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Imagine if …


Lost Connections: Uncovering the Real Causes of Depression – and the Unexpected Solutions

The decade the rich won - part 2

5 steps to a Green New Deal

Can randomly selected citizens govern better than elected officials?

Hillsborough law - duty of candour -would this help with our Freedom of information requests ?

Cannabis, ketamine and speed to be decriminalised in London by Sadiq Khan

A shorter working week for Europe

Children imprisoned on remand – the stark reality of racial bias

Combatting Structural Racism and Classism in Psychiatry: An Interview with Helena Hansen

Suman Fernando’s book Institutional racism in psychiatry + clinical psychology

How Western Psychology Can Rip Indigenous Families Apart: An Interview with Elisa Lacerda-Vandenborn

People deprived of liberty due to misapplication of Mental Health + Capacity Acts

As a result of the Bournewood case the Mental capacity act came into being?

The mental capacity act

Assume capacity

Best interest

Least restrictive

People can make what others would consider unwise decisions

Supported decision making

Capacity can easily be assessed

Can someone make a decision?

Can they communicate the decision (not necessarily verbally)?

Can they remember the decision?


Restraint, segregation and seclusion review: progress report

Out of sight- who cares?

Half of people with a learning disability and autistic people reluctant to provide feedback on care

The authority gap: why women still aren’t taken seriously

Women disproportionately affected by soaring Mental Health Act detentions

Report Finds Monitoring of Electroshock Treatment Unsafe

New Study Finds ECT Ineffective for Reducing Suicide Risk

We can STOP ECT with lasting power of attorney?

A straight-talking introduction to Psychiatric drugs – the truth about how they work + how to come off them – Joanna Moncrieff

Provide Tapering Strips for People Who Want to Withdraw Safely from Psychotropic Drugs

Petition by James Moore

Tapering strips

NICE revises antidepressant guidance to warn of 'severe' withdrawal symptoms

Long-term antipsychotic use linked to breast cancer

Government review finds 10% of drugs dispensed in England are pointless

Sedated, How Modern Capitalism Created our Mental Health Crisis - James Davies +

Coronavirus and depression in adults, Great Britain: January to March 2021


“Almost 4 in 10 adults earning less than £10,000 a year experienced depressive symptom compared with around 1 in 10 earning £50,000 or more”

The data shows what we know to be true: struggling with your mental health doesn’t happen in a vacuum.

Why not Diagnose Social Conditions Instead of Individual Symptoms?

The WHO Calls for Radical Change in Global Mental Health

Strength based approach

Emotional CPR: Heart-Centered Peer Support

Website – Emotional CPR

How do we pay for a basic income?


A friend – walking for health

Thrive gardening charity

Castelnau Community Centre

Oliver Sacks

London Photo Festival & Gallery: January 2022 News

Suicide + co


£1 Concession Tickets for Kew Gardens

As part of their new 10-year strategy, Kew Gardens is committed to ensuring that cost is not a barrier to accessing their gardens in both Kew and Wakehurst.

They have introduced a new admission price of £1 for anyone on Universal Credit, Pension Credit or Employment and Support Allowance (ESA).

Visitors just need to present proof of their benefit on arrival to be eligible for the new concessionary ticket.


Ian - Wild Mind Project

The Wild Mind Project January Newsletter - supporting the emotional & mental wellbeing of the young people

Entering a picture for the Summer Exhibition 2022 – open to all

Foraging finds for January and New Courses

Striving for a better right to repair

Here's how we'll fix our relationship with electronics

Hot tips from our wardens to keep you warm outside

New research finds allotments can be more biodiverse and as productive as commercial farms

Discover carpets of snowdrops

Arts Richmond February Newsletter

Foraging finds for February and New Course Dates

New events, courses and classes

Your gardening update from the RHS

Frogspawn in February and early nesting

All Aflutter - February News

What's new for February



Community based organisations + community recommended organisations


Ron Bassman, Executive Director of MindFreedom International Addresses United Nations Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities

Shield Alert For David Italiano, Forced to Live in a Congregate Facility; Cut Off From Outside World




The future of our democracy is unwritten... - 26th Feb 2022

Create, Debate and Imagine a different local democracy


F.E.E.L. - Friends of East End Loonies




A Caring Mind | A blog for carers of mental health


ADOODLE- community mapping



Poverty eradication organisations + self-expression


Project 16:15


Joseph Rowntree foundation (JRF)

Why the Chancellor shouldn't cut Universal Credit

Including Economic (in)justice explainer video – A redesigned economy

Why we need a new conversation about social security

A Minimum Income Standard for the United Kingdom in 2021

Why we must #MakeJobsWork

The biggest overnight cut to the basic rate of social security since the Second World War

People living in social housing claiming Universal Credit are struggling to afford the essentials

Why we must #KeepTheLifeline and what you can do to help

House prices see their biggest annual rise in decades, and rents are up too

New analysis exposes impact of planned Universal Credit cut

"The Rt Hon Boris Johnson MP, you must Keep the Lifeline"

Rashford targets a win on Universal Credit

what's causing structural racism in housing?

it's going to be a “very difficult winter” for low-income families

less than a week for the Government to #KeepTheLifeline

Biggest ever overnight cut to social security makes a mockery of levelling up

Invest in social housing for almost 1 million families paying private rents they can't afford

Millions of low-income households pulled under by arrears while living costs rise

A tale of two Budgets for low-income families

A just transition to net zero is necessary, and key for maintaining public support

Paving the way for good jobs through participatory co-design

Including Navigating power dynamics within participatory projects + Where next for social security after recent Universal Credit announcements?

Winning hearts and minds for decent, affordable housing

Families furthest below the minimum income standard excluded from social security gains

highest levels of interest on credit cards in two decades

Including event 19th Jan 2022 + Looking for someone like you?

Inflation is pushing people deeper into poverty

Including housing ideas

UK Poverty 2022 out now


Journey to justice project


addressing poverty with lived experience (APLE)


Allow all people to work flexibly if they want to - PETITION


Trussell trust

Ending the need for food banks. Can we count on you?

Record 2.5 million food bank parcels given to people in crisis in the past year

Caroline’s voice matters

95% of people referred to food banks in our network are living in destitution – CONTACT YOUR MP

Have you personally needed a food bank or experienced poverty?

Are you ready to support us to Keep the Lifeline? – EMAIL MP

Here is why we are calling on the UK government to #KeeptheLifeline!



Paying your energy bills: help is at hand


A Marshall Plan for People and Planet Starts with Africa’s Green Recovery


National Survivors User Network (NSUN)

NSUN is a great organisation with a great newsletter …

You can sign up to it here ….

Extracts from the newsletters …

Whiteness as a chemical restraint in statutory guidance of the Mental Health units (Use of Force) Act 2018 – a tribute to Seni’s law + Aijibola Lewis

Blog by Colin King via NSUN

Co-Production in Mental Health as a Path to Race Equality – 10th Feb

Why don’t they ask us? The role of communities in levelling up - Institute for Community Studies

Provide Tapering Strips for People Who Want to Withdraw Safely from Psychotropic Drugs

Petition by James Moore

Tapering strips

Petition to Scrap Care Charges Inclusion London

NSUN side by side fund

StopSIM Coalition Petition

Coronavirus and depression in adults, Great Britain: January to March 2021


“Almost 4 in 10 adults earning less than £10,000 a year experienced depressive symptom compared with around 1 in 10 earning £50,000 or more”

The data shows what we know to be true: struggling with your mental health doesn’t happen in a vacuum.

New website - For Women

Benefits Calculator - Turn2us

No longer 'managing': the rise of working poverty and fixing Britain's broken social settlement

Why aren't women of colour believed when they address mental health issues?

Article by Natalie Morris via Metro

The state of disability benefit assessments and the urgent need for reform - #peoplebefore process

Write to your MP

Keeping Control resource for anyone who has experienced abuse, victimisation or hate crime directed at them because of their mental distress or psychiatric diagnosis

The Public Law Project

The Good Lobby

Social Change Initiative

Petition - Create a user-led, independent body to support CQC to monitor secure settings

Sunderland People First

Guidance on community mental health services: Promoting person-centred and rights-based approaches

World Health Organisation (WHO) – NSUN’s response

Lived Experience Practioners Revolution - New Website

LXP Revolution


Mental Health Act: Call for "unequivocal commitment " to improve access to advocacy

Disability Benefits Research 2021 - Survey

Translations of resources on hearing voices - Hearing the Voice & Understanding Voices

Jacqui Dyer: It’s not OK to replace paid LXP staff with Unpaid Service Users

Is it time for an LXP Union?

Update on FOI Requests: Who's Ballin' & Who's Stallin?"


Improving safety and quality in community mental healthcare study



‘Deep concern’ over high-tech system that allows ‘covert surveillance’ of service-users

Article by John Pring via Disability News Service

Shuranjeet Singh: Reshaping approaches to mental health in Punjabi communities

Podcast with Shuranjeet Singh via Centre for Mental Health

From Where We Stand: Conversations on race and mental health

Podcast with Shaimaa Kraba via From Where We Stand

To Solve Britain’s Mental Health Crisis, We Must Fundamentally Change Society

Article by Mark Brown via Novara Media (Listen to the piece here)

I am not your critical friend

Blog by Akiko hart via Charity so White




Why disability justice is a mental health conversation, and mental health is a disability justice conversation

Blog by Ellie Thompson via NSUN

Refugee and Migrant Wellbeing with Benny Hunter from Da'aro Youth

Podcast with Benny Hunter via The Eriwellbeing Podcast

Against the binary: Trans people of colour shouldn’t have to neglect parts of their identity in therapy

Article by Yas Necati via gal-dem

NHS trusts criticised over system that films mental health patients in their bedrooms

Article by David Batty via The Guardian

Abolition of State Power, Regardless of the Uniform

Article by Liv Wynter & Ros B via NSUN

The impossibility of engaged research: Complicity and accountability between researchers, ‘publics’ and institutions

Seni’s Law: Long awaited guidance published on new law to protect mental health patients comes into force 31 March 2022


T4H Challenging Inequalities Programme

Jan + Feb + March 2022 contack


Get involved in social work research



Let's Talk About Loss

Blog via Raveetawrites

Government’s failure on job support for disabled people is ‘unacceptable’, MPs hear

Article by John Pring via Disability News Service

We Don’t All Have The Same Hours In A Day

Article by Edi Whitehead via Taking Time

Digital Mental Health Survey by March 2022

Joint statement on the impact of video & audio links in criminal proceedings on defendants with learning difficulties, neurodiversity or mental health issues

Mental health, activism and intersectionality: new podcasts

Listen to part 1

Listen to part 2

Book Review: Voices that Shake! A triology of youth led publications

Review by Kaiisha Kukendra via NSUN

Uninstalling Normality

Blog by Dolly Sen via Digita Democratices

How much I Hide in Plain Sight

Podcast by Rai Waddingham via Mad Tunes Podcast

Activism and the Ego – how to deal with frustration about lack of change

Article by David Gilbert viaInHealth Associates

How I learnt of Revolutionary Love

Article by Guppi Kaur Bola via Medium

Graceful resolve: Attitudes for navigating a psychological crisis

Article by Amy Pollard via Centre for Mental Health

How can I speak up when you can hold me down? Restrictive practice on an acute ward – an inpatient perspective

Blog by MiserySquid via Mad Covid

Patching the Soul

Article by Linda Gask

Plural Me

Blog by David Mordecai


Hearing voices + alternative realities group facilitation - 3rd + 4th +7th March


Open Access workshop: Human rights in children’s inpatient MH services - 10th March +16th May +13th July

World Bipolar day - 30th March 2022

Unruly bodies - 16th Feb to 13th March 2022

Unfinished Business / Collective Manifesto - 8th February

Conversation between Mayor Andy Burnham and disabled people in GM - 7th FEBRUARY

Training - 20th - 22nd April


+ Jobs + Funding + MUCH MUCH MORE


Build Back Fairer in Greater Manchester: Health Equity and Dignified Lives


Survivor Researcher Network (SRN)


Inclusion London

Tell your MP to restore Disabled people’s rights

Protect Everyone Bill – EMAIL MP

Take Action and abolish the tax on disability – EMAIL MP

Government rule changes on social care cap hits poorest hardest – EMAIL MP


Shaping our lives

Opportunities for user-led organisations


Z2K – fighting poverty – EMAIL MP

Z2K has caseworker to help people




Homelessness + renter organisations


Action on empty homes


Housing first England

New guidance for housing management teams

Housing First England Newsletter - New Survey Alert

Housing First England Newsletter - Minister responds to funding request

Housing First England Newsletter - Join our call for a national Housing First programme

Housing First England Newsletter - Commissioning Housing First through RSI budgets




Pavement magazine



End homelessness – PETITION

Here’s the statistics:

24% of private renters have had to borrow money to pay their rent

18% have cut back on food or skipped meals to pay their rent

12% have cut back on heating their home to pay their rent


Our research shows the true scale of the problem.

That 3.2 million people from across the country have been forced to live in dangerous or unhealthy privately rented homes because they fear complaining will trigger a retaliatory eviction.

That's 39% of all private renters.

Too scared to complain for fear of losing their home, the effects of insecure tenancies and 'no-fault' Section 21 evictions hang over every renter's head.

Contact your MP today asking for their support

Social Housing – CONTACT YOUR MP


Time to open up, OpenRent! – EMAIL

2,688 sleeping rough during the pandemic

Sign to protect renters’ rights – PETITION


Do you have a renting horror story?

Want to challenge DSS Discrimination?

Eviction ban lifted – INFORMATION

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH: Demand better from renting - PETITION

Meet Krystalrose – she's fighting for change

Shelter’s new campaigns and organising training programme – YOUR IDEAS NEEDED

Today, 1 in every 52 Londoners is living in temporary accommodation.

This is costing huge amounts of money and doesn’t provide the stability or security families need to thrive.

I'm done with renting because…

Let’s build a better future: Call on the government to build social housing - PETITION

What happened to ‘Everyone In’?

23% left without any move on accommodation and may be at risk of returning to the streets or forced to turn to insecure arrangements like sofa surfing 22% remain in emergency accommodation

23% of those still in emergency accommodation have No Recourse to Public Funds and are stuck without access to homelessness assistance or housing benefit, meaning it is hard for them to move on to a secure home

45% of England’s private renting adults – that's 3.7 million people – have been the victim of illegal behaviour from a landlord or letting agent.

Michael Gove: New Housing Secretary of State – SIGN OPEN LETTER

Fix renting

Build social housing

Help people at risk of sleeping rough


Are letting agents refusing you for being on benefits?

Next step contact the property ombudsman (TPO)


These stats are shocking!


Will you help us get council leaders to support renters?

London Assembly Unanimously Passes Motion on Affordable Housing for Care and Support Workers

A good Home is a human right


Level Up Housing

On the 2nd Feb 2022, the government released its plans to ‘level up’ the country.

It included three very important announcements on housing:

Build more genuinely affordable social homes ✔

Give tenants of social homes more protection ✔

Bring forward a national landlord registry, improve standards in privately rented homes and strengthen the rights of renters ✔


I’m being evicted – EMAIL MINISTER


Museum of homelessness


Don't leave young people out on the streets – PETITION


London Renters Union


We beat my landlord. Now let’s take on the system.

Banner making workshop this Sunday!

20th Feb

Bring fabric + empty containers – we will provide the rest

Main hall @ Durning Hall Community Centre, Earlham Grove, London E7 9AB


Be a part of challenging 'Right to Rent' in court


Take urgent action with Evelyn Court residents, Wed 9 Feb – 10am!

Industrial Dwellings Society main office,

Anna House,

214-218 High Road,

N15 4NP


Evicted after 47 years - PETITION


Generation Rent

CAMPAIGN UPDATE: National Register of Landlords

Private renters in nine London boroughs face paying half of their income or more on rent, analysis by campaign group Generation Rent has found.

Rent on the typical two-bedroom home costs 45% of a full-time salary in London.

Campaigners say this pushes families into poverty and financial stress, and makes it harder to save or to start a family.

Paying more than a third of your income in rent is considered unaffordable.

Generation Rent is calling on the next Mayor of London to lead a campaign to demand powers from the government to reduce rents.

Measures would include freezing rents within tenancies, to give tenants more certainty, a rent control system that aims to reduce rents overall, and tough penalties for landlords who break the rules, overseen by a city-wide Rent Control Board.

In March 2020, the rent on the median 2-bedroom home in London was £1450 and the median full-time salary was £38,592.

That would mean that a single-earner family with a baby would be spending 45% of their earnings on rent.

The situation is worst in inner London, Newham and Haringey where this figure is above 50% and reaches 76% in Westminster.

The most affordable borough is Bexley, with median rent worth 33% of the median full-time salary.

However, affordability has improved over the last five years, with just five boroughs – Camden, Greenwich, Havering, Redbridge, and Westminster – becoming less affordable since 2015.

Alicia Kennedy, Director of Generation Rent, said: “High rents force people into poverty and make it almost impossible to save towards the future.

No one should have to spend more than 30% of their income on rent, yet this is a reality for most Londoners who are stuck in the private rented sector.

“Londoners urgently need bold action to make renting more affordable. Investment in housebuilding is needed to make renting more affordable long-term, but rent controls would offer immediate protection and relief.”

Join our Day of Action - #RentersAreWaiting - PETITION

Since March 2020, 8% of private renters who responded to a Survation survey had received a Section 21 notice from their landlord, which would represent 694,000 private renters across England.

Nearly a third of those surveyed (32%) said they were concerned about the possibility of their landlord asking them to move out this year, which would represent 2.78m private renters across England.

The survey was commissioned by Generation Rent, with results published this week.

We need a COVID Rent debt fund - PETITION

Join us in preventing a homelessness crisis – PETITION

A new report, 'A safe place to call home: Ending unfair evictions for good'.

The report sets out the changes the Government must make to ensure every renter has access to a stable home where they can put down roots and thrive.

You can read all about the report here.

We are calling for:

Open ended tenancies

More time to find a new home

Compensation for a blameless move

No excessive rent increases to force an eviction

No mandatory evictions for people in rent debt

We value your opinion

Close the holiday let tax loophole - PETITION

Renters are being forced out of their homes to make way for more lucrative holidaymakers.

We have been able to get the research done to prove it!

In the last two years rental listings in Wales and South West England have halved and rents have gone up by around 25%.

That's one of our findings that have been reported in today's i newspaper.

In North Devon there are 2,591 short-term holiday lets but just 21 private rental listings on Rightmove and 30 on Zoopla.

In Gwynnedd, Wales, there are 4,007 holiday lets but just 99 homes for private tenants.


The collapse in the supply of homes to rent are pricing renters out of their local communities – away from their family and friends.

Renter reform coalition – EMAIL MP

Tell your MP we need homes not hotels

Parliamentary debate: help us protect vulnerable renters (Content warning: sexual offences) - PETITION

Ask your MP to protect vulnerable renters (Content warning: sexual offences)

Campaign win! Government to require landlords to register

Vent Your Rent


Single Homelessness Project


Helping rough sleepers – PETITION


Close the eviction loophole - PETITION

You can sign a petition without making a donation


Cardboard citizen

Cardboard citizen – Writers ‘circle

1st + 3rd Thursday every month

07421 383 770

Advice about Evictions

Cheap broadband deals

Cardboard Citizens: Survey for Members

Cardboard Citizens' Inclusivity & Equality Agenda

In recent years movements such as Black Lives Matter and #metoo have prompted shifts in our society and highlighted the work that needs to be done to address social inequality.

As a result Cardboard Citizens Staff, Board of Trustees and Member Representatives have completed a course of training over the last six months with Fearless Futures.

This focused on understanding and unpicking systems of inequity (the behaviours and processes which have a harmful or negative impacts on marginalised groups), reflecting on our own practices as individuals and an organisation.


Through these sessions we have explored:



where different categories overlap such as race and gender resulting in multiple forms of oppression


Racism and Anti-Racism


Calling people in’

i.e., challenge prejudices or narratives that reproduce inequities

Social justice is at the heart to Cardboard Citizens’ work in the theatre and beyond.

We continue to learn, striving to create inclusive environments and challenge oppressions in society.

This is a key area of focus for the company and we would love to involve some more Members in these conversations.

If you’re interested being part of this and for more information, please email Bonny:

Community check-in every Friday

Access Free Energy Bill Support

Angel Alley Intensive week – Feb 2022




January 2022 Supporters Newsletter


WATCH: Eight brand new short films about social housing | Upcoming events

Ella shares her story

Freddie shares his story

Read Louisa's story




Renters reform coalition



Creative + nature + advocacy


Your latest update from The Poetry Society


Dragon Café

An exciting opportunity🖼 and some GOOD NEWS!

Garden organic



Groundwork is a federation of charities mobilising practical community action on poverty and the environment across the UK.

We’re passionate about creating a future where every neighbourhood is vibrant and green, every community is strong and able to shape its own destiny and no-one is held back by their background or circumstances.


Charities unite to urge for a green and resilient response to the gas crisis

Energy price cap announcement is deeply concerning for those already brunt of rising bills and the continuing financial effect of the pandemic


Re:CREATE psychiatry


Living with Suicide


Me and You and a Global Pandemic


Medicating Me: Personal Impressions of Psychiatric Medication


Speakeasy advocacy


The Advocacy Project

culturally sensitive advocacy

preventing abuse

Moving personal stories

impactful video

reflections on advocacy during Covid


National Development Team for Inclusion

Advocacy Charter

Leeds Autism AIM: #PowerOfPartnership

NAC – Guidance regarding emotional enrichment

Staying mentally well this winter

Quality advocacy

Audit of MH services – PLEASE COMPLETE

Protect Our Human Rights

This resource helps mental health services think about how to provide a good service to autistic people and people with learning disabilities.

There’s more information about it atGreen Light Toolkit - NDTi



People organised + information



Connected Kingston - including providing information about Legal drop-in clinic + welfare benefits information


Wildflower Alliance

Calling the police on someone in distress IS a threat of violence

"How Big Pharma & Psychiatry Gaslight Us"

Man Arrested in Mistaken Identity Case Locked in Hawaii Mental Health Hospital for Two Years

Trainings, Trainings, Events & Trainings!

November, 2021

Including International Conference on Psychiatric drug withdrawal – May 2022

Open Letter Re: Shooting Death of Orlando Taylor

Newsletter, February, 2022


Mad in America

This week’s newsletter here

Social Security and Asylum: How States Produce Negative Affect to Stigmatize and Deter
“From the Victorian workhouse to contemporary welfare reforms, the provision of ‘welfare’ has long coexisted alongside policies and practices that mobilize negative affect to deter specific groups from claiming state support, and to craft public affect (such as fear and disgust) about these target populations.”

My Letter to an Advocate for Involuntary Treatment

How long would I have to be off meds and still doing well before my story would mean something to you?

The WHO Calls for Radical Change in Global Mental Health

The Transformational Qualities of Hearing Voices Groups

BMJ: 20% of Health Research Is Fraudulent

Robert Whitaker: Anatomy of an Industry: Commerce, Payments to Psychiatrists and Betrayal of the Public Good

Pharmaceutical companies are no longer attempting to hide their financial influence.

The face of commerce is visible at every stage of the process: the biased design of the trials, the spinning of the results, and the subsequent touting of the drugs to prescribers.

Antipsychotics Linked to Increased Breast Cancer Risk

Coercion and Dehumanization in Mental Healthcare

Combatting Structural Racism and Classism in Psychiatry: An Interview with Helena Hansen

MIA interviews psychiatrist and anthropologist Helena Hansen about bringing structural competency to psychiatry while rebuilding communities through activism and mutual aid.

Can Critiques of Psychiatry Help us Imagine a Post-Capitalist Future? An Interview with Hans Skott-Myhre

Responsibility Without Blame in Therapeutic Communities: Interview with Philosopher Hanna Pickard

Reason and Madness: How Psychiatry Marginalizes Those Who Contradict Western Norms

Art, Music, Exercise, and More: What Are the Recommended Doses for Improving Mental Health?

How Western Psychology Can Rip Indigenous Families Apart: An Interview with Elisa Lacerda-Vandenborn

Research Reveals Mental Health Professionals’ Participation in Rape Culture

Emotional CPR: Heart-Centered Peer Support

Inside A Forensic Psychiatry Unit: Here’s How to Survive

Lithium No Better Than Placebo for Preventing Suicide Attempts

Qualitative Evidence Supports the Ban on Conversion Therapy in Canada

Adverse Childhood Experiences Associated with Higher Anxiety in College Students

What Role can the United Nations Play in Rights-Based Global Mental Health?

When It Comes to Mental Health Problems, The Disability Framework Fails

Mental Health Care Must Support Consent and Basic Human Rights

The Psychiatric Hospital Is an Institution of Social Control

Common Statistical Method Conflates Withdrawal with Relapse

New Review: Antidepressants Come with Minimal Benefits, Several Risks

Family Physicians Must Change Antidepressant Prescribing Practices

Person-Centered Approach to Psychopathology Eschews Diagnosis

The Crisis in Psychiatry and The Slow Way Back: Interview with Vincenzo Di Nicola

Consumer Regret

When Tapering Antidepressants, is Going Slow Always the Best Strategy?

Ketamine Withdrawal Has Severe Consequences

The Year Of Potentiality

Inside A Forensic Psychiatry Unit: The Ground Where Death Meets Life

For Life: Opera on Psychiatry and Its Drugs

Unscientific Diagnoses Medicalize Normal Human Experiences

Can Anything Good Come Out of Therapy?

Critical Psychology for a Better Society: An Interview with Sebastienne Grant

De-Psychiatrization and the Promise of Open Dialogue

Ekaterina Netchitailova: "Mental Health” Is a Euphemism for Policing Social Deviance

Chuck Ruby: When It Comes to Mental Health Problems, The Disability Framework Fails: A Response to Comments

SSRI Antidepressants Do Not Improve Depression After a Stroke

Why We Need a Neurodiverse Philosophy of Autistic Happiness

Navigating the meaning of psychosis important for recovery

Guardianship Destroyed My Family

The Other Side of the Cage

Fireside Project: Peer Support for Psychedelic Experiences

Understanding the Youth Mental Health Crisis: An Interview with Elia Abi-Jaoude

No Meaningful Brain Differences in Depression

New NICE Guidelines for ECT Are Dangerously Inadequate, Say 50 Patients and Professionals

August 20, 1985: The Day My Psychotic Episodes Ended

Grief: A Shamanic Perspective

How Socioeconomic Class Affects Therapy

Clinicians and Patients Often Disagree on Mental Health Outcomes

Psychiatry and Psychology Fail in Response to Farmer Suicides in India

Online Debates on Psychiatric Diagnosis Often Rely on Rhetoric Instead of Facts

Kids in Crisis: the Overprescribing of Psychiatric Medication - 18th February


Home Alone: Finding Connection During the Pandemic

Why Is Child Sexual Abuse So Common in Institutions?

Why Is Psychiatry So Defensive About Criticism?

Did Pharma Companies Hide Failed ADHD Drug Studies From Regulators?

Study Discovers Extensive Undisclosed Conflicts of Interest in Medical Research

Roll-out of 988 Threatens Anonymity of Crisis Hotlines

Johann Hari: Stolen Focus – Why You Can’t Pay Attention

Major Review Finds Limited Effectiveness for Medication and Therapy


Hearing voices network


LHVN Newsletter - January

Spiritual crisis Network (SCN)


National SCN Community Forum


London SCN


Social Prescribing Network

4th International Social Prescribing Network Conference – 10th + 11th March 2022

Bookings open for the 4th International SPN Conference



Self- development


Action for Happiness


Friendly February

10 keys to happier living groups

10 days of happiness

How to live mindfully, even in stressful times

How to feel part of something bigger every day

Happy Planet Index

Making time to be mindful helps us reduce stress levels,

by turning our focus to the here and now, rather than dwelling on the past or future.


Rethinking stress - 10th February


Happier together - 23rd February


Oxford Mindfulness Centre

“The qualities of kindness, compassion, joy and equanimity are the attitudinal foundations and qualitative tone of mindfulness.

Cultivating these qualities plays a central role in freeing the mind from patterns that create and recreate distress?”


The richest human isn’t the one who has the most, but the one who needs less.

Wealth is a mindset.

Want less and appreciate more today.


Latest News from the Coalition for Personalised Care

Including events


Angel + Marc


Thoughts for 2022

If we’ve learned one thing this year, it’s that we need to be gentle with ourselves and others.

We’re all a bit weary and stressed.

Be recklessly gracious.

We cannot control exactly what happens in life, but we can control how we respond to it all.

In your response is your greatest power.

No single struggle defines everything we are.

No single chapter tells the whole story.

Keep turning the pages that need to be turned.

If the grass looks greener on the other side, stop staring, stop comparing, and start watering the grass you're standing on.

When life feels like an emotional roller coaster, steady yourself with simple rituals.

Make the bed.

Water the plants.

Rinse off your own bowl and spoon.

Simplicity attracts calmness and wisdom.


In 2022

I will be too busy watering my own grass to notice if yours is greener.

I will stop focusing on how stressed I am and remember how blessed I am.

Complaining won’t change my reality, but a positive attitude will.

I will remind myself that being positive does not mean ignoring the negative.

Being positive means overcoming the negative.

There’s a big difference between the two.

I will not get caught up in what could’ve been or should’ve been.

I will look instead at the power and possibility of what is, right now.

When I find that I don’t have time for what matters, I will stop doing (and thinking about) things that don’t.


5 Quotes for Coping with Things You Can't Control

Today, use frustration and disappointment to motivate you rather than annoy you.

Breathe and be mindful.

You are in control of the way you respond to life.

It’s not what you broadcast to everyone else that determines the trajectory of your life;

it’s what you whisper to yourself behind closed doors that has the greatest power and influence.

Some people will never understand, and it’s not your job to teach or change them.

Prioritize your peace.

Learning to let go of certain expectations and detach from certain people, are two of the great paths to inner peace.

Your worth is not dependent on someone else’s ability to be kind and loving.

Accept this, and start acknowledging your own worth. Stop waiting for others to tell you how important you are.

Tell yourself today, and believe it.

The goal this year is to gradually change your response to what you can't control.

To grow stronger on the inside, so that almost nothing on the outside can affect your inner peace and wellness without your conscious permission.


Our perspective on just about everything comes from the psychological cage we’ve been conditioned to live in.

A cage created by...

A difficult or disappointing experience

A privileged or sheltered life

Social influence

Pop-culture and mass-media stereotyping

And the list goes on.

Gradually, unbeknownst to us, our cage—our conditioning—drains our mental energy, leaving us vulnerable to bad decision making?


When we were young, we saw the world through simple, hopeful eyes.

We knew what we wanted and we had no biases or concealed agendas.

We liked people who smiled.

We avoided people who frowned.

We ate when we were hungry, drank when we were thirsty, and slept when we were tired.
As we grew older our minds became gradually disillusioned by negative external influences?

At some point we began to hesitate and question our instincts?


Our minds are incredibly powerful.

They can bring us down or lift us up at a moment’s notice.

How we think about things literally changes everything we do on a daily basis!

Whenever I’m coaching someone who’s struggling in the trenches, I gracefully shift their focus from what they don’t want to what they DO want.

I remind them that what you focus on grows stronger in your life, and that the best time to focus on the positive and take responsibility for your happiness is when you don’t feel like it.

Because that’s when doing so can make the biggest difference.


Sometimes you simply have to let go and accept the feeling of not knowing exactly where you’re going next, and do your best to appreciate this freedom.

Because it is only when you are suspended in the air, with no destination in sight, that you force your wings to open fully so you can fly.

And as you soar around you still may not know exactly where you’re traveling to.

But that’s not what’s important.

What’s important is the opening of your wings.

You may not know where you’re headed, but you know that so long as your wings are spread, the winds will carry you forward.


4 More Relationship Truths for Tough Times

Resentment hurts you, not them

Sometimes walking away is the only path forward

Some relationships will be blessings, others will serve as lessons

Even the best relationships don’t last forever.


3 Hidden Behaviours that Harm Your Relationships

Using complaints and disagreements as an opportunity to condemn each other?

Using hateful gestures as a substitute for honest communication?

The silent treatment?


Healing in Your Relationships

If you don’t allow yourself to move past what happened, what was said, what was felt, you will look at your present and future through that same dirty lens, and nothing will be able to focus your foggy judgment.

Always be kinder than necessary.

Forgive yourself for the bad decisions you made, for the times you lacked clarity, for the choices that hurt others and yourself.

Some chapters in our lives have to close without closure.

Be careful not to dehumanize people you disagree with.

Being kind to someone you dislike doesn’t mean you’re fake.

People tend to be more thoughtful and kinder when they have found a little happiness and peace of mind.


"How can I respond from a place of clarity and strength, rather than continuing to react in anger and frustration to the painful experiences I've been forced to live through?"

Think about that question for a moment.

Read it again, and sit with it.

Every time you are tempted to react in the same old way, pause for a few seconds, take a few deep breaths, and make space for a healthy change of state—for something new to enter...

It's time to consciously redirect your focus by taking it away from something unchangeable that drags you down, and instead zero it in on something small and actionable that moves you forward in the present moment.


4 Hard Choices that Make You Happier in the Long Run

You can choose to be present when it would be easier to pick up your phone.

You can choose to do a workout when it would be more comfortable to sit around.

You can choose to create something special when it would be quicker to consume something mediocre.

You can choose to invest in yourself when it would take less effort to procrastinate.


New normal’ anxiety: A therapist’s guide


A therapist’s guide to self-care

Self-care is the practice of taking action to improve your health.

We can do this regularly or just from time to time, but it’s important to turn this abstract concept into a concrete goal.

I've written a blog on the ‘6 domains of self-care’, including my top tips on how to give yourself a little love.


Physical self-care

This is about taking care of our physical body and getting back to basics.

Eat regularly and in a way that nourishes your body

Exercise regularly

Boost your sleep


Psychological self-care

We all know it is important to take care of our mind.

This might include seeing mental health professionals or simply doing things to help us recharge.

Turn off phone notifications

Keep scheduled therapy appointments

Take time for reflection


Emotional self-care

This involves your relationship with yourself.

Check in with your feelings and see how you’re doing.

Keep a journal

Vent your frustrations

Engage in opportunities to create happiness


Physiotherapist - Working from home: 4 health hacks


Plump it up

Make your chair more ergonomic.

Add cushions and a foot rest to take care of your lower back.


Go for a raise

Try shaking up your desk design.

Raising your laptop will help to protect your posture.


Break it down

Take microbreaks.

Regular movement helps prevent muscular pains.


Stretch yourself

That's it.


Stretching at your desk will reduce the risk of muscle strain.


3 simple techniques to help improve your breathing


Breathing control

This means just breathing easily, using the least effort.

It helps you to relax.

Place your hand on your tummy, below your ribs.

Feel your tummy rise and fall as you breathe gently through your nose.

Let go of any tension, just breathe as you need to


Deep breathing

This helps to fill the lower areas of your lungs.

Take a long, slow deep breath in.

At the end of the breath in, hold the air for 2 to 3 seconds before letting the air out gently.

Try to keep your shoulders relaxed.

Repeat for 3 or 4 deep breaths.



This is a way of clearing mucus from your lungs.

Take a breath in and then breathe it out quickly through your mouth, as if trying to mist up a mirror.

Once any mucus has moved upwards, you should find it easier to cough it out. But there is no need to try and force up mucus.

Always finish with more relaxed breathing control (exercise 1) after the huffing exercise.


A to Zzz... our top tips for a good night's sleep


Be consistent

Try to go to sleep and wake up at the same time every day – and avoid napping throughout the day, if possible.


Create the right environment

When it is time for sleep, make sure your bedroom is quiet, dark and cool

(The NHS recommends 18-24C for adults and 16-20C for children).


Have a change of scene

If you find yourself unable to fall asleep, get out of bed and do something relaxing elsewhere.
Try reading or drinking some non-caffeinated herbal tea, and stay off social media and news sites, which can often be anxiety-inducing.


Let Your Inner Child Out
Sometimes the grown up in you needs a break.

So, every now and then, release your inner child and enjoy some carefree fun.
See the world with childlike wonder.

Ask lots of questions.

Revisit one of your favourite childhood books or movies.

How will you let your inner child come out to play?


All You Need Is Less
If you're wanting more love, more peace, more meaning, more focus, you'll probably find that all you need is, less.

Less expectations, less talk, less buying, less thinking, less stuff, less stress…. Are you ready for less?


Remember to Forget
We remember what we want to forget,

and forget what we want to remember.
Get clear on what you want to remember and what you want to forget.

And whenever you remember what you want to forget, acknowledge it and then, let it go, and remember what matters.


In The Loop
Are you in the loop?

Information is power, so we want to stay in the loop.

It gives us a feeling of inclusion and belonging,

and it also increases our effectiveness and opportunities.
Improve the flow of communication and get the information you need.

Stay in the loop and keep others in the loop.


Meditation in the Kitchen
Bring meditation to your kitchen. How?

As you wash and chop, fry and stir, boil and bake.... meditate.

Meditate for a minute, and be present and mindful of the sounds, the smells, the textures, the tastes.

Be peaceful and happy in the kitchen, and cook with love.

Do this and turn cooking into a meditation experience.


Goes Around, Comes Around
Your actions are the pen with which you write your destiny.

Simply put, what goes around comes around.

Understand the process and reclaim your power to create what you want.

The pen is in your hands!


Like a Tea Bag
Just like a tea bag colours the water with flavour and fragrance when infused in hot water, in the same way, the next time you're in 'hot water,' be like a tea bag and infuse your world with positivity, and allow the situation to bring out the best in you.


Self-Care Forum

Pandemic: Changes in Professional's Attitudes & Practice


Including investing in relationships

Research: Consuming fruit and veg and exercising can make you happier
Too much free time may be almost as bad as too little


Culture, Health & Wellbeing Alliance



Economics of happiness – local futures

Beyond Conspiracy: Framing Meaningful Activism

Gabor Maté supports the localization movement

Why are we running harder and faster just to keep a roof over our heads?

Why does our food get flown around the world and back again?

Why is the gap between rich and poor widening to obscene levels?

Because nation states are allowing global corporations to run the show.

There is nothing evolutionary or inevitable about our current system; it’s man-made.

And if enough of us come together, we can change it.


Values are shifting. Culture is turning

Increasingly, people are seeing through the false promises of the global consumer culture.

They are recognizing the limitations of the rat-race, and the emptiness of conventional ideas about “success” and “progress”.

Not surprisingly, there is a corresponding surge of interest in indigenous knowledge to guide the creation of healthier, more localized futures.

"But what can I do?!" Introducing the Localization Action Guide






The benefits system in this country is a disgrace


"Upset and disgusted" at Travelodge – PETITION


Dramatize – newsletter


National Autistic Society


Mencap - Tell councils: Count Disabled Children In


Share community - How to become a better communicator

National Development Team for Inclusion (NDTi)


Small Supports - Thinking Differently About How We Support People

Protect Our Human Rights

Free Webinars: Annual health checks for people with learning disabilities – 3rd Feb + 17th March


VITAL projects


SCIELine: New strengths-based approaches resources and learning

Social care White Paper: News bulletin

Face-to-face care: Social care newsletter

Update on Liberty Protection Safeguards guidance


Disability Rights UK

Disability Right UK has helplines

Tony Hickmott

100 people held more than 20 years in ‘institutions’


Police officer fired for taking photos of people being sectioned

Press coverage for autistic man in isolation prompts Council action

Severely ill inpatient died after DWP forced him to leave hospital to make benefit claim

Disabled woman left begging a bus driver to let her travel home safely

The Mayor's Entrepreneur competition & training

Because we all care – CQC

Government White Paper fails to re-build the care system

Law Commission recommends adding disability to list of hate crimes

DWP refuses to publish report that found Disabled claimants had “unmet needs”

Councils waste £253 million fighting parents at SEND tribunals since 2014

Mental health impact of leaseholder cladding scandal

All PIP claimants to be offered apply online option

End Fuel Poverty Coalition – PETITION

People deprived of liberty due to misapplication of Mental Health + Capacity Acts

Sickle cell patients ‘face racism in NHS’

Share your experiences of seeing or posting online content about suicide or self-harm

Ground-breaking inquiry questions ‘Whose social care is it anyway?’

DWP failures mean dying people are being rejected for PIP

DWP ignoring concerns about Disabled benefit claimants’ deaths

Factsheet focus: factsheet 55 – universal credit

The Reason I Jump

Ker Featherstone

Damning new MP report calls for end to long-term incarceration of people with autism and learning disabilities

"Sharp rise" in DWP benefit death reviews "deeply concerning"

DWP to stop ‘cold-calling’ Disabled people to make low benefit ‘offers’

Our work capability assessment factsheet

Poverty Alliance

DWP refuse to publish analysis of £20-week Universal Credit uplift ‘as it is not public interest’

Hate Crime Survey

Universal Credit cuts will come as ‘a shock’

Disabled children face digital divide

Assisted Dying Bill

Health and Disability Green Paper – a cause for concern

Hundreds of thousands “will plunge into poverty” as Minister rejects UK-wide call to keep Universal Credit uplift

New body to tackle health disparities set to launch

Lords: Government failing to implement Equality Act

‘I would have closed Cawston Hall’ - Norfolk Council care boss – Jeesal Group

A fifth of housing not fit for good health – Good Home Inquiry

Elections Bill bad news for Disabled voters

Austerity cuts killed tens of thousands from 2010 onwards

Over two thirds of Universal Credit claimants currently in arrears while living costs rise

Disabled claimant died underweight, ‘unkempt and dirty’ after ESA and PIP wrongly stopped

Disability Benefits Without the Fight - PETITION

Excluded children put in ‘unsafe’ institutions

Disability Horizons launches new online wellbeing community

Social care plans expose rich vs poor divide in terms of home loss

DWP urged to reveal algorithm that ‘targets’ Disabled people for benefit fraud

Almost £3bn to be awarded to private sector to assess disability benefits

Osbornes Law

Inquiry sought into deaths of 369 mental distress patients in Sussex Trust’s care

High Court rules loss of around £180 a month disability premiums on claiming Universal Credit is unlawful discrimination

Covid highlights social security system is “simply unfit for purpose”

DWP blocks publication of research on effectiveness of benefit sanctions

+ lots more!


Disability News Service


Equality Network

Sanctuary, Safety, Solidarity

Holyrood Committee report into a ban on Conversion Practices

You can watch parliament in action here

You can become a member of any NHS foundation trust – just look on their website?


Care and Support Alliance - An appeal for your story



MND Association


Act now for safer homes for people with MND


sign up for a free craft campaign pack



Land + other views


Humanists UK

Working to ensure a fairer, kinder, and better society

We must never blame the victims

Exposé: Sexist, homophobic, and violent religious resources

We are not a Christian country

Did you know that bishops are speaking and voting for us in the House of Lords?

The only other sovereign state in the world where clerics vote in Parliament is the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Clearly, we’re in need of change.

Majority against bishops in the Lords

How can I be happy?

What should we think about death?

How do we know what’s true?

What makes something right or wrong?


People and pathogens: the evolution of infections – 11th Feb 2021

Important: Our worst fears come true? – ASSAULT ON HUMAN RIGHTS IN UK

An amazing list of people + organisations

Ask your MP to close down illegal schools

Compassion wins as Austria legalises assisted dying

Tell the UK Government to support humanist marriages

A big step forward – MPs debate humanist marriage in Westminster

Help us ban 'conversion therapy' right now!


Land justice UK – Land and Food

New land report out on land reform in Scotland

police, crime, sentencing and courts bill

You can find a Member of the House of Lords and write to them asking them to review this dangerous bill


A win in the fight for land rights – PETITION


Land worker’s alliance



Human rights



The British Institute of Human Rights


Fly the flag for human rights



Refugee action

How to build a BÖRDER KRISÍS

Boris, it's time to commit – PETITION

anti-refugee Bill

Stop The #AntiRefugeeBill petition

What do Priti Patel’s constituents want?

Heartbreaking deaths in the Channel: tell your MP enough is enough – EMAIL MP

What exactly is the hostile environment?



Migrants Organise is taking the Home Office to Court!

New Plan for Immigration is same old Hostile Environment

Your solidarity is working!

This Refugee Week we want to share our New Dreams

Solidarity Knows No Borders

Share our message of dignity and welcome

The Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health (RCPCH) has published a statement calling for the abolition of all NHS charging, becoming the first Royal College to call for more than a temporary suspension of these discriminatory and harmful Hostile Environment policies.

NEW report: shining a spotlight on the devastating impact of Hostile Environment policies during COVID

2 minute action: The COVID inquiry must not forget migrants


Freedom from Torture – close the barracks

Help with Freedom from Torture’s strategy

Urgent: Stop the UK Decriminalising Torture

New Plan for Immigration - Consultation Guidance

URGENT: Act now to protect refugees from Priti Patel's New Plan.

Dr Waheed Arian

kick out hate

URGENT: if passed into law, Priti Patel's Anti-Refugee Bill will destroy the lives of countless people seeking asylum.

Write to your MP to stop it.

One strong voice


Join a local group

Urgent: shocking news – EMAIL MP

The facts + figures ?


Safe passage – We need your help – write to a Peer today

Write to your MP

Our amazing young leaders

Safe Passage v. the Government

Priti's plan abandons child refugees – TAKE ACTION

Safe Routes Save Lives- EMAIL MP

Borders Bill – EMAIL MP

We need safe routes now - PETITION


Detention Action

Stop Priti Patel’s pre-Brexit race to deport trafficking & torture survivors

What do you most want to fight for in 2021?

This is a humanitarian disaster. Close the detention camps now

Meet with your MP

URGENT: Priti Patel is winding the clock back on women’s rights - PETITION




Survivors of Napier Barracks beat the Home Office in court

Six men who Priti Patel detained at Napier Barracks have proved in court that she violated their human rights.


Stop union busting in Morocco! – PETITION


Tell Denmark: Syria is not safe for refugees to return. Reverse your shameful decision.


Your right to know – PETITION



Third sector + campaigning



Third Sector – Governance bulletin

Third Sector – weekly

Give communities more power over local assets and a £2bn support fund, report urges

Giving by the super-rich could be perpetuating social inequality, academics conclude

Charities lost almost £8.6m to fraud last year, latest figures show

Top earners at Wellcome Trust paid almost £8m each after investments boomed

Adeela Warley: In 2022 let’s make social media a place for hope, not hate


Latest accounts for the London Clinic show that the highest earner, who is not identified, received a salary package of between £510,000 and £520,000 in 2020

This is a charity! - Wendy



Lots of interesting events


Fast minds - Kingston


KVA's training programme for Autumn/Winter

4 in 10 children in London live in poverty

Developing a 2040 Community Vision for Kingston

1 in 4 are living in poverty after housing costs

Source: London’s poverty profile 2021

KVA training programme January - March 2022

Including free Mindfulness training

VCSE sector Manifesto


Sheila McKechnie Foundation

We believe that anyone can be a force for change

Together we explore change, share knowledge and learn from change-makers

Transforming power for social change

Can get places for free email

Worried about the Policing Bill? Wondering what you can do? Find out how to get involved


22 February

Making progress when the people you need aren’t on board.


31 March

What can we learn from what goes wrong as well as what goes right?


26 April

How do you know when you’re getting there?


26 May

Is involvement without tokenism possible?


21 June

Climbing out of our silos – can we tackle big issues together?

Want to be part of it?

Register and book your free places now.





Support + more ideas!



Amnesty International

Demand Egyptian authorities immediately release Ramy Shaath!

Boris Johnson needs to hear this

Urgent Action Network Update




Patient Safety Learning

Mental illness is a lie which causes untold damage

Whistleblowing, patient feedback, visiting restrictions + events ...


Patient association

Loneliness – Age UK

Loneliness – MIND

Loneliness – NHS

Campaign to end loneliness

PHSO seeks patients views on new strategy

Every Mind Matters

Published guidance for Integrated Care Systems (ICSs) teams

Start engagement early

Provide clear and accessible public information

Build relationships with excluded groups

Co-produce and redesign services and tackle system priorities in partnership with people and communities.

Nutrition Checklist

The NHS Constitution for England

Call for Welsh Government apology after failings at Ysbyty Gwynedd mental health unit

Vulnerable man Clive Treacey 'failed in life and death'


Share your story with the BBC


Opportunity to shape national audit

contact Kim Rezel


Why asylum seekers deserve better healthcare, and how we can give it to them

HM Government Public Appointments - Patient Safety Commissioner


22nd + 23rd February


Government launches cancer consultation


From Patient association helpline – change in staff results in long-awaited apology


Muriel* called our helpline recently to update our advisers on a complaint they had supported her with in the past, which finally had a good outcome.

Muriel had made a formal complaint about a hospital.

She wasn't t happy with the final response she'd received from the hospital and, so, contacted the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman (PHSO).

The PHSO failed to uphold Muriel's complaint.

The Ombudsman could find no fault in the hospital's response and said Muriel wouldn’t achieve anything by taking the complaint further.

At this point, the complaint had been going on about three years.

The PHSO refused to accept any evidence from Muriel.

But recently Muriel saw that the hospital had appointed a new complaint manager.

Muriel contacted the manager who offered to meet her to find more about the complaint.

After the meeting, the new manager apologised to Muriel and accepted that the hospital had been in the wrong.

Muriel told our advisers she was happy to see the positive approach from the new complaints manager at the hospital.

However, Muriel is very disappointed with the PHSO and plans to take her concerns further to help other patients.

*Name changed to protect privacy.


To contact our helpline team, call 0800 3457115 between 9.30am and 5pm on weekdays or email

See our websitefor more ways to get in touch.

And remember, we have a
range of information on our website from our very popular nutrition checklist right through to understanding your medicines.

Collaboration must be at the heart of the future of health and care


Engage Britain

Making the country work for all of us



NEW suicide awareness training for university students


Citizen UK

Living Wage for care workers – EMAIL MP


Nuffield trust - What has been the impact of Covid-19 across the UK countries?


Kings Fund

What can be done to tackle LGBTQ+ health inequalities?

Health Management and Policy Alert: 20 July 2021

Including reforming the MHA: government response to consultation

Not listening to us? – Wendy


Understanding integration: how to listen to and learn from people and communities

Health and Wellbeing Bulletin

Including poor health + housing + obesity + bad roads


Health Management and Policy Alert: 10 September 2021

Including Home for all


What is needed to reduce ethnic minority health inequalities?


The pandemic has further opened up deep health inequalities


Kerslake Commission on Homelessness and Rough Sleeping


Good homes for all: a proposal to fix England's housing


The Health and Care Bill: six key questions


Read our updated position on integrated care


Reflections on the Health and Care Bill


Integrated care systems highlights


How much longer and further are health inequalities set to rise?


Health and Wellbeing Bulletin


How will integrated care systems work under the Health and Care Bill?

Including details of a free course “an introduction to leading with kindness and compassion in health + social care


The power of those small acts of kindness

The WHO Prison Health Framework: a framework for assessment of prison health system performance

within local communities

Homes + Health – 21st – 24th February 2022

How does the UK's health care performance compare internationally?

Anchor institutions must re-imagine how public bodies immerse themselves within local communities + partnering is a verb

The cost of poor housing in England

Integrated care systems highlights

Left behind: a decade of intergenerational unfairness

Invisible women: understanding women’s experiences of long-term imprisonment

Care Quality Commission's reply to the Joint Committee on Human Rights about protecting human rights in care settings


What does successful adult social care reform look like?


Listen: Tackling health inequalities head on through integrated care

Your health and care explained update

New podcast: What is the Health and Care Bill and why does it matter?

Restraint, segregation and seclusion review: progress report

Digital Health Digest

From harm to hope: a 10-year drugs plan to cut crime and save lives

Integrated care systems and social care: the opportunities and challenges

Integrated care systems highlights

28th March 2022 - Using patient insight for quality improvement

Healthcare regulation: deciding when statutory regulation is appropriate by 31st March

Updated: Key facts and figures about the NHS

Health + Care explained - 7th FEBRUARY

New explainer: How does the system hear from communities?

Health and Wellbeing Bulletin


Westminster Health Forum (WHF) policy conference – PROVIDE FREE SPACES – JUST APPLY?

Tackling drug addiction and substance misuse - keynotes: Professor Dame Carol Black & Dr Keith Humphreys - WSPF policy conference - 9th February 2022

Long Covid - patient care and support, service development, research - speakers: NIHR, RCGP & Imperial College - WHF policy conference - 22nd March 2022


Who cares 4 the carers

A relaxation technique to help you


Carers UK




People’s theatre



Brixton House - Meet our new Associate Artists!


Somerset House

We Are History: Race, Colonialism & Climate Change

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ for Beano: The Art of Breaking the Rules


Somerset House Studios

Grounding Practice

AGM returns, plus new residents and commissions this autumn

More beautiful stuff!

Exploring interactive fiction in gaming, plus new exhibitions

Strategies for Making Music + Artist Opportunities

New residency exploring artificial intelligence


Autograph - New Online Events: Collective Approaches to Art Making / Rotimi Fani-Kayode: Tranquility of Communion / Exhibition Videos / Art, Activism, Archive

New Autograph Editions / James Barnor / Miss Black & Beautiful / AJAMU : ARCHIVE / Pleasure as Activism

Portraits from Tower Avenue, Jamaica / New online artist talks / Final month to see Care | Contagion | Community — Self & Other

We're hiring / Creating Community: Photography, Co-Authorship and Visual Storytelling / Omar Victor Diop touring exhibition / AJAMU : ARCHIVE


Watermans - events



Marsh Farm Outreach


Common Wealth

More incredible speaker announcements






Law centre Network

South West London Law centre


Law for life


High pay centre


4 day working week

video explaining 4-day week



Platform London


Basic Income UK

Every step we take towards a Basic Income will liberate power in the hands of the citizen

Paddy Ashdown

Universal basic income motion passed by Richmond Council

69% of people in Wales support basic income pilots

Stockton, California who released incredible results from the experiment there!

Start your own Basic Income Conversation today – TOOLKIT

Is Biden leading the United States towards a basic income?


We've urged ministers to back basic income for mental health – Peace of mind project

Let's make Basic Income a reality - PETITION

The Basic Income Conversation is growing... here's how

Universal Credit cut: now is the time for basic income

Last week the £20 Universal Credit uplift was cut.

5.8 million people claim Universal Credit in England, Scotland and Wales. Overnight, their incomes fell by £1,000 a year.

If they’d had a basic income, they wouldn’t have been plunged into precarity.

Now is the time for a basic income.

There are thousands of people across the UK working to make that clear.

How do we pay for a basic income?

Life isn’t a party for most of us – 2nd March 2022


Universal Credit



Parents against child exploitation

Watch our new film about spotting the signs of child exploitation

Pace monthly bulletin

Safeguarding training – perhaps ask for a free space ?


Transform Justice

Prosecuting mental health – accountability or criminalisation?

A different understanding? How the CJS discriminates against those with autism

When should a family dispute end up in court?

Barely legal? The experience of remote tribunal hearings

The forgotten people? Prisoners on remand in the pandemic

Does L&D stop the revolving door of police custody?

Does diversion from court have an image problem?

Computer says yes – you will pay a fine and get a criminal record

Swipe right to plead guilty

Covid justice – how not to do it?

Altruistic up-tariffing? The pitfalls of more rehabilitative police cautions

Children imprisoned on remand – the stark reality of racial bias

Survey for magistrates

Only by radically shrinking the magistrates’ court can the Crown Court backlog be reduced

Is justice for victims always criminal justice?

Does the defendant in the magistrates’ court get a fair hearing?

Want to build trust in the police? Detain less

Making child remand a last resort


Equal Justice USA

Sign the petition and tell President Biden to fulfill his promise to clear the federal death row.

How This Minneapolis Man Is Healing Collective Trauma Through Creative Counseling and Mentoring

Trauma-Informed Training Attempts to Bridge Gap Between Newark Residents and Cops
A Model for Police and Community Relations

An up-close portrait of the people doing violence intervention work

New nonprofit uses yoga to address Black men’s mental health

When You Hear Me, You Hear Us

An amazing kind video

Community-based violence prevention works, but it needs sustained support



Truth, justice + accountability

Progress on the legal aid for inquests campaign


Justice – EVENTS


The Howard League

Less crime, safer communities, fewer people in prison

Punished when they should have been helped

Stop building women's prisons – EMAIL MP

focussed on reducing the unnecessary arrests of women, reducing child arrests and ending the criminalisation of children in care

Changing outcomes for Black people in the criminal justice system

"Nobody really cares about prisons"

Arrests of children have been reduced by 74% over the last decade, in another major step forward for our successful campaign.


Since 2010, the Howard League for Penal Reform has been working with police forces across England and Wales to reduce child arrests, helping to ensure that hundreds of thousands of boys and girls do not have their lives blighted by a criminal record.


We campaign on a wide range of issues including children in the criminal justice system, change inside prisons,community sentencing and policing.

We have an in-house expert legal team who represent children in custody.

We strive to minimise the human suffering and social harms that are both causes of crime and consequences of punishment.

We stand for constructive forms of justice that contribute to building a safer, fairer society.

We stand against abuse and mistreatment and all forms of discrimination in the criminal justice system.


Prisons create conflict, put a strain on the police and hospitals and thwart human potential – they simply do not work.

Sadly, the government are planning on expanding our already over-crowded prison population.

The recently published Prisons Strategy White Paperhas dedicated £4 billion to new prions places, with the Ministry of Justice’s own projections predicting the population to reach almost 99,000 over the next five years.


In Conversation with Dr Laura Janes - 22nd February


Spark Inside

JOIN OUR CAMPAIGN - it's time to prioritise wellbeing in prisons

Being Well Being Equal campaign update

Community coaching and campaigning for better wellbeing services

Looking back... A message from our CEO


User Voice



Koestler Arts

“Being creative has helped me survive my prison sentence”

It's going to be a good one! - including Ai Weiwei



You can email + sign petitions without donating to anything

MoD document approves British troops for illegal bombing, charity claims

Urgent: Egypt

Saifullah Paracha

Saudi Arabia

Ahmed Rabbani

Ravil Mingazov

Hassan al Maliki

Abdullah's torture

Jagtar Singh Johal

US drone strikes – SEND A MESSAGE

Dr. Osama Yassin

I’m still in Guantánamo - TWEET

Ministers are deciding whether to save a life

North-East Syria - ACTION



Emergency in Hungary – PLEASE SIGN

EU: take action against Hungary’s anti- LGBT+ law

Stop homophobia, transphobia and misogyny in Italy

China: WeChat bans LGBT+ students – PETITION

S.O.S. from Ghana

"Fists bumping into my face and body" – PETITION

No more "conversion therapies" in Colombia – PETITION

Bulgaria must prosecute this homophobic presidential candidate! – PETITION


Make online spaces safe for LGBT+ people


Rek It, Raven’s petition

Arcigay’s petition

Stana’s petition

We need to talk about Russia, again – PETITION

Take action on today's Trans Day of Remembrance

Viki's speech at the 2021 MTV EMA

Coca-Cola, Starbucks, and H&M: Protect your LGBT+ staff in China!

Your signature could save Salman's life

Salekh + Ismail

Emergency: Afghan LGBT+ people in danger

Anti-Trans Bill in Guatemala Must Be Stopped


Equality act Japan


Liberty – know your rights

police facial recognition is unlawful – PETITION

New poll calls for rights-respecting pandemic response – PETITION


Scrap the Coronavirus Act – end human rights lockdown


Our ability to hold Gov to account is under threat

You do not have to donate when signing a petition – petitions are free to sign

Safeguard our rights and access to justice – PETITION

Take our survey

The Protect Everyone Bill – EMAIL MP


I stood up to power. Sign the petition so you can too

Government must not be untouchable – PETITION

Liberty Investigates: Our biggest story yet – Esparto 11

Tell your MP to protect our right to protest

Don’t let the Government become untouchable - PETITION

Facial recognition: A year since world-first legal challenge

Stop the Policing Bill - PETITION

Liberty Investigates reveals police 'fail' hate crime victims

Stop the Government becoming untouchable - PETITION

WATCH our new protest videos – EMAIL MP

URGENT: protect protest rights – EMAIL MP

Don’t let Gov hide from accountability – PETITION



Liberty Shared


Repeal the Coronavirus Act 2020


Fighting NHS Charging – What can you do now?


Big brother watch

We need civil liberties defenders like you

Find the secret algorithms YOUR council is using...

Unparalleled State Powers as Covid Cases Plummet

Mass surveillance found *unlawful* by Europe's highest human rights court

Stop Thermal Surveillance

Vaccine passes to be mandatory! – ACTION

Exposed: The Poverty Panopticon

NEW: Government & big tech censorship EXPOSED

BREAKING: #NoCovidID projected onto Parliament! EMAIL MP

NEWS: Sajid Javid can't bear to watch THIS! EMAIL MP

Vaccine passports - were on the front foot...

⚠️ Wales vote leaves us shocked

Weve been censored by YouTube

'Vaccine passports, a solution looking for a problem' - David Davis MP

From citizen scores to facial recognition - we're fighting back!

Authoritarianism is on the rise

No to COVID passports

We've launched a legal challenge against Johnson's Covid IDs

Victory for civil liberties in the UK

Covid passes DITCHED


NETPOL – the network for police monitoring

Black Lives Matter protest – VIDEO

new report condemns "revenge policing" and calls for scrapping new police powers


Good Law project

Government’s costs

They want to silence criticism

Boris Johnson misled Parliament

Misuse of public money

They want to silence dissent

What have they got to hide?

They want to block public interest

This is not the Britain we should be



Other information sources



Declassified UK


The Democracy Collaborative

Sanders and McDonnell on community wealth

The “Preston model”

Land banks and community land trusts


Parkdale People’s Economy

Community wealth building comes to Scotland

How to Make a Democracy Economy

South Korea explores community wealth building

How NY can enter ‘a new era of public power’



Cooperatives and socialism

Ask Prof Wolff: Is Nordic Socialism a Progressive Step?

How Capitalism Shapes our Food

The Challenge of China - New Global Capitalism Lecture

Recommended Reading list on Cooperatives.

Economic Update: Germany Shifts Left

Ask Prof Wolff: Taxing Billionaires

Wolff Responds: Capitalism's False Defenses

All Things Co-op: Cuba's New Cooperative Legislation

Global Capitalism: The Problems with China's Economy

we learn about the psychology of control and domination

understand our personal connections to capitalism’s structure

All Things Co-op: Lessons from Venezuela’s Social Economy

Ask Prof Wolff: From Capitalism to Co-op

All Things Co-op: Blockchain and Cryptocurrency


Tax Justice Network

Casino Capitalism and a just transition: the Taxcast podcast

A tide-turning moment in the global struggle for tax justice

Including an item about UK care homes

How economics ruins economies: PODCAST

Where does your country rank on the Corporate Tax Haven Index 2021?

The Whiteness of Wealth: podcast with Prof Dorothy Brown

Podcast: From an uncaring to a caring economy + global minimum corporate tax plan

The Real American Dream – in Scandinavia: PODCAST

Podcast: The capture of Malta and the fight for justice

"You need to be very strong.

To do the job that she did you really have to be your own person.

You couldn’t be the kind of person who worries what people might think of you, and you really have to say, no, I’m not going to adapt, I’m not going to fall into that mould.

I’m going to break it and keep breaking.”

Paul Caruana Galizia

Podcast: Degrowth: liberation from ‘growthism’

Podcast: rethinking economies

Pandora Papers shows transparency failure is an accountability failure

Podcast: Tax Haven Ireland

Losses to OECD tax havens could vaccinate global population three times over, study reveals

Jersey’s Pandora’s Boxes: The Tax Justice Network podcast

Losses to OECD tax havens could vaccinate global population three times over, study reveals

PODCAST: 2022, hopes and fears


Our tax system is broken – EMAIL MP


Tax Justice UK

Support President Biden’s proposal to stop global tax dodging - PETITION

Pandora Papers shows transparency failure is an accountability failure


Tax Watch UK


Open Democracy


Say her name: Breonna Taylor

Women disproportionately affected by soaring Mental Health Act detentions

How the UK government is undermining the Freedom of Information Act

Report says soldiers shot three dead at Myanmar factory making US cowboy boots

From private emails to Post-it Notes: How politicians avoid scrutiny

At least 16 Tory allies given paid ‘independent’ roles in government


Grim fall in life expectancy exposes UK government’s ‘levelling up’ lies

From revelation to reckoning to revolution: In pursuit of racial justice

The war on Indigenous rights in Brazil is intensifying

Tories have accepted £2.6m from ‘shadowy’ donors since Boris Johnson became PM.

Give evidence about FOI

Forget the spin – new English NHS bill is all about cutting our right to healthcare

Campaigners also highlighted measures that weaken the NHS’s legal duty to provide healthcare to people in England – and that apply stringent new financial rules.

Johnson charged taxpayers £28,647 for part of the refurb

The UK is the number one home for suspect funds +

20% of UK political donations come from just ten men

The disturbing rise of the corporate mercenaries

Big Tech firms paying below minimum wage left off UK government’s name-and-shame list

Tackling the climate crisis must not come at the expense of eradicating global hunger

Ever seen 40 Lords a-leaping? You have now

Scottish Green members hold unprecedented power. How will they use it?

‘We’re stuck, everyone is hungry’: Afghan evacuees stranded at UK airport

Will Syria’s disappeared ever find justice?

If we lose the Amazon, our world will lose its future

Trans activism isn’t just about pronouns and bathrooms. It’s about class struggle

Deep ties between anti-abortion groups and Conservative Brexiteers laid bare


10,000 Airbnbs and nowhere to live

A playground for the rich and famous, and the second poorest region in northern Europe.

More than 18,000 empty homes and 16,000 people on a waiting list for public housing.

Some 10,000 Airbnbs and, at one-point last month, fewer than 50 homes available to rent.

Located in the UK, this is a place so desirable that almost no one can live there.

One local resident told us she is now resigned to living in a tent, with her belongings stored in her car, as this was her “only other option right now”


24 lords placed under investigation over financial interests

Liverpool rises in opposition to arms fair as legal challenge is mounted

The ‘meme machine’ behind 2019 Tory success returns

three-quarters of adults believe transparency is important


The UK government has spent at least £500,000 from public funds trying to prevent the release of information under FOI legislation over the last five years


What the Tories want to do with our health data, and why we need to stop them

Alan Sugar among 24 lords to have broken finance rules, parliamentary watchdog rules

Most of Europe fails to guarantee access to abortion care

Why an IMF loan is not the solution to Lebanon’s economic crisis

Nicaragua: the revolution betrayed

The Pandora Papers show the true face of global Britain

Oil and gas firms have given £1m to Boris Johnson’s Conservatives

Revealed: Electoral Commission’s private concerns about Russian Tory donors

Government’s poisonous Elections bill is designed to cement Tory rule


Furlough fraud isn’t a dirty word

BP paid ex-MI6 spy firm to snoop on green campaigners

Tory MP has banked £150k from oil firm

The backlash is working - PETITION

British MPs net £6m from second jobs

Mark Carney likes to talk green, but he’s just another agent of the status quo

Why, as an American transgender woman, I don’t feel it’s safe to visit the UK

Exit denied: women losing the right to leave in the Philippines

The Yemeni women and girls being illegally imprisoned


This week, we uncover a ‘cash for honours’ scandal

after working with The Sunday Times to reveal that Conservative Party treasurers who donate £3m seem almost guaranteed to be given a seat in the House of Lords


British politics is an oligarchs’ cocktail party. Tory ministers are the waiters

Greenland’s government bans oil drilling, leads indigenous resistance to extractive capitalism

“ I got punched in the face by a presidential candidate’ says LGBTIQ activist in Bulgaria

COP26: Why many are sceptical of politicians’ $19bn pledge to save the Amazon

The UK government’s plan to reform data-protection laws are terrifying

In Sudan’s new revolt, women and youth will not settle for less than full civilian rule

As a Christian Ghanaian woman, I’m appalled by the proposed anti-LGBTIQ law

Migrants are paying the price of Belarus’s ‘hybrid warfare’

Meet the UK activist bringing clothes and community to trans youth

Include women and Indigenous people in the fight against the climate crisis

Forget the spin – new English NHS bill is all about cutting our right to healthcare

France and UK can stop deaths in Channel – but not by increasing border patrols

US ‘dark money’ groups behind Mississippi abortion case spend tens of millions around the world

US Christian Right groups promoting anti-LGBT ‘conversion therapy’ in the US and Central America

No turning back: Women human rights defenders remain steadfast in perilous times

UK’s transparency watchdog has a terrible transparency record of its own

Focusing on extremism won’t counter far-Right violence

From mobilization to solidarity: The power of feminist struggles in Latin America

Nationality and Borders Bill

The UK government is looking to profit from closing borders to asylum seekers


Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill

email your MP

Oligarchs and officials from corrupt states own £2bn of UK luxury property

What it’s like to live in a country with a near total ban on abortion

Zuckerberg’s metaverse is a natural extension of capitalist extraction of our data

Killing the Truth

If Tory MPs want to protect freedom, why are they supporting the Elections Bill?

International refugee charity calls for Greek border investigation

The challenge of Chile: why I am optimistic

‘We were revolutionaries’: Angelo Pezzana, founder of Italy’s first LGBT movement

A Not-So-Happy New Year for Britain's private renters

As Kazakhstan burns over inequality, the elite’s wealth is safe and sound in London

Why Tony Blair is just the right person to get Britain’s top honour

Our ancestors worked less and had better lives. What are we doing wrong?

‘Gay cake’ case shows power of US Christian Right

Tory MP calls for ministers to freeze Kazakh elite’s UK assets

If we are to ‘live with’ COVID-19, we must decide what we really value

What really happened in Kazakhstan? A feminist perspective

Rishi Sunak could become PM. Here’s what he doesn’t want you to know

Remembering the Holocaust must prompt us to challenge today’s human rights abuses

Labour peer asks about fake names on Companies House register following openDemocracy report

Diane Abbott: The cost of living crisis was caused by privatisation

Giulio Regeni’s murder speaks the truth about Egypt – and Europe too

To dismantle white privilege, we must tackle private property rights

+ much more!



Why Facebook can’t fix itself

Hey, YouTube – leave our kids alone

A lot more to do on government algorithms

Support Facebook content moderators in calling for fair treatment!

Taking on the tech giants: the lawyer fighting the power of algorithmic systems

Join us - tell Sadiq Khan to take action against Uber!

Matt Hancock: Drop your plan to put NHS patients' health data into one massive database - PETITION

We are going to court

fresh evidence: disappearing messages and "government by WhatsApp"

New legal challenge to a secret Department of Work and Pensions algorithm

Live event, 5pm Thurs 10 Feb


Article 19 – defending freedom of expression + information

What does misinformation smell like?

Speaking out on social media takedowns – YOUR HELP NEEDED




Younger people




Nobody is normal

How to keep children safe online


Together we're helping children to report abuse

email the new Minister in charge




A Life More Wild - Dr Alex George & Brook House Woods


Young Minds

Society needs to change. Have your say on how

Supporting your child with anxiety



Malala – Assembly - How you can stand up to anti-Asian racism

Are streets safe for girls?

Malala: I Fear for My Afghan Sisters

Amplifying the voices of Afghan girls and women

“Completing my education with elephantiasis”

Girls & the climate crisis

“My life before and after the Taliban takeover”

We want to publish you!

What is the best form of activism for you?

What this intern learned about how to get scouted on TikTok


Girls forced to marry – PETITION


Coram’s Young Citizens

The Stranger Series with Coram’s Young Citizens


Young Women's Trust - 3 ways we’ve already made a difference in 2021

We see you; we hear you and we care about you SUPPORT LINES INFORMATION

One in five young women have lost work or future work

57% say they have been affected financially

One in four have taken on extra caring responsibilities

83% said that their mental health had suffered

1 in 10 they have been unable to afford food or other essentials


Ask your MP to do more to prevent online hate speech

Act now: support young women this winter

New report reveals one size fits no one

Including peer researchers


Speaking truth to power 🙌




Woman’s Aid


Maternal Mental Health Alliance


Maternity Action

A step in the right direction for pregnant women's safety at work - EMAIL MP


Tips for coping in these anxious times


Read our tips and advice for supporting a friend

new resource on panic attacks

Free online training



Off the record - BRISTOL

If you are in crisis and need immediate support, you can access help from these organisations:


available 24/7 for listening support on 116 123.


text ‘SHOUT’ to 85258 to speak to a crisis counsellor.


open 9am-midnight, call 0800 068 41 41 for support around suicidal thoughts and feelings.


CAMHS Crisis Line

a free confidential NHS helpline offering support for young people aged 17 and under in crisis on 0300 303 1320

24/7 Support & Connect

a free confidential NHS helpline offering support for adults aged 18+ on 0800 012 6549

Self-care plan



real-time, online support

0800 1111. 7:30am - 3.30am


0800 58 58 58

The Mix

0808 808 4994 3pm - 12am everyday


The Purple Elephant Project


Arts Emergency

Mentor training


Family Lives Newsletter Jan 2022

Including bullying + relationships


Tremendous 2022 for families Half Term Fun



Government bodies



Mental Health Act Statistics, Annual Figures - 2020-21

Still, we suffer - Wendy


NHS confederation - 15th + 16th June 2022


Care quality commission

Share your views

CQC launches strategy consultation - we want to hear what you think

Our equality objectives 2021-2025

CQC update for local and regional stakeholders

Now available: State of Care - CQC's annual assessment of health care and social care in England

From Paternalism to human rights

Restraint, segregation and seclusion review: progress report

Out of sight- who cares?


HSE Stress eBulletin: Working Minds campaign launches


Pop up care homes


National Audit office


Office for National Statistics

A report from the Office of National Statistics revealed an estimated 778 people died in England and Wales while homeless in 2019an annual increase of7%

This is the fifth year in a row that the number of people who have died has increased.

It is the highest number since records began.

ONS blog - good data from any source can help us report on the global goals to the UN

ONS blog - Unlocking the power of data to better understand private rents

ONS blog - Far from average: How COVID-19 has impacted the Average Weekly Earnings data

How many people fund their own care?

ONS blog - Violence against women and girls: Helping to understand the scale and impact of the problem

The lasting impact of violence against women and girls



Launch of new autism strategy to help autistic people live more independent and fulfilled lives

Revisiting safeguarding practice


Health and Care Bill: launch of new white paper


LGA Events bulletin February 2022

Inclusive economies and healthy futures: Supporting place-based action to reduce health inequalities

Improvement and innovation bulletin: January 2022

Including applying to be part of their conference


London Assembly


Public meetings

Including monthly Mayor’s Question time


My life my say

London Youth assembly

27% of schools are exposed to dangerous levels of air pollution.

It took decades to protect our children from cigarette smoke.

We can’t make that mistake again; we must tackle toxic air pollution right now.

That’s why we introduced the Ultra-Low Emission Zone, cleaned up our buses and taxis and tackled emissions from construction sites.

But we must go further to protect the health of Londoners across our city.

My number one priority is to protect the health of Londoners, and the life chances of future generations.

I will do all I can to ensure that every Londoner can breathe clean air.

Clearing the air: pollution in London

nearly 140,000 suffering long-COVID symptoms in London

Access to public toilets in London: Have your say

Get your tickets to People's Question Time on 3 February


My society – including support with FOI requests


PETITION - Vital information hidden


NIHR - Lockdown raised anxiety in people with anorexia and their carers, but online resources helped

Transforming out-of-hospital care for people who are homeless

Together in research – Spring 2021

Caring for older people at home can be just as good, or even better, than hospital care

Vegan diet could control blood sugar for people with type 2 diabetes

Together in research – Summer 2021

seeking views on ways to substantially reduce research bureaucracy

Opportunities for involvement in NIHR ARC South London

Together in research – Autumn 2021

Together in research – Winter 2021/22

Including paid involvement


Health and Social Care Committee


Local Government Authority – Update


Would you like to shape the future of Patient Safety within the local NHS?


Complete our NHS and ICS websites survey for a chance to win £100 vouchers






Healthwatch Wandsworth


Wandsworth Community Empowerment Network (WCEN)

In the UK, people with brown skin are being denied equal and compassionate mental health care.

They are more likely to be brought to and kept in hospital without their consent.

They are more likely to access mental health services through the police and criminal justice systems, and to find themselves unwell and back again once released.

People with brown skin, particularly men, are more likely to be forcibly restrained and given more than the recommended amount of medication.

WCEN 2021



If you are unhappy with the care or treatment you have received from the NHS, and would like help to make a complaint, POhWER can help.

They provide guidance, information and advocacy to help people get matters put right.

Telephone: 0203 553 5960


Letter: London IHCAS Advocacy Hub, POhWER, Hertlands House, Primett Road, Stevenage, Hertfordshire, SG1 3EE



If you live in Wandsworth and need support to tell people what you want, and to understand your rights, you can contact VoiceAbility.

They provide advocacy for people who may be vulnerable and need support to speak up about their care needs.

Telephone: 020 7924 7772


Letter: VoiceAbility, Unit B102, Trident Business Centre, 89 Bickersteth Road, Tooting, London, SW17 9SH


Rethink Advocacy

If you are unhappy with the care or treatment you have received from an NHS or social care service, and would like help to make a complaint, Rethink could help. They provide guidance, information and advocacy to help people get matters put right.


Telephone: 300 7900 559


Web address: Rethink Advocacy Independent Service in Wandsworth and Richmond leaflet 2.pdf


Wandsworth Wellbeing Hub

For guidance and help to find organisations and services to support your health and wellbeing needs, you can contact the Wandsworth Wellbeing Hub.

Telephone: 020 3880 0366 (Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm)


Letter: Wandsworth Wellbeing Hub, 120 The Broadway, Wimbledon, London, SW19 1RH​


Wandsworth Adult social care

If you, or someone you know, have / has care and support needs, and you need information and help, you can speak to Wandsworth Adult Social Services. Adult social services provide information and help to adults who have difficulty with everyday things.

Telephone: 020 8871 7707 (Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm)


Letter: Adult Social Care and Public Health, The Town Hall, Wandsworth High Street, London, SW18 2PU

Emergency out of hours

Please contact the switchboard on 020 8871 6000 and ask for the emergency social worker.


Children and families

If you need information on the activities and support services that may be available to you and your family, you can contact THRIVE Online (previously known as the Family Information Service).

THRIVE Online provides information and assistance to parents, children, young people and professionals on support services and activities for the 0-19 years’ age group (25 if the young person has a special need).

Telephone: 020 8871 7899 (Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm)


Letter: THRIVE Online, THE 4, Wandsworth Town Hall, Wandsworth High Street, London, SW18 2PU






Richmond MIND

The Hearing Voices Group is a Peer Support group run by our service users and supported by Wellbeing Centre staff.

It will take place on the first and second Tuesday of each month, 2-3pm and new people can join after being referred to our Wellbeing Centre.

The group is blended, online and face-to-face (the number of clients is restricted to three)


Winter well-being events

Ready for a challenge?




Richmond Aid


Dose of Nature


Rape crisis


Off the record – Twickenham


Look ahead


Courage and creativity - news and greetings from Choice Support

Season of change - news and greetings from Choice Support


Healthwatch Richmond

LiveWell mother & child classes in Kew. Read it here

FREE webinar - Ramadan and managing diabetes; lots of vaccination clinics this weekend!


Richmond CVS

Including Directory of services

free 1-2-1 digital support

Talking Bubble - Telephone Befriending with Language Options

Networking and Training for Trustees - Book Now

Developing a Volunteer Management Programme Part 2: Supervising and Supporting Volunteers

e-News - October 2021

including digital inclusion fund

Trustee and Governance Special

Equality and Diversity Matters

Richmond upon Thames Voluntary Fund - Expressions of Interest Invited

Book Now for the New Year

Local Vaccination Centres and Winter Wellbeing

Feb 2022 - Children & Young People

Book now: How to Recruit a More Diverse Trustee Board - 8th February

e-News - February 2022


Centre for Governance + Scrutiny

Including Anticipating, managing + adapting framework

Special newsletter on council finances

governance & scrutiny newsletter



Community hub – a dedicated helpline to deal with local enquiries and help signpost people to the right support at this difficult time.

The helpline number is 020 8871 6555.



Please visit the council’s website for the most up to date information: or phone 0208 891 1411


Find out more here:

Advertise your event / activity on LBRUT website

Mental Health support


Got a good idea – get community funding?

Clean air petition

Do you know of someone who might benefit from a video Carephone?

Starting Up: How to become a charity or social enterprise

Richmond Green Home Grants

Home Start Richmond

Support - Cash grants +

I need help finding food or essential home items

Plans for Twickenham riverside – PLEASE GIVE FEEDBACK

Richmond aid – information

Careplace – Richmnd

Careplace are promoting - Free Community Counselling Service – Available online or over the phone

Local Plan Pre-Publication (Regulation 18) Consultation 10 December 2021 to 31 January 2022

Struggling to pay your fuel bills? The Council can help

February with Richmond Library Service

Richmond Furniture Scheme

Fuel Grant Scheme

COVID-19 funds


Additional grants are also available from the Household Support Fund for food, bills and other essential items, via Citizens Advice Richmond and Richmond AID.

See more information on this here.


Centre for Governance + Scrutiny (CfGS)

Bolstering scrutiny / scrutiny frontiers / guest blogs / Health & Care Bill update


Including anticipate – manage – adapt idea

Health & Care - special newsletter

Governance and scrutiny news from CfGS


From MP - I urge EU nationals in Twickenham to apply for settled status

Talk Richmond – PODCASTS

Good thinking

Air pollution petition

Afghanistan & Central Asian Association

Stop Levelling Down London’s Transport

Update on proposed SWR service reduction


The good food co-op



Pressing Government for Zero Carbon Homes


40.000 deaths per year – Air pollution - EMAIL BORIS


The listening circle


My life films charity


Inspired Hub

January 2022


Help with bills + …

Hampton Fuel


Barnes workhouse fund







Hounslow Healthwatch

You can find details of health services in your area from NHS Choices

Call 999 for emergency services

Emergency and urgent care health services – 111

Hounslow Council: Out of hours social care support – 020 8583 2222 For more information please click here.


Hounslow Council: For more information on Adult social care, please click here.


Hounslow Council: For more information on Children and families, please click here.


CarePlace: Provides a Directory of Services, Information and Guidance enabling direct access to local care and community services. For more information, please click here.


West London NHS Trust – Mental health crisis: 24-hour helpline 0800 328 4444. For more information, please click here.


Hounslow Council

downloading the free NHS weight loss plan

Anyone can struggle to maintain good mental health from, no matter who they are.

Whilst there's no permanent fix, these 5 free things can help to lighten the load.


1 – Talk to someone.

If you’re not in the place for extra support like therapy this is one of the best things you can do to take care of yourself and others. Or use the power of talking for even more good and become a Community Champion.


2 – Get out in nature.

There are lots of gorgeous green spaces in Hounslow, and across London. Check out what's going on outdoors this season at inHounslow.


3 – Set aside time for yourself.

Self-care doesn’t need to mean spending on bath bombs.

Dedicate time to something you love – cooking, reading, gaming, drawing, journaling, watching movies, playing an instrument and more can all help you destress.


4 – Gentle exercise.

You don’t need to do HIIT workouts at the gym to benefit from exercise.

As little as 15-30 minutes of walking can give you a serotonin boost. Looking for something more serious?

Try the free NHS Couch to 5K app or find free classes.


5 – Visit

Our Take Care, Take 5 hub offers accessible solutions for mental health concerns.

Find support on physical health, COVID-19 concerns, financial worries, and employment skills here too.


What's on in Hounslow?

Community solutions

Take Care, Take 5: 1 February 2022


Bell Square – what’s on



The Art of Coproduction - A Guerrilla Guide


Or ask for one for free?



“Caring in the Community” – Really? by Steph de la Haye


Hounslow Wellbeing network



Sutton +



Sutton Healthwatch - Mental Well Being


Mental Health Foundation


Sutton Mental Health Foundation - Sutton Wellbeing Line

We all get more forgetful as we get older, but there are things you can do about it.

The way you live your life, and in particular the way in which you eat,

can make a huge difference to your memory, slowing down cognitive decline or even reversing it.


Mental Health Mates


The Health Foundation

How less pay has affected people's mental health and wellbeing

New podcast: Do we care enough?

New analysis: Care home residents hard hit by reduced hospital care

New report – Unequal pandemic, fairer recovery

What does our ageing population mean for health and social care demand?



Everyday Racism: How racist is Britain?

CRÈME project - stands for Communicating the Race Equality Message Effectively

ROTA Policy E-Newsletter issue 76 - February 2022


Good things Foundation


Good Things Foundation news

Last month Lloyds Banking Group published its annual Consumer Digital Index - the UK's largest study of digital and financial lives - and there are some really encouraging findings.

There has been a significant increase in the number of people who are online (1.5 million) but 14.9 million people still have very low digital engagement – meaning the group of people we usually call ‘limited users’ is still far too high.

Lloyds Consumer Digital Index data also suggests that data and device affordability is a real issue with almost a third of those offline (31%) saying cheaper mobile data would motivate them to get online.

The report offers some promising steps forward, but also some worrying signs. If the Government is committed to levelling up, it needs to embed digital inclusion at the heart of the Levelling Up White Paper.

We need to see a strong digital strategy that works for everyone, ensuring the shift to digital is truly inclusive. And we need investment – in community partners, in local people, to get millions more online and to fix the digital divide.
Read more of my thoughts on our new-look website.


Let’s solve data poverty with people – not for them

Digital inclusion as a basic human right

9 million people struggle to use the internet independently and 7 million people

(11% of the UK's adult population)

are still offline

(Digital Nation UK, 2020)

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Think Ahead

Applications for 2022 now open


PCCS Books – Including Joanna Moncrieff’s book A straight talking introduction to psychiatric drugs – the truth about how they work + how to come off them

Black Identities - Student Discount - Hearing Voices - Wild Therapy





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New Peer Buddy Scheme - Hand in Hand Islington


Body worn cameras

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[CONSULTATION] Government consultation on claiming PIP/ESA & Assessments


Camden’s Health and Wellbeing Strategy - resident views


Trauma Informed responses - survey and prize draw


Free Community Research online course launches | Co-Production Collective

January Newsletter: new opportunities, new events, and UCL's new strategy


Second independent audit of ECT published finds patient safety is being put at risk

A second audit of NHS mental health Trusts, using Freedom of Information Act requests has confirmed that both the administration and monitoring of Electroconvulsive Treatment (ECT) in England are failing to guarantee the safety of patients.


ECT involves the passing of sufficient electricity through the brain, under general anaesthesia, to cause a seizure.

Some claim it is a safe and effective treatment for severe depression.

But a recent review found little evidence that it is any better than placebo and concluded that it causes persistent or permanent memory loss in 12% to 55% of patients.1

The largest study to date has just confirmed that it does not, as claimed, prevent suicide.2


The audit confirmed that about 2,500 people are given ECT annually in England.

The majority continue to be women (67%), and over 60 (58%).

More than one in three (37%) are being forcibly given ECT against their will,and 18% of Trusts are not complying with the law regarding second opinions relating to compulsory treatment.


There were slight declines, compared to a previous audit,3 in the use of appropriate measures to assess efficacy, down to 30%, and standardised measures of memory loss, down to 24%.


There was a 47-fold difference between the two Trusts with the highest (Avon & Wiltshire, and North Staffordshire) and the lowest (Mersey Care) rates per capita.

Thus, the probability of getting ECT seems to be a postcode lottery based on the opinions of local psychiatrists.


The majority of Trusts were unable to provide any data for positive outcomes or for adverse effects during treatment (usually a 3-week period involving about 10 electroshocks).

None provided data on efficacy or adverse effects beyond end of treatment.


ECT in England is supposed to be monitored by the Royal College of Psychiatrists via their ‘ECT Accreditation Service’ (ECTAS).

But ECTAS does not monitor some of the issues addressed by this independent audit, such as how many Trusts are using proper assessment measures, how many are complying with the Mental Health Act regarding second opinions for forced treatment, and how many ECT patients had first been offered psychological treatment - in compliance with N.I.C.E. guidelines.

ECTAS has no powers to sanction ECT clinics that fail to meet even their limited set of standards, and has never disaccredited an ECT clinic.

About 10% of ECT clinics do not bother to sign up to the ECTAS process at all.


The audit concluded:

'Given the apparent failure of current monitoring and accrediting ECT clinics in England, by the Royal College of Psychiatrists’ ECT Accreditation Service (ECTAS), an independent government sponsored review is urgently needed.'


[RESOURCE] Recovery After Rape

We have obtained a copy of the workbook "Recovery After Rape".

As it can be triggering, I won't send it out indiscriminately but if you want a pdf of it for yourself or someone else, just say.



[EVENTS] Wednesday workshops for young black men aged 18-25


Find a balance


Stress Project


[RESOURCE] Mental Health and Debt booklet


StopSIM Coalition Petition

Click here for the write to your MP template


Mental Health collective

Self- defence through humour

Join the Valentine's #KindnessByPost exchange! Registrations now open


Mutual Aid, volunteering and helping in the community. - Time to Spare


Naylor Review


National Voices' submission to the Health and Social Care Select Committee


[SURVEY] Physical Health in Mental Health patients who have used inpatient services


[RESEARCH SURVEY] Supporting someone experiencing altered states of mind (psychosis)


DIALOG+ and the Recovery Star

Dear Friends,

I was wondering if you have experience of either DIALOG+ or the Recovery Star?

(or other stars – more about those here: History of the star + Recovery star 4)

There was an element of co-production in the Recovery Star for Mental Health, and there has since been an Un-Recovery Star, also from the user-survivor movement which outlines the things that work against our recovery.

These are the questions that the DIALOG tool asks

and these are the areas of the 4th Edition Recovery star.

Note that it used to contain “work” but this has been dropped now.

The Recovery Star covers ten outcome areas:

Managing mental health

Physical health

Living skills

Friends and community

Use of time


Addictive behaviour


Identity and self-esteem

Trust and hope


The Recovery Star (4th Edition) is underpinned by a five-stage, ten step Journey of Change model:

Stuck (1-2)

Accepting help (3-4)

Believing and trying (5-6)

Learning (7-8)

Self-reliance (9-10)

I would be interested to hear your opinions and in particular how you think they compare.




Impact assessment of the Mental Capacity (Amendment) Act 2019


Do you have experience of the Camden Early Intervention Service?

WE are looking for people who have has some experience of the early intervention service - the one based at Greenland Road at the moment.

If this might be you, we would love to hear from you.


Kind regards




[INFO] Boloh - the Black and Asian family Covid-19 Helpline

Are you a black, Asian or minority ethnic child, young person, parent or carer affected by COVID-19?


Free help available


0800 1512605


[RESOURCE] Support After Suicide








[OPPORTUNITY] Research participation - seeking voice hearers


[OPPORTUNITY] Someone with experience of paranoia or psychosis and who has smartphone

Alex Kenny


West Euston partnership


McPin Involvement Bulletin - Issue 34

Improving employment support for Black people with long-term conditions


Haiku is a Japanese form of poetry which uses the format of three lines.

Here are our haikus.

We hope you enjoy reading them.

The Benefits System:
I have no money.
Brown envelope arrives, phew.
Do I deserve it?

On my own, alone.
I am in isolation
Yes and it’s just fine.

You slip between my
Fingers; all I can do is
Watch you drift away

You pray to their gods
Then, under your burning cross,
You murdered them all

Feeding me with lies
Why not report some good news?
Keeping me in fear.


A young person on Covid’s inequalities, screen time and a video about lived


Benefits + Work

£2 Billion Bonanza For PIP and WCA Assessors, Australian Welfare To Work Multi-Millionaire In On The Act

DWP Secret Report, Secret Algorithm And Keeping Secrets From WCA Reviewer

Truth About Disability Benefits: Dispatches


It’s OK to not feel OK during challenging times


Codependency- The Unexpected Addicts


Inner Space


Free space Project



Train The Trainer - Applications OPEN

Contact Mike Lawrence -


Camden people’s theatre


Kingston Hospital’s Health Talks podcast


Quality Priorities for 2022/23 - We would like to hear from you



NEON project looking for your help?


South West London and St George’s Mental Health NHS Trust


Sutton Crisis Café - Sutton Mental Health Foundation ( – for info regarding the café in Sutton

Constructive & non-clinical alternative to A&E | Sunshine Recovery Cafe | Mental Health Crisis – based in Merton

Mental Health Recovery Cafe | Hestia – based in Wandsworth

Recovery Hub – Richmond Borough Mind ( – based in Twickenham


Free art workshop with Alvin Kofi at The Courtauld Gallery Tickets, Tue 1 Feb 2022 at 14:00 | Eventbrite


Leading Susie Hamilton

Visit The Courtauld’s Van Gogh.

Self Portraits exhibition and then create your own.

Tuesday 8th February 2-4pm &

Tuesday 15th February 2-4pm

BSL interpretation is provided

Free art workshop with Susie Hamilton at The Courtauld Gallery Tickets, Multiple Dates | Eventbrite


Leading- Richard Mark Rawlins

Explore horizons in the work of Cezanne and Seurat and create a lino print of vast and epic landscapes

Tuesday 22nd February 2-4pm

BSL interpretation is provided

Free art workshop with Richard Mark Rawlins at The Courtauld Gallery Tickets, Tue 22 Feb 2022 at 14:00 | Eventbrite


Virtual Involvement Opportunity: Ethnicity & Mental Health Improvement Project (EMHIP) fortnightly meetings from Tuesday 15th February 2022



Opportunity : New Model for Involvement & Coproduction



Opportunity: Evaluation of Hospital Rooms Art Project - by 10/02/2022



Are you interested in sharing your lived experience within staff training and other events?



Advert for: IAPT Internship Program Talk Wandsworth

For further details / informal visits contact:

Noel Brown (Wellbeing Lead) on 07779 451 172 or


Opportunity with Healthy London Partnership - Delays in S135 Assessments Task & Finish Group - opportunity for service users to become expert advisors for London wide project



Service Users and Carers workshops - upcoming meetings

The next workshops will be held on the following dates:

Wednesday 2nd February 2pm – 3pm

Tuesday 1st March 2pm – 3pm

Agendas and links to the meetings will be shared closer to the time


Opportunity - sharing your lived experience - Occupational Therapy Course Programme @ St Georges University of London



Gathering your views of SWLStGs services

email on


Would you like to test a new questionnaire looking at carer recovery?

On behalf of Claire Hilton at Carer Recovery in partnership with South West London & St George’s Mental Health NHS Trust (SWLSTG’s) Clinical research team



Digital Inclusion Information

Involvement have gathered information regarding digital inclusion





Peer Leadership Development Programme - NHS England & NHS Improvement Personalised Care Group


Mental Wellbeing weekly football-based programme - Queen's Park Rangers Community Trust

ContactConnor Bagenal

Inclusive Projects Officer

QPR In the Community Trust

07483 006 992

Twitter: @QPRTrust


Have your say on our five-year digital strategy - SWLStG's





OR TEXT OR CALL 07711 938 921



Social prescribing in Richmond - connecting people with activities in the local community - Ruils in partnership with the Richmond GP Alliance

Please contact Narinder Dosanjh, our project manager, for more information

To read more about our link workers click here

To download our new Healthy Lifestyle Resource, click here

Link to you tube video re: what is social prescribing

Link to the Ruil’s website - Social Prescribing | RUILS Charity


SU&C Workshops: Community Transformation – online meetings August – March 2022


Britney Spears: What is lithium, the drug she claims she was put on?


Co-production in mental health is about progression towards ‘the transformation of power and control’ (Slay & Stephens, 2013).

Itrequires thinking about people, power, partnerships, resources and risk in ways that are very different to what has gone before in mental health services.

It implies relocating power to mental health service users, survivors, their organisations and communities and this has implications for services and practitioners.

To ensure full collaboration, the co-production process should achieve equality and parity between all those involved.

Change happens during the process of co-production as well as being a consequence of it.

There is no single, universal model of co-production and the way co-production is done is specific to the task, context and the people involved, so this is not a ‘how to’ guide.

Instead, the aim is to set out some practice-based advice on what needs to be considered for progressing towards ‘transformative co-production’, specifically in mental health.

The advice within this toolkit is presented as ‘steps’, illustrated by practice lessons from what a number of different people and organisations in the field have tried and tested.

The guide also includes three case studies from different mental health settings drawn from the practice examples.’


NDTi - Coproduction in Mental Health Toolkit

The resources within the toolkit are aimed at everyone with a practical interest in making coproduction work in mental health services.

It is particularly designed for those at the frontline such as mental health service users, carers and their organisations as well as practitioners and managers who want to engage with and understand transformative coproduction.

The materials have been written in collaboration with service users and their organisations, NHS mental health practitioners and those working in community-based mental health organisations and initiatives.

This toolkit includes a:

Position Paper

Practical Guide


Checklist of Key questions

Coproduction in Mental Health Toolkit - NDTi


Coproduction Week - Nice Guidance - Shared Decision Making (Jun 21)

This guideline covers how to make shared decision-making part of everyday care in all healthcare settings.

It promotes ways for healthcare professionals and people using services to work together to make decisions about treatment and care.

It includes recommendations on training, communicating risks, benefits and consequences, using decision aids, and how to embed shared decision making in organisational culture and practices.

Definition - Shared decision making is a collaborative process that involves a person and their healthcare professional working together to reach a joint decision about care.

It could be care the person needs straightaway or care in the future, for example, through advance care planning.

It involves choosing tests and treatments based both on evidence and on the person's individual preferences, beliefs and values.

It means making sure the person understands the risks, benefits and possible consequences of different options through discussion and information sharing. This joint process empowers people to make decisions about the care that is right for them at that time (with the options of choosing to have no treatment or not changing what they are currently doing always included).


Three-talk model

The three-talk model is a practical model of how to do shared decision making that is based on following choice, option and decision talk stages during the consultation.

The model has 3 steps:

introducing choice

describing options, often by integrating the use of patient decision support

helping people explore their preferences and make decisions.


Your views on the use of digital technology to enhance the care and support offered by South West London & St George’s Mental Health NHS Trust



Free Live Online Exercises Classes with Clinical Exercise Therapy Team – Mon + Weds + Thurs

UTUBE exercise

Coral Mental Health Crisis Hub

NHS Involvement opportunities

Good Practice Guide for involving and supporting partners and other family members in specialist perinatal services.

Thousands to benefit from soups and shakes diet on the NHS from today


The Recovery College

Talk Wandsworth – Well-being resources

Talk Wandsworth – Well-being workshops (under wellbeing subtitle)

Stakeholder Bulletin

Your local IAPT websites can be found at:

Merton Uplift:

Sutton Uplift:

Talk Wandsworth:



Mind the Dads Project

A Caring Mind | A blog for carers of mental health

Safely Held Spaces | Wellbeing & Compassion | UK


SWLSTG Online Live Exercise Sessions

For further details or to sign up please email


Springfield Village development


We add Heart

Relaxation video


ELFT Trustalk Magazine


London Members and Stakeholders Meetings

25th Feb 2022



Have your say about Kingston Hospital’s communications




Every mind matter – NHS

6 ways to wellbeing

Ideas to help boost your mental wellbeing






Sir Ken Robinson

Imagine if …

JOIN US: Imagine if... Festival 2022 - 28th February – 3rd March


Level 2 Qualifications - Without paying a penny


Covid-19: how tech could transform education



Power to the people



New Economics Foundation

Help win a Living Income

What the defeat of the Super League teaches us about standing up to power

We need to commit to building the power of ordinary people to fight against wealthy elites


Community food systems should be part of the new normal – here’s why

4-day week


poverty is a policy choice
Poverty is the result of a welfare system which denies people the means to live a dignified life


The UK's Living Standards Crisis

The UK is in the midst of a crisis in living standards.

Too many people do not have reliable access to the resources they need to meet the day-to-day costs for a decent quality of life.

This was true before Covid-19, but the pandemic and the associated economic downturn have seen things exacerbate over the past 12 months.

New forecast modelling produced for this report shows that by the end of the year, and without a change in government policy, 32% of the UK population – 21.4 million people – will be living below a socially acceptable living standard, as measured by the Minimum Income Standard (MIS).

The MIS, the UK’s only needs-based approach to measuring living standards, identifies what needs must be met for an individual to thrive in the society in which they live


Big tech’s duty of care

The countdown to COP26

Levelling up begins with quality public services

Weekly Economics Podcast: Fast fashion

Weekly Economics Podcast: Fighting the climate crisis in the courts

Living standards face a perfect storm

Making workers foot the bill for social care and pensions is deeply unfair

Greening public finance

Cold homes, hot planet

Quibbling about cost while the world burns

Great homes upgrade

Beyond the £20 uplift

Levelling up from the ground up

Reshape finance for a green recovery

From Universal Credit to a Living Income

Tell the Prime Minister to give us a Great Homes Upgrade – PETITION

Great homes upgrade

Torn apart, not levelled up

The incomes of half of families have fallen by an average of £110 a year

The richest 5% are £3,300 a year richer

There are 300,000 more people in poverty

The income gap between UK regions has widened

Single parents and pensioners have been hit the hardest

A shorter working week for Europe

5 steps to a Green New Deal

Fuel cost crisis, how to really level up – closing the divide

universal credit auto-enrolment

unequal impacts of the energy price cap

£62bn climate cost of planned UK airport expansions

A Living Income and Great Homes Upgrade would solve the cost of living crisis

Video: A Green New Deal for people and places


Edge Fund


The social Guarantee

how we can enshrine every person’s right to life’s essentials:

education, health and social care, a decent home, childcare, nutritious food, clean air and water, energy, transport


Change won't come from politicians at conferences


Locality – the power of community

Keep it Local – read and share new research from Bradford and Bristol



use collective intelligence to solve public problems

Advancing equity, diversity and inclusion at Nesta


Nesta's new strategy, £40m Water Challenge, Free Rapid Recovery event, Tips for ARIA, and more

Data poverty: Struggling with the cost of getting online

Nearly one million people in Scotland and Wales suffer from data poverty and are unable to access private and secure internet.

However, knowledge around this is scarce.

Our report, Data Poverty in Scotland and Wales, seeks to address that. Alongside it, we hear from four people whose lives have been directly affected by data poverty


Using data to drive change


Five stories of change for a sustainable future

Including South Korea’s Green new Deal

Be honest – what do you think of Nesta?


Devolve to Evolve: What role should local communities play in decarbonising homes? – 15 Feb


Mission-aligned challenge prizes can boost UK innovation, Launch of new Afri-Plastics Challenge and more.


Our diet is harming the planet


How do we eliminate the school readiness gap?


Directory of Social Change people to work a four-day week


Centre for Local Economic Strategies (CLES) radical realisablestrategies for local economies

Our aim is to achieve social justice, good local economies and
effective public services for everyone, everywhere.

the final report of the Liverpool City Region Land Commission: Our Land

Community Wealth Building Centre of Excellence (CfX)

Re-thinking power

Delivering the doughnut...

community wealth building: a history

A roadmap for asset ownership

Raising council tax won’t fix local government


Resolution Foundation

Pressure points: Why the state is getting bigger and what we do about it - 10th February


Power to change

Nurturing wellbeing in our neighbourhoods

Big change as Power to Change launch new website

Community Power Act – get involved


Onion Collective


Plunkett Foundation – Jan 2022 events +


Deveron Projects


Equally Ours newsletter: UN response to the Sewell report, Covid-19 and social care, and gender differences in government support

New disability strategy, developments in health and social care, vacancies and more

changes to Health and Social Care, call for better migrant rights and more inclusive education

the impact of the Equality Act 2010, gender equality in local councils, and why voter ID is a disproportionate solution

Research on sexual harassment in the workplace, developments in health and social care, briefing on children’s rights

Fair By Design and Institute and Faculty of Actuaries (IFoA) report: The hidden risks of being poor: the poverty premium in insurance

Safety of maternity services, poverty and ethnicity in Scotland, and the impact of legal aid means testing on survivors

People's History Museum blog: 10 famous protests the Policing Bill would've threatened

consultation on banning conversion therapy, strengthening communities after Covid, new human rights campaign and more

Funding racial justice, climate change and human rights, and lots of vacancies

New Levelling Up report, Civil society response to the human rights act review and more

Including comment on Human rights by 8th March 2022

Equally Ours newsletter: consultations reports, and more

Including a spotlight on democratic well-being



Food + nature + out + about



Baker Street Irregular Astronomers


Centre for ecotherapy


Capital Growth – Training + events

Are councils doing enough to support Londoners to grow food?

The role of councils in community food growing

Can urban food growing tackle the climate and nature emergency?

What does a Climate-friendly Food Garden mean to you?

It's all happening in 2022


Sustainable Food Trust

The Harmony Project’s new report calls for greener prisons

The Story of Umgibe: A farm in a plastic bag

What if we viewed food in terms of nutrients and ecological health instead of dollars or calories?

Why local food can restore our failing food system

How can we empower local action on food poverty?


Sustainable Food Trust newsletter

Sustain Farming Newsletter - February 2022


Food foundation

Marcus Rashford's #WRITENOW Campaign calls on MPs to #EndChildFoodPoverty


National Trust

Trees, leaves and walks


John Muir Trust eNewsletter

Celebrating 21 years at Nevis!

Wild and Well: How wild places support our wellbeing

12 ways to connect with nature | Eco-anxiety and how to cope


Black dog outdoors


National Park City Foundation


Heritage Open Days - Online Event Directory Live



Habitats & Heritage Newsletter, November 2021

Including Fuel Poverty



Wildfowl + Wetlands Trust - Put a spring in your step

Escape to nature

Tis the season for wonderful winter wetlands

Winter wetlands to banish the blues

Upcoming events at WWT London Wetland Centre


The women who changed history, and other news from The National Archives

The untold refugee stories, Census 100 years on and other news from The National Archives

The surprising way the British government used film to inform the public, and other news from The National Archives

Step back in time to view the streets of London through the centuries

Discover First World War stories this Armistice Day, and other news from The National Archives

The pill 60 years on. Plus, festive films to watch by the fire, new podcast and exciting news coming at The National Archives

free Census webinars in 2022, and how to date your family photos at The National Archives

Say hello to our 2022 events programme

It's here! The 1921 Census of England and Wales has arrived - here's everything you need to know

A recap of our 20sPeople programme and first Sunday opening at The National Archives


Black Cultural Archives


Activate Collective


Living Streets

Act now to get London walking more

The Social Housing Partnership Fund in Scotland is providing facilities to make it easier for people to walk and cycle

Tell us what matters to you


London walking routes map goes from strength to strength

Get creative and #WalkForTheWorld this October!

Chancellor confirms £2bn investment for walking and cycling

Children nationwide taking steps to reduce air pollution

Latest government data confirms quieter streets are safer streets

Please send a tweet to your MP and let's #ReclaimOurPavements.


National Portrait Gallery






Sound bath healing


All change art

Arts activism + cultural exchange

Co-op Community Fund and All Change

Book your tickets for The Keyworkers Cycle


Collective Arts


Co-Production Collective


Conquest Art


Art Emergency #BreakTheGlass


Art UK

How does art end up in public collections?

Demystifying the muse

Celebrating women sculptors

Celebrating Scotland's art and artists

Myths, fables and art

Exploring abstraction

Lions and tigers and bears and art 🐯


64 Million Artists

We are human

We are culture

We are connected

Write a note for future yourself


Human shape

What are you grateful for today?

One Plus One

On Top of The Tower!


Street wisdom

We've had a makeover!

Our new Audio Tracks

Take some time to wander

Upcoming Street Wisdom WalkShops


If you are in a bad mood go for a walk

If you are still in a bad mood go for another walk



Ignite Imaginations - latest news

FREE CREATIVE SESSIONS for 12-16 year-olds - 27th February


Tangled feet

Looking back at Devolution Evolution | Premiere of Murmurations | New Outdoor Luton show coming soon | Butterflies Tour in 2022 – AUDIO OF NEWSLETTER

The Daily Haiku


Raindance – The best new indie films online, for free


Abbianca Makoni – GXNG GIRLS




Otakar Kraus Music Trust

What's new in 2022 at OKMT!


What Works Wellbeing

How does volunteering affect the wellbeing of volunteers?

Community hubs and green space: real-world evidence for enhancing wellbeing

"Singing hurries along friendship": A Carers’ Music Fund insights podcast

How can you measure - and build - community spirit?

What psychological interventions work to improve mental wellbeing?

Why our relationship with nature matters?

How can music-making with others improve wellbeing?

Measuring the wellbeing of secondary school children

How can wellbeing measures improve public policy?

How has Covid-19 exposed housing inequalities?

Dying well: prioritising wellbeing at the end of life

How are our children doing? How do we know?

What helps individuals and communities to thrive?

Developing a theory of thriving

How can we measure community wellbeing?

Tackling loneliness in older adults

Link between loneliness + dementia?

How are we feeling? Subjective wellbeing insights

Dying well - a legacy to build on


Social Value UK



The Continuation on Prevention Through Creative Arts

#BeTender this February - 14 Acts of Kindness Challenge



Our Online Safety Bill response and how you can get involved – EMAIL MP


Take action


Watch Now! Mansions of the Future: A Lasting Legacy



Peer Support



Not Westminster update

What's your one best hope?





Hub of hope is 4 years’ old!




Still building bridges


Self- injury Support

Free workshops and small grants for activists

12th Feb + 19th Feb + 10th March


Intentional Peer Support Newsletter

Peer support is about social change


"I don't go down there to talk to someone or to give them advice.

I go down there to listen, to have a conversation."

Chris Masters


Little Village




Friends, Families and Travellers - Government announces intention to criminalise trespass and strengthen police powers

Government planning harsh new laws for Gypsies and Travellers. Write to your MP today!

Stop the criminalisation of trespass — Meet your MP now!

Charity Awards win, Policing Bill, GRTHM and more...

FFT launch new training on delivering inclusive services to Gypsies and Travellers

Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill — What happens next?

FFT Annual Report, PCSC Bill, Jeremy Clarkson and more...

November newsletter: Crystal's Vardo, Health and Wellbeing Alliance and more...

Working in partnership: How councils can work with the voluntary and community sector to increase civic participation?

Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill — Time to email your MP!

December newsletter: FFT Awards, Policing Bill updates and more...



Women's Aid launch Expect Respect Prevention Toolkit



The National Association for People Abused in Childhood (Napac)

0808 801 0331


Mad COVID – free yoga - Sundays



Centre for Mental Health - Latest mental health news and research

The truth about mental health inequality

Mental health for girls in the secure estate

An investment strategy for children & young people's mental health

Continuing the fight for equality in mental health in 2022


Good Grief




Shoulder to Shoulder January 2022






Centre for ageing better

Good homes for all: a proposal to fix England's housing


Independent Age


Tackling loneliness

Help fix bereavement support – SIGN OPEN LETTER

Pension Credit: shocking new poverty statistics - PETITION

Our report into pension poverty is here!



Age UK

You can get support and advice from:

Domestic Abuse helpline: 0808 2000 247 (24 hours a day, 7 days a week). You can also visit their website where there’s a live chat and online messaging service, if you don’t feel able to call or email.

Adult Social Services at your local council.

Your GP or other NHS health providers.

Hourglass helpline: 0808 808 8141 (9am-5pm, Monday-Friday) Hourglass are an organisation dedicated to ending harm and abuse to older people.

The Police: you can call the local Police on the 101 non-emergency number, or call 999 immediately in an emergency. If you are unable to speak when the operator answers, cough or tap your phone, and if prompted, press 55. This lets the operator know if you’re in an abusive household and need the Police but fear being heard.

Age UK Advice Line: 0800 169 65 65 (8am-7pm, 7 days a week) Or you can contact us online here.

The Silver Line: 0800 4 70 80 90 (24 hours a day, 7 days a week) The Silver Line is a confidential helpline for older people.


It’s not 100% on you to make sure you’re safe online


Compassion in Dying


Age UK – RICHMOND runs FREE IT courses +


Leading the Lives we Want to Lead - 24th February







Endless opposition or a Progressive Alliance?

All great political movements are born in exile.

As ever, we are the people we have been waiting for.

All You Need to Know about a Progressive Alliance

Politics needs to change so we can change our society – to make it much more equal, sustainable and democratic.

We are convinced that can only happen if parties of the left and centre start to work together, or at the very least stop fighting one another.

After the Market? Capitalism and Social Democracy in the 2020s

From a post-pandemic reorientation around care to an embrace of citizens’ assemblies, the future is surely a shift from top-down directives to a plural politics that harnesses the bottom-up power of community.

Labour must embrace new power and a new democracy

The Green Route to Alliance-based Power


While Boris parties, he's turning our country into an authoritarian state


Left Unity


Electoral Reform Society

People’s assembly!

‘Concentrated power’: 25% of Tory Party’s individual donations come from just 10 people

Voter ID bill back in parliament

Elections Bill - a Government priority

300,000 signatures handed in to Downing Street

Ministers avoid scrutiny, impose First Past the Post

Government sneak First Past the Post amendment into Elections Bill

Labour's PR vote - Next steps

Scottish Government refuses to recommend consent for Elections Bill


Unite votes to oppose First Past the Post

We can help you write to your local papers

ERS News: Safe seats and second jobs

Dominic Grieve calls for a halt to the Elections Bill

Cross-party MPs call for pause on Elections Bill

ERS News: Dangerous Elections Bill returns to the Commons

It's up to the Lords to stop the Elections Bill now

Elections Bill puts too much power in the hands of the government

Protest the Elections Bill on 5th February


Make votes matter


The people must lead – PETITION

Local one-party states are a gift for lobbyists

Less First Past the Post, not more! -PETITION

Labour members back PR, but motion falls – PETITION

4 to 1.

Think about that for a moment.

Labour Party members just voted to back PR by 80% to 20%


Sir Keir Starmer: Make seats match votes - PETITION

I believe in equal votes – PETITION




A people assembly + PR – EMAIL MP


Stop the Elections Bill


Trust the people

Flatpack Democracy


Open space principles:

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Trust for London

Trust for London – Tackling poverty + inequality

Moving on Up: UK youth unemployment continues to rise; young black men are particularly affected

London's Poverty Profile – private renting

London's Poverty Profile 2021 out now

Pesos and Power - why we must ensure that power is shared in philanthropy

Life expectancy by London borough

Childhood obesity by London borough

Procurement for community public good: a guide

Homelessness and welfare benefits in London

Funding for community groups

Tonic Housing – Shared ownership community launched

People on out-of-work benefits, by London borough

London rent as a percentage of gross pay

London households in temporary accommodation

Temporary accommodation types

What happened to CEO pay in 2020?

Shared Wealth programme – housing grants approved

Nobody’s Home – How wealth investment locks Londoners out of housing

Benefits to society: Homeless young people's experiences of the social security system


8th Feb 2022


St.Giles Trust


Jubilee Debt Campaign

What default means for Zambia

The latest news…

Sign the petition to Reset the Debt!

Tell big banks: Cancel the debt!

Share this video!

Stop debt ruining lives – Reset the Debt!

Update: IMF, World Bank Spring Meetings

The G7 summit: a let down


There are now 8.5 million people heavily in debt. That’s 1 in 6 of us.

So far little has been done and the pressure, including on people's mental health, can be unbearable.

One person told us that ‘Debt has social, emotional and mental side effects, the like of which are a silent venom.’


Update: The big debt debate


People of the global South have been rendered vulnerable to climate change because of poverty.

Discrimination and precarious living conditions are intensified under this ever-rising debt problem.

The global financial system is extractivist in essence – [characterised by] the extraction of human and natural resources for the relentless pursuit of profit and the ever-increasing use of fossil fuels..."
Mae Buenaventura, Asian People's Movement on Debt and Development

New blog on Haiti

Apply to come to COP26 in Glasgow

Let's stop the long-Covid debt crisis

Write to your local paper in just two mins...

Will you call on Boris to #CancelTheDebt for #ClimateJustice?

Urgent action: Justice for Mozambique

Join our new Debt Justice Activist Network


Drop Debt Save Lives – PETITION


Medical Cannabis access on the NHS - Alfie and I need your help! - PETITION


This week in weed


Unlock democracy

Hand over tainted donations - PETITION

A twin-pronged attack - PETITION

An attack on our rights - PETITION

Rigging the system - PETITION

Evidence must be protected – PETITION

Will Priti Patel listen? – PETITION

Stop delaying the COVID Inquiry - PETITION

Elections Bill Action Centre


'Dirty' money? – ADD YOUR NAME

We have to tackle the hate

A new Elections Minister - ACTION

Here and now – PETITION

Caught red handed - ACTION

Call off the attack on UK democracy – LETTER


Taxpayers’ alliance

Dealing with HMRC is a famously laborious experience but they’re very aware that while members of the public might not like paying taxes, most of them tend to play by the rules.

Sadly, we can’t say the same about our universal credit system.

The Public Interest Law Centre recently pointed to an example of a client who had been asked for a “photo of you next to your street sign with your right hand holding it” and a “photo of you holding your local newspaper for the area you live (not a national tabloid paper).

This should be dated the same day as you upload the photo.”


Council energy firms lose £114 million

Public sector pensions bigger than national debt

Petition: Stop Public Sector Golden Goodbyes


Young people see affordable housing as a key issue that could improve their lives.

But currently, less than a quarter of 18- to 34-year-olds are projected to be able to buy a home by 2026.


MPs' could get pay rise to £84,000

Click here to see the highest (and lowest) spending MPs.


Billions lost to COVID fraud


Whitehall spends millions of pounds of taxpayers' money on chairs, laptops and IT services in civil servants' homes


nearly 600 civil servants taking home over £150,000 last year


Lifetime tax


McDonald’s has a sexual harassment problem – PETITION


Stop the Next Pandemic, McDonald's! - PETITION


Public Sexual Harassment – EMAIL MP


Stop appointing your mates to top jobs – EMAIL TO BORIS







The bike project

There is no climate justice without racial justice

Creating resilient communities is vital to develop economies that work for people and planet

why collaboration is important in politics to enact radical change

We launched a petition calling for tax incentives to favour retrofitting homes over new builds


Find alternatives to traditional consumerism

Collaboration Over Competition in Politics

Wales -The Future Generations Act

Weaving together regeneration and social justice for generations to come.

Because everything is a Green issue.

Now? They have the ‘world’s first commissioner of the unborn’, responsible for delivering social, economic, environmental and cultural well-being for current and future generations.

How does it work?

How do we measure impact on the future?

Are mindsets changing in Wales?

Is the act creating the systems change it set out to achieve?

Why do we need an act for future generations?

And what can England and beyond learn from Wales, as the Future Generations Bill is brought to Parliament?


The awful policing bill – EMAIL MP

Scottish Greens pledge new deal for renters

Intersectionality in the Green movement

petition calling for a Wellbeing Economy

'What is education for, and who pays?'

Julian Dean speaks to John Christopers about the 'zero carbon agenda' for sustainable buildings.

Benali Hamdache wrote about the need to help LGBT+ refugees.

Peter Cranie emphasised that the NHS data grab puts profit before people.

Universal Basic Income is a key part of Green Party policy


Natalie Bennett wrote about why we need a complete system change to save the planet


The Green Party warned that the government's pledge to resettle Afghan refugees is 'empty pr'

A bill to protect our planet – PETITION

Do you want to work with us?

Environment Bill Petition

responded to the World Health Organisation announcement that it was slashing its recommended limits for air pollution


Britain is still:

⚠️Talking about a new coal mine in Cumbria

⚠️Considering a new oil field off Shetland

⚠️Foreseeing a £27bn road building programme

⚠️Planning airport expansions


Overcharged Londoners paid £25 billion too much rent




Don’t test UK cosmetics on animals! - PETITION