Hedge laying February 2009

Ron Smart Laying Hedge

Ron Smart laying the hedge mid Feb. 2009

FORP in association with Trees for Life and Birmingham Parks Department have engaged Ron Smart to lay over 150 meters of hawthorn hedge in Rectory Park.  Ron is one of the Midlands leading crafts men, if not the best in hedge laying. 

This hedge was originally planted in the1880'saccording to some of the photographs the Sutton Coldfield Cricket Club that are displayed in their clubhouse, but the hedge has only been cut once in the last 50 years and that was by a machine which only took the top off. FORP were advised over 18 months ago that this hedge would be lost if it was not attended to professionally, so they set out to raise funds and support the hedge to be laid professionally.  

FORP has also organised a follow up to the hedge laying by planting about 1,000 hawthorn whips along its length.

Thank you once again to all the volunteers that helped.

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