Tree planting 2010

As part of the Friends of Rectory Park's strategy to maintain the woodland areas in Rectory Park they have this week organised the planting of 28 semi-mature trees, consisting of English Oak, Ash and Lime.
The work was carried out by Glendale Ground Management, who operate in the park with Birmingham City Council.

The Friends of Rectory Park organising the financing of this project, which cost £3,000 with a grant from the Community Chest and monies they raised from a Christmas Raffle and sponsorship by local businesses.
This tree planting programme was part of a long term desire by the FoRP to maintain the park's woodland characters, which has suffered so badly in recent years with trees falling due to age, others felled on the grounds of safety and some were even due to lightening strikes.

It is hoped that this tree planting programme will be more successful that our first attempt, which has suffered so badly from vandalism with only four lime trees out of twelve planted in 2008 still standing. 

However, I can report that the planting of 3,000 whips by the children from Hollyfield Primary and Whitehouse Common Schools in 2008 & 2009 are flourishing.