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“We are each made for goodness, love and compassion.

Our lives are transformed
,as much as the world is, when we live these truths”

Demond Tutu




Hillsborough law – duty of candour

Would this help with our Freedom of information requests?




Fania + Adrienne


The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant.

We have created a society that honours the servant and has forgotten the gift.”

Albert Einstein


Sea snot


Cannabis, ketamine and speed to be decriminalised in London by Sadiq Khan


Children imprisoned on remand – the stark reality of racial bias


Combatting Structural Racism and Classism in Psychiatry: An Interview with Helena Hansen


Suman Fernando’s book Institutional racism in psychiatry + clinical psychology


How Western Psychology Can Rip Indigenous Families Apart: An Interview with Elisa Lacerda-Vandenborn


People deprived of liberty due to misapplication of Mental Health + Capacity Acts

As a result of the Bournewood case the Mental capacity act came into being?

The mental capacity act

Assume capacity

Best interest

Least restrictive

People can make what others would consider unwise decisions

Supported decision making

Capacity can easily be assessed

Can someone make a decision?

Can they communicate the decision (not necessarily verbally)?

Can they remember the decision?



Restraint, segregation and seclusion review: progress report


Out of sight- who cares?


Half of people with a learning disability and autistic people reluctant to provide feedback on care 


The authority gap: why women still aren’t taken seriously


Women disproportionately affected by soaring Mental Health Act detentions


Report Finds Monitoring of Electroshock Treatment Unsafe


New Study Finds ECT Ineffective for Reducing Suicide Risk


We can STOP ECT with lasting power of attorney?


A straight-talking introduction to Psychiatric drugs – the truth about how they work + how to come off them – Joanna Moncrieff


Provide Tapering Strips for People Who Want to Withdraw Safely from Psychotropic Drugs

Petition by James Moore


Tapering strips


NICE revises antidepressant guidance to warn of 'severe' withdrawal symptoms


Long-term antipsychotic use linked to breast cancer


Government review finds 10% of drugs dispensed in England are pointless


Sedated, How Modern Capitalism Created our Mental Health Crisis - James Davies +


Coronavirus and depression in adults, Great Britain: January to March 2021


“Almost 4 in 10 adults earning less than £10,000 a year experienced depressive symptom compared with around 1 in 10 earning £50,000 or more”

The data shows what we know to be true: struggling with your mental health doesn’t happen in a vacuum.


Why not Diagnose Social Conditions Instead of Individual Symptoms?


The WHO Calls for Radical Change in Global Mental Health


Strength based approach


Emotional CPR: Heart-Centered Peer Support

Website – Emotional CPR


Dare to dream?

How do we pay for a basic income?



A friend – walking for health

Tony Blair petition


Ian - Wild Mind Project

Entering a picture for the Summer Exhibition 2022 – open to all

Discover Dürer through his own words

Counting down the days to Big Garden Birdwatch?

January 2022

Art for a new year: what's on in 2022

All Aflutter - January News

Uplifting ways to start your new year



Community based organisations + community recommended organisations


Ron Bassman, Executive Director of MindFreedom International Addresses United Nations Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities

Shield Alert For David Italiano, Forced to Live in a Congregate Facility; Cut Off From Outside World



12th Jan 2022



The future of our democracy is unwritten... ✏ - 26th Feb 2022


F.E.E.L. - Friends of East End Loonies




A Caring Mind | A blog for carers of mental health


ADOODLE- community mapping


Poverty eradication organisations + self-expression


Project 16:15


Joseph Rowntree foundation (JRF)

Why the Chancellor shouldn't cut Universal Credit

Including Economic (in)justice explainer video – A redesigned economy

Why we need a new conversation about social security

A Minimum Income Standard for the United Kingdom in 2021

Why we must #MakeJobsWork

The biggest overnight cut to the basic rate of social security since the Second World War

People living in social housing claiming Universal Credit are struggling to afford the essentials

Why we must #KeepTheLifeline and what you can do to help

House prices see their biggest annual rise in decades, and rents are up too

New analysis exposes impact of planned Universal Credit cut

"The Rt Hon Boris Johnson MP, you must Keep the Lifeline"

Rashford targets a win on Universal Credit

what's causing structural racism in housing?

it's going to be a “very difficult winter” for low-income families

less than a week for the Government to #KeepTheLifeline

Biggest ever overnight cut to social security makes a mockery of levelling up

Invest in social housing for almost 1 million families paying private rents they can't afford

Millions of low-income households pulled under by arrears while living costs rise

A tale of two Budgets for low-income families

A just transition to net zero is necessary, and key for maintaining public support

Paving the way for good jobs through participatory co-design

Including Navigating power dynamics within participatory projects + Where next for social security after recent Universal Credit announcements?

Winning hearts and minds for decent, affordable housing

Families furthest below the minimum income standard excluded from social security gains

highest levels of interest on credit cards in two decades

Including event 19th Jan 2022 + Looking for someone like you?

Inflation is pushing people deeper into poverty

Including housing ideas


Journey to justice project


addressing poverty with lived experience (APLE)


Allow all people to work flexibly if they want to - PETITION


Trussell trust

Ending the need for food banks. Can we count on you?

Record 2.5 million food bank parcels given to people in crisis in the past year

Caroline’s voice matters

95% of people referred to food banks in our network are living in destitution – CONTACT YOUR MP

Have you personally needed a food bank or experienced poverty?

Are you ready to support us to Keep the Lifeline? – EMAIL MP

Here is why we are calling on the UK government to #KeeptheLifeline!



Paying your energy bills: help is at hand


A Marshall Plan for People and Planet Starts with Africa’s Green Recovery


National Survivors User Network (NSUN)

NSUN is a great organisation with a great newsletter …

You can sign up to it here ….

Extracts from the newsletters …


Small coalition to work on surveillance in mental health care



Surveillance in mental health settings – NSUN response to JCHR inquiry


Open letter to Sajid Javid on institutional racism within Mental Health Act reform 


We stand as a coalition, calling for a stronger, more pragmatic benefits system.


The social care white paper - rehashing the glossy brochure with zero change


POLL: Does your work relate to housing justice and spatial equity?


Make space


Homeless in the UK (CW: mentions of abuse, rape, miscarriage and medical mistreatment)

Blog via Mad Covid


Universal credit uplift failure was ‘unfair, unjustified and discriminatory’, court hears

Article by John Pring via Disability News Service


Britain’s Inhumane Benefits System Is Giving People PTSD

Article by Jay Watts via Novara Media (Listen to the piece here)


The Public Health Case Against the Policing Bill - Briefing paper 


Psychiatric Abolition: What are the alternatives? 

Campaign for Psychiatric Abolition (CPA)


CLARiTY Project Report  

CLARiTY: Capacity Law and Rights Information to You


 Findings from the freedom of information request to Hampshire constabulary


Locked out of a livelihood: The case for reforming ‘no recourse to public funds’


Whiteness as a chemical restraint in statutory guidance of the Mental Health units (Use of Force) Act 2018 – a tribute to Seni’s law + Aijibola Lewis

Blog by Colin King via NSUN


Co-Production in Mental Health as a Path to Race Equality – 10th Feb

Making your own safe space, with Tobi Adebajo

Podcast with Tobi Adebajo via Sickbabe Podcast


Career Hive


Austerity Action Group 


Why don’t they ask us? The role of communities in levelling up - Institute for Community Studies 


Provide Tapering Strips for People Who Want to Withdraw Safely from Psychotropic Drugs

Petition by James Moore


Tapering strips


Petition to Scrap Care Charges Inclusion London


NSUN side by side fund


StopSIM Coalition Petition

Coronavirus and depression in adults, Great Britain: January to March 2021


“Almost 4 in 10 adults earning less than £10,000 a year experienced depressive symptom compared with around 1 in 10 earning £50,000 or more”

The data shows what we know to be true: struggling with your mental health doesn’t happen in a vacuum.


Stay Connected - Arts Network


Creative Wellness Journey Project - Creative Wellness Journey CIC


Take it Back: Zines, Madness and Mental Health - Lilith Cooper via The Polyphony

New website - For Women


Benefits Calculator - Turn2us


No longer 'managing': the rise of working poverty and fixing Britain's broken social settlement


Why aren't women of colour believed when they address mental health issues?

Article by Natalie Morris via Metro

The state of disability benefit assessments and the urgent need for reform - #peoplebefore process

Write to your MP


Keeping Control resource for anyone who has experienced abuse, victimisation or hate crime directed at them because of their mental distress or psychiatric diagnosis


The Public Law Project


The Good Lobby


Social Change Initiative


Involvement opportunity - Black men's lived experience of detainment

Contact Hari Sewell at:


Keeping Control resource translations


Petition - Create a user-led, independent body to support CQC to monitor secure settings

Sunderland People First


Guidance on community mental health services: Promoting person-centred and rights-based approaches

World Health Organisation (WHO) – NSUN’s response


Lived Experience Practioners Revolution - New Website

LXP Revolution 




You can find all our new video resources by and for user-led groups here.


Mental Health Act: Call for ​"unequivocal commitment " to improve access to advocacy 

Disability Benefits Research 2021 - Survey 


Translations of resources on hearing voices - Hearing the Voice & Understanding Voices


Would you like to be involved in shaping Mind’s communications for LGBT History Month?



Jacqui Dyer: It’s not OK to replace paid LXP staff with Unpaid Service Users 


Is it time for an LXP Union?


Update on FOI Requests: Who's Ballin' & Who's Stallin?"


Improving safety and quality in community mental healthcare study 



‘Deep concern’ over high-tech system that allows ‘covert surveillance’ of service-users

Article by John Pring via Disability News Service

Shuranjeet Singh: Reshaping approaches to mental health in Punjabi communities

Podcast with Shuranjeet Singh via Centre for Mental Health

From Where We Stand: Conversations on race and mental health

Podcast with Shaimaa Kraba via From Where We Stand

To Solve Britain’s Mental Health Crisis, We Must Fundamentally Change Society

Article by Mark Brown via Novara Media (Listen to the piece here)

I am not your critical friend

Blog by Akiko hart via Charity so White


Online Workshop for Gypsy, Roma and Traveller Campaigners – 8th Jan 2022




For As Long As the DWP Has Been Killing People, Disabled Activists Have Been Fighting Back

Article by China Mills via Novara Media (Listen to the piece here)

Frustration and anger over social care white paper’s funding failure

Article by John Pring via Disability News Service

StopSIM members speak of huge toll of campaign and lack of support from charities

Article by John Pring via Disability News Service

Dolly Sen: Broken Hearts for the DWP 

Review by Alison Wilde via Disability Arts Online

Eating Disorder Treatment is Broken, and Only Abolition Can Fix It

Article by Róisín Spealáin via NSUN

Why disability justice is a mental health conversation, and mental health is a disability justice conversation

Blog by Ellie Thompson via NSUN

Balancing ambitions from bed, with Jenica Leah 

Podcast with Jenica Leah via Sickbabe Podcast

Refugee and Migrant Wellbeing with Benny Hunter from Da'aro Youth 

Podcast with Benny Hunter via The Eriwellbeing Podcast

Against the binary: Trans people of colour shouldn’t have to neglect parts of their identity in therapy

Article by Yas Necati via gal-dem

NHS trusts criticised over system that films mental health patients in their bedrooms

Article by David Batty via The Guardian

Abolition of State Power, Regardless of the Uniform

Article by Liv Wynter & Ros B via NSUN

The impossibility of engaged research: Complicity and accountability between researchers, ‘publics’ and institutions 


Seni’s Law: Long awaited guidance published on new law to protect mental health patients comes into force 31 March 2022


Discussion and Support Group for Survivor Researchers – 13th Jan


T4H Challenging Inequalities Programme 

Jan + Feb + March 2022 contack


January Survivor's Poetry – 27th Jan



Get involved in social work research



+ Jobs + Funding + MUCH MUCH MORE


Build Back Fairer in Greater Manchester: Health Equity and Dignified Lives


Survivor Researcher Network (SRN)


Inclusion London

Tell your MP to restore Disabled people’s rights

Protect Everyone Bill – EMAIL MP

Take Action and abolish the tax on disability – EMAIL MP

Government rule changes on social care cap hits poorest hardest – EMAIL MP


Shaping our lives

Shaping Our Lives - December Insight


Z2K – fighting poverty – EMAIL MP

Z2K has caseworker to help people


Homelessness + renter organisations


Action on empty homes


Housing first England

🔔 New guidance for housing management teams

🔔 Housing First England Newsletter - New Survey Alert

🔔 Housing First England Newsletter - Minister responds to funding request

🔔 Housing First England Newsletter - Join our call for a national Housing First programme




Pavement magazine



End homelessness – PETITION


Here’s the statistics:

24% of private renters have had to borrow money to pay their rent

18% have cut back on food or skipped meals to pay their rent

12% have cut back on heating their home to pay their rent


Our research shows the true scale of the problem.

That 3.2 million people from across the country have been forced to live in dangerous or unhealthy privately rented homes because they fear complaining will trigger a retaliatory eviction.

That's 39% of all private renters.

Too scared to complain for fear of losing their home, the effects of insecure tenancies and 'no-fault' Section 21 evictions hang over every renter's head.

Contact your MP today asking for their support

Social Housing – CONTACT YOUR MP


Time to open up, OpenRent! – EMAIL

2,688 sleeping rough during the pandemic

Sign to protect renters’ rights – PETITION


Do you have a renting horror story?

Want to challenge DSS Discrimination?

Eviction ban lifted – INFORMATION

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH: Demand better from renting - PETITION

Meet Krystalrose – she's fighting for change


Shelter’s new campaigns and organising training programme – YOUR IDEAS NEEDED

Today, 1 in every 52 Londoners is living in temporary accommodation.

This is costing huge amounts of money and doesn’t provide the stability or security families need to thrive.

I'm done with renting because…


Let’s build a better future: Call on the government to build social housing - PETITION


What happened to ‘Everyone In’?

23% left without any move on accommodation and may be at risk of returning to the streets or forced to turn to insecure arrangements like sofa surfing 22% remain in emergency accommodation

23% of those still in emergency accommodation have No Recourse to Public Funds and are stuck without access to homelessness assistance or housing benefit, meaning it is hard for them to move on to a secure home

45% of England’s private renting adults – that's 3.7 million people – have been the victim of illegal behaviour from a landlord or letting agent.

Michael Gove: New Housing Secretary of State – SIGN OPEN LETTER

Fix renting

Build social housing

Help people at risk of sleeping rough


Are letting agents refusing you for being on benefits?

Next step contact the property ombudsman (TPO)




These stats are shocking!




Will you help us get council leaders to support renters?


London Assembly Unanimously Passes Motion on Affordable Housing for Care and Support Workers

A good Home is a human right


I’m being evicted – EMAIL MINISTER


Museum of homelessness


Don't leave young people out on the streets – PETITION


London Renters Union


We beat my landlord. Now let’s take on the system.


🎨 Banner making workshop this Sunday! 🎨

16th Jan + 20th Feb

Bring fabric + empty containers – we will provide the rest

Main hall @ Durning Hall Community Centre, Earlham Grove, London E7 9AB


Be a part of challenging 'Right to Rent' in court


Evicted after 47 years - PETITION


Generation Rent


CAMPAIGN UPDATE: National Register of Landlords


Private renters in nine London boroughs face paying half of their income or more on rent, analysis by campaign group Generation Rent has found.

Rent on the typical two-bedroom home costs 45% of a full-time salary in London.


Campaigners say this pushes families into poverty and financial stress, and makes it harder to save or to start a family.

Paying more than a third of your income in rent is considered unaffordable.


Generation Rent is calling on the next Mayor of London to lead a campaign to demand powers from the government to reduce rents.

Measures would include freezing rents within tenancies, to give tenants more certainty, a rent control system that aims to reduce rents overall, and tough penalties for landlords who break the rules, overseen by a city-wide Rent Control Board.


In March 2020, the rent on the median 2-bedroom home in London was £1450 and the median full-time salary was £38,592.

That would mean that a single-earner family with a baby would be spending 45% of their earnings on rent.


The situation is worst in inner London, Newham and Haringey where this figure is above 50% and reaches 76% in Westminster.

The most affordable borough is Bexley, with median rent worth 33% of the median full-time salary.


However, affordability has improved over the last five years, with just five boroughs – Camden, Greenwich, Havering, Redbridge, and Westminster – becoming less affordable since 2015.

Alicia Kennedy, Director of Generation Rent, said: “High rents force people into poverty and make it almost impossible to save towards the future.


No one should have to spend more than 30% of their income on rent, yet this is a reality for most Londoners who are stuck in the private rented sector.

“Londoners urgently need bold action to make renting more affordable. Investment in housebuilding is needed to make renting more affordable long-term, but rent controls would offer immediate protection and relief.”


Join our Day of Action - #RentersAreWaiting - PETITION

Since March 2020, 8% of private renters who responded to a Survation survey had received a Section 21 notice from their landlord, which would represent 694,000 private renters across England.

Nearly a third of those surveyed (32%) said they were concerned about the possibility of their landlord asking them to move out this year, which would represent 2.78m private renters across England.

The survey was commissioned by Generation Rent, with results published this week.


We need a COVID Rent debt fund - PETITION

Join us in preventing a homelessness crisis – PETITION

A new report, 'A safe place to call home: Ending unfair evictions for good'.

The report sets out the changes the Government must make to ensure every renter has access to a stable home where they can put down roots and thrive.

You can read all about the report here.

We are calling for:

Open ended tenancies

More time to find a new home

Compensation for a blameless move

No excessive rent increases to force an eviction

No mandatory evictions for people in rent debt

We value your opinion

Close the holiday let tax loophole - PETITION

Renters are being forced out of their homes to make way for more lucrative holidaymakers.

We have been able to get the research done to prove it!

In the last two years rental listings in Wales and South West England have halved and rents have gone up by around 25%.

That's one of our findings that have been reported in