Fish found in pool

Following an article in the 6th August publication of the Observer concerning the illegal dumping of Koi Carp in the Duck Pond in Rectory Park.  The Friends of Rectory Park were amazed and delighted with the response they received from the public offering to provide a suitable pond for the Koi.  However, the Koi still remain in the pond despite Ross Johns attempts to fish them out by hook and float line.  Ross had been authorised by Dr Stefan Bodner, the parks & conservation officer for Birmingham City Council to remove the fish.
.  Mostly small Rudd were caught
Ross with one of the Rudd
Ross Johns is well known in the angling fraternity having been a competitive fisherman for many years with Walsall Angling Association and was a frequent winner in their junior section competitions.  Ross was also well known in the Wednesbury and Tipton area as a police officer before he came into the Birmingham City Centre as a Police Sergeant, with over 30 years experience catching and apprehending criminals, but that's a different story.  Before Ross could catch the Koi he needed to remove some of the smaller fish in the pond, so over a four hour period he fished out 35 Rudd from the pond on, which were in excellent condition; catching them at a rate of 8 to 9 fish an hour.  
Rudd at first glance look like Roach except there are three main differences; their dorsal fin is set further back, it's mouth curves upwards and it's eyes have yellow to orange irises compared to the Roach which are red.  Rudd are essentially a surface feeder living in shoals in the upper half of the water and are generally found mainly in stillwaters and canals, living off small crustaceans, insect larvae and fallen insects, so Ross was using mixture of maggots which were mainly white.  All the Rudd caught were about 6 inches in length and weigh approximately 5 to 6 ounces, which is small when compared to the British Record of 4lb 10oz (2.100kg) caught by a Simon Parry in Freshwater Lake, Co. Armagh, Northern Ireland in 2001.
With all three storage tanks holding around 12 fish in each tank, Ross decided to suspend fishing for the day and remove the Rudd to another pool and to tackle the Koi with a heaver line and to fish near the bottom on another day.