Children take their studies into the park... And make the press!

Children take their studies into the park... And make the press!


A fantastic morning was enjoyed by 16 pupils from Hollyfield School Primary School and the Friends of Rectory Park group. The School has strong links with the friends group, and is a great way for children to have a hands on approach to improving and maintaining their local environment.


Hollyfield School children


A bright sunny morning was ideal for the sowing of 15 different varieties of seed in areas that will hopefully next spring be abundant with wild flowers of all colours. The new allocated areas of meadow land will in turn encourage increased habitat for wildlife, and pleasure for all visitors to the Park.


The children plant the seeds ready for spring


The children had a maths lesson in the sunshine measuring the plots and calculating how much seed was needed for each area. They then took turns distributing the seed and then armed with rakes gently moved them into the soil. The children had a great time and are very excited about returning in the Spring to see the result of their labour.


Hollyfield School children plant wild flowers


A mixture of Red and White Campion, Oxeye-Daisy, Musk Mallow, Lesser and Greater Knapweed, Greater and Autumn Hawkbit, Field Scabious, Lady's Bedstraw, Birdsfoot Trefoil and other wild flower species were planted.


Hollyfield School Children


The wild flower meadow began life last October when the friends sowed Yellow Rattle seeds into a South Eastern area of the park, beyond the Sutton United FC 1st team. The Yellow Rattle seeds have since been harvested successfully ready for planting.


Article by Beverley Chew - Friend of Rectory Park

Pictures by Peter Gay - Secretary of FoRP