you for being on benefits?

Next step contact the property ombudsman (TPO)


These stats are shocking!


Will you help us get council leaders to support renters?

London Assembly Unanimously Passes Motion on Affordable Housing for Care and Support Workers

A good Home is a human right


Level Up Housing

On the 2nd Feb 2022, the government released its plans to ‘level up’ the country.

It included three very important announcements on housing:

Build more genuinely affordable social homes ✔

Give tenants of social homes more protection ✔

Bring forward a national landlord registry, improve standards in privately rented homes and strengthen the rights of renters ✔


Gove ‘ashamed’ of Social Housing conditions


I’m being evicted – EMAIL MINISTER


Museum of homelessness

octopi have three hearts and produce their own ink yet humans call octopi violent for throwing seashells underwater!

humans also medicate confined creatures for 'zoochosis' - that antipsychotic medication first tested on animals gave us our 2 heart-attacks as 'side-effects'.

bleak humour is proven to aid survival. heartfelt is about reframing narratives & learning to grow. a game of competitive empathy will be played; psychiatry will be reduced to firewood; edible-love-poetry will be offered to all.

have a heart, & come watch this wildly inventive disability-led solo theatre show!


Don't leave young people out on the streets – PETITION


London Renters Union


We beat my landlord. Now let’s take on the system.


Be a part of challenging 'Right to Rent' in court



We're campaigning to make sure councils #SideWithRenters


increasing regulation of landlords, expanding landlord licensing and hiring more enforcement officers

reducing attempts to move people out of the borough and reducing use of “intentional homelessness” decisions

campaigning for rent controls

setting stronger targets on social housing and standing up to developers


Evicted after 47 years – PETITION


Renters reform coalition

Safe, secure and affordable homes for all: A renters’ blueprint for reform


Generation Rent


The White Paper: Generation Rent's Verdict


CAMPAIGN UPDATE: National Register of Landlords


Ask your MP to back the Renters Reform Bill


Private renters in nine London boroughs face paying half of their income or more on rent, analysis by campaign group Generation Rent has found.

Rent on the typical two-bedroom home costs 45% of a full-time salary in London.

Campaigners say this pushes families into poverty and financial stress, and makes it harder to save or to start a family.

Paying more than a third of your income in rent is considered unaffordable.

Generation Rent is calling on the next Mayor of London to lead a campaign to demand powers from the government to reduce rents.

Measures would include freezing rents within tenancies, to give tenants more certainty, a rent control system that aims to reduce rents overall, and tough penalties for landlords who break the rules, overseen by a city-wide Rent Control Board.

In March 2020, the rent on the median 2-bedroom home in London was £1450 and the median full-time salary was £38,592.

That would mean that a single-earner family with a baby would be spending 45% of their earnings on rent.

The situation is worst in inner London, Newham and Haringey where this figure is above 50% and reaches 76% in Westminster.

The most affordable borough is Bexley, with median rent worth 33% of the median full-time salary.

However, affordability has improved over the last five years, with just five boroughs – Camden, Greenwich, Havering, Redbridge, and Westminster – becoming less affordable since 2015.

Alicia Kennedy, Director of Generation Rent, said: “High rents force people into poverty and make it almost impossible to save towards the future.

No one should have to spend more than 30% of their income on rent, yet this is a reality for most Londoners who are stuck in the private rented sector.

Londoners urgently need bold action to make renting more affordable. Investment in housebuilding is needed to make renting more affordable long-term, but rent controls would offer immediate protection and relief.”

Join our Day of Action - #RentersAreWaiting - PETITION

Since March 2020, 8% of private renters who responded to a Survation survey had received a Section 21 notice from their landlord, which would represent 694,000 private renters across England.

Nearly a third of those surveyed (32%) said they were concerned about the possibility of their landlord asking them to move out this year, which would represent 2.78m private renters across England.

The survey was commissioned by Generation Rent, with results published this week.

We need a COVID Rent debt fund - PETITION

Join us in preventing a homelessness crisis – PETITION

A new report, 'A safe place to call home: Ending unfair evictions for good'.

The report sets out the changes the Government must make to ensure every renter has access to a stable home where they can put down roots and thrive.

You can read all about the report here.

We are calling for:

Open ended tenancies

More time to find a new home

Compensation for a blameless move

No excessive rent increases to force an eviction

No mandatory evictions for people in rent debt

We value your opinion

Close the holiday let tax loophole – PETITION

Renters are being forced out of their homes to make way for more lucrative holidaymakers.

We have been able to get the research done to prove it!

In the last two years rental listings in Wales and South West England have halved and rents have gone up by around 25%.

That's one of our findings that have been reported in today's i newspaper

In North Devon there are 2,591 short-term holiday lets but just 21 private rental listings on Rightmove and 30 on Zoopla.

In Gwynnedd, Wales, there are 4,007 holiday lets but just 99 homes for private tenants.


The collapse in the supply of homes to rent are pricing renters out of their local communities – away from their family and friends.

Renter reform coalition – EMAIL MP

Tell your MP we need homes not hotels

Parliamentary debate: help us protect vulnerable renters (Content warning: sexual offences) - PETITION

Ask your MP to protect vulnerable renters (Content warning: sexual offences)

Campaign win! Government to require landlords to register

Vent Your Rent

'Sex for rent' public consultation

Stop renter evictions during the cost of living crisis – PETITION





Renters reform coalition


Single Homelessness Project




peer mentoring programme




Helping rough sleepers – PETITION


Close the eviction loophole – PETITION

You can sign a petition without making a donation


Cardboard citizen

Advice about Evictions

Cheap broadband deals

Cardboard Citizens: Survey for Members


Cardboard Citizens' Inclusivity & Equality Agenda

In recent years movements such as Black Lives Matter and #metoo have prompted shifts in our society and highlighted the work that needs to be done to address social inequality.

As a result Cardboard Citizens Staff, Board of Trustees and Member Representatives have completed a course of training over the last six months with Fearless Futures

This focused on understanding and unpicking systems of inequity (the behaviours and processes which have a harmful or negative impacts on marginalised groups), reflecting on our own practices as individuals and an organisation.


Through these sessions we have explored:



where different categories overlap such as race and gender resulting in multiple forms of oppression


Racism and Anti-Racism


Calling people in’

i.e., challenge prejudices or narratives that reproduce inequities

Social justice is at the heart to Cardboard Citizens’ work in the theatre and beyond.

We continue to learn, striving to create inclusive environments and challenge oppressions in society.

This is a key area of focus for the company and we would love to involve some more Members in these conversations.

If you’re interested being part of this and for more information, please email Bonny:


Access Free Energy Bill Support



including Citz Writers – 13 September – 6 December

Cardboard collective – 7 September – 6 December

theatre making – 29 September – 15 December


Groundswell partnership | Chris speaks to Streetwise Opera | Resistance Theatre audio plays




WATCH: Eight brand new short films about social housing

Ella shares her story

Freddie shares his story

Read Louisa's story



Just say hello

sleep out – 7 October


The passage


Renters reform coalition


Creative + nature + advocacy


The Poetry Society



Dragon Café

this week

Dragon cafe have hosted laughing therapy + wire sculpture activities in the past


Garden organic



Groundwork is a federation of charities mobilising practical community action on poverty and the environment across the UK.

We’re passionate about creating a future where every neighbourhood is vibrant and green, every community is strong and able to shape its own destiny and no-one is held back by their background or circumstances.


Charities unite to urge for a green and resilient response to the gas crisis

Energy price cap announcement is deeply concerning for those already brunt of rising bills and the continuing financial effect of the pandemic

Apply for a One Stop University Scholarship

From The Ground Up – Empowering communities through environmental action


Re: CREATE psychiatry


Living with Suicide


meet me where I am


Stop gambling suicides – publish the gambling act white paper – PETITION


No more Gambling Act whitepaper delays. Write to your MPs now!


Everton FC: Don’t use our shirt to advertise gambling products


Me and You and a Global Pandemic


Medicating Me: Personal Impressions of Psychiatric Medication


Speakeasy advocacy


The Advocacy Project

culturally sensitive advocacy

preventing abuse

Moving personal stories

impactful video

reflections on advocacy during Covid

Putting patients at the heart of healthcare – 13 September


National Development Team for Inclusion

Advocacy Charter

Leeds Autism AIM: #PowerOfPartnership

NAC – Guidance regarding emotional enrichment

Staying mentally well this winter

Quality advocacy

Audit of MH services – PLEASE COMPLETE

Protect Our Human Rights

This resource helps mental health services think about how to provide a good service to autistic people and people with learning disabilities.

There’s more information about it at Green Light Toolkit – NDTi


People organised + information


Connected Kingston – including providing information about Legal drop-in clinic + welfare benefits information


Wildflower Alliance

Calling the police on someone in distress IS a threat of violence


"How Big Pharma & Psychiatry Gaslight Us"


Man Arrested in Mistaken Identity Case Locked in Hawaii Mental Health Hospital for Two Years


Open Letter Re: Shooting Death of Orlando Taylor


What We’re Still Getting Wrong About What Happened to Orlando Taylor III


Justice for Miguel Estrella: Event & Statements + More


September newsletter


Mad in the Family Monthly Newsletter


Mad in America


This week’s newsletter here


Pathologized Since Eve: Jessica Taylor on Women, Trauma, and “Sexy but Psycho”


Catherine’s Story: A Child Lost to Psychiatry


Call for Teen Art in All Media!


Allan Leventhal: Behavior Therapy Helped My Patients Through Antidepressant Withdrawal

Are Antidepressants Better Than Placebo for Some? Not So Fast, Researchers Caution

Genetic Embryo Screening for Psychiatric Risk Not Supported by Evidence, Ethically Questionable


Major Depression: The “Chemical Imbalance” Pillar Is Crumbling—Is the Genetics Pillar Next?


I Had No Idea That Gabapentin Could Do This…


Top 10 Myths About the Critics of Psychiatry


Mad Parenting: On Becoming an Unlikely Family Man


The Mad in the World Network: A Global Voice for Change


A Therapist Tried to Explain CBT When I Was 11 Years Old, Ineffectively


Michael Scott: The Phobic Avoidance of Attending to Real World Mental Health Outcomes


No Better Outcomes After Testing for Antidepressant Drug-Gene Interactions


Reducing Involuntary Psychiatric Admissions in Norway


Study Contradicts Diathesis-Stress Model of Psychosis

Nobody Knows What “Serious Mental Illness” Means

Neoliberal Values Connected to Increased Stigma and Suicidal Ideation

How Diagnostic Interviews Translate Situational Behavior Into Pathology

State Sponsored Biomedical Psychiatry Impedes Movements of People with Psychosocial Disabilities

Trauma Survivors Speak Out Against Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT)

Away From Psychiatrization: Towards Socio-Ecological Wellbeing in the Community

Loss, Grief, and Betrayal: Psychiatric Survivors Reflect on the Impact of New Serotonin Study

Psychiatry, Fraud, and the Case for a Class-Action Lawsuit


The One That Was Away


Inside A Forensic Psychiatry Unit: Where I’ve Come From and Where I’m Going


How Grief Became a Disorder and What This Means About Us: An Interview with Kaori Wada


Psychiatry Textbooks Are Filled with Errors and Propaganda


The Parts Within Us: An Interview with Richard Schwartz, Creator of Internal Family Systems


Andrew Scull—Desperate Remedies: Psychiatry’s Turbulent Quest to Cure Mental Illness


Exercise Associated with 25% Lower Risk for Depression, Researchers Say


The Powerful Allure of Psychedelics in Today’s Disenchanted World


suicide support survey


Books Under Review: Summer 2022


Psychiatry’s Failure Crisis: Are You Moderately or Radically Enlightened?


Response to Criticism of Our Serotonin Paper


No Evidence Low Serotonin Causes Depression


Are People with Psychosocial Disabilities Welcomed in Public Spaces?


Addressing Racism-Related Stress and Trauma in Psychotherapy


Treatment Pathways for Psychosis Vary by Race


How Does Spiritual Voice Hearing Compare to Psychosis?


The Transformative Potential of Psychosis


a diagnosis + it’s damage – Schizophrenia


For Queer and Gender Diverse Youth, Biomedical Model of Mental Health May Reduce Stigma but Obscure Impact of Cisheterosexism


Laura Van Tosh: The Life of a Psychiatric Survivor Activist

Pollution’s Mental Toll: A Talk with Journalist Kristina Marusic


Psychology’s “Winning Streak” Is a Failure of Science, Not Success


Industry Sponsorship of “Cost Effectiveness Analyses” Produces Biased Results


Pharma’s “Evergreening” Patent Tactics Mean High Costs and Low Benefits for Consumers


Victim focus


Nothing At All: How Antidepressants Failed Me


The UK’s IAPT Service Is an Abject Failure


Less Than a Quarter of Those with Depression Respond to Treatment in Real Life


Inside A Forensic Psychiatry Unit: Rolled Ankles, RATs, and Invisible Abuse—The Final Obstacles Toward Freedom


Doctors Renew Campaign Against Overdiagnosis and Overmedication


Coercive Psychiatric Practice Goes Beyond Seclusion and Restraint


Researchers: Study of Schizophrenia Held Back by “Cult-Like” Belief System


Does Humanistic Psychology Support the Capitalist Status Quo?


Point/Counterpoint: What Is the Importance of Nassir Ghaemi’s Conclusion that Psychiatric Drugs Do Not Provide a Long-term Benefit?

Psychiatric Drugs Do Not Improve Disease or Reduce Mortality

Pharmaceutical Industry and FDA Use Mob Tactics to Silence Whistleblowers


Peer Values Versus Violence: A View from Lived Experience


Treating Grief with Addiction Drug Jeopardizes Social Connections


Antidepressant-Induced Serotonin Syndrome a Danger for the Elderly


Social Interventions for “Serious Mental Illness” Show Promise But Face Resistance


Can Secure Attachment Reduce Death Anxiety and Obsessive Compulsions?


Why Some Therapists Consistently See Better Results with LGBTQ Clients


Open Season on Mental Patients

Cargo Cult Psychiatry

Psychedelic Therapy Will Not Save Us


Jock McLaren – The Biopsychosocial Model is a Mirage, Time for a Biocognitive Model?


The power of activism


open season on mental patients


Industry Corruption in Systematic Review for Injectable Antipsychotics

Racism, Poverty, Inequality: Social Ingredients for Psychosis, Depression & More

Inside My Suicidal Mind

Psychiatry’s Medical Model: How It Traumatizes, Retraumatizes & Perverts Healing

Behaviorists Must Confront Psychiatry’s Pseudoscience

Tara Thiagarajan: Mental Well-being Better in Venezuela than in United States: Why?


Made “Mad” in America


The Shady World of Shock Treatment


A Different Psychiatry Is Needed for Discontinuing Antidepressants


The Failings of “Mental Health”: How a Seemingly Benign Concept Might be Dangerous


A Blood Test for Suicide? Not When the Cases Overlap with Healthy Controls


A Hopelessly Flawed Seminar in “The Lancet” About Suicide


The New York Times Comments Section: A Literary Rorschach Test for the Masses


Depression Stigma May Be Decreasing; Psychosis Stigma Increasing


Mainstream Psychology Slow to View Police Brutality as Systemic Racism


Does Psychiatry’s Buzzword “Flourishing” Reflect the Real World?


The Emperor’s New Clothes: The Upcoming NICE Depression Guidelines


New Tools to Support New Moms: An Interview with Jennifer Barkin, PhD


ADHD: The money trail

Peer Support Research: Is It Time Yet?


Bringing Integrative Community Therapy to Pittsburgh: An Interview with Alice and Kenneth Thompson


Study Highlights Uptake of Voice Hearing Groups in Brazil


Social Media Influencers Now Marketing Drugs to Niche Audiences for Big Pharma


Conflict of Interest Policies in Europe May Hide Pharma Influence


How Concepts Like Trauma and Resilience Reinforce Neoliberalism in the Global South


Inner Fire Is the Only Place I Would Go for Emotional Distress


Thomas Insel makes a case for abolishing psychiatry

Antidepressants Do Not Improve Quality of Life

Did Psychiatry Ever Endorse the Chemical Imbalance Theory of Depression?

Capitalism and the Biomedical Model of Mental Health

Mad by design: an ancient paradigm of psychiatric thought

Trans lifeline: naming trans-specific harm in Mental Health


Council of Europe Releases Report to Promote Voluntary Mental Health Treatment


Psychology “Incompatible with Hypothesis-Driven Theoretical Science”



Including racism + informed consent


Patient Reports Reveal SSRI Antidepressants Often Lead to Emotional Blunting

Social Security and Asylum: How States Produce Negative Affect to Stigmatize and Deter
“From the Victorian workhouse to contemporary welfare reforms, the provision of ‘welfare’ has long coexisted alongside policies and practices that mobilize negative affect to deter specific groups from claiming state support, and to craft public affect (such as fear and disgust) about these target populations.”


My Letter to an Advocate for Involuntary Treatment


How long would I have to be off meds and still doing well before my story would mean something to you?


The WHO Calls for Radical Change in Global Mental Health


The Transformational Qualities of Hearing Voices Groups


BMJ: 20% of Health Research Is Fraudulent


Robert Whitaker: Anatomy of an Industry: Commerce, Payments to Psychiatrists and Betrayal of the Public Good

Pharmaceutical companies are no longer attempting to hide their financial influence.

The face of commerce is visible at every stage of the process: the biased design of the trials, the spinning of the results, and the subsequent touting of the drugs to prescribers.


Antipsychotics Linked to Increased Breast Cancer Risk


Coercion and Dehumanization in Mental Healthcare

Combatting Structural Racism and Classism in Psychiatry: An Interview with Helena Hansen

Can Critiques of Psychiatry Help us Imagine a Post-Capitalist Future? An Interview with Hans Skott-Myhre

Responsibility Without Blame in Therapeutic Communities: Interview with Philosopher Hanna Pickard

Reason and Madness: How Psychiatry Marginalizes Those Who Contradict Western Norms


Art, Music, Exercise, and More: What Are the Recommended Doses for Improving Mental Health?


How Western Psychology Can Rip Indigenous Families Apart: An Interview with Elisa Lacerda-Vandenborn


Research Reveals Mental Health Professionals’ Participation in Rape Culture


Emotional CPR: Heart-Centered Peer Support


Inside A Forensic Psychiatry Unit: Here’s How to Survive


Lithium No Better Than Placebo for Preventing Suicide Attempts


Lithium, Antidepressants, Esketamine—All No Better Than Placebo?

Qualitative Evidence Supports the Ban on Conversion Therapy in Canada


Adverse Childhood Experiences Associated with Higher Anxiety in College Students


What Role can the United Nations Play in Rights-Based Global Mental Health?


When It Comes to Mental Health Problems, The Disability Framework Fails


Mental Health Care Must Support Consent and Basic Human Rights


The Psychiatric Hospital Is an Institution of Social Control


Common Statistical Method Conflates Withdrawal with Relapse


New Review: Antidepressants Come with Minimal Benefits, Several Risks

Family Physicians Must Change Antidepressant Prescribing Practices

Person-Centered Approach to Psychopathology Eschews Diagnosis


The Crisis in Psychiatry and The Slow Way Back: Interview with Vincenzo Di Nicola


Consumer Regret


When Tapering Antidepressants, is Going Slow Always the Best Strategy?


Ketamine Withdrawal Has Severe Consequences


The Year Of Potentiality


Inside A Forensic Psychiatry Unit: The Ground Where Death Meets Life


For Life: Opera on Psychiatry and Its Drugs


Unscientific Diagnoses Medicalize Normal Human Experiences


Can Anything Good Come Out of Therapy?


Critical Psychology for a Better Society: An Interview with Sebastienne Grant


De-Psychiatrization and the Promise of Open Dialogue


Ekaterina Netchitailova: "Mental Health” Is a Euphemism for Policing Social Deviance


Chuck Ruby: When It Comes to Mental Health Problems, The Disability Framework Fails: A Response to Comments


SSRI Antidepressants Do Not Improve Depression After a Stroke


Why We Need a Neurodiverse Philosophy of Autistic Happiness


Navigating the meaning of psychosis important for recovery


Guardianship Destroyed My Family


The Other Side of the Cage


Fireside Project: Peer Support for Psychedelic Experiences


Understanding the Youth Mental Health Crisis: An Interview with Elia Abi-Jaoude


No Meaningful Brain Differences in Depression


New NICE Guidelines for ECT Are Dangerously Inadequate, Say 50 Patients and Professionals


August 20, 1985: The Day My Psychotic Episodes Ended


Grief: A Shamanic Perspective


How Socioeconomic Class Affects Therapy


Clinicians and Patients Often Disagree on Mental Health Outcomes


Psychiatry and Psychology Fail in Response to Farmer Suicides in India

Online Debates on Psychiatric Diagnosis Often Rely on Rhetoric Instead of Facts

Home Alone: Finding Connection During the Pandemic

Why Is Child Sexual Abuse So Common in Institutions?

Why Is Psychiatry So Defensive About Criticism?

Did Pharma Companies Hide Failed ADHD Drug Studies From Regulators?

Study Discovers Extensive Undisclosed Conflicts of Interest in Medical Research


Roll-out of 988 Threatens Anonymity of Crisis Hotlines


Johann Hari: Stolen Focus – Why You Can’t Pay Attention


Major Review Finds Limited Effectiveness for Medication and Therapy


Evidence Distortion in Medicine Explained in One Single Chart

Negative Antidepressant Trials Still Unlikely to Be Published

Shifting Away from ECT and Antidepressants for Depression


Put Psyche Back Into Psychiatry and Add Psychological Intimacy


The New DSM Is Coming and That Isn’t Good News


Michael Hengartner – Evidence-biased Antidepressant Prescription


Inside a Forensic Psychiatry Unit: Earning the Right to Sleep on the Floor


Jane Engleman: Consternation of the Bees

Christine Burnett: The Danger of Marginalizing People

Philip Hickey: Why Is Psychiatry So Defensive About Criticism? Part 2

Susan Inman Is at It Again


Read Rebuts Biased ECT Defenders


The Medicalization of Women’s Suffering: An Interview with Dana Becker


Can the Psychodynamic Manual Move Therapy Beyond the DSM?


How Providers Can Support Psychiatric Drug Discontinuation


John Read: Fear and Loathing in the ECT Debate

James Knochel: Malignant Do-Gooderism: The Tragedies of Allopathic Psychiatry

Michael Hengartner: Regulators Are Approving Drugs Without Clear Evidence That They Work


Research News: Ketamine No Better Than Placebo for Reducing Suicidal Ideation in Depression


I Made It Out Alive


Medicating Preschoolers for ADHD: How “Evidence-Based” Psychiatry Has Led to a Tragic End


Ibrahim Ba: The Unveiling of the Truth: A Journey Into the Invisible World

Richard Vernall: Collateral Damage: The Negative Impact of Antidepressants on New Zealand Youth

Evidence Lacking for Mobile Mental Health Apps


Toxic Marketing: The Business of Selling TMS


How Psychiatry Perpetuates a Culture of Exclusion


Addressing Cultural Bias in the Treatment of Personality Disorders


The Censors Are Coming for Mental Health


MIA’s Suicide Hotline Transparency Project


Robert Spitzer on DSM-III: A Recently Recovered Interview


Official Guidelines on Antidepressant Discontinuation Fail Practitioners and Patients

Sexual Assault at Any Age is a Risk Factor for Psychosis

Dying to Stay Alive: A Ketamine Disaster


For the Love and Care of the People: An Interview with Vanessa Green on Call BlackLine Organizing


How Effective Are Therapy and Medication, and What Do They Treat?


Inside a Forensic Psychiatry Unit: Access to the Courts—A Right and Survival Tool


Esketamine: Dangers and Lingering Questions

Pharmaceutical Industry Corruption Goes Beyond Conflicts of Interest

Racism Evident in Patient Health Records

A “Mass Possession” Event in Nicaragua Exposes Inadequacy of Western Mental Health Approaches

Desperate Remedies


The Looting of “Outsider Art” by Psychiatry Continues Today


Anti-Psychiatry, Szasz, Torrey, Biederman & the Death of Freethinking


The Social Unconscious and Character Formation in Neoliberal Culture: An Interview with Lynne Layton


Jane Engleman: Fifty-Eight Years Beyond the Community Mental Health Act, 1963

Philip Hickey: The ENIGMA-MDD Project: Searching for the Neuropathology of “Major Depressive Disorder”

UK Finds Success with Peer Supported Open Dialogue Program

Democratizing Psychiatric Knowledge Production Through Lived Experience Leadership

Study Investigates Burdens Placed on Survivor Researchers


Why Do We Lock People Up?


Why Do People Self-Harm, and How Can We Stop It?


Antipsychotics Worsen Cognitive Functioning in First-Episode Psychosis


Parenting Changed My Perspective on “ADHD”


Nature: Brain Imaging Studies Are Most Likely False

How Evidence Based Medicine Became an Illusion

Antipsychotics Often Prescribed Without Informed Consent

Police Killings and the Pseudoscience of “Excited Delirium”


Becoming Whole: How a Change in Me Became a Change in My Practice


Thomas Jobe: The Legacy of Research He Leaves Behind


Former NIMH Director’s New Book: Why, With More Treatment, Have Suicides and Mental Distress Increased?


The Functions of the Mental Health System Under Capitalism


Inside a Forensic Psychiatry Unit: Calling in AIR Strikes


Mental Wellbeing Poorest in English-Speaking Countries of the World


Trusting People as Experts of Themselves: Sera Davidow on the Wildflower Peer Support Line

The impact DSM has had on us all – podcast

False Positives in Brain Imaging, Unpublished and Missing Trials, and Conflicts of Interest

Many Service Users Interested in Decreasing Antipsychotic Use with Professional Help

Human rights should be central to Global Mental Health approaches


Robert Whitaker Interviewed on The Dhru Purohit Podcast
Does Long-Term Use of Psychiatric Drugs Do More Harm Than Good?

From Labeled to Healer: A Road Less Traveled

Council of Europe Releases Report to Promote Voluntary Mental Health Treatment

Results of the Inpatient Alternative Soteria Model in Israel

Apples and Oranges in Peer Support Research

Saving Lives or Cementing Stigma? A Review of “Just Like You…”

Psych Concepts Creep Into Our Everyday Experiences: An Interview with Nicholas Haslam

Personal Story by Brooke Siem: If We Knew What We Know Now

Miranda Spencer: Ken Burns’ “Hiding in Plain Sight…”: Candid Interviews, Canned Conclusions

Penni Kolpin: Condensing “Anatomy of an Epidemic” into a High-Level Summary Document

"holy shit!” psychiatry's cognitive dissonance on display

Beverley Thomson–Antidepressed: Antidepressant Harm and Dependence

Antidepressants No Better Than Placebo for About 85% of People


Hearing voices network (HVN)


London hearing voices network – update

Art Making, Nature and Spirituality Workshop

13 September 2022


Spiritual crisis Network (SCN)


National SCN Community Forum


London SCN


Social Prescribing Network



including beyond the pill


additional update


Self- development


Action for Happiness

happier – kinder – together


14 September

28 September


We can't change what happens, but we can choose our response

Happiness isn't about everything going well – it's about responding constructively, even in difficult times

10 keys to happier living groups

10 days of happiness

How to live mindfully, even in stressful times

How to feel part of something bigger every day

Happy Planet Index


Self – care September


Making time to be mindful helps us reduce stress levels,

by turning our focus to the here and now, rather than dwelling on the past or future


Happy place


Canopy + stars – a life more wild – podcast


Oxford Mindfulness Centre

The qualities of kindness, compassion, joy and equanimity are the attitudinal foundations and qualitative tone of mindfulness.

Cultivating these qualities plays a central role in freeing the mind from patterns that create and recreate distress?”


The richest human isn’t the one who has the most, but the one who needs less.

Wealth is a mindset.

Want less and appreciate more today.


Latest News from the Coalition for Personalised Care

Including events + NHS statutory guidance for working in partnership with people + communities – start with people



Angel + Marc


5 Quotes for Coping with Things You Can't Control

Today, use frustration and disappointment to motivate you rather than annoy you.

Breathe and be mindful.

You are in control of the way you respond to life.

It’s not what you broadcast to everyone else that determines the trajectory of your life;

it’s what you whisper to yourself behind closed doors that has the greatest power and influence.

Some people will never understand, and it’s not your job to teach or change them.

Prioritize your peace.

Learning to let go of certain expectations and detach from certain people, are two of the great paths to inner peace.

Your worth is not dependent on someone else’s ability to be kind and loving.

Accept this, and start acknowledging your own worth.

Stop waiting for others to tell you how important you are.

Tell yourself today, and believe it.

The goal this year is to gradually change your response to what you can't control.

To grow stronger on the inside, so that almost nothing on the outside can affect your inner peace and wellness without your conscious permission.


Our perspective on just about everything comes from the psychological cage we’ve been conditioned to live in.

A cage created by...

A difficult or disappointing experience

A privileged or sheltered life

Social influence

Pop-culture and mass-media stereotyping

And the list goes on.

Gradually, unbeknownst to us, our cage—our conditioning—drains our mental energy, leaving us vulnerable to bad decision making?


When we were young, we saw the world through simple, hopeful eyes.

We knew what we wanted and we had no biases or concealed agendas.

We liked people who smiled.

We avoided people who frowned.

We ate when we were hungry, drank when we were thirsty, and slept when we were tired.
As we grew older our minds became gradually disillusioned by negative external influences?

At some point we began to hesitate and question our instincts?


Our minds are incredibly powerful

They can bring us down or lift us up at a moment’s notice

How we think about things literally changes everything we do on a daily basis!

Whenever I’m coaching someone who’s struggling in the trenches, I gracefully shift their focus from what they don’t want to what they DO want

I remind them that what you focus on grows stronger in your life, and that the best time to focus on the positive and take responsibility for your happiness is when you don’t feel like it

Because that’s when doing so can make the biggest difference


Sometimes you simply have to let go and accept the feeling of not knowing exactly where you’re going next, and do your best to appreciate this freedom.

Because it is only when you are suspended in the air, with no destination in sight, that you force your wings to open fully so you can fly.

And as you soar around you still may not know exactly where you’re travelling to.

But that’s not what’s important.

What’s important is the opening of your wings.

You may not know where you’re headed, but you know that so long as your wings are spread, the winds will carry you forward.


4 More Relationship Truths for Tough Times

Resentment hurts you, not them

Sometimes walking away is the only path forward

Some relationships will be blessings, others will serve as lessons

Even the best relationships don’t last forever.


3 Hidden Behaviours that Harm Your Relationships

Using complaints and disagreements as an opportunity to condemn each other?

Using hateful gestures as a substitute for honest communication?

The silent treatment?


Healing in Your Relationships

If you don’t allow yourself to move past what happened, what was said, what was felt, you will look at your present and future through that same dirty lens, and nothing will be able to focus your foggy judgment.

Always be kinder than necessary.

Forgive yourself for the bad decisions you made, for the times you lacked clarity, for the choices that hurt others and yourself.

Some chapters in our lives have to close without closure.

Be careful not to dehumanize people you disagree with.

Being kind to someone you dislike doesn’t mean you’re fake.

People tend to be more thoughtful and kinder when they have found a little happiness and peace of mind.


"How can I respond from a place of clarity and strength, rather than continuing to react in anger and frustration to the painful experiences I've been forced to live through?"

Think about that question for a moment.

Read it again, and sit with it.

Every time you are tempted to react in the same old way, pause for a few seconds, take a few deep breaths, and make space for a healthy change of state—for something new to enter...

It's time to consciously redirect your focus by taking it away from something unchangeable that drags you down, and instead zero it in on something small and actionable that moves you forward in the present moment.


4 Hard Choices that Make You Happier in the Long Run

You can choose to be present when it would be easier to pick up your phone.

You can choose to do a workout when it would be more comfortable to sit around.

You can choose to create something special when it would be quicker to consume something mediocre.

You can choose to invest in yourself when it would take less effort to procrastinate.


New normal’ anxiety: A therapist’s guide


A therapist’s guide to self-care

Self-care is the practice of taking action to improve your health.

We can do this regularly or just from time to time, but it’s important to turn this abstract concept into a concrete goal.

I've written a blog on the ‘6 domains of self-care’, including my top tips on how to give yourself a little love.


Physical self-care

This is about taking care of our physical body and getting back to basics.

Eat regularly and in a way that nourishes your body

Exercise regularly

Boost your sleep


Psychological self-care

We all know it is important to take care of our mind.

This might include seeing mental health professionals or simply doing things to help us recharge.

Turn off phone notifications

Keep scheduled therapy appointments

Take time for reflection


Emotional self-care

This involves your relationship with yourself.

Check in with your feelings and see how you’re doing.

Keep a journal

Vent your frustrations

Engage in opportunities to create happiness


Physiotherapist – Working from home: 4 health hacks


Plump it up

Make your chair more ergonomic.

Add cushions and a foot rest to take care of your lower back.


Go for a raise

Try shaking up your desk design.

Raising your laptop will help to protect your posture.


Break it down

Take micro-breaks.

Regular movement helps prevent muscular pains.


Stretch yourself

That's it.


Stretching at your desk will reduce the risk of muscle strain.


3 simple techniques to help improve your breathing


Breathing control

This means just breathing easily, using the least effort.

It helps you to relax.

Place your hand on your tummy, below your ribs.

Feel your tummy rise and fall as you breathe gently through your nose.

Let go of any tension, just breathe as you need to


Deep breathing

This helps to fill the lower areas of your lungs.

Take a long, slow deep breath in.

At the end of the breath in, hold the air for 2 to 3 seconds before letting the air out gently.

Try to keep your shoulders relaxed.

Repeat for 3 or 4 deep breaths.



This is a way of clearing mucus from your lungs.

Take a breath in and then breathe it out quickly through your mouth, as if trying to mist up a mirror.

Once any mucus has moved upwards, you should find it easier to cough it out. But there is no need to try and force up mucus.

Always finish with more relaxed breathing control (exercise 1) after the huffing exercise.


A to Zzz... our top tips for a good night's sleep


Be consistent

Try to go to sleep and wake up at the same time every day – and avoid napping throughout the day, if possible.


Create the right environment

When it is time for sleep, make sure your bedroom is quiet, dark and cool

(The NHS recommends 18-24C for adults and 16-20C for children).


Have a change of scene

If you find yourself unable to fall asleep, get out of bed and do something relaxing elsewhere.
Try reading or drinking some non-caffeinated herbal tea, and stay off social media and news sites, which can often be anxiety-inducing.


Let Your Inner Child Out
Sometimes the grown up in you needs a break.

So, every now and then, release your inner child and enjoy some carefree fun.
See the world with childlike wonder.

Ask lots of questions.

Revisit one of your favourite childhood books or movies.

How will you let your inner child come out to play?


All You Need Is Less
If you're wanting more love, more peace, more meaning, more focus, you'll probably find that all you need is, less.

Less expectations, less talk, less buying, less thinking, less stuff, less stress….

Are you ready for less?


As The River Flows
Just as the river flows through all terrains, never stopping, and never expecting anything to help it flow, in the same way, we too can be like a river, flowing through the twists and turns of life and keep creating a way forward

And just as the river makes the land fertile, we too can create abundance and help things flourish wherever we are


A Point of Stillness
Find a point of stillness from which you begin and to which you return, every day

Give yourself the space to just be and experience a sense of wellbeing
What or where is your point of stillness?

How will you make stillness an important event in your day?


Morning Thoughts

What are your first thoughts when you wake up in the morning?

Maybe check your morning thoughts as you're getting out of bed, brushing your teeth or in the shower.

Think peaceful, happy, powerful, grateful thoughts in the morning, and let your first thoughts become the foundation for the rest of your day


That Holiday Feeling
When we return from our holidays, most often, there's a spring in our step, a sparkle in our eyes, we're feeling good, relaxed….

But how long before that holiday feeling fades?

How about, putting your holiday photos and mementos around so that you can easily recall those holiday feelings?

Incorporate some of your holiday habits into your life; be more experimental with your food, visit interesting places near you, get more rest…..

Create reminders for any fresh perspectives or new intentions you may have returned with

And just as everything is wonderful when you're on holiday, appreciate the wonder of everything around you, and you’ll keep that holiday feeling alive


Like an Alchemist
Like an alchemist, transform something worthless into something precious

The key to alchemy is perception

So, overlook the visible lead to seek the hidden gold
See the limitless possibilities in everything

focus on the pure gold within each one

and turn lead into gold


Water Saving Ideas
If you're looking to reducing your water usage (& bills), here are some ideas
Shorten your shower time

Turn off the tap while brushing your teeth

Only fill the kettle with what you need

Use the washing machine & dishwasher only when full

Wash fruit & vegetables in a bowl & use this water for your plants or garden


Broken trust

We’ve all done our share of breaking other people’s trust,

and as we know, once broken, trust is challenging to restore

We can however make the effort to mend broken trust by owning up to our actions and making amends

We can endeavour to keep the promises we make,

and be more honest and open, and this will help us gain people’s trust


Self-Care Forum

Pandemic: Changes in Professional's Attitudes & Practice


Including investing in relationships


Research: Consuming fruit and veg and exercising can make you happier

Too much free time may be almost as bad as too little



including community pharmacists can refer patients for scan + checks


August 2022


Tackling inequalities in healthcare access, experience, and outcomes



including resources for younger people's

Culture, Health & Wellbeing Alliance




Economics of happiness – local futures

Beyond Conspiracy: Framing Meaningful Activism


Gabor Maté supports the localization movement


Why are we running harder and faster just to keep a roof over our heads?

Why does our food get flown around the world and back again?

Why is the gap between rich and poor widening to obscene levels?

Because nation states are allowing global corporations to run the show.

There is nothing evolutionary or inevitable about our current system; it’s man-made.

And if enough of us come together, we can change it.



Values are shifting. Culture is turning

Increasingly, people are seeing through the false promises of the global consumer culture.

They are recognizing the limitations of the rat-race, and the emptiness of conventional ideas about “success” and “progress”.

Not surprisingly, there is a corresponding surge of interest in indigenous knowledge to guide the creation of healthier, more localized futures.


"But what can I do?!" Introducing the Localization Action Guide


The Radical Roots of Community Supported Agriculture

Interrelation -SCOOP the sustainable cooperative


Brian Eno


The economics of happiness – film


Planet local – a quiet revolution – film


Local Food = Food Security


Small Scale on a Large Scale




The benefits system in this country is a disgrace


get support with your living costs




myth busters


will you sign the open letter?


If we were getting proper care and support, there wouldn’t be premature deaths happening

Dame Carolyn Fairbairn + Vanessa on learning disability mortality review – from personal experience – on women’s hour





Alzeimer's society


"Upset and disgusted" at Travelodge – PETITION


Office for National Statistics – Outcomes for disabled people in the UK


Dramatize – newsletter


National Autistic Society


Mencap – Tell councils: Count Disabled Children In


Share community – How to become a better communicator




National Development Team for Inclusion (NDTi)




Small Supports – Thinking Differently About How We Support People

Protect Our Human Rights


Join the NHS Sounding Board for Ageing & Older People


Review into advocacy for people with a learning disability and or autistic people who are inpatients in mental health settings



The Training Hub has launched…


National Advocacy Conference 2022 – 7-11th November 2022


Seni’s Law – Mental Health Units (Use of Force) Act 2018

New supported internships programme


call for evidence on draft Mental Heath bill – by 16 September


BIHR – 12 September


New case law – highlight for Care Act advocates


VITAL projects



SCIELine: New strengths-based approaches resources and learning


Strengths-based leadership programme: Newsletter


Changing our lives


hospital to home




Disability Rights UK


Disability Right UK has helplines


equal participation for all


Scottish Government announces rent freeze


Government launches social housing rent cap consultation


Citizens Advice survey shows millions will be in energy bills debt


DWP admits Access to Work is overwhelmed by workload but rejects meeting

Disabled people urged to check on eligibility for social tariffs on broadband


Benefit sanctions harming claimants, lawyers warn


DWP makes few concessions on improving engagement with Disabled people


Secret reviews into DWP deaths have more than doubled in three years


Government plans to move Disabled people from institutions don’t go far enough


Report highlights issue of negativity towards Disabled people


Disabled people make up nearly half of the most deprived working-age adults in the country


PIP delays leave Disabled people hundreds of millions of pounds out of pocket


Tony Hickmott


590 suicides between 2010 and 2013 linked to welfare reform – Deaths by Welfare


9 in 10 of all reports about disability benefit fraud to the DWP hotline turn out to be false


100 people held more than 20 years in ‘institutions’




Department of Work and Pensions ignored ‘hugely alarming’ research that linked benefit assessments with 600 suicides, MPs are told


Police officer fired for taking photos of people being sectioned


Press coverage for autistic man in isolation prompts Council action


Severely ill inpatient died after DWP forced him to leave hospital to make benefit claim


Disabled woman left begging a bus driver to let her travel home safely

The Mayor's Entrepreneur competition & training

Because we all care – CQC

Government White Paper fails to re-build the care system

Law Commission recommends adding disability to list of hate crimes

DWP refuses to publish report that found Disabled claimants had “unmet needs”

Councils waste £253 million fighting parents at SEND tribunals since 2014

Mental health impact of leaseholder cladding scandal

All PIP claimants to be offered apply online option

End Fuel Poverty Coalition – PETITION

People deprived of liberty due to misapplication of Mental Health + Capacity Acts

Sickle cell patients ‘face racism in NHS’

Share your experiences of seeing or posting online content about suicide or self-harm

Ground-breaking inquiry questions ‘Whose social care is it anyway?’

DWP failures mean dying people are being rejected for PIP

DWP ignoring concerns about Disabled benefit claimants’ deaths


The Reason I Jump

Ker Featherstone

Damning new MP report calls for end to long-term incarceration of people with autism and learning disabilities

"Sharp rise" in DWP benefit death reviews "deeply concerning"

DWP to stop ‘cold-calling’ Disabled people to make low benefit ‘offers’

Our work capability assessment factsheet

Poverty Alliance

DWP refuse to publish analysis of £20-week Universal Credit uplift ‘as it is not public interest’

Hate Crime Survey

Universal Credit cuts will come as ‘a shock’

Disabled children face digital divide

Assisted Dying Bill

Health and Disability Green Paper – a cause for concern

Hundreds of thousands “will plunge into poverty” as Minister rejects UK-wide call to keep Universal Credit uplift

New body to tackle health disparities set to launch

Lords: Government failing to implement Equality Act


I would have closed Cawston Hall – Norfolk Council care boss – Jeesal group

A fifth of housing not fit for good health – Good Home Inquiry

Elections Bill bad news for Disabled voters

Austerity cuts killed tens of thousands from 2010 onwards

Over two thirds of Universal Credit claimants currently in arrears while living costs rise

Disabled claimant died underweight, ‘unkempt and dirty’ after ESA and PIP wrongly stopped

Disability Benefits Without the Fight - PETITION

Excluded children put in ‘unsafe’ institutions

Disability Horizons launches new online wellbeing community

Social care plans expose rich vs poor divide in terms of home loss

DWP urged to reveal algorithm that ‘targets’ Disabled people for benefit fraud

Almost £3bn to be awarded to private sector to assess disability benefits


Osbornes Law


Inquiry sought into deaths of 369 mental distress patients in Sussex Trust’s care


High Court rules loss of around £180 a month disability premiums on claiming Universal Credit is unlawful discrimination


Covid highlights social security system is “simply unfit for purpose”

DWP blocks publication of research on effectiveness of benefit sanctions

Disabled people’s experiences of the benefits system: Committee publishes withheld Government-commissioned research

Disability strategy ruled unlawful, DWP denied permission to appeal


Disabled people five times more likely to experience food poverty, says Food Foundation


DWP admits wrongly refusing PIP to record number of Disabled people


Two-thirds of NHS Trusts failing to support equal access to care for Disabled patients


Citizens Advice energy advice


400,000 people could be pulled into poverty by April real-term cuts to benefits


Nearly half of people referred to Trussell Trust food banks are in debt to the DWP


Jackie Maguire


Tip of the Iceberg: Deaths and Serious Harm in the Benefit System


Pushed to the Edge: Poverty, food banks and mental health


DWP failing to make reasonable adjustments for UC claimants with mental health problems


Reasonable adjustment


Adult Disability Payment


Just Can’t Wait card


Extension of terminal illness ‘Special Rules’ for ESA and Universal Credit from April 2022


DWP work coaches “bullied” into forcing distressed claimants to attend work-related meetings


How bare bones benefits don’t add up


Under Pressure campaign


Two in five Universal Credit claimants forced into debt, finds the Trussell Trust


Pushed to the Edge: Poverty, food banks and mental health


Ofcom: telecomms and broadband providers must do more to help vulnerable customers

DWP: deaths, cover-up, and a toxic 30-year legacy

Fast-tracked access to benefits extended to those likely to be in final year of life

Benefits rise does little to ease cost of living crisis


Disabled employees paid £3.5k less than non-Disabled employees – ONS

EHRC presses DWP to improve treatment of Disabled benefit claimants

UC makes people ‘better off’ says DWP as figures show only slightly over half of switching claimants would benefit

EHRC failing Disabled people on DWP actions, claim families


Elections Bill will make it harder for Disabled people to vote


New podcast protests the deadly welfare policies enacted by the Department for Work and Pensions (the DWP)


Government must halt ‘managed migration’ to universal credit – DR UK

Report shows that smart home technology can assist independent living


People with learning disabilities in ‘mental health crisis’ – Mencap


Disability Poverty Campaign Group update

If you are a representative of a local or national DPO group, or charity, and are interested in getting involved with the DPCG, email


The Women’s Budget Group

would like to invite you its webinar on

Access co-ordinator for TV training course

get yourself active


+ lots more!


Disability News Service


Equality Network

Sanctuary, Safety, Solidarity

Holyrood Committee report into a ban on Conversion Practices

You can watch parliament in action here

You can become a member of any NHS foundation trust – just look on their website?

It's LGBT History Month


Court upholds Census guidance – trans men and women can self-identify their lived sex


There’s still time to fill in the Census!


The call for evidence on the Gender Recognition Reform Bill

New intersex resources created by our partners Reprofutures


Pride is Back!


We want your views on what support means to you


New Bi+ survey launched


Launching the Scottish LGBTI+ Rainbow Mark


A new way to support our campaigning work

Ukraine president backs civil partnerships for same-sex couples




Care and Support Alliance – An appeal for your story



MND Association


Act now for safer homes for people with MND


National autism society



Land + other views


Humanists UK

Working to ensure a fairer, kinder, and better society


Compose your #HumanistVoices tweet today!


An attack on free expression

including Salman


protect legal abortion


Religion vs Women’s Rights – Write to your MP


2025 Strategy

Humanism in the classroom: we’re going back to school!

We must never blame the victims

Exposé: Sexist, homophobic, and violent religious resources


We are not a Christian country

Did you know that bishops are speaking and voting for us in the House of Lords?

The only other sovereign state in the world where clerics vote in Parliament is the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Clearly, we’re in need of change.

Majority against bishops in the Lords

How can I be happy?

What should we think about death?

How do we know what’s true?

What makes something right or wrong?



Including writing to MP about protecting Human rights

and “conversion therapy”


Important: Our worst fears come true? – ASSAULT ON HUMAN RIGHTS IN UK

An amazing list of people + organisations


Compassion wins as Austria legalises assisted dying

Tell the UK Government to support humanist marriages

A big step forward – MPs debate humanist marriage in Westminster

Help us ban 'conversion therapy' right now!

Homes for Ukraine


End discriminatory admissions – sign now


Nigerian Humanists President sentenced to 24 years in prison – EMAIL MP


Your rights are under threat, act now to protect them


The Queen’s speech


Learn about humanism with Alice Roberts and Sandi Toksvig!


ending the inhumane ban on assisted dying


UK Govt removes abortion rights from international pact


Help us challenge compulsory worship in schools


What I believe – podcasts with people in the public eye


Land justice UK – Land and Food


New land report out on land reform in Scotland

police, crime, sentencing and courts bill

You can find a Member of the House of Lords and write to them asking them to review this dangerous bill


3 acres + a cow – 17 + 18 +30 September + 1 October

people food summit – 16 – 18 September


A win in the fight for land rights – PETITION


Land worker’s alliance


Human rights


Change The Covid Guidance In Psychiatric Wards


The British Institute of Human Rights



Explaining laws passed end April 2022

What the Rights Removal Bill means for you


Fly the flag for human rights



Refugee action

How to build a BÖRDER KRISÍS


Boris, it's time to commit – PETITION


anti-refugee Bill


Stop The #AntiRefugeeBill petition


What do Priti Patel’s constituents want?


Heartbreaking deaths in the Channel: tell your MP enough is enough – EMAIL MP


What exactly is the hostile environment?




Thank you for seeing the human not the label


EMAIL MP: Ukrainian refugees need all the help we can give


TELL YOUR MP: vote to lift the ban


You know the facts.


People seeking asylum are banned from working, unable to support themselves and expected to live on just £5.84 a day.

It's always been an absurd policy, and soon MPs will have the chance to reassert common sense and lift the ban.


Polling from this week shows that an enormous 81% of members of the public surveyed agree that the ban should be lifted.


Fight the anti-refugee laws: ask your MP to sign the pledge


The Rwanda plan: a punishment for asking for help

One year on: 9,000 Afghan refugees still stuck in hotels

Shedding the refugee label


The Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants

Add your name to the open letter: safety for Afghan climate activists


Migrants organised


Migrants Organise is taking the Home Office to Court!

New Plan for Immigration is same old Hostile Environment

Your solidarity is working!

This Refugee Week we want to share our New Dreams

Solidarity Knows No Borders

Share our message of dignity and welcome


The Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health has published a statement calling for the abolition of all NHS charging, becoming the first Royal College to call for more than a temporary suspension of these discriminatory and harmful Hostile Environment


NEW report: shining a spotlight on the devastating impact of Hostile Environment policies during COVID


2 minute action: The COVID inquiry must not forget migrants


What is happening with the anti-refugee Borders Bill?


Dismantling the hostile environment – podcasts


Hostile – film


Solidarity is what connects us – EMAIL MP


27 September


Patients not passports – A toddler charged £70k for life saving NHS care? - ACTION


will you call on the Government to welcome climate activists as refugees?


Freedom from Torture – close the barracks




UK government links to torture in Xinjiang – PETITION


Urgent: Stop the UK Decriminalising Torture

New Plan for Immigration – Consultation Guidance

URGENT: Act now to protect refugees from Priti Patel's New Plan.

Dr Waheed Arian

kick out hate

URGENT: if passed into law, Priti Patel's Anti-Refugee Bill will destroy the lives of countless people seeking asylum.

Write to your MP to stop it.

One strong voice


Join a local group

Urgent: shocking news – EMAIL MP


The facts + figures?

write to your local newspaper against the anti refugee bill


Clause 11 of the anti-refugee bill, which would punish Ukranians and other refugees for the way that they travel to safety – was removed by the Lords

A Holocaust survivor just sent this message to Boris Johnson – on the cliffs of Dover


£5 a day


22nd March

MPs voted to punish refugees who make their own way to safety in the UK as part of the Nationality and Borders Bill.

The bill has now entered a stage called ‘ping pong’, where it bounces back and forth between the House of Lords & the House of Commons.


People power – love not hate




Tell PM candidates: do not send refugees to Rwanda


Rwanda – action


end UK links to torture – PETITION


Safe passage – We need your help – write to a Peer today

no afghan left behind – PETITION

Write to your MP

Our amazing young leaders

Safe Passage v. the Government

Priti's plan abandons child refugees – TAKE ACTION

Safe Routes Save Lives- EMAIL MP


Borders Bill – EMAIL MP


We need safe routes now – PETITION


Support Lord Alf Dubs – EMAIL A PEER




Over 1,000 Faith Leaders Say No to Anti-Refugee Bill

EMAIL MP – fix our broken asylum system


Detention Action

Stop Priti Patel’s pre-Brexit race to deport trafficking & torture survivors

What do you most want to fight for in 2021?

This is a humanitarian disaster. Close the detention camps now

Meet with your MP

URGENT: Priti Patel is winding the clock back on women’s rights - PETITION




Survivors of Napier Barracks beat the Home Office in court

Six men who Priti Patel detained at Napier Barracks have proved in court that she violated their human rights.


Stop union busting in Morocco! – PETITION


Tell Denmark: Syria is not safe for refugees to return. Reverse your shameful decision.


A message from the White Helmets to Ukrainians under attack

As Ukrainians come under brutal attack by Putin, it is chilling to see Russia using the same strategy and playbook in Ukraine as they use in Syria – attacking fleeing civilians, controlling humanitarian corridors, bombing hospitals and spreading disinformation.


Our volunteer first responders have saved more than 125,000 civilian lives in Syria since 2014, many from direct Russian attacks, and it’s heartbreaking to witness the same tragedies being repeated over and over again.

We know the scale of horror that Russian bombings can inflict: no one and nothing is off limits.

In Syria, a concerted Russian disinformation campaign spreads fabricated claims attacking White Helmets volunteers to cover up war crimes.

Now Russia is using the same methods to legitimize its attack on the Ukrainian people – using social media to sow doubt about atrocities committed against civilians.

When I saw the aftermath of Russian airstrikes on the maternity hospital in Mariupol last week, including Russia’s immediate disinformation efforts online, it was as if history was repeating itself.

We have witnessed these same horrific scenes and lies during attacks on Syrian hospitals.

It angers me to see companies such as Twitter continue to allow accounts to spread falsehoods – and

I urge you to join me in calling on Twitter to shut down all accounts, including Russian government accounts, being used to spread harmful disinformation

A few days ago I spoke to the Washington Post and shared what we have learnt from our experience in case it can be of any help to our brothers and sisters in Ukraine.


I told them that the GoPro camera is the best way to fight Russian disinformation and report the reality on the ground.


I also warned against sharing GPS locations of medical facilities with the United Nations.


In Syria the Russians used that information to target hospitals.

Ukrainians should also establish small medical and civil defense outposts in secret locations around the city to take the pressure off larger hospitals and mitigate the risk of targeting first responders.

There is no doubt Putin has been emboldened by the impunity he enjoyed in Syria.

If Putin is not held accountable for his invasion of Ukraine the whole story will repeat itself again.

Today, we need actions not words from the international community.

They must pursue justice relentlessly so no dictator can feel able to shamelessly commit such atrocities.

For the last seven years, the Syrian people have stood up to Russia and have yet to be defeated – so we believe Ukrainians can do so as well.

At the end of the day, it is the will of the citizens that is the strongest weapon, even against the mightiest militaries in the world.

In solidarity,

Raed Al Saleh


Your right to know – PETITION


Third sector + campaigning


commission on social security

10 October – The plan for a decent social security system – details to follow


Third Sector – Governance bulletin

Third Sector – weekly

Give communities more power over local assets and a £2bn support fund, report urges

Giving by the super-rich could be perpetuating social inequality, academics conclude

Charities lost almost £8.6m to fraud last year, latest figures show

Top earners at Wellcome Trust paid almost £8m each after investments boomed

Wellcome institutional racism

Adeela Warley: In 2022 let’s make social media a place for hope, not hate

Care charity lost more than 150 staff last year because of vaccination rules

Latest accounts for the London Clinic show that the highest earner, who is not identified, received a salary package of between £510,000 and £520,000 in 2020

This is a charity! - Wendy


Fifth former Oxfam GB staffer sanctioned after DRC sexual misconduct investigation


Why aren’t more charities supporting community building initiatives?


Does the voluntary sector have a class problem?


Giving pains: the cost of grant-making


National Trust hits back at 'paid-for' campaign to influence its governance


Carnegie Trust

including kindness in public services




Lots of interesting events


Fast minds – Kingston


Kingston Voluntary Action


4 in 10 children in London live in poverty


Developing a 2040 Community Vision for Kingston

1 in 4 are living in poverty after housing costs

Source: London’s poverty profile 2021



including events + training + Kingston Festivals – September – November


Updated nomination link for free SIM-cards


Help tackle The Biggest Issue


Health and Inequalities - Bitesize Training- information sharing and learning


Sheila McKechnie Foundation

We believe that anyone can be a force for change

Together we explore change, share knowledge and learn from change-makers


Transforming power for social change

Can get places for free email


Worried about the Policing Bill? Wondering what you can do? Find out how to get involved


The 2021 Campaigner Survey Results are in!


The Power Project: transform power, build solidarity, make change


Why a voice inside Whitehall matters for campaigners




Support + more ideas!


Amnesty International

Demand Egyptian authorities immediately release Ramy Shaath!

Boris Johnson needs to hear this

Urgent Action Network Update


Patient Safety Learning


Mental illness is a lie which causes untold damage


hospital safety for diabetes patients, institutional misogyny, climate change, and more…


Whistleblowing, patient feedback, visiting restrictions + events...


Latest hub highlights: Misogyny, crosswords, Ockenden...

Mind the implementation gap, vaccination programmes, mesh removal

Patients died after catalogue of errors by Priory mental health chain


events +


Patient association

Loneliness – Age UK

Loneliness – MIND

Loneliness – NHS

Campaign to end loneliness

PHSO seeks patients views on new strategy

Every Mind Matters

Feel less lonely


Published guidance for Integrated Care Systems (ICSs) teams


Start engagement early

Provide clear and accessible public information

Build relationships with excluded groups

Co-produce and redesign services and tackle system priorities in partnership with people and communities.


Nutrition Checklist


The NHS Constitution for England


Call for Welsh Government apology after failings at Ysbyty Gwynedd mental health unit


Vulnerable man Clive Treacey 'failed in life and death'


Share your story with the BBC



Opportunity to shape national audit

contact Kim Rezel on


Why asylum seekers deserve better healthcare, and how we can give it to them


HM Government Public Appointments – Patient Safety Commissioner


Government launches cancer consultation


From Patient association helpline – change in staff results in long-awaited apology


Muriel* called our helpline recently to update our advisers on a complaint they had supported her with in the past, which finally had a good outcome.

Muriel had made a formal complaint about a hospital.

She wasn't t happy with the final response she'd received from the hospital and, so, contacted the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman (PHSO).

The PHSO failed to uphold Muriel's complaint.

The Ombudsman could find no fault in the hospital's response and said Muriel wouldn’t achieve anything by taking the complaint further.

At this point, the complaint had been going on about three years.

The PHSO refused to accept any evidence from Muriel.

But recently Muriel saw that the hospital had appointed a new complaint manager.

Muriel contacted the manager who offered to meet her to find more about the complaint.

After the meeting, the new manager apologised to Muriel and accepted that the hospital had been in the wrong.

Muriel told our advisers she was happy to see the positive approach from the new complaints manager at the hospital.

However, Muriel is very disappointed with the PHSO and plans to take her concerns further to help other patients.

*Name changed to protect privacy.


To contact our helpline team, call 0800 3457115 between 9.30am and 5pm on weekdays or email

See our website for more ways to get in touch.

And remember, we have a
range of information on our website from our very popular nutrition checklist right through to understanding your medicines.

Collaboration must be at the heart of the future of health and care


Share your experience of A+E


Share your ideas on how patient data is used


Review highlights stark ethnic healthcare inequalities in the UK


Maternity Scandal: Fighting for the Truth


Mental health problems cost UK economy at least £118 billion a year – new research


We want your views on patients’ rights to choose where they have treatment



The illusion of evidence-based medicine


'Words will not be enough' say grieving families of Shropshire's maternity scandal


Integration white paper loses sight of active, engaged patients


Ockenden report: the refusal of our healthcare service to take patient experience seriously


Apply for peer leadership academy


Patient safety congress – 15 + 16 September


If you would like to speak



My Planned Care Website - your views needed


Invitation to join Health Research Authority steering group


Have your say on how the NHS should work in partnership with patients




women’s health strategy


call for evidence for people living with Down’s syndrome


Patients Association members' magazine – Summer 2022


Shared decision making – NHS England


end of life care for trans, intersex + gender diverse people – SURVEY


Integrated care in your area


Share your views of access to the contraceptive pill



social prescribing


national framework for social prescribing – by 20 October


pharmacy – by 16 September


Just Treatment – Rich countries protecting pharma monopolies


A £2 medicine charged at over £2900…


put lives before pharma profits – PETITION


We found that 51% of beds in inpatient mental health services are provided by private companies like Priory Group, Cygnet, and Huntercombe Group who make the majority of their revenue from NHS funding


Engage Britain

Making the country work for all of us



NEW suicide awareness training for university students



Suicide + co


Citizen UK

Living Wage for care workers – EMAIL MP


Kings Fund


Your events update | September 2022


Has the Women’s Health Strategy listened to what women really need?


Odds stacked against it: how social care struggles to compete with supermarkets on pay


There’s no such thing as a new public policy idea, just a new name


Towards a new partnership between disabled people and health and care services: getting our voices heard


Where does the buck stop?


How do you make change happen in general practice?


What are health inequalities?


What does it take to ensure partnerships succeed?


Poverty, poor-quality housing and health inequalities


The Health and Care Act 2022 – what does it mean for trusts and foundation trusts?


A community-powered NHS: making prevention a reality


Working in partnership with people + communities: statutory guidance


What should partnering with disabled people look like?


Women in prison + mental health + poverty + strokes +


The impact of body image + live-in care workers in London + modern slavery + strength based approach +


Health and Wellbeing Bulletin

including how do you measure the success of population health approaches?

How do you measure the success of population health approaches?


What is a population health approach?


NHS wants to stop ‘reinventing the wheel’ and involve public in digitisation


New podcast: Supporting refugee and migrant health care in England


Health Management and Policy Alert: 24 June 2022

Health Management and Policy Alert: 26 July 2022

including human rights concerns regarding people in care


Provider collaboration – 12 -15 September


population health: joining the dots + recognising the opportunities – 28 Nov - 1 December


The cost of living crisis is another reminder that our health is shaped by our environment


Healthy foundations: integrating housing as part of the mental health pathway


What are the implications of policies increasing transparency of prices paid for pharmaceuticals? A primer for understanding the policy perspective in light of the empirical evidence


Putting patients first: championing good practice in combatting digital health inequalities


A picture of health? Bridging the gap between physical and mental healthcare in adult mental health inpatient settings


The Health and Care Act 2022: the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead


What can be done to tackle LGBTQ+ health inequalities?


Health Management and Policy Alert: 20 July 2021

Including reforming the MHA: government response to consultation

Not listening to us? – Wendy


Understanding integration: how to listen to and learn from people and communities


Health and Wellbeing Bulletin

Including poor health + housing + obesity + bad roads


Health Management and Policy Alert: 10 September 2021

Including Home for all


What is needed to reduce ethnic minority health inequalities?


The pandemic has further opened up deep health inequalities


Kerslake Commission on Homelessness and Rough Sleeping


Good homes for all: a proposal to fix England's housing


The Health and Care Bill: six key questions


Read our updated position on integrated care


Reflections on the Health and Care Bill


Integrated care systems highlights


How much longer and further are health inequalities set to rise?


Health and Wellbeing Bulletin


How will integrated care systems work under the Health and Care Bill?

Including details of a free course “an introduction to leading with kindness and compassion in health + social care


The power of those small acts of kindness

The WHO Prison Health Framework: a framework for assessment of prison health system performance

within local communities

How does the UK's health care performance compare internationally?

Anchor institutions must re-imagine how public bodies immerse themselves within local communities + partnering is a verb

The cost of poor housing in England

Integrated care systems highlights

Left behind: a decade of intergenerational unfairness

Invisible women: understanding women’s experiences of long-term imprisonment

Care Quality Commission's reply to the Joint Committee on Human Rights about protecting human rights in care settings


What does successful adult social care reform look like?


Listen: Tackling health inequalities head on through integrated care

Your health and care explained update

New podcast: What is the Health and Care Bill and why does it matter?

Restraint, segregation and seclusion review: progress report

Digital Health Digest

From harm to hope: a 10-year drugs plan to cut crime and save lives

Integrated care systems and social care: the opportunities and challenges

Integrated care systems highlights


Updated: Key facts and figures about the NHS


New explainer: How does the system hear from communities?


Health and Wellbeing Bulletin


Robot performs first laparoscopic surgery without human help


Health and social care integration: joining up care for people, places and populations


Health Management and Policy Alert: 22 February 2022


Improving decision-making through connected intelligence: leveraging new capabilities to help life sciences companies advance health


Improving direct payments oversight


Governing the health and care system in England: creating the conditions for success


Social care 360


Local government public health funding: putting the jigsaw together without the picture on the box


Kings fund survey on digital equity


Health and Wellbeing Bulletin


digital health + care congress – 11 October


Integrated care systems highlights


What could provider collaboratives look like?

Not really outcome-based commissioning? Certainly not people commissioning? – Wendy


Local health systems: relationships not structures


Health + care act 2022: the challenges + opportunities that lie ahead


Gregor Henderson: mental health is just part of what it means to be human


Systemic racism, not broken bodies: an inquiry into racial injustice and human rights in UK maternity care


How does the NHS in England work and how is it changing?


Mental Health Act reform: race and ethnic inequalities


NICE recommends offering app-based treatment for people with insomnia instead of sleeping pills


Time for action on poverty 19 September


Digital technologies + interoperability – 29 September – FREE


12 October


Annual conference – 1- 2 November


Integrated care in practice – 7 – 10 November


population health: joining the dots + recognising the opportunities – 28 November – 1 December


Westminster Health Forum (WHF) policy conference – PROVIDE FREE SPACES – JUST APPLY?


19th September 2022 – mental health in the workplace


Improving women’s health + care in England – 28 September


29 September


18 October – priorities for tackling overprescribing in the NHS


next steps for mental health in England + priorities for mental health + well being plan – 29 November


Who cares 4 the carers

A relaxation technique to help you


Carers UK



People’s theatre


Camden people’s theatre

Over 35 new shows from £8


Degenerate Fox Theatre

£5 tickets


Underground lights

Streams of Consciousness

Book your free tickets…


Brixton House




Thompson Hall at Old Street / Body and Land Retreat / What Does it Mean to be Seen by Machines? / Teachers' Workshop


Call for Photographs: My Hackney Selfie / Monumental Impact / Body and Land Retreat / Visit Autograph


free artist course – 14 September


Somerset House


Art. Process. Ideas.

Discover Somerset House’s Channel


Somerset House Studios


Grounding Practice

AGM returns, plus new residents and commissions this autumn

More beautiful stuff!

Exploring interactive fiction in gaming, plus new exhibitions

Strategies for Making Music + Artist Opportunities

New residency exploring artificial intelligence

Artist talks and workshops imagining new worlds



Watermans – events

£6 Mondays are back

16 September


Exchange – Twickenham



Marsh Farm Outreach


Common Wealth




Haldane society of socialist lawyers


Law centre Network

South West London Law centre


Law for life


High pay centre


4 day working week

video explaining 4-day week



conference for the European network for the fair sharing of working time – 20 + 21 October


Platform London


Basic Income UK

UBI gives people the chance to make their own choices, to make decisions for themselves, their communities, their households, their lives and their futures

UBI does everything from sharing out problems, to delivering a feminist vision to tackling the climate emergency, to stopping benefit traps

It does all those things, but ultimately UBI is democracy

Baroness Natalie Bennett


Every step we take towards a Basic Income will liberate power in the hands of the citizen

Paddy Ashdown




Andy Burnham joins call for basic income trial


Report from Manchester University


How universal basic income can tackle anxiety + depression


Extending Welsh Universal basic income pilot to heavy industrial workers




Here’s how we do it!


Welsh basic income pilot have been published


In a statement from Jane Hutt, Minister for Social Justice

The pilot will be targeted at care leavers

All young people leaving care that turn 18 over a 12 month period starting this summer will be invited to participate

That is expected to be about 500 people

Participants will receive the payments for 24 months starting from the month after their 18th birthday

A £1,600 a month basic income will be paid each month


Universal basic income motion passed by Richmond Council

69% of people in Wales support basic income pilots

Stockton, California who released incredible results from the experiment there!

Start your own Basic Income Conversation today – TOOLKIT


We've urged ministers to back basic income for mental health – Peace of mind project


Let's make Basic Income a reality – PETITION


The Basic Income Conversation is growing... here's how


Universal Credit cut: now is the time for basic income

Last week the £20 Universal Credit uplift was cut.

5.8 million people claim Universal Credit in England, Scotland and Wales. Overnight, their incomes fell by £1,000 a year.

If they’d had a basic income, they wouldn’t have been plunged into precarity.

Now is the time for a basic income.

There are thousands of people across the UK working to make that clear.


How do we pay for a basic income?


Email mp asking them to join CPPLG


NEW REPORT: Results of our Basic Income Month


Understanding the impacts of a basic income


Can you help get candidates across the UK to support UBI trials?


Tackling Poverty: The power of a universal basic income


Record low poverty at no net cost

The most common question that we get asked in the Basic Income Conversation is “How would we pay for this?”

As of today we can say, “You don’t. It doesn’t have to cost the public purse anything.”


Our new paper lays out a fiscally neutral scheme that involves no additional calls on the public finances and no net increase in taxation: the cost of the extra payments would be exactly offset by the extra revenue from internal changes in tax rates and National Insurance Contributions


The gains of this modest scheme are concentrated among the poorest income groups, and the gains are incredible:


Child poverty falls by more than a half taking

it to below the historic level achieved in 1977


Working-age poverty falls by just over a quarter


Pensioner poverty falls by 54%

This takes the level of pensioner poverty to well below the lowest post-1961 rate of 14% in the early 1980s.


The Gini coefficient – a measure of inequality – falls by 12.5%, taking it back towards the peak equality achieved in the 1970s.

Despite the scale of the current crises, we keep being told that our problems are too big, too complex, there are too many obstacles, and it’s just too expensive to take care of people


The human cost of our problems is unfathomably and heartbreakingly big.

The cost of transforming people’s lives is not.


Thanks to this paper, we’re laying out exactly why and how implementing a basic income is eminently doable.


21 September


How can a modest basic income cut poverty by half?

Is basic income a vote winner?


Listen Now: A Basic Income Special


Newsletter of the European Network for the Fair Sharing of Working Time


Invite your MP to the #FlexforAll briefing


Universal Credit



Parents against child exploitation

Watch our new film about spotting the signs of child exploitation

Safeguarding training – perhaps ask for a free space?

Video – towards hope


27 + 28 September


Believe in yourself and your children: one parents story


Transform Justice

Prosecuting mental health – accountability or criminalisation?

A different understanding? How the CJS discriminates against those with autism

When should a family dispute end up in court?

Barely legal? The experience of remote tribunal hearings

The forgotten people? Prisoners on remand in the pandemic

Does L&D stop the revolving door of police custody?

Does diversion from court have an image problem?

Computer says yes – you will pay a fine and get a criminal record

Swipe right to plead guilty

Covid justice – how not to do it?

Altruistic up-tariffing? The pitfalls of more rehabilitative police cautions

Children imprisoned on remand – the stark reality of racial bias

Survey for magistrates

Only by radically shrinking the magistrates’ court can the Crown Court backlog be reduced

Is justice for victims always criminal justice?

Does the defendant in the magistrates’ court get a fair hearing?

Want to build trust in the police? Detain less

Making child remand a last resort

Do people who get in trouble with the law deserve double punishment?

Independent domestic violence advocates in specialist courts – a backfire effect?

Is imprisonment before trial the result of poor risk assessment?

Keeping the wheels of justice turning – magistrates’ views on justice in the pandemic

Child defendants in the pandemic – did courts make the right compromises to keep the wheels of justice turning?

podcast – The single justice procedure has been used to decide Covid cases – despite evidence of at least a 10% error rate – and is now being used to decide outcomes for protestors prosecuted after attending the Sarah Everard vigil

This single justice procedure affects women more than men?

Will harsher sanctions reduce assaults on police and NHS workers

out of sight, out of mind – defendant’s experience of video court hearings

Can assaults on police and NHS workers be avoided in the first place?

A recipe for confused policing? New drug strategy laced with problems

The Transform Justice Podcast – Episode Recap


Equal Justice USA

Sign the petition and tell President Biden to fulfill his promise to clear the federal death row.

How This Minneapolis Man Is Healing Collective Trauma Through Creative Counseling and Mentoring

Trauma informed training attempts to bridge gap between Newark residents + cops

A model for police + community relations

An up-close portrait of the people doing violence intervention work

New nonprofit uses yoga to address Black men’s mental health

When You Hear Me, You Hear Us

An amazing kind video

Community-based violence prevention works, but it needs sustained support

Trauma to trust programme


Remarkable Women


Trauma to trust


The Future of Public Safety is Now



Truth, justice + accountability

Progress on the legal aid for inquests campaign



Leon – Nadia – Sam – Matthew -Zoe – Marshall – Jane – Sammy – Coco – Trevor – Shane – Abdul – Lamont – Andrew – Steven – Gavin – Jason – Micheal – Jack – Alex

including connection cafes


INQUEST News challenging state violence & justice campaigns


Justice – EVENTS


Restorative justice 4 all


The Howard League


Less crime, safer communities, fewer people in prison

The hidden crisis that isn't making the headlines

Punished when they should have been helped


Stop building women's prisons – EMAIL MP

focussed on reducing the unnecessary arrests of women reducing child arrests and ending the criminalisation of children in care


Changing outcomes for Black people in the criminal justice system


"Nobody really cares about prisons"

Arrests of children have been reduced by 74% over the last decade, in another major step forward for our successful campaign.


Since 2010, the Howard League for Penal Reform has been working with police forces across England and Wales to reduce child arrests, helping to ensure that hundreds of thousands of boys and girls do not have their lives blighted by a criminal record.


We campaign on a wide range of issues including children in the criminal justice system, change inside prisons, community sentencing + policing

We have an in-house expert legal team who represent children in custody.

We strive to minimise the human suffering and social harms that are both causes of crime and consequences of punishment.

We stand for constructive forms of justice that contribute to building a safer, fairer society.

We stand against abuse and mistreatment and all forms of discrimination in the criminal justice system.


Prisons create conflict, put a strain on the police and hospitals and thwart human potential – they simply do not work.

Sadly, the government are planning on expanding our already over-crowded prison population.

The recently published Prisons strategy white paper has dedicated £4 billion to new prions places, with the Ministry of Justice’s own projections predicting the population to reach almost 99,000 over the next five years.


International Women’s Day

A day in the community where we celebrate and empower women.

Unfortunately, for women in prison, today won’t be a day for celebrations.

There were almost 5,000 receptions of women into prison last year, and more than half of them were for women on remand.

Too many women are being swept up into the justice system when it is not necessary or appropriate.

Most women in prison have a history of childhood abuse or trauma, they need a safe space and support.


Prison life during the pandemic


In the last year, prisoners self-harmed at a rate of once every 10 minutes

-17 August 2022-


Spark Inside




User Voice




Koestler Arts


Being creative has helped me survive my prison sentence”


it is going to be a good one – including Ai Weiwei


2022 Koestler Awards Results Announced!



You can email + sign petitions without donating to anything

MoD document approves British troops for illegal bombing, charity claims

Urgent: Egypt

Saifullah Paracha

Saudi Arabia

Ahmed Rabbani

Ravil Mingazov

Hassan al Maliki

Abdullah's torture


Jagtar Singh Johal

Update petition


US drone strikes – SEND A MESSAGE

Dr. Osama Yassin

I’m still in Guantánamo - TWEET

Ministers are deciding whether to save a life

North-East Syria – ACTION




81 men executed in Saudi Arabia – ACTION


Salina and Joey – EMAIL LIZ TRUSS


Merri Utami – PETITION


Demand justice for bereaved families of lethal drone strikes in Libya


Petition – abolish death penalty in Malawi


Please help save Mohammed


Priti Patel and the National Security Bill – PETITION


Abandoned British nationals in North East Syria


distracting the world with its money + sportswashing – PETITION


Liz Truss: Bring them back




50 Years of Pride

help stop transphobia


Decolonising futures



free gender activist Sareh + drop all charges immediately – SIGN

what did Zelensky say on same-sex marriage in Ukraine – PETITION


gay cures” – PETITION


this is what conversion therapy looks like in Russia – PETITION


listen to voices in Ghana – PETITION


My gay son changed my life


Emergency: Afghan LGBT+ people in danger


Anti-Trans Bill in Guatemala Must Be Stopped


Doski Azad


Russia: They’re shutting us down


Russia: LGBT+ activist under house arrest


Behind the scenes of China's queer community


Help ban "conversion therapy" in the Netherlands


A giant flag that says: support trans visibility


Russian LGBT Network under attack


Lesbian activist attacked in Ukraine


A one way ticket back to danger – PLEASE SIGN


Stop “conversion therapies” in Colombia


I didn’t want to leave my country, but I didn’t have a choice – PETITION


EMERGENCY: Don't let them cancel EuroPride in Belgrade


Equality act Japan


Liberty – know your rights


how well do you know your rights? - FREE BOOKLET


why the ECHR matters – video + campaign




Demand real alternatives to policing – ACTION


speak up for human rights – PETITION


protest rights at risk – again – PETITION


You do not have to donate when signing a petition – petitions are free to sign


On Thursday 22 February 1934,

Liberty was founded to defend “the whole spirit of British freedom”

Now, on our 88th anniversary, our fight is more important than ever as the Government attempts to shut down the ways people can hold it to account.
We won’t let the Government become untouchable.

Democratic crisis

In a democratic society, people must be able to hold the powerful to account – but the Government is trying to rewrite the rules.

It wants to ‘overhaul’ the Human Rights Act. The HRA forces public authorities to respect rights and enables people to enforce their rights in court if they fall short.

But the Government wants to remove this obligation on public authorities and make it near-impossible for anyone to get to court and see justice.

Similarly, its Judicial Review Bill will change judges’ powers so challenging the Government’s action in court won’t be worthwhile.

Plans for mandatory voter ID which could prevent millions of people having their say in elections.

And the Government is sidelining MPs when making laws, giving them little time to scrutinise proposals.

Alongside these attacks, the anti-protest Policing Bill is back in Parliament next week.

Last month the House of Lords dealt a major blow to the Government’s plans by ripping out some of the worst proposals.

But ministers are now trying to get some back in – including criminalising noisy protests.

Noise is at the very heart of protest.

It is literally how we make our voices heard.

Liberty was founded following the oppressive treatment of protesters on the National Hunger March, and we will always work to protect this key pillar of democracy.

Together we can stop this democratic crisis in its tracks.


Email MP to protect our rights


URGENT PETITION: save the Human Rights Act






Urgent letter to Liz Truss


In many respects the Government’s plans laid out in the Queen’s Speech are even worse than anticipated

They include:


A so-called ‘Bill of Rights’

which would scrap the Human Rights Act and remove obligations on public bodies like local councils and government departments to treat people fairly


A Public Order Bill

which would force through the anti-protest measures that our mass public resistance defeated just a few months ago, such as criminalising ‘lock-on’ protests


A National Security Bill

handing state security services even more power and potentially threatening the work of journalists who uncover dark truths

Even after it suffered stinging defeats in the last Parliament, the Government is returning to force through unwanted and unpopular policies

Revealed: Alarming rise in deaths of asylum seekers

new met boss must be spark for real change – PETITION

3 things new Met Chief must do right now



Fighting NHS Charging – What can you do now?


Big brother watch

email CO-OP CEO

Ban Hikvision


NETPOL – the network for police monitoring


Black Lives Matter protest – VIDEO

new report condemns "revenge policing" and calls for scrapping new police powers




Good Law project

Government’s costs

They want to silence criticism

Boris Johnson misled Parliament

Misuse of public money

They want to silence dissent

What have they got to hide?

They want to block public interest

This is not the Britain we should be


Other information sources


Mozilla – internet health 2022 – reclaiming power over AI


the tech we won’t build – podcast

including weaponisation of social media + GOOGLE involvement with military


when an algorithm is your boss – podcast

gig economy – if you are a minute late with a delivery you are banned from working for 2 days with some deliver apps



coop cycle



for workers collectives


AI from above – podcast


The truth is out there – podcast

about misinformation industry – which affects elections + dark social media


Declassified UK


The Democracy Collaborative

Sanders and McDonnell on community wealth

The “Preston model”

Land banks and community land trusts


Parkdale People’s Economy

Community wealth building comes to Scotland

How to Make a Democracy Economy

South Korea explores community wealth building

How NY can enter ‘a new era of public power’





Innovation is not designed to create happiness

It's designed a lot of the time to facilitate one's needs and desires, to stimulate desire and all of those kinds of things

It's certainly about doing all of that, but it's not about making the world better for people

And it's not about improving their lives in any way

It's about trying to actually create a world in which more profit is to be had”



"The one sector of government that doesn’t experience austerity is the military budget.”


To what degree is competition between states somehow rather related, tightly related, to the competition between capitalists?”


Cooperatives and socialism


cities after…


Ask Prof Wolff: Is Nordic Socialism a Progressive Step?

Swedish socialism undone

How Capitalism Shapes our Food

The Challenge of China – New Global Capitalism Lecture

Recommended Reading list on Cooperatives.

Economic Update: Germany Shifts Left

Ask Prof Wolff: Taxing Billionaires

Wolff Responds: Capitalism's False Defenses

All Things Co-op: Cuba's New Cooperative Legislation

Global Capitalism: The Problems with China's Economy

we learn about the psychology of control and domination

understand our personal connections to capitalism’s structure

All Things Co-op: Lessons from Venezuela’s Social Economy

Ask Prof Wolff: From Capitalism to Co-op

All Things Co-op: Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

The Ukraine Crisis

Ukraine, Sanctions and Rising Inflation


technology under capitalism


Economic Update: Unaffordable Housing


The popular movement for peace needs to be rekindled


All Things Co-op: There Is An Alternative To Capitalism


With rising inflation rates, mass resignations, poor working conditions, and expensive housing, it’s clear that capitalism in the US is falling apart.

To counter this, the right wing is working hard to repress each and every marginalized group in order to keep the working class divided. In this episode of Capitalism Hits Home, Dr. Fraad looks at that fascist push to maintain a hierarchy in family, faith, morality, and nationalism.

One way the Right does this is by attacking women and LGBTQ+ rights with abortion bans and anti-trans bills.

In this legal stage of early fascism in the US, we need to take cues from other countries that successfully countered right-wing attacks on body autonomy by creating coalitions and unified fronts.


Capitalism Hits Home: Connection – The Foundation of Mental Health


Global Capitalism: The Socialism That Focuses Too Much on Government


Ask Prof Wolff: Capitalism Doesn’t Care About You


Tax Justice Network

13 September

Crooked Crook Ltd, Company registration scandals

Casino Capitalism and a just transition: the Taxcast podcast

A tide-turning moment in the global struggle for tax justice

Including an item about UK care homes


The Whiteness of Wealth: podcast with Prof Dorothy Brown

Podcast: From an uncaring to a caring economy + global minimum corporate tax plan


Podcast: The capture of Malta and the fight for justice


"You need to be very strong.

To do the job that she did you really have to be your own person.

You couldn’t be the kind of person who worries what people might think of you, and you really have to say, no, I’m not going to adapt, I’m not going to fall into that mould.

I’m going to break it and keep breaking.”

Paul Caruana Galizia


Podcast: Degrowth: liberation from ‘growthism’

Podcast: rethinking economies

Pandora Papers shows transparency failure is an accountability failure


Podcast: Tax Haven Ireland


Jersey’s Pandora’s Boxes: The Tax Justice Network podcast

The Swiss banking clean-up is a mirage

Butler Britain: PODCAST


10 measures to expose sanctioned Russian oligarchs’ hidden assets


'Non Doms' unmasked: PODCAST


Podcast: Financial Secrecy Index 2022


Podcast: Amazon's tax challenge


African Ministers call for UN tax convention to protect against financial secrecy supplied by the richest nations


Intervention at EU Parliament on the Unshell Directive: Full text

including events on the 13 September


Our tax system is broken – EMAIL MP


Tax Justice UK

Support President Biden’s proposal to stop global tax dodging - PETITION

Pandora Papers shows transparency failure is an accountability failure



Tax Watch UK


Open Democracy

Liz Truss is returning to the fairytale economics of the 1980s

Revealed: A quarter of Truss’s new cabinet are landlords

Exclusive: Senior Liz Truss adviser worked at lobbying firm for energy supplier

UK government department reprimanded over handling of freedom of information


How Boris Johnson rigged British politics for the Tories

Hundreds have spent 15 years in jail under abolished indefinite sentences

Families’ plea over ‘barbaric’ indefinite prison sentences for minor crimes

Exclusive: US climate deniers pump millions into Tory-linked think tanks

Afghan refugees on the racism they’ve faced in their first year in Europe

How trans rights are being ‘weaponised’ by Latin American Right-wing populists

Chile’s new constitution promises sexual rights – but can’t guarantee them

How US student debt forgiveness exposed the Christian Right’s hypocrisy

Kenya’s election is being lauded as ‘historic’ for women – that’s not true

How private investors mortgaged UK’s utilities – and why we’re paying the price


Catastrophic’ energy price rises will hit ethnic minorities hardest


Emily Maitlis’ version of impartiality would have destroyed the BBC


Freedom of information vetting by government – update


The war in Ukraine, six months on


GDP is a useless measurement. But what should replace it?

Spanish lawyer names bishops and priests pushing conversion therapy

What nationalising energy companies would cost – and how to do it

Religious backlash threatens Somaliland’s progressive rape law

Droughts and wildfires prove we need to end private land ownership

Truss and Sunak’s teams had worst transparency records in Whitehall

What nationalising energy companies would cost – and how to do it

'We have orders to live here!' Luhansk faces Russia’s ‘soft’ occupation

Facebook lawsuit in Kenya could affect Big Tech accountability across Africa

The EU’s plan for Ukraine hydrogen exports is colonialist greenwash

United in intolerance, India and Pakistan are more alike than ever


Rogue solicitors offering fake advice to scam migrants out of life savings


MPs charged public £1.3m to foot their tax bills


Nobody is happy here’: The asylum seekers stuck in Home Office hotels


Religious fundamentalist lawyers ‘preyed on’ Archie Battersbee’s family


Just working for wood: life inside Tajikistan’s silk industry


Florida’s Republican governor is attacking trans rights to gain power


Black Italians’ plea to media and politicians after killing of Nigerian man


Revealed: UK household energy debt hit record high even before price hikes


Sunak’s plan to criminalise ‘hating Britain’ is a throwback to empire


Exclusive: Suspended doctor is trustee of Belfast anti-abortion charity


DEFRA pressured officials to clear ports giant over Whitby crab deaths


It isn’t just the Tories weaponising ‘diversity’ – it’s all of us


The heatwave's hidden victims


Exclusive: Influential UK net-zero sceptics funded by US oil ‘dark money’

Exclusive: US climate deniers pump millions into Tory-linked think tanks


Energy crisis has made 30 House of Lords members wealthier


Ugandan police accused of anti-gay bias in murder investigation


The UK’s Nationality and Borders Act penalises women. Here’s how


The world burns and the richest profit. It doesn’t have to be this way


5 things the next Tory leader can do to help LGBTQ+ people


Top Ghanaian doctors use misinformation to train nurses in ‘conversion therapy’


Insulation could have cooled Britain down


Home Office pressured inspector to soften damning report on Channel crossings


Why the law alone won’t save us – or the planet


Next PM shouldn’t forget Johnson’s attitude to sexual assault was his undoing


Warning over Truss’ links to US lobbyists who tanked Obama climate law


Our ‘democracy’ is taking away our rights. It’s time for change


20 MPS took staff from anti-abortion group seeking to replicate US backlash


Exclusive: Substandard landlords bank £132m to house vulnerable residents


Russian oligarch dodged sanctions over Mayfair mansion


Birmingham pays half a billion pounds to under-fire landlords




Say her name: Breonna Taylor


Women disproportionately affected by soaring Mental Health Act detentions


How the UK government is undermining the Freedom of Information Act


There are many reasons to hate what Putin has done to Russia.

He has given its riches to his friends, who are now billionaires many times over; he has destroyed its political parties, used its courts as weapons, imprisoned activists, forced honourable patriots to flee their own country; he has used its money to support vile political causes in other countries, and used its media to spread lies and misinformation worldwide.

But few things have ever touched me as much as the fate of Yanayev.

It is the sign of a true tyranny when murder is so commonplace and happens so openly, as it did on 28 December 2004, when police officers just took him away from a crowded airport and killed him.

I have no idea what he had done to upset them.

He wasn’t famous or outspoken, perhaps it was a case of mistaken identity. It felt like this could have happened to anyone.

We know about his murder thanks to a strange anomaly, which is that Russia has – despite Putin having destroyed every other vestige of its shaky 1990s democracy – remained subject to the European Court of Human Rights.

According to the court’s judgements, Russia has violated Article Two of the European Convention – i.e. it has committed murder –349 times since signing up in 1996.

That is more than 13 murders a year.

It is incredibly hard to bring a case to the ECHR, and triply so when the case is against a government that murders witnesses.


90% of Met officers disciplined for racism still work for force


Boris Johnson’s government is threatening an unthinkable attack on our rights


Rail firms paid shareholders £800m before asking workers to take pay cut


Racism in UK maternal care: ‘Why aren’t we being listened to?’


Meet the man risking arrest to set up an LGBTIQ museum in Russia


Revealed: Taxpayers fork out £8m to subsidise Lords’ food and drink


Sunak’s jobs scheme left young people in debt and failed to vet employers


Close Kremlin allies among Russian donors who gave £7m to British unis


The post-Roe v Wade crisis can only end if Democrats restore our rights

NHS privatisation linked to 557 ‘treatable’ deaths in five years


The UK’s Nationality + Borders Act penalises women

Revealed: UK private tenants hit by record annual rent hikes

Back to black: What Afghanistan’s new focus on coal tells us

How Boris Johnson rigged British politics for the Tories

Landlords urged to ‘take advantage’ of soaring rents in ‘grotesque’ email

Jailing of journalist shows how far the rot in Russia goes

Truss and Sunak’s teams had worst transparency records in Whitehall

Fears for new UK financial Bill as banks accused of profiting off hunger



Facebook whistleblowers in the UK

Why Facebook can’t fix itself

Hey, YouTube – leave our kids alone

A lot more to do on government algorithms

Support Facebook content moderators in calling for fair treatment!

Taking on the tech giants: the lawyer fighting the power of algorithmic systems

Join us – tell Sadiq Khan to take action against Uber!

Matt Hancock: Drop your plan to put NHS patients' health data into one massive database - PETITION

We are going to court

fresh evidence: disappearing messages and "government by WhatsApp"

"this algorithm decides who eats and who goes hungry"

Daniel Motaung


1st day in court


Government by WhatsApp – email your MP


Facebook on notice of legal action – SIGN LETTER


They exploit Facebook moderators and call it “ethical”. Help us stop them


facebook is violating Kenya’s hate prevention guideline – PETITION


Article 11 trust


Campaign for freedom of information

ICO should end its near invisibility on FOI

Call for tougher FOI enforcement and other news

Encouraging FOI news


Article 19 – defending freedom of expression + information

What does misinformation smell like?

Speaking out on social media takedowns – YOUR HELP NEEDED




'Anger is not sufficient to maintain motivation over time;

you also need to have hope,

and to believe that you can make a difference.'

Kathryn Sikkink, author and human rights academic


Younger people



Nobody is normal

How to keep children safe online


Together we're helping children to report abuse

email the new Minister in charge




Safer Internet Day 2022






we are the agenda


New data shows Black and minoritised girls are more than twice as likely to be excluded from school as their white counterparts


A Life More Wild – Dr Alex George & Brook House Woods


Young Minds


Society needs to change. Have your say on how


Supporting your child with anxiety




Tips for coping with peer pressure


Toxic masculinity and mental health


self care


tips on the start of your eating disorder recovery journey


Malala – Assembly – How you can stand up to anti-Asian racism


When your college classmate is … your mother!

Writing competition


Assembly is publishing a book!


Are streets safe for girls?


Malala: I Fear for My Afghan Sisters


Amplifying the voices of Afghan girls and women


completing my education with elephantiasis


Girls & the climate crisis


My life before + after the Taliban takeover


We want to publish you!

What is the best form of activism for you?

What this intern learned about how to get scouted on TikTok

Polaroids from Guinea

The career advice you need to read


Afghan girls + women are making brave decisions every day


A brighter future for Chilean students

Why Egypt’s football clubs are losing female players

How to help Ukrainian refugees

Jamming out to feminist punk rock


free annual membership to Master Class


Barriers students face to ADHD diagnosis and care


Quizzes, quizzes, quizzes!

A guide for first-time climate activists

Student athletes speak up


Girls like me are taking action – EMAIL MP


Girls forced to marry – PETITION


Coram’s Young Citizens

The Stranger Series with Coram’s Young Citizens


Young Women's Trust

Do you want to unlock your potential?

We see you; we hear you and we care about you – SUPPORT LINES INFORMATION


One in five young women have lost work or future work

57% say they have been affected financially

One in four have taken on extra caring responsibilities

83% said that their mental health had suffered

1 in 10 they have been unable to afford food or other essentials


Ask your MP to do more to prevent online hate speech

Act now: support young women this winter

New report reveals one size fits no one

Including peer researchers


Speaking truth to power

can you help make equality a reality for young women?


Peer Research: The Power of Shared Experience


Lucy’s story: coaching helped me believe in myself






Woman’s Aid


Maternal Mental Health Alliance




Maternity Action

A step in the right direction for pregnant women's safety at work - EMAIL MP


Are you on maternity leave? Take our survey!


We're calling for maternity pay to be increased – will you help us?


Tips for coping in these anxious times



Read our tips and advice for supporting a friend

new resource on panic attacks

Free online training



Off the record – BRISTOL

If you are in crisis and need immediate support, you can access help from these organisations:



available 24/7 for listening support on 116 123.



text ‘SHOUT’ to 85258 to speak to a crisis counsellor.



open 9am-midnight, call 0800 068 41 41 for support around suicidal thoughts and feelings.


CAMHS Crisis Line

a free confidential NHS helpline offering support for young people aged 17 and under in crisis on 0300 303 1320

24/7 Support & Connect

a free confidential NHS helpline offering support for adults aged 18+ on 0800 012 6549

Self-care plan



real-time, online support


0800 1111. 7:30am – 3.30am



0800 58 58 58


The Mix

0808 808 4994 3pm – 12am everyday




The Purple Elephant Project


Arts Emergency

Mentor training

Help to get into art


Child poverty action group


Fantastic for families – update


Family lives – update


Free benefits training



Government bodies


Mental Health Act Statistics, Annual Figures – 2020-21

Still, we suffer – Wendy


Draft mental health bill 2022


Mental Health Strategy Delivery Plan for 2022/23


Proposed NHS mental health access standards for patients


Survey for NHS England patients + public voice partners – by 3 Oct


Energy Bills Support Scheme explainer


Health quality improvement partnership (HQIP)

National Confidential Enquiry into Patient Outcome and Death: Review of Health Inequalities Short Report


National Confidential Inquiry into Suicide and Safety in Mental Health: Annual report



Care quality commission


Share your views


Our equality objectives 2021-2025


Now available: State of Care – CQC's annual assessment of health care and social care in England


From Paternalism to human rights


Restraint, segregation and seclusion review: progress report


Out of sight- who cares?


Monitoring the Mental Health Act


Maternity survey results


Reducing health inequalities in areas of deprivation, through better regulatory recognition and the sharing of best practice entered a new phase


Putting people at the centre of system regulation: learning to lead in changing times


our new single assessment framework


HSE Stress eBulletin: Working Minds campaign launches


Pop up care homes


National Audit office


Office for National Statistics


A report from the Office of National Statistics revealed an estimated 778 people died in England and Wales while homeless in 2019an annual increase of 7%

This is the fifth year in a row that the number of people who have died has increased.

It is the highest number since records began.

ONS blog - good data from any source can help us report on the global goals to the UN

ONS blog - Unlocking the power of data to better understand private rents

ONS blog - Far from average: How COVID-19 has impacted the Average Weekly Earnings data

How many people fund their own care?

ONS blog - Violence against women and girls: Helping to understand the scale and impact of the problem

The lasting impact of violence against women and girls

Beneath our feet: improving estimates of UK land value



Launch of new autism strategy to help autistic people live more independent and fulfilled lives

Revisiting safeguarding practice

Vaccination as a condition of deployment to be revoked




Health and Care Bill: launch of new white paper


Ombudsman news special – annual review launched

local government + social care ombudsman – update


local government association (LGA) – September 2022


Inclusive economies and healthy futures: Supporting place-based action to reduce health inequalities


Debate Not Hate: the impact of abuse on local democracy


London Assembly


Help with cost of living hub


older londoners


Public meetings

Including monthly Mayor’s Question time


London Youth assembly

27% of schools are exposed to dangerous levels of air pollution.

It took decades to protect our children from cigarette smoke.

We can’t make that mistake again; we must tackle toxic air pollution right now.

That’s why we introduced the Ultra-Low Emission Zone, cleaned up our buses and taxis and tackled emissions from construction sites.

But we must go further to protect the health of Londoners across our city.

My number one priority is to protect the health of Londoners, and the life chances of future generations.

I will do all I can to ensure that every Londoner can breathe clean air.

Clearing the air: pollution in London


Reforming private renting in London


My society – including support with FOI requests


PETITION – Vital information hidden


NIHR – Lockdown raised anxiety in people with anorexia and their carers, but online resources helped

Transforming out-of-hospital care for people who are homeless


Together in research – Spring 2021


Caring for older people at home can be just as good, or even better, than hospital care

Vegan diet could control blood sugar for people with type 2 diabetes

Together in research – Summer 2021

seeking views on ways to substantially reduce research bureaucracy


Together in research – Autumn 2021

Together in research – Winter 2021/22

Including paid involvement


Free bus travel keeps young Londoners socially connected


Together in research – Spring 2022


Together in research – Summer 2022


Health and Social Care Committee


Local Government Authority – Update


Would you like to shape the future of Patient Safety within the local NHS?


Complete our NHS and ICS websites survey for a chance to win £100 vouchers


Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE)

New end of life and palliative care report




Healthwatch Wandsworth


Wandsworth Community Empowerment Network (WCEN)

In the UK, people with brown skin are being denied equal and compassionate mental health care.

They are more likely to be brought to and kept in hospital without their consent.

They are more likely to access mental health services through the police and criminal justice systems, and to find themselves unwell and back again once released.

People with brown skin, particularly men, are more likely to be forcibly restrained and given more than the recommended amount of medication.

WCEN 2021









If you are unhappy with the care or treatment you have received from the NHS, and would like help to make a complaint, POhWER can help.

They provide guidance, information and advocacy to help people get matters put right.

Telephone: 0203 553 5960


Letter: London IHCAS Advocacy Hub, POhWER, Hertlands House, Primett Road, Stevenage, Hertfordshire, SG1 3EE



If you live in Wandsworth and need support to tell people what you want, and to understand your rights, you can contact VoiceAbility.

They provide advocacy for people who may be vulnerable and need support to speak up about their care needs.

Telephone: 020 7924 7772


Letter: VoiceAbility, Unit B102, Trident Business Centre, 89 Bickersteth Road, Tooting, London, SW17 9SH


Rethink Advocacy

If you are unhappy with the care or treatment you have received from an NHS or social care service, and would like help to make a complaint, Rethink could help. They provide guidance, information and advocacy to help people get matters put right.


Telephone: 300 7900 559


Web address: Rethink Advocacy Independent Service in Wandsworth and Richmond leaflet 2.pdf


Wandsworth Wellbeing Hub

For guidance and help to find organisations and services to support your health and wellbeing needs, you can contact the Wandsworth Wellbeing Hub.

Telephone: 020 3880 0366 (Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm)


Letter: Wandsworth Wellbeing Hub, 120 The Broadway, Wimbledon, London, SW19 1RH


Wandsworth Adult social care

If you, or someone you know, have / has care and support needs, and you need information and help, you can speak to Wandsworth Adult Social Services. Adult social services provide information and help to adults who have difficulty with everyday things.

Telephone: 020 8871 7707 (Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm)


Letter: Adult Social Care and Public Health, The Town Hall, Wandsworth High Street, London, SW18 2PU

Emergency out of hours

Please contact the switchboard on 020 8871 6000 and ask for the emergency social worker.


Children and families

If you need information on the activities and support services that may be available to you and your family, you can contact THRIVE Online (previously known as the Family Information Service).

THRIVE Online provides information and assistance to parents, children, young people and professionals on support services and activities for the 0-19 years’ age group (25 if the young person has a special need).

Telephone: 020 8871 7899 (Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm)

Letter: THRIVE Online, THE 4, Wandsworth Town Hall, Wandsworth High Street, London, SW18 2PU




Richmond community drug + alcohol service (RCDAS)

Mon – Weds – Thursday – Friday – 9am to 4.30pm

Tuesday 9am to 1pm women only

Tuesday 1pm to 4.30pm

Ilex House

Unit 2

94 Holly Road


0203 228 3020


SW LONDON ICS – update


Richmond town centre has a new ‘Safe Space’ on Friday and Saturday nights


Richmond MIND


Hearing Voices Group +


sometimes we do not realise we are lonely


Our Journey Recovery Hubs are preparing to move to drop-in provision

We’re expanding our Psychotherapy and Counselling service and looking for new members of the team


Writing + creativity group



Well-being walks


Enroll now for our free Resilience in Progress online course for parents



connect to tech




Bridge the gap – support booklet


Together as one


Richmond Aid


Dose of Nature


Rape crisis


Off the record – Twickenham


Look ahead


Richmond and Hillcroft Adult Community College


United response


Disability Hate Crime Survey


Pride, Alice in Wonderland, challenging government policy and Somerset muscles


Choice support




Richmond film society


Healthwatch Richmond


Guide to Richmond’s NHS, Care & Support


Free home sensors for unpaid carers in Richmond; Richmond Aid is recruiting for a digital training co-ordinator. Read about both here.


useful advice about dealing with sleep problems?


The Full of Life Fair returns – 23 September – book now, FREE! Plus news about autumn COVID-19 boosters, and why knowing about blood pressure is important


Richmond CVS


Including Directory of services


free 1-2-1 digital support


Talking Bubble – Telephone Befriending with Language Options


Free home sensors for unpaid carers in Richmond


NHS South West London Integrated Care System: News & First Meeting


Young people update – August






Centre for Governance + Scrutiny

Including Anticipating, managing + adapting framework

Special newsletter on council finances

governance & scrutiny newsletter


Richmond council – LBRUT – events + news


Community hub – a dedicated helpline to deal with local enquiries and help signpost people to the right support at this difficult time.

The helpline number is 020 8871 6555


Please visit the council’s website for the most up to date information: or phone 0208 891 1411


Find out more here:


Advertise your event / activity on LBRUT website




Got a good idea – get community funding?


Clean air petition


Do you know of someone who might benefit from a video Carephone?


Richmond Green Home Grants


Home Start Richmond


Support – Cash grants +


I need help finding food or essential home items


Richmond aid – information


Careplace – Richmond

Careplace are promoting – Free Community Counselling Service – Available online or over the phone


Struggling to pay your fuel bills? The Council can help


Richmond Furniture Scheme


Fuel Grant Scheme


Additional grants are also available from the Household Support Fund for food, bills and other essential items, via Citizens Advice Richmond and Richmond AID.


Claim £150 towards your energy bills


Free home sensors for unpaid carers in Richmond


Know Your Place Heritage Festival with Richmond Libraries


September with Richmond Libraries


Centre for Governance + Scrutiny (CfGS)


Bolstering scrutiny / scrutiny frontiers / guest blogs / Health & Care Bill update



Including anticipate – manage – adapt idea


Health & Care – special newsletter

Governance and scrutiny news from CfGS


From MP


Talk Richmond – PODCASTS

Good thinking

Air pollution petition

Afghanistan & Central Asian Association

Stop Levelling Down London’s Transport

Update on proposed SWR service reduction


The good food co-op


Pressing Government for Zero Carbon Homes

Munira – stop levelling down London’s transport


Kinship care bill


Twickenham repair cafe -3rd Saturday of each month 10:30 to 13:30


Munira Wilson

It’s clear that this winter is going to be tough for so many, and should you need my help as your local MP, please do get in touch with me

I’m continuing to hold regular advice surgeries, and my team at the Twickenham office are doing all they can to help too


40.000 deaths per year – Air pollution – EMAIL BORIS


The listening circle


My life films charity


Inspired Hub



Help with bills + …


Hampton Fuel


Barnes workhouse fund





Hounslow Healthwatch

You can find details of health services in your area from NHS Choices

Call 999 for emergency services

Emergency and urgent care health services – 111

Hounslow Council: Out of hours social care support – 020 8583 2222 For more information please click here

Hounslow Council: For more information on Adult social care, please click here

Hounslow Council: For more information on Children and families, please click here

CarePlace: Provides a Directory of Services, Information and Guidance enabling direct access to local care and community services. For more information, please click here

West London NHS Trust – Mental health crisis: 24-hour helpline 0800 328 4444. For more information, please click here


safe space Hounslow crisis helpline – 0203 475 5185 – 11am to 11pm – 365 days per year


Hounslow Council


Diabetes REWIND programme


15 September

community forum


14 September

cost of living support at Hounslow House


13 September

Family fun day

Crane park children’s centre

crane park primary school


TW13 5LN

10 – 2.30


Summer of culture


couch to 5k


Thrive LDN

Mental health + wellbeing resources for Londoners

downloading the free NHS weight loss plan

Learn new gardening skills

Hampton Kempton waterworks railway +

Get laughing – it’s free therapy +


It’s national walking month

including ideas around coping + thriving despite anxiety