A new woodland begins its life

Trees planted and a new woodland begins its life!

planting trees


Last week over 500 trees were planted creating a new area of woodland in Rectory Park. 


The woodland takes shape


The sunny day saw a great turn out from volunteers, members of FORP and rangers Daniel and Matthew who all got stuck in planting the woodland area on the 1st and 2nd December. 


Waiting to be planted


The new woodland is hoped to thrive as well as the millenium wood has, situated further down from the newly planted trees which will soon be thined out due to its rapid and very successful growth. 

Stopped for a chat and stayed to get his hands dirty

Many thanks go to everyone who helped plant this new addition to the park: Daniel and Matthew (the Rangers), Lewis, Peter Bell, Peter Gay, Luke, Stefan, Bob, George, Mike, Gill, Morris, Fred, lottie (the alsatian) Mary, Susie, Ray, Jack, Beverly, Pauline, Jean, Ian, and Christine. Along with a few other rectory park users who stopped for a chat and ended up getting thier hands dirty!


Jack and Peter get stuck in


Trees planted included: Oak, Ash, Field Maple, Dogwood, Hawthorn and Alder. 

Pictures by Peter Gay (photographer and tree planter)