Bird ringing May 2010

Last Sunday, Dr. Stefan Bodnar, Local Biodiversity Officer to Birmingham City Council and his two colleagues, Charlotte and Joe, assisted by the Friends of Rectory Park spent a pleasant sunny afternoon in the park carrying around a 24 foot extension ladder. 

The purpose was to inspect as many of the 70 Bird Boxes that the Friends had erected two years ago from a grant they had received from the Community Chest Fund.

 A considerable number of boxes were occupied and with great care Stefan and Charlotte climbed up the ladder while the Friends held it steady so as to remove the chicks for ringing, recording their details and with great care returning them to the safety of their nest box. The majority of birds were Nuthatch, Great Tits and Blue Tits although they did find a Stock Dove
The only disappointment was to find that one of our Owl boxed had been removed and it contents dumped in the woods.

If any one finds this expensive, very large heavy bird box made of a mixture of wood and concrete please advise the Editor and to remind anyone caught tampering with a bird boxes they are libel to prosecution in particular where Owls are involved.