Minutes - Wednesday 17 July 2013

Friends of Rectory Park

Minutes of Meeting held Wednesday 17 July 2013


Peter Gay   Peter Turner   Jack Jennings   Jean Duncan   Colin Greetham

Pauline Manfield   John Potter


Lyn Freeman   Christine Jennings   Mary Cashmore Annie Hepburn   Peter Bell

Beverley Chew


Peter Gay welcomed members to the meeting and thanked Sutton United Football Club for their continued support and hospitality.

Minutes of the Meeting held on 19th June 2013:

Peter Turner proposed and Colin Greetham seconded acceptance of the Minutes of that meeting.

Treasurer’s Report

The Chairman reported that all invoices received thus far had been completed and that the current bank balance stood at £1,683.22

Matters Arising:

Website: It was agreed that all outstanding Minutes of previous meetings should be available on the website. Rachael had already done this but it has apparently dropped off the site for some reason.

Plinth Project: The Chairman suggested the construction should now be completed and that an additional small plaque be unveiled at the proposed dedication event later this year. It was agreed that Councilor David Pears be asked to carry out the dedication.   Suggestions as to the wording for the additional plate are asked for from members as soon as possible.

Park Keeper: Our new keeper is Martin.  He will be asked if the original QEII Fields in Trust Plate can be revealed by strimming around its present location.

Meadow 1: Several new flowers have been observed as the meadow progresses and the yellow rattle is extensive this year. Normal mowing of the meadows should take place at the appropriate time of the year.

The Pond: The Chairman reported that the old tree had now been felled and we would make efforts to remove the remainder. Colin Greetham offered the use of SCCHC facilities to assist with this.

Coffee Shop: Further discussion and observations concerning this matter were considered. It was, on the on the face of it, an interesting idea that presented possibilities for the enhancement of park facilities.  It was agreed that this was not a project that FORP could or should undertake as it was outside our remit and capabilities. However, if a commercial enterprise thought that the park would return a reasonable profit from such activity, then perhaps BCC would agree a pilot scheme if approached. Colin Greetham advised that the Cricket Club would not undertake such a project due to the requirements of regulations surrounding the supply of food etc., to the public.

SUFC: John Potter advised that due to the promotion of the Club to League I status, they were now required to provide a facility for 100 people to shelter during inclement weather whilst attending games.   This follows on from the provision of dugouts and pitch barriers. He described the erection of a shelter/ store that would be dual purpose allowing for the storage of the tractor and then doubling up as a shelter during match days. This would be sited to the rear of the main pitch. The problem in all of this was the time limit set by the Association that required this facility to be in place no later that March 2014. Failure to comply by that date would return the club to a lower competition status. The CPM had advised that a shelter that could be erected and dismantled at each game would not require planning consent as an immediate solution.

Also considered was the provision of a properly constructed pathway from the clubhouse to the dugouts.

Members are asked to consider these items and forward any comments to the Chairman as soon as possible.


The meeting closed at 8.35pm.

Date of Next Meeting: 7pm Wednesday 18h September 2013 at SUFC.